Hunter X Hunter Episode 1 - 10

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Mikumi Shiota
Zion Mesa
Is there more than one version of these episodes, cuz I'm pretty sure I've seen versions with differences.
Look at this boi Gon’s hairline!!!
Am I the 1% that likes the 1999 version better than the 2011 version?
Is Kurapika a boy or girl? I personally thinks he is a boy
Cobalt Thorngale
So Killua randomly carries bombs in his pocket
G-ann Arnibal
who's still watching this? this is 1 of my favorite cartoon.that's why im watching it again after how many yrs 😂😍😀😀
Jose Hernandez
I hope nobody deletes this
Sadie Joe
They don't know what sushi is in an anime 😂😂😂
why do people like the subbed version more you cant understand them and your to busy looking at the words than the screen
Finalman26 THA BULLZ
that blonde haired kid look like sauske uchiha much??? Family killed and really smart....wonder where naruto or maybe this anime copied from...
thank the flying spaghetti monster for people who put this stuff on youtube
Linktheninja108 creeperpie107
100 dislikes well haters gonna hate
Son Killua
90s anime style and storytelling>>
Gon's tshirt are really weak they must be from primark.
Darri Mims
I can NOT STAND his aunt and this is probably an old show I but still this AWESOME!!!!😄
biscuit and gravy
Lil bruh has the same story as suskae and eyes turn red too
Alluka Zoldyck
I heart KILLUA ❤️💘😍
roslyn oneal
binge watching here i come
Rebecca Horn
2:44:35 why is there a titan
narcissus pepino
I wonder if she realizes fresh water fish carry a myriad of parasites and bacteria and you should never eat them raw for example roughly 50% of northern pike carry tape worms
Nunya Business
Lol, look at that mustach it’s amazing!! And we’re is his mouth?? He looks hilarious 🤣
Unknown { Never be messed with }
HunterxHunter is the most popular manga book ever! :D
Matt G
In my nightmares I hear it the most terrifying noise in the world the dreaded bu bump bu bump bu bump of the ghost kids. As their faceless forms come to take my soul I begin to scream and to my horror the only noise I can make is .......... ...... bu bump.. dun dun daaaaa......
I like the white haired kite better
Fiarce M Ban
Whats with the captains crack pipe
thank goodness for a smart ass like you
Kpop Songz
2:10:57....."Dumb kid",yet it's the same "dumb kid" you got scared of....
CDCopycat _997
I got Clickbaited.
So....this is my first time ever that im going to watch this series Ive been seeing that alot of people like this so imma give it a try lets see how this is wish me luck lol
G O D Snapchathotdog
I had to rewatch the series I like it too much.
Angelina Abellar
How old is tonpa? This is my 11th time to watch this and I just realized it's his 35th time right and the hunter exam is once a year so just how old is he over 35? *maybe it's just me *
Dominique Smith
did I see one punch man in this.
Lucha Maa Boocha
How did i miss this anime?! It's so awesome!!
fantasy me
Where can download an app that has all of an anime addicted person I need an answer at once.😡
Melinda Sisk
I really like this anime Kilua is my fav as well as kirapika
King of Kings
Im loved by animals Im 14 geuss that makes me a qualified hunter
LJ Crazycat
Before watching: Please be in english. Please be in english. While watching: Fook yeah! It's in english!!
Margaux See
I live on anime worlds i've watched dozens of anime including hunter × hunter but i've only finished 1 to 101 and my idol here is KILLUA!💞💟💜💓💕💗💖💘💝😉😆😄👌
Icing Crystal
The scenery is so much more detailed....interesting
I love this show
Than Zaw
Thank you very much for letting us watch this anime and I know people might not see my comment but I want to thank you good luck
Emely Zamora
several scenes are different then the sub version........
Miguel Nieto
So witch one do I watch first ?? This one or 2011???
tbh if you watch this version before watching the 2011 version a lot of things make more sense. plus the art got improved in the 2011 :)
25:57 pedophile
Anime GirlTYFB
Is original or 2011 better(i hate gons voice)
Big Rart
This dub makes me want to violently throw up my organs
Mia Nguyen
Bruh dis season stared out soo good I am watching all of it
Space fox and Galatic Fox
2:05:53 Kakashi Sensei is that yo?
randomly weird
I love how my child was sitting by the pond while everyone was Fighting inside lol
cloud goku
is name is lay Oreo
Ophelia Larsen
*gasp* mustache man speaks out of his nose! 😱
KraZzy Snake
its not the same as sub to me
King of Kings
Why'd they change kites hair from dark blond to white
Dennis Taylor
The version that introduced me to my boy, Gon.
Abubakar Sadiq
The captain kinda reminds me of jiraya.
DeKiyah Defoe
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Rihana Dwarka
that boy has really Spike hair
راشد طارق
انا احب هنتر و ون ييس ونارونو
im not important
I just finished hxh 2011 version and decided to see this version and now I know about kite and also its really different from the 2011 one it revels more
Jonas Thesén
If you really want to watch HxH. I recommend to go for the 1999 Version. Music , Seiiyu, character design and overall is a lot better. 2011 is more like a Disney version. However, you can continue to watch HxH when the Chimera Ant arc starts (ep 72) with the 2011 version since the 1999 ends there.
bunny tiger
for a very long time ive been searching this... thanx to u bro...
The Meta
How does the butler talk without a mouth
Robert Koski
😅 👕 👖 👟this is killau he is a phycotic kid who will kill literally anyone
Mersais Castillo
hmmmm *looks at pokemon* hmmmm *looks at Hunter x Hunter* how did these kids survive on their own for a even!!!!?!? week and how are their caretakers not arrested for letting them out to be even a Hunter they should all be arrested!?!?!?!?!!!!!!
Dragon legend ball super
If you like 1999 series more than 2011 like
Alezzarith Lyra Lingatong
cool anime show
The acting doesn't sound that bad, but wow they miscast this dub, except Kurapika.
blue snow
There faces when there food was campared to layorio's was funny
Anime Восторг
Що. Бл за щляпа
Finalman26 THA BULLZ
cool glad i found this...instead of having to find a new account that has these vids after every one..Great quality too..thnxs judas
Sario Tolibas
i love thise anime
Alex Mojarro
Is the skipper smoking a crack pipe?wood pipe would be better..smoke moon rock not crack rock
creator 44
Bah bump, bah bump!?... who the HELL are these people?? Omfg dying
Leonel Njankouo
is very very good
* Todoroki Midoriya Bakugou * Sisters
Anyone love yaoi!! So many ships 😆
DoubleEE_King !
Theres some parts missing!
Noah Thompson
zaun ik achee mah tee aki tooz ax miclan tegee
Killer Cold
my favorite anime
Bob Bob
Can’t lie I prefer the shitter graphics
Justin George
Elle Ellen
when the yellow haired guy told the 🚢 ship person his name is thought he said CrappyPants
Luis Zapata
Bruh what is this, the new hunter x hunter is better, get Hulu and watch it
Fatima Dhar
Very very nise 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Demi Robertson
Make more in dubbed
Prince Vampire
I just wanna say Judas you real asf for this . Thanks bruhh 👿👊
Rondel Conner
Can you make a another one of another episode of Hunter I come on I'll be waiting for
Hannah Cocheran
H3H3 sent me here
That Other Girl
I just finished the 1999 one and now I'm watching this so I just wanted to ask if this is the 2011 one. I'm looking for it on YT. (I dont really remember how the first episode in the 1999 one went)
infinite tsukuyomi
Naruto is more popular
Logan Crawford
why is so different from the hunter x hunter i watched. gon doesn't meet kite til wayyy into thr series
Bryan Orjalesa
Im watching this now November 9 2017
Ophelia Larsen
Wait, did he say Ghoul, Layario, and... Crappycat? Sorry 😂
Elle Ellen
when the yellow haired guy told the 🚢 ship person his name is thought he said CrappyPants
Alezzarith Lyra Lingatong
cool anime show
Charles Tietjen
Ok, I think this is how you pronounce the names Ka-rope-pika Lay-oreo
dark x wolf
How many episodes are there?!!? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿 Searisly how many
Should I watch the original series or the remake? Or both? I've never seen an episode before so I was wondering if it mattered