Portugal 2-2 Tunisia All goals & Highlights Commentary (28/05/2018) HD/1080P

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Portugal 2-2 Tunisia All goals & Highlights Commentary (28/05/2018) HD/1080P All goals & Highlights Commentary, todos los goles y resumen completo, 全ゴール&実況ハイライト, Alle Tore & Highlights mit Kommentar, Tous les Buts et moments forts, جميع الأهداف و ملخص المباراة بالتعليق, 所有入球及精華評述, Alle mål og høydepunkter kommentar, tutti i gol e gli highlights commentati, 모든 골 하이라이트 해설 Ads Or Collaborations : [email protected] DONATE />NIXBLACK

todos los goles y resumen completo 全ゴール\u0026実況ハイライト Alle Tore \u0026 Highlights mit Kommentar Tous les Buts et moments forts جميع الأهداف و ملخص المباراة بالتعليق 所有入球及精華評述 Alle mål og høydepunkter kommentar tutti i gol e gli highlights commentati 모든 골 하이라이트 해설 All goals \u0026 Highlights Commentary Portugal Tunisia

palestine will be free
Tunisia 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 all of Palestine is with you
Yassin Bechir
Tunisia is 14th in te Word and england is 13th in the world. Wow is Dangerous for england. Force Tunisia
Clm reds of Anfield
Congratulation Tunisia I hope Tunisia will be the surprise of this world cup .COME ON!!!
Markus Muzikants
Wow, I'm shocked by how well Tunisia played in this game. Since England is known for not playing well under pressure, Tunisia have a good chance of making the next round.
Morocco, Tunesia and Nigeria will make honor for Africa in this world cup. They have really good teams.
VANDA Productions
Tunisia is 14th in the world for a reason ! Played without khazri msakni and khenissi who are our best players still managed to come back from 2-0 to 2-2 against the champions of europe and 4th best ranked team in the world (in portugal)Btw : the tunisian players were fasting during the first period of the game when we played very bad and conceded 2 goals ...
funk 80 funk
viva tunisia verry good
Frost 22
England is in trouble now...i think Congratulations tunisia
Tunisia look dangerous going forward, they could test england
Dexterous Discourses
When portugal score: “SILVAAAAAA!!! WHAT A GOAL!!!!!!” “MARIOOOOOO!!!! WHAT A STRIKE!!!!” When tunisia score: “it’s a hammerblow...” “oh it’s in the back of the net...”
The Legend of Vegeta
Tunisia dont Losed since 8 Games that is Amazing for a African Team Bravo :)
Mike Dred
Four Tunisian key players did not play. (Ben Amor, Msakni, Khenissi and Khazri).
Chokri Chokri
Viva la Tunisia 🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳💪💪💪💪
Hannibal Barqa II
Tunisia improved a lot from their qualification matches. I think if they had more confidence early, they would have been on the attack instead of making a comeback, but a comeback is always a moral booster anyway. Good job Tunisia. For Portugal, they controlled the ball better, but they lacked the ability to convert. I trust with Ronaldo, this would not be a problem during the world cup.
Ualisson Bromberg
A hug Portugal, it was a good game, hug from Brazil, portugal,Embrace of a supporter of the Brazilian national team.
Lamiss' world
Tunisia 💪♥
Frank Steinman
Tunisia 😘😘😘
Without msakni . khazri .ben amor. Khnissi . Remont against portugal
Hza Silver
Tunisia 😍
Portugal didnt play badly though, specially in the first half
syd ben
tunisia needs a couple of good central backs. i doubt england will give tunisia hard time in the world cup even with this team
portugal without CR7 it's like human without brains :D
zizo gamer
Tunisia 😍😍😍😘
Chammaz ™
Salem Kemicha
If it was in tunisia portugal ll get at least 4 from tunisian players :D
ÖMàr Chänùv DjàXon
L'équipe kawret bilgdé ama just Fama chwaya déchets w chwaya a8lat fi défense malezemhomch isirou 9oddem l'attaque mta3 begikia w anglitirra
Could Tunisia be the Algeria of 2018, like they did 4 years ago?
Fap Goblin
Portugal play to the quality of there opponent. Sketchy against Hungary Iceland in the euros group stage, then raise there game against France to win
CITY 1894
Portugal without CR7 = *WEAKEST TEAM IN WORLDCUP*
Viva Portugal and Tunisia 🇵🇹 🇹🇳
Game Over
i dont know how portugal just won the euro 2016
Many people saying that portugal w/out cr7 is the weakest team, but they were playing with half of their start XI. Give them time, they also lost against bulgaria before the euros
Skarn Vy
This result will make England think twice about the upcoming game.
Greyson Wayne
Clam down people Its a friendly..I doubt Tunisia will give England trouble
Pedro 86
Where's Jota Neves Bruma?
Bernardino Telesio
Sto somaro solo in nazionale segna
TheCral - Berat
İlk yorum ve like
* O_Todo_Poderoso
Portugal could of easily won... But they were not lucky, and some players like guerreiro and Adrien ate clearly out of form.
Our CBs are too old
Hunter Of Liars
HEY, PEOPLE... DON'T GET TOO EXCITED. THIS WAS A FRIENDLY AND WE ALL KNOW PORTUGAL NEVER GIVES EVERYTHING IN FRIENDLIES ! Tunisia was allowed to do things that they would be allowed to do in a REAL World Cup game
olgamin cfousa
le portugual passera pas les poules
Jack Spy
Nd people say they'll win the world cup
flor Giipsy
Unfair. Portugal had way more chances played much better Tunisia two shots on goal and made two goals basically. We deserved to win like for 3 goals difference.
E Buzz
Go Africa
Shashank Shekhar
Portuguese defense looks very shabby. I mean going forward they are superb, Bernardo and Joao Mario are combining superbly but it's the defense that needs to get itself organized otherwise players like Isco,David Silva and Iniesta are gonna run all over us.
Alessandro Frateschi
Joao Mario... Perché quei gol non li facevi qua a Milano?
Dinis De Brito
Nao jogam puto..nem canicas...
Une Tounsia
Home of Soccer
where is CR7?
asyraf nasyran
Virus karius infected
Peter Brennan
1.35 in 'interchangeability'...? *looks for Oxford English dictionary...*
Ene Jota
Tunisia will win england Morocco will in Portugal at World cup.
Faisal AlArfaj
andre silva not is better on serie a
Portugal have the same form of Argentina
El Salazar
Quaresma and those misses :/
ڈُگ ڈُگی
nice , guys sub me too 😊😍
Sidy Tayibe Niass
wow portugal's level is high now
Super Man
Portugal win euro , looool
L. T.
bachir 14
Ops 🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳
ridwan edo
Klo milan btul2 mau jual silva akn mnyesl seumr hidupx
How Andre Silva gets the call for World Cup but not Gomes and Semedo puzzles me. Silva only has 2 league goals and worst performances than Gomes and Semedo.
d j
Wahou 2-2 contre la tunisie?! Franchement le portugal est mauvais. C'est la que tu vois que l'euro ca a ete de la chance pour les mangeurs de morue
Il punitore di Youtube.
Andrè Silva e Joao Mario sono forti. Il Milan e l'Inter non valorizzano mai i loro talenti.
DYBALA Argentina
We really need Ronaldo back. Adrien Silva is useless by the way.
Nice stadium
SoccoLoco TV
Now we an idea how far portugal gonna go in worldcup 😂 just saying
Justin 456
Mskeni injured😣
Portugal without Cristiano Ronaldo is nothing.
Jean Paixão
Se não ganha da Tunísia vai ganhar de quem?