Sony A7III Natural Light Photography Behind the Scenes

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I'm so excited to share this video with you all today! My first photoshoot on the Sony A7III. Let me know what lens you want me to try on the A7III next time :D All photos edited with my Disposable Film Lightroom Preset: /> Model: Kaitlynn @ FiveTwenty /> -- FIND ME ON // Instagram: />Lightroom Presets: /> Blog: />Twitter: />Facebook: /> Dan @ I Make Films Website // />Instagram // /> -- VLOG CAMERA SETUP // Sony RX100iv Sony a7s mkii + Sigma 24mm f1.4 PHOTOGRAPHY CAMERA SETUP // Canon 5dmkiii Sigma 24mm f1.4 Canon 35mm f1.4 Canon 50mm f1.2 Canon 85mm f1.2 Canon 135mm f2 -- Thank you so much for watching! xx

Julia Trotti
Check out the Lightroom Presets I used to edit the photos in this video :) Here: 💛
Ernest Arrellano
Wtf a random Kristina cameo lmao this model was soooo good and the edit tones sooo soft! Amazing as always Julia and welcome to the Sony family! Lol
Alex Iby
This location is incredible, it looks like a dream! And I loved all the pics, especially the one with Kaitlynn sitting on the floor with the backlight of the sun! Cheers Julia :)
Anita Sadowska
Your model looks like an absolute angel! She is so beautiful without makeup. It only shows that with skills like yours you don’t need a team of people to make your shots amazing! Oh and I struggle with the viewfinder focus switching the screen off on my small Sony too, it can be so frustrating 😂😅
I love how your voice overs aren’t a constant stream throughout the whole video ( if that makes sense lol) your videos are so nice and relaxing to watch ☺️💕
Jing image
what’s your principle of cropping limbs and head?
Ramy Kabalan
Where's the canon strap? 😂
Ran Bar-Levi
The photos are beautiful and sharp but the colors seem colder and less life like than your canon ones. Sony has the tech but canon has the color science better than everybody.
Waldo Wolf
Funny that people were always bragging about the "canon colors" when these tones are just ridiculously beautiful! Sony really did an amazing job with their new color-science in the a7III series!
Zed Pro Media
That location is so dope!
Michael Sasser
THANK YOU for putting out such great content. We need more photographers like you on YouTube!
Shang-Hsien Yang
If you change the camera's priority from "release"/"balanced" to "focus", the focus accuracy would be even better significantly.
Greg Goodenough
If you leave the screen slightly tilted, the viewfinder wont turn off the LCD. The camera will know you're using the LCD, not the viewfinder
Jae Jae
yessss! a no makeup shoot is the best :)
Marc Klaus
Amazing job Julia! Every time you do a video with Sony gear, you convince me that I should consider switching! haha
Ferenc Bodor
Oh my gosh! The RAWs look so nice! Sony A7III + Canon 35mm 1.4 mkII is probably THE dream setup! :D
Regina Loppacher
I love how Kristina is present in almost all the videos!
Regina Loppacher
it's weird that when you are taking photos i'm looking around the background thinking what other places i would take pictures too
Kyle and Allysin
Seriously your photography inspires me so much! You're amazing!!
TT Smasher
Btw, move the screen out a bit so that the camera knows you’re using the screen and not activating the view finder
Paul Alexander
Eye AF is defo my fav feature of the sony cameras
Jaskaran Singh
i have no words how pretty the pictures are, location (oh my god, how did you find such beautiful location and lighting ahhh i am going crazy) eagerly waiting for the full review and specially autofocus tips tricks.
Julius Ho
More 35mm f1.4 ii and A7iii combo please
Mathew Suarez
I want to see you do a comparison video of the canon 24-70 and the Sony 24-70 g-master
kc chen
Amazing video, love your voice over comments. thank for sharing. cheers.
Ryan Tan
Would be nice to see it on the 85mm f1.2
Choi Alcabasa
I would love to see you try the 50L, 85L and the 135L
Wilson Eusebio777
Always so Pretty Julia. GOD Bless 😊😇🙏
Chava Marquęz
I need a 35mm lens in my life...
Canon 135mm please.
Bella Pelagio
Paddington reservoir is one of my favourite locations for a shoot in Sydney!
Bilal Izaddin
That lens is just magic through it on any body and it work I have adapter for fuji and used it with film simulation it worked and gave me colors better than native 35mm ,but for speedy shoots and walking ,movement shots I think canon 5dm4 still better
A wild Kristina appears!
TT Smasher
She’s too beautiful, love blonde
3:50 THE BOKE(H) !!!!!!!!!!!!
steven eades
So basically you're forced to use the live view mode and touch screen to select focus points? must be super hard on batteries right?
It seems like the Canon had nice colors out the camera and even after edits. But you do so well at making anything beautiful
Dylan Perkins
That's such a cool location! Also, I would like to just take a moment to say "Thank you" for actually including your interaction with the model in your BtS videos. As someone that is very new to portrait photography, that kind of stuff is both very interesting and very useful to me :D
Panha veng
She is super beautiful <3 and you skill is amazingly fantastic <3
Polani Almoni
Canon colors are the best, easy editing.
Ken Morrison
I find the programmable button on newer Sony lenses really great for eye focus. It'd be interesting if you hired a Sony lens and compared it to one of your favourite Canon lenses.
Jaden K
Metabonz right?/
jan jan
Vilama Mendos
Mind blowing location. Model also so cute photographer working style fabulous totely super dear
Ana Velasquez
I really want this camera now lol
Yasmina Bauly
I love your style and your videos are so inspiring! Keep up the good work & thanks for the content you provide!
Paddington always delivers!!! 😍😍 Great Job
Luciano Pizzatto Kasecker
Make sure to use AF-C to use the EYE AF continuously.
Paul Frohnau
beast camera for sure
Kketansa Art
Aeyy! WHY are you attaching a Canon lens to Sony A7III? X( ... X(( ... X( Use Sony lens. Now!
I'd love to see how well the A7III focuses with the older Canon 24-70 version one. I'm considering the Sony body, but I love that lens, and use it all the time. Knowing how well it focuses will help the decision process.
lepi srćko
Canon 85mm f1.2 Canon 135mm f2
These look incredible! Can’t wait to get this camera
918K Fans
That Modern Dude
Wow you work incredibly well with models. Awesome video keep it up #roadto100k
your only problem with this camera will soon be solved! sony is making a 6million dot 240 hz evf upgrade for 400$! That's 3 times the resolution and double the refreshrate!
Crazy sharp
Jeff Brand
just a heads up, Sony cameras have an option in their menu that you can turn off, to keep the LCD from turning off. By default, it is set to "auto," so you have to switch it to either EVF or LCD otherwise it will automatically alternate based on the orientation of the camera. I just figured this out a week ago:)
Eric Esser
Lovely, sold me on the 35mm focal length. Thinking of the distagon native 35 for a7 iii. Do you know if continuous AF works with your adapted setup?
Angie Gray
I have the A7II and LOVE it! I also have the little A6300 and it's pretty amazing as well....
Gone Zapatero
She is beautiful, nice shots too
LiA studio
Please dont leave canon :(((!
Claire SUN
more with a7iii❤️!!:)
Michelle Cox Photography
Such a fun photoshoot! :) Gorgeous location and as always love your model!
Geri Brn
Time to sell that canon gear haha. but at least try out these lenses: 28mm F2.0, 55mm F1.8 and 85mm F1.8
Me Myself
90% focusing rate is not good. Get a sony 35mm or get a 1dx foryou canon glass.
Harisman Satria
Great photos, waiting for the A7III review
Merlin Alfonso
The images are lovely, but the size, weight and shape of that camera + adapter + lens combination is terrible. It looks so ungainly and front-heavy.
Life Mimi
Why you dont shoot nikon ?
Daniel Ockeloen
I like how you compare the cameras, the gen3 (including the a73) are a huge step up from the older gen. My gut feeling is you might be even more pleased with a a7R3 since the lcd and EVF are better and you even have more detail to work with. Lastly if you feeling on the sony vs canon is already 'good' then given how much you can tune, change and/or add by going native lensss, adding l-brackets, adding your own tweaks probably means its a good upgrade for you.
Okiepita50 T-town
Stunningly beautiful model and the photography ain’t bad either!
85mm or 50mm F1.2 would be good to see... .. with regard to the way you are focusing .. I have the a7riii ... I just have it on AF-S or AF-C & wide area then I hit the AEL button (which I have assigned to eye-AF).. perfect focus every time... I dont use or need to use flexi spot or have to move my focus point.. this way its a much quicker way to shoot thinking of your work flow.... ..lovely model & great pics by the way..
Great Shoot. Amazing Beautiful shots! Good video as well.. Link to the music Maybe? Love the track in the background. Goes great with the vibes of the video.
Hot Brass and Bullets
Great video! How did you activate the touchscreen option? Thanks
Mark Harris
As always a brilliant video, I think for portraiture mirrorless is going to be the future.
Oh snap Julia got the A7III! It's go time! Bye Bye Canon!
Great video Julia
sony does make some of the best cameras out there :)
Louis Luzuka
Can you please use the 50mm and 85mm
Such beautiful pictures!!! <3
SONY Adicto
Dis you try Autofocus Continuous!?? AF-C is better for Eye-AF as it locks the focus on the eye, avoiding what you mention at 4:30 with my Sony native lenses and the right shutter speed, none of the photos are out of focus. Like 100% success ratio 😛 That’s not actually possible with Single Autofocus as you or the model can move slightly and then the eyes won’t be in focus due to the f1.4 aperture.
Brian Eliel
Julia, you must absolutely love this body!
Mike Lam
You can turn off the EVF auto-detect in the settings!
Baldur Tryggvason
Awesome video with very a natural and beautiful model. So glad you like the Sony, I just covered fully from Canon to Sony when the A7rIII came out. Looking forward to more shoots with that camera and I would love to see you use the 85mm 1.2II with it.
I'd like to see the 70-200mm. One of the reasons why I only use my A7R II for hobby is because Canon lenses + the adapter draw so much battery and I was wondering what's the efficiency penalty on the battery w/ using Canon vs. Sony. I bring my Canon DSLRs still when I travel and do events.
Im sure you got used to it but if i may suggest, maybe the reason you didnt like the evf at first was the diopter? Did you adjust it while on a test shoot?
Vasko Obscura
Fantastic video. :) I'm in the same boat as you. Been shooting canon for 10+ years and just trying out the Sony system. So far i'm liking it. I've noticed that when using Canon lenses on the Sony body the background blur on objects that are 1 - 5 meters behind the subject is a little more blotchy instead of creamy. Do you find that in your experience so far?
Howie Mudge Photography
The A7 III is an amazing camera as is the a7r III. The eye autofocus is ideal for portrait photography and if you consider your using Canon glass on a Sony body that's mega impressive. Nice video.
Ensian Blåfugl
Love the canon lens and miss the canon skin reproduction as well
Kenny Chin
Thank you for sharing this beautiful photoshoot. Absolutely enjoyed it and Kaitlynn is gorgeous. Would love to see you doing a similar shoot with the Sony FE 85mm f/1.8
Albert Wong
I switched over from Canon 5d Mark IV to Sony A7Riii and A7iii. I definitely would like to know your impressions and see how they may be different and same pro and cons. Look forward to it.
Charles Nagel Jr.
Absolutely brilliant video. It is truly the best hybrid camera. It blows my mind that your able to adapt your favorite lens to the A7iii and it works better then the native camera. I have the A7riii and I could not be happier. But you are such an amazing photographer and your camera is your tool, u make it look effortless. P.S. I see your having trouble with the switching of the live view and evf. When this happens I noticed your left thumb is close to the C3 button, you can map the switching of the two views to C3. First change Finder/Monitor to Monitor (Manual) then custom set the C3 to Finder/Monitor Sel. found on page 17/23 in your custom key setting. Thanks love love what You do.
Huicho Dominguez
When are we getting married, Julia?
Simeon Kolev
Cool stuff again :). About the A7III I was sure that you will like it. There are some drawbacks but at least for me nothing fatal. For example you can improve the grip a lot by adding a small L plate underneath the body, it is a must for people with larger hands who do not want to add battery grip. The camera buttons and controls are so customizable that you will never need to go in the menus :D. I would really love to see Sony making new compact primes like 35 1.8, 24 1.8... something like those. I really like using the 28 2.0 and 85 1.8. Those lenses make the whole lightweight mirrorless idea possible. I feel very motivated to shoot when I pick them up especially on long shoots like events. About the lenses I want you to test on the Sony... maybe the 50 1.2 L :D. If I was not using the Minolta Rokkor 58 1.2 with the Techart PRO AF adapter I was going to buy the Canon 50 1.2L. Which reminds me of this - Did you know that there is an AF adapter for old vintage MF lenses :D? There are some old but gold lenses that are definitely worth the try and by skipping the manual focus you can shoot dynamic stuff like your portrait sessions. I can't wait to see what is going to come in the future from your Sony adventure.
Hi! Julia, you making great photos and your blog is awesome! Also, pls send my compliments your video operator. He got very good vision - i like his picture and background picking!
Raymond Lin
The Sony's touchscreen in my opinion is one of their WORST implementation of the tech, it feels generations behind Canon's version in the 5DmkIV. The Sony you can't touch and shoot, or touch and focus…it will touch to select focus point/area but you need to separately press the shutter button to focus. During review of photos the screen won't allow you to swipe left or right. If you have tried any Canon's touch screen you will know how bad Sony's are, it is so bad I turn it off. The BEST thing about the Sony is the Eye-AF. With it you never really have to touch the screen to focus, you just press the assigned Eye-AF button. As you have noted, it hardly ever miss shots. The hit rate is out of the park amazing. /owner of 2 x 5DIV and Sony A7III for 4 months.
Great Video. It would be nice to see how you react on native Sony Lenses with the a7 III as a Canon Shooter.👋