UKF Dubstep Mix - August

Prize goes to whoever can name all of these filthy tunes! /> />

UKF Dubstep
UKF Dubstep Mix... 2017?
Paul Stefan
Who here is from 2019?
Dain Anderson
Tracklist: 1. 00:00 - 01:07 - Bar9 - Strung Out 2. 01:08 - 02:03 - Datsik - Jenova Project w/ Crissy Criss & Youngman (Kick Snare intro) 3. 02:04 - 02:37 - Bar9 - Midnight 4. 02:38 - 03:41 -Bar9 - Murda Sound (Vip Mix) 5. 03:42 - 04:49 - Datsik - Havoc 6. 04:50 - 05:41 - Bar9 - Untitled Symphony (Original Mix) 7. 05:18 - 08:10 - Black Sun Empire - Hyper Sun Updated Tracklist - You're Welcome
Asher Dominik
First time heard it I was in grade 7 god damn and now university second year damn
Any oldfags who still listen to Dubstep since 7+ years ago like me?
8 years later and I STILL come back to this
Anyone from 2018?
Absolute tunes, 10 years old soon, still remember when I first listened :)
Ahhhh the nostalgia. Still remember every note, every drop. I could probably sing this if it was a song to be sung haha
This is were Dubstep went massive!
Nathaniel Clay
The mix that got me into dubstep man, 8 years later I’m studying music production in college
Slavko Stević
will you drop UKF Dubstep Mix - August 2 on 20.08.2019?
Ibra Last
2018??? 2019 Woow this music is amazing 2199 woow this Music is amazing 3578 woow this music is amazing
The Dub Rebellion
This is such a classic mix. I always find myself coming back..
Wow this is NOSTALGIC. Dubstep now is so shitty is unbelievable. I feel like this was a one of kind period in dubstep history . I remember partying to this in the car, at raves, in the parking lot of raves 😂😂😂😂 . Wow the memories are pretty awesome .
2:08 I've been on dubstep from a long time and I coulda say that its one of the hottest drops from all the genre
Scorpioon Graphics
Duuuuuuuuuuude 2009, I feel so old... But still giving me those goosebumps like the first time *- * *#DvstpArmy** [|II|]*
Still listen this ✌ 2k19
woowoorad Garza
Some have minecraft Sweden for nostalgia... I have August mix.
Chance Conway
Yesss I’ve been looking for this mix for so long! This is the mix that got me into electronic music.
Bob The builder
"This is a hard one"
Koolness 100
The filth is real
Salomon Lubin
6:13 is timeless chills
Golaneala Channel
I remember listening to this and "I can't stop "in like 2nd grade non stop , now I'm in 8th . Good ol' times.
A great technical beast from those early wobble days. Me and my girlfriend would play this in our teepee and smoke some filthy dank. Cheers
Wow... Time passes so fast I was in 1st grade when I first heard this Now I'm in 2nd
Joseph Harding
This was most people's go to Mix to introduce others to dubstep lol, remember when seeing all the subwoofer logos on the front page of youtube, good times
Jonathan Navarro
Old dubstep vs New dubstep Cual prefieren?
The nostalgia... nooo🤯🤯🤯🤯
Robert Lance
no track is burned stronger into my memory than this mix. i can replay it perfectly in my mind. this is home
Still love this mix❤❤❤
Rama Ayodhya
RIP true dubstep 2009-2013
Arron Grundy. Hard Decor Solutions
9 years later and still he best 8 minutes of dubstep ever produced!
Louis Irvine
Tracklist for anyone who wants it Bar9 - Strung Out Datsik - Jenova Project Crissy Criss & Youngman - Kick Snare Bar9 - Midnight Bar9 - Murda Sound Datsik - Havoc Bar9 - Untitled Symphony Black Sun Empire - Hyper Sun You're welcome ;)
Jamie Smith
2018 <3
Alin Marian
I'm going to play this at my wedding! Everyone must WOB WOB WOB
Only 90's kids will remember
UKF Dubstep mix 2019??
Marmota Fericita
2019 boyyy just searched all your channel to the bottom for this sweet memory of mine
Cookie Guy
0:00 Bar 9 – Strung Out 1:08 Datsik – Jenova Project 1:42 Crissy Criss – Kick Snare Intro 2:09 Bar 9 – Midnight 2:35 Bar 9 – Murda Sound 3:39 Datsik – Havoc 4:37 Bar 9 – Untitled Symphony 5:42 Black Sun Empire – Hyper Sun
Still the best mix after 9 years
DJ Selga
Any from 1999?😂
Alex Chavez
I think for many of us this was the first time we all heard how filthy music can be. Thank you UKF for introducing me into dubstep and electronic music. Haven’t looked back since this video came out
Robert Young
ultra omega 2017..hey catch this!
The Night King
Why have I only just discovered this
2009... fuuuuckkkkkk
Brings back old memories <3 :-) Have a nice day all!
Paul Koenig
Thank goodness I found this. Haven’t heard this in almost a decade and wasn’t ready to scour YouTube all night to find it.
datsik jenova project????
Came back for some nostalgia 🤤😭
*DECADE LATER* _still remains the_ *MASTERPIECE*
Andrei Costache
It gives me the best feeling I could possibly have while listening music sober ,lul :)
Alex Turčáni
I still remember banging this on my old laptop thinking "whoe, this is hardcore!" 10 years ago
Memories coming hime from the club, a buddy driving, and im rolling in the backseat with a few others.
Guillermo Marquez Talavera
times of call of duty mw2 and quickscopes .....
Kto słucha w 2017?
kal baz
one of the first dubstep songs I listened to, ah the memories seven years ago.
One of the best mixes I´ve ever heard of Dubstep in general.
back when dubstep and d&b practically ran the music scene
Chiel van der Ster
TRACKLIST: [0:00] Bar9 - Strung Out [1:08] DatsiK - Jenova Project [2:03] Bar9 - Midnight [2:38] Bar9 - Murda Sound [3:45] DatsiK - Havoc [4:50] Bar9 - Untitled Symphony [6:12] Black Sun Empire - Hyper Sun Just listened to this and my nostalgic feelings forced me to post a tracklist, enjoy!
Jacob Behring
6:11 That brings back memories
This started it all for most of us in the US
Before brostep took off.
Josef Larva
Really the best dubstep ever
This mix on my yr 7 1hr bus trips in the morning and afternoon, kept me sane
jack of all trades
Who's first mix and entry into dubsyep? And who still listening? This was my first
We need CD of UKF DUBSTEP and UKF DNB 2010 Please
Bobby Boucher
Holy fuck it's been 6 years already!? This brings back so many memories... The nostalgia is real with this mix.
UG Hurja-Tarja
10 DAMN YEARS! Zero Regrets. Only love for Dubstep❤️
N. Riffer
Tracklist Strung Out - Bar9 Midnight - Bar9 Murda Sound - Bar9 Hyper Sun - Black Sun Empire Kick Snare - Crissy Criss Youngman One is untitled and also from Bar9
This mix is legendary.
Jade 666
Damn miss these old bangers 👌👌💕
Ah the nostalgia. These tunes and cod mw2.
Elena G.
8 years ago, when it all started....
Still good 2018
Jovey '
Started listening at im a 13 yr old teenager
Mariusz Kuriata
2k09 aż się łezka w oku kręci :)
Leon Krabbe
Bar 9 - Strung out Datsik - Jenova Project Crissy Criss - Kick Snare Intro Bar 9 - Midnight Bar 9 - Murda Sound Datsik - Havoc Bar 9 - Untitled Symphony Black Sun Empire - Hyper Sun
Litto Origin
2018. Still the best mix
Hands downs, the best mix UFK has. 🤘🏼🎵
Nadine Weis
Best Time of Dubstep! ❤️😍
Preston Devinny
This is the shit that got me hooked on dubstep. Hard to believe this mix got released 9 years ago.
Oskar Koch
Old dubstep :D :D :D I still remember the first time I heard it! wow! that's actually how my journey with dubstep started! so many good memoires! :-D
the bass just told me to take a sandwitch, how to drill fore oil and life of the wealth in 3 min
i listen to this since i was 10 years old ... good old times
20 August 2009... Oh okay
Doge boy
Bar9 stung out Datsik jenova project
Who else typed "Dubstep"? Because I did years ago and met this song.
Still listen this ✌ 6k69
Bar 9 - Strung out Datsik - Jenova Project Crissy Criss - Kick Snare Intro Bar 9 - Midnight Bar 9 - Murda Sound Datsik - Havoc Bar 9 - Untitled Symphony Black Sun Empire - Hyper Sun
ricardo oo
4/6/2018 still here <3
Alex Favazza
This still shammcckks in 2019🔥🔥
Tomasz Brillowski / F1GTY
k i c k s n a r e it's unbelievable!
This makes me so nostalgic I wish I could go back to this point in time
That moment when you feel the beat and nostalgia at the same time
Matteo Berna
every time that's an eargasm
jenova project will always be the best dubstep track in history
Dubstep uNk
Good times :(
mEzmOrEeYeZeD !
this brings back so many memories