Official Trailer #OmDarBDar #PVRDirectorsRare Jan 17, 2014

A Film By KAMAL SWAROOP. In Select Theatres Pan India from JANUARY 17, 2013. A PVR Director's Rare release in association with NFDC. Official Synopsis: As Om rides a bicycle, scissor-legged, the landscape (Pushkar-Ajmer) resounds with distinctive voices: his father's rebellions against the world, his 'bold' sister, her gentle suitor, the searching eyes of the runaway actress, the local businessman trying to protect the diamonds he has shat... the rebellion of the tadpoles. The filmmaker takes on the frightening, beautiful energy of adolescence - to joyfully shake open the landscapes of his own childhood, unearthing and mixing politics with mythology and techno music with biology for Alchemy.

Aryan Khan
Its really a shocker to know that ROSEMARY MARLOWE joke is sooo old
Rishi Prabhu
This is the most unique hindi movie you will ever see.... People who like surreal films of david lynch or roman polnski should definitely watch this movie... its a surreal trip... loved it..
Shadows Galore
Thanks for bringing this film back to life PVR. Happy to see my review getting quoted in the trailer :D
Shailendra Kumar
"mere paas hone ke liye jaroori hai mera sapna fail ho jaye" certainly a hidden treasure of Indian cinema
Ankit verma
There are no producers who are willing to invest in an avant-garde film in India. It is still difficult for world cinema. I wish to make a surreal comedy with all the Indian elements. Amit Dutta is the only one in current times. There was John Abraham in Malayalam cinema and Anurag Kashyap tried it. Even MF Hussain tried that in Gaja Gamini but people in India try to interpret surrealism which is wrong. It needn't to be understood but experienced. One should get lost in the beautiful imagery and enjoy the absurdities of life. I'll carry this dream project in my mind womb till I get financially stable to be able to make what I want to.
komal s
this is pure art.. its really unbelievable how this old movie is so modern and surreal... it will give you trip to mars!!!
Angshuman Pal
This is a must watch! A gem which has been copied in bits and pieces since its limited release. It was a satire / comment on bollywood till 1980's, after being copied since then it has become a narrative that has passed it's expiry date. Or maybe it's like good wine - the older the better
Abdullah Zubair
Why was it never released??
buoy !
the surreal quotient is Insane. Wish in current time of Bollywood another surreal film like this should be made !
Kedar Kamath
excellent !! cannot wait to watch it !!! interesting 
Sukant Panigrahy
wow, was waiting to see this in theatre..thanks PVR
Harsh Bhosale
This movie was made in 1988 but was released in PVR in 2014!
Zaeem Khan
Not out of course question is wrong as light year is unit of distance and 17 years is unit of time
The song towards the end of this trailer was the inspiration for the song Emotional Atyachaar in DevD. 
Zakir Hussain
No PVR in Jaipur. Wish you were here.
Pan Nalin Works
Best Indian movie ever!
Sameer Pagare
LOL.. Did it released? No no no.. plz.. Hahahaha
nithin naidu
The narrative seems to be slightly influenced from the holy mountain (1981)
Ummmm yeah I'm too sober for this
Aditya Y
Atleast 20 big shots in Bollywood have been "inspired" by this film. Super-underrated gem of Indian Cinema
Vagish Sharma
:) welcome back 
Bag Lady
upload full movie please
Kunal k
Bakwaas Movie.. Low Grade low Class..Just random thing No social message..