Hellsing Ultimate 10 Full OVA English Subbed

*June 2018 Update* Hey guys! I decided to make parts 1 through 5 private, since there’s really no point in those videos when there’s the full version here. Here's the full Hellsing Ultimate OVA 10, instead of being divided into 5 parts. I decided to put this together to make it more convenient for you guys to watch :D Anyways, Enjoy!

Only 9 dislikes... SEARCH SND DESTROY
Werewolf looked so happy when he died,why couldnt they show more of him?
James Wilkins
This matter has confused some people as to How Alucard disappeared and then reappears at the end and I think I have the answer. Schrödinger committed suicide under the Majors orders so he could fall into Alucards river of blood and have his soul and powers absorbed. Since his powers on the event that as long as he recognizes himself he exists then once Alucard absorbs him then this negation effect will spread to Alucard since he wouldn't be able to recognize himself in that 3 million and something souls. He then disappears because he can't be there or anywhere since he can't recognize himself and is thus neither here or there so he is negated. He becomes what the Major describes as just a set of numbers. Alucard returns because in the 30 years he was away he was busy killing all those souls except Schrödinger's soul so he can recognize himself and gain his powers in the process. Alucards eyes being pink rather then his traditional Red support this. Schrödinger is dead because he no longer recognized himself in that river of souls and was thus no capable of thought anymore but his soul remained which Alucard absorbed. I know its mind boggling ^_^ it took me a while to actually understand it but I think I finally got it. I'm glad I helped a few 
Earth Is A Donut
1:00:39 I was taking a long walk
Commissar Purity
Seras=best waifu Alucard=best crimson fucker Walter=best badass Captain=the best wolf
Shania Samuel
That moment when you realize the best anime ends right here. Got dang it its not fair!!!!!!! >.<
Max Hellsing
"Don't disappear!" *My heart just shattered..*
1:00:07 That Seras panty shot had no importance whatsoever. They probably just wanted to give one bit of fan-service before wrapping up the series. 😆
Travis Blankenship
The Captain was truly the head badass of the earth. Wish we could have seen a little more of him.
In the end, the Major's efforts were both in vain and stupid. He tried to start a neverending war, but the assault was written off as a... something. As for killing Alucard, well, he came back. Stronger than ever. Yeah, in vain.
Senna Taylor
XDXD Integra has been extorting the Penwoods for 40+ years
Mr. Muzzle
Welp here's the inevitable anime void in our souls where we just saw the best thing ever and don't know what to do next...
Valentin Vassilev
i'm gona miss this show it had just the right amount of comedy and morbidity it's too bad it had to end
Apollo SOL
Angel Starfire
1:01:33 aww!! Cute baby must be protected!!(>_< ❤️)
Kevin Nyugen
That ending made that whole war pointless lol pretty damn great
majakka yksi
When alucard die: NOOOOO And at the end: wait what?
jimmy ortiz
The hellsing story is complete, Great story.
Angel of Silence
This is the best Anime of our time. Ergo Proxy is good too in my book but nothing will EVER match the Hellsing series.
Jack Smith
who could down vote this? The story line alone is amazing! Great from beginning to end! People are idiots that don't know good art.
Mavis Valventini
This anime makes me wanna visit London badly !
Be honest. How many people paused at 1:00:07?
Gundamn Mechas
Alucard >>...>> any other vampire ever. of all time. He is the absolute pinnacle of vampire fiction: fact.
Ooooh I always wondered which one of those three were talking when they hit the wall. Then I realize it's good'ol Bernadotte.
This series was epic. I watched everything this whole day. It left me saddened, though.. as with all Great Anime.
The feels man, the feels
for a completely insane madman I am surprised the major has principles he sticks to.
Moonlight Gaster
Am I the only one who finds Alucard as a chick absolutely adorable?
榊原さん、飛田さん ガンダム声優...((((;゜Д゜)))( ̄▽ ̄;)
@CJEJTHEDJ...Alucard said he killed all but one soul...Schrodinger (he obviously can't kill his own soul)...so he has Schrodinger's powers.
Absolutely adored this anime. I knew it was good, but it blew all my expectations away. Henderson is my favourite anime character ever now. :)
Debi Choco
This is shiiittt shiiittt. ..I'm crying 😭
Dez Moore
amazing end to the series
The Lost and Forgotten
Anybody know when the dub will be completed? This show is one of those rarities in which I think the dub is actually better than the sub.
April Camacho
An amazing ending to an amazing series!
Best comment here that I agree with about the major. "When you pimp slap someone so hard the do t exists for 30 years". Yeah give the major some credit that was captain America winter soldier Nemo level of viliany there.
Austin Oakford
The final battle...
Nicky Haugh
43:35 - 44:40 = This is one of the anime's most satisfying moments to date!!!
geez i watched the other 9 eprisodes 2 years ago... i dont really get what happens here xD can someone tell why all of them are so young?
and pause at 1:00:07
john vans
The first scene reminded me of playing prototype and just massacring civilians and soldiers
Sonny LoSpeechio
At 22:56 Walter: I gave up EVERYTHING to kill you, no lie back, and THINK OF HELL!!!!! Alucard: ahh, yamare Walter, your splinting me in two, now do it another three million more times why don’t ya
(Insert Derogatory Quote from TFS Hellsing Here)
Kakkergetuu Xayarath
Who else just finished in 2017
Walter :(
i want a season 2!!!!
I Ren
Nope. Schrodinger died, and because Alucard drank his blood, Alucard could not exist until he killed all the lives he had inside so that there was only one life-his which allowed him to "reappear." I hope this helps
Rose Richards
Damn! If I got shot in the eye I would be screaming in terror but I guess that's why I'm not Integra!
Yung Marlboro
wait,wait,WAIT!! Alucard is schrodinger??? :D THE KAWII CAT BOY IS ALUCARD!!!!!!!!!!
Integra: Welcome back... count. Alucard: I am back... countless. ~fangirls until father barges in to room with a crowbar.~
No, its like the old proverb, there is a little devil at the bottom of every glass of alcohol, so to avoid em, never finish it.
Chris Kirk
as far as i know this is the end . the manga never went any farther . but good new there is a prequil at least in manga form it may be animated idk .
does integra ever finish a smoke?
Em'n Delal
it will continue
Muhaha :D
Kawaii Booty Boy
Don't cry. Laugh. Laugh proudly and arrogantly, like the monster you are!
Dennis Testa
No this can't be the end of Alucard's awesomeness, and Seras just got her her powers too.
I think we all do....
hagan nussbaum
seras is finna fuck this dude up.....
Mario Trollarch
Man me to, I was so freaking mad, I was like "WHAT THE FAWGGGG??" Hes like my faveorite character. :'c
26:53 never actually thought that alucard could look so damn cute
He doesn't call her "countess." Hakushaku is a male term and means "count."
benjo sian
now thats what you call a true vampire unlike 1 of those bulls*** twitghligth
Tenshi Kanashisa
Understandable. However, there is some hope: The Dawn may be coming out as a new series some time around. And if you haven't gotten around to reading The Dawn yet, you may very well do.
Tenshi Kanashisa
Still, they made Alucard come back in a quite... logical way. The metaphorical implications are quite great. I do not quite mind it. Schroedinger? Well~ Some of the Nazi vampires were "special". It's science n stuff. If one accepts that fact, the idea is pretty neat and unusual. And for the plotholes~ I am willing to bet that "The Dawn" may fill them. Still haven't gotten around to read it, though. But it has been implicated that they may start "The Dawn" as a series. Would be quite nice.
Brandon Purdey
Well....my mind is thoroughly blown. At first when I watched this episode and i saw Alucard disappear i thought he was dead and was so pissed because he is an absolute bad ass. But then at the end my mind was just so damn blown by Integra being the Countess...damn good show.
where did that 88 round that seras shot go
Benjamin Ruetz
Still a better love story thanTwilight VAMPIRES DON'T SPARKLE
Alucard still live in seras
i feel your pain.
ShyGuy Peach
Honestly, he's next to dead. He's not human anymore. He's a familiar now like how Alucard casted Rip and the Dandy Man on his level 0.
Caroline Coetzee
nope he he absorbed the Cheshire cat, and as you know he is everywhere and no where. Alucard tels Integra that he killed all his other lives but kept the cats one.
Myca Hook
Yea I kinda figured after I watched it again.
Angelo Brouns
so can anyone tell me there is no more hellsing after this one??
Revyi Cross
I think you miss the meaning of the entire anime. All monsters actually wanna die. Alucard and all the nazi as well. However they wanna die in a glorious battle after they use up all their strength. So yes he wanted to die, but he did not go easy on her. Because then his death would be no fun to him. he wants to die, but only after using all his strength.
Revyi Cross
Hell no, I hate to say it but for the world sake. Alucard needs to be seal up after her death. Because she the last of her blood line and her family is the only known family that could control him. Seras is fine through, so she could keep alucard seal safe and do the work of hellsing.
Revyi Cross
He like alucard, he wants to die. however he wants to die in a glorious battle where he use all his strength. Which, is what he did her.
Revyi Cross
Van hellsing her like great great great grandfather was the one who put alucard under her family control. However, back then he went by dracula, but once he was put under control van hellsing change his name. So of course she knows who he really is. Second no she blood line is hellsing family, which is a count family. You know their more then one count family right?
Revyi Cross
It never regen, because she does not want it to. Keeping it a shadow arm is much better for fighting.
Revyi Cross
Not random, was the goal from the start.
Revyi Cross
Nope, his raw power is way down. No where near where it was. Because his great power came from all the souls in him, now he only have 1 soul. However of course he still strong and with that cats ability he have now. It makes up for the raw power he lost.
Revyi Cross
Walter was a traitor since ww2, when he started working for the nazi in secret.He did it all for one reason, he loves to fight and alucard would be the ultimate goal to beat. Second on integra wtf is wrong with someone having their own life choices, she never wanted a men so what. Some people are like that. Also alucard was never indestructible, you had to kill all the souls in him first that all. Now he would be harder to kill, because he gain the cats power.
correct actually :) good job :)
Enoch Thompson
Alucard doesn't care about shape or form so he can take on any form he'd like, as for the river blood he was rebuilding the army that he released in episode 08 since it completely burned out in episode 09.
Nic Hotte
I really didnt understood anything from that last part.. why did alucard turn into a child and what was that huge river of blood? I dont get it.. I feel like I missed something important... alucard's still a badass though
what a great ending
petrov nicoleta
0:53:18 se looks like a old man
Ah, ok, so as long as Shrodinger is self aware, he can exist in any place at the same time, but since being absorbed by Alucard, he can no longer tell himself apart from any other soul, and he ceases to exist. I hope I got that right...
Sonofa Preacherman
Seras is a lot more than fanservice, honestly. If you don't get that you don't get a big chunk of the show.
Nicholas shreve
so alucard has become a god in his own respect??? i can dig it ^.^
Besides, being a virgin means protection from being a ghoul. And Alucard is actually even more indestructible now. Last time, he just had a wholeload of lives. Now, he decides whether he lives or dies. Reagrding life and death, he thinks, therfore he is. I imagine he can still be killed but the work it would require would be extraordinary.
Oh c'mon. there's Hellsing The Dawn miniserie
Shizuo Heiwajima
I just noticed that almost all the named characters wear gloves ._. The Captain, Integra, Alucard, Seras, Major . . .
That would be Seras(subs failed on that one), and she is just there for fan service most of the time. Walter No. 2!
Ronny Sanchez
Ceras > Walter
Josiah Sanchez
those bodys have quite bit of blod to make arowws #really
All good things comes to an end.
Okay, the Integra part I can lookover. So he is still as indestructible as before? And *sigh*, despite being a traitor Walter is still the second greatest bad ass in the anime.