Super Troopers 2 Angry Movie Review

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AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex review the indiegogo funded comedy film Super Troopers 2, the long awaited sequel to the indie hit from Broken Lizard! Shirts/Stuff ► />Twitch ► />Twitter ► />Twitter ► />AJSA Community ►

Connor Kenway
Still waiting on that Far Cry 5 angry review!
Damn alex's shirt is tripping me out lol
stephen crockett
For the people who want a review of Far Cry 5 i'll sum it up. If you,ve played 1,2,3,4, and primal..... then you already know. If Joe doesn't review it I dont blame him lol
john monty
For those short on time He gives it a 9/10 Have a good weekend folks
Big sexy
The movie was hilarious !!😂😂 it’s a must see people !
I'm Canadian, and I love Canadian jokes lmfao I love all nationality jokes!!! It's made funnier when you meet stereotypical people in real life lmfao esp Canadians!!!
fat cabbage
Right meow! 😂😂😂
Will Alex finally enjoy a movie? Lets find out!
Big RazO
If you want joe to do a review on games, you have to buy him a litter of Cola
Adam Warlock
these snozberries taste like snozberries 😂
The Inconceivable Glue Man
*Super pooper scoopers are just lergend!*
lol Rob Lowe. How many Lowes could Rob Lowe rob, if Rob Lowe could rob Lowes
Leo Ronin
A couple of beers ok joe its 4/20 blaze up bro
mike hunt
Now we need Beerfest 2 and Pinaapple Express 2
Leo Ronin
Club dread was one of there best movies
French-canadians are not the same as french people from France. Just like Americans are not the same as British people.
Truman Lisk
Happy 420 everyone!
Super Troopers 2 was amazing. I did a double feature of it at the theater.
Going to see this today, happy 4/20 Joe and everyone!
Love the reviews keep them coming joe!
They don't seem to be aware that mixing anglo-canadian stereotypes and french (from France) stereotypes, don't make a french-canadian stereotype :p
Cisco Blue
That akward moment when your hitting the varsity cheer captain good from behind but then you look up and see the school shooter railroading her throat.
"Un, deux, trois, let's do iiiiiiit."
Ted Uppy
the mounties are the equivalent of the FBI
Wade Wilson
I really need a Far Cry 5 Review Plz Joe I dont care if its late
Anthony Ospina
Meow we're talkin! Happy 420 to you all!!!!
J. Cobb
wait, broken lizard made a sequel?
Where is the god of war review
Carlos Santana
Waiting on God of War!!
The Demon Lord of the Round Table
Finally Joe and i finally liked the same movie
Justice Sparta
Who else got a super troopers 2 ad?
Carter Kinoy
Alex should get that hole in his chest looked at.
Kelvin Martinez
Does Joe still do game reviews?
Just started getting back into this channel.. who is this dude on the left? Seems permanently salty.
alex should do some of the rapid fire reviews :D i like his voice and he does have an interesting way of looking at things ^^
Karlito Bandito
I loved this movie! It was different enough to hold its own! Glad you guys liked it
willie boudreau
happy 420 i see joe is celebrating it him self lol
lalo 1245567899413aqwp197
Still waiting on the ni no kuni 2 review.
Plz review god of war it’s amazing
Bringing up France when talking about Canadian french will probably offend them more than any amount of mocking their accent lol.
Danny Devito joke had me dying.
Venice Beach Sports Network
The only repeat line I want is "open bar duuuude"
6/10 but upgrade to 7/10 for the papers. :)
Zen Lopez
do a god of war angry review
Waiting for that god of war review
Hell ya
CJM cola cole
I think it's safe to say Joe has a terrible taste in films at this point
Hypr, the Official Therapist
The first one was great, but this one is garbage imo
Lick Lick
Satyasya Satyasya
Alex in those shades!!!!!!!!!! Oh my heart! :3
fat cabbage
Live super troopers
Cameron Darwell
Is super troopers gonna get a UK realise
Ceedubs Entertainment
He gave Super Troopers 2 a 9 and gave A Quiet Place a 7. Angry Joe’s movie reviews have officially lost all credibility with me.
Mark Boon
Loved the first movie. Didn't know that there's a sequel.
Teddy Brosevelt
2 beers or 2 bowls?
Michael Krynski
Royalty Luxury
God of war review next is mandatory
Benjamin L Barr
When are we going to get Far Cry 5 Angry Review?
fat cabbage
Pubg pubg pubg
I came early
Manolo Corsetti
WAITING WAS HILARIOUS! If you don't think "Waiting" was funny you've never worked in a restaurant
Nathan G
Let me guess: It recycles too many jokes from the first one?
The Pepeknd
God of war review!!!
hey angry Joe, your board game sucks
Julia Cortez
This movie looks and seems funny.
Aaron Jensen
I want to watch this review, but I don't want to know anything more about the movie before I see it. Oh first world problems, why have you forsaken me?
Benji Specialist
Stop cutting off your boys! I wanted to hear them finish their thoughts too.
right meow
Tanner Jordan
Hey Angry Joe! i seen your sea of theives and no mans sky reviews and i noticed you say for the 60$ games that they are they feel like their in "early access" and should be priced at the 15-20$ range. I would like to make a game suggestion for you. give The Isle a try. it is a survival/progression based game where you play as dinosaurs. this game is still early access and says it in Steam. at least look up some reviews and/or gameplay (more recent/within the last 5-6 months) as the game has changed a fair amount since first release, considering it is a very small company devoloping this game compared to companies like EA, Activision, etc. i love this game and have sunk hundreds of hours into this game and would love to see/hear your opinion on it. This game still has a ways to go and has a very bright future ahead of it i think. keep up the great work, and have a good one Angry Joe !!
Part of what makes a "good" Canadian is the ability to take a joke. If someone can't handle a joke, they're pretty pathetic, regardless of where they happen to call home. Canadians are only "nice" by rumour. The reason why the rest of the world thinks so is because most Canadians won't tell you what's really on their mind. We keep that shit to ourselves, for the most part. We consider keeping the peace to be the highest of virtues, for good or bad. Just FYI though... Mounties are prick pieces of shit. They're basically a nation-wide version of what you Americans would call Military Police, and are part of the Department of Defense. They are not to be fucked with, because since our laws are so vague, they can use any one of them to fuck you right over, and they do so all the time. Also, RCMP LEOs only ride horses in a ceremonial role, much like Honor Guards in the States. mostly around the city of Ottawa. Everywhere else, they drive Interceptors, just like every other LEO organization, as well as providing most of the high-level SWAT/ERT coverage, as well. In Ontario, if something really goes bad, they call in the OPP, if the OPP can't deal with it, they call in the RCMP. If the RCMP can't handle it, they call in the Army, flat out, and those guys can't say they "don't do windows."
Ram sevak singh
Waiting for the god of war review. By angry joe. Don't ruin it by rapid review.
Gilbert Lavery
I went to see this last night, was great. I'm from Halifax Nova Scotia and thought it was absolutely great, think it might be better than the first actually. The audience reaction to Flova Scotia was great, probably the biggest of the film. I was listening to a CBC radio review earlier today and they thought the Halifax Explosion joke was in poor taste, personally I got a chuckle out of it and thought it was a trivial part of the movie to be hung up on (what with naked cartwheels and Stephen Hawking's jokes). It was a great time and I've been stuck in a French accent ever since. 5/5 LITRE OF COLAS
Leigh Rayment
The two Joe's are so full of genuine enjoyment and life , humorous appreciation of good and bad movies. . Value or not, I truly cannot watch another another Angry Joe movie review if that same expression, soul sucking and lifeless "never happy" , never laughing, pseudo intellectual meaty arm's is gonna be present. Does he enjoy anything?? Popcorn perhaps! ? Take him to the movies by all means, but not everyone is meant to be on the screen . He makes me want to slit ,you wrist with a celery stick!
Vodka Slam
Guys stop asking for a Far Cry 5 Angry Review...the game isnt good nor does anyone want yet another far cry. God of War is thee game to have a full fledged detailed review...and after me playing 7 hours so far of God of War, it became my favorite game of all time...better than The Witcher 3 which i thought I would never say
Wandering Deadite
Minor correction on the Mounties Joe, they are basically FBI up here, and they are responsible for securing and monitoring nearly 4000 miles of land mass from Prince Edward Island all the way to farthest islands of British Columbia stretching from Southern Ontario to the frozen tundra of Nunavut. With less than 30 000 people working in the RCMP, they need the authority similar to the FBI. I hope that come off as dickish but they are an organization more akin to the FBI and state troopers rolled into one.
super troopers is one of my fav movies of all time, super troopers 2 had some laughs but was kinda weak. didnt bust my gut as much as i wanted. first one is so quotable, this one maybe not so much. except the danny devito joke was great.
Patrick O'Donnell
It was obvious that there were mostly millennials or even generation Y folks in the theater, whereas I'm a gen x'er, and there are some subtle 80's and 90's reference jokes and I laughed only because I got that they were trying to put stuff in there that younger people wouldn't get, and for sure they didn't. I'm sure nobody knew why I was snickering in that moment because they all were silent at that moment. Most people under 30 have probably never even seen the first Super Troopers.
Larry Monkey
Guys, I'm french, so let me tell you: jokes about french (froggies ;-) are NOT a problem. In france, there is much less of that "I'm offended about everything!!" ridiculous B.S., we can take a joke. BTW, it's interesting that most (but not all) of the stereotypes about french people were already outdated 30 to 50 years ago (LOL). Now let me enjoy my cheese on a baguette with a good glass of wine...
Suicide squad is a 7, super troopers 2 is a god damn 9. This is the best damn movie review channel ever. These guys know their movies.
AngryJoeShow I know i haven't seen it yet but I'm really eager, but just i think they're making fun of French "Canadians" in this movie but France BUT i haven't seen it si maybe they mention France, since I'm Canadian thought I'd come in & give Angry Joe the heads up. Great Review :)
Here's your Far Cry t review: Another Ubisoft open world game with repetitive missions but it's fun with friends (I'm so sick of that defense, literally anything is better and fun with friends). The villain isn't as interesting as the others compared to 3 and even 4. The partner A.I. isn't very good so use the bear to take out outposts. Montana as a setting doesn't have as many interesting locations to explore especially when the glider comes in and for some reason they removed certain mechanics the series had. I personally give it 6/10
Joe Drummer
I really, REALLY like Slammin Salmon. Being that I've worked in restaurants for a while, i found that movie better than Waiting. Partially because i hate Dane Cook, though.
Action Jackson
first one is way better and more quotable, ST2 was ok.. not terrible but like other sequels to comedies made many years later they can never live up to the originals. the Broken Lizard team are nearing 50 years old each so I think they look pretty good for their age. didn't find this as funny and classic
Ryan Kennedy
Canadians don't like the French either. But don't lump people from France with French Canadians. They speak French there, here the French gargle a horrible phlegm bomb of a language. I had high hopes when they had the referendum to separate from Canada but ultimately that was dashed.
Unknown User
2 beers. Respect joe, not everyone needs to drink a case and get crazy to get drunk. I haven't drank in 3 years but people always make fun of me for not drinking. I literally would die if I mixed it with my meds. I saw someone call you a light weight but who cares it's your body. I didn't like the first movie that much but you convinced me to check this out.
I was extremely disappointed with #2
As a Québécois, I'm fine with people making fun of us... But get the stereotypes right guys. We're not French, and we're not anglo-Canadians. Presenting us as a mix of French and Canadian stereotypes is annoying and ignorant. Just had to get it off my chest, because Joe talking about France here was a tad irritating. Oh well, as long as you enjoy it, I guess.
Paul Delgadillo
In my humble opionion, I would love to see a collaboration between the Broken Lizard Production guys and the Trailer Park Boys. This way the humor will not only be low-borwn American cop stuff but also Canadian odd-ball trailer trash combined in such a way that Ricky and Julian from Trailer Park Boys will end up in a US prison boy mistake.
The only thing I would have changed would be the post credit scene with Fred Savage. [spoilers] I would have had Farva climb the tree and fall out and on him instead. I think it would have fit the characters more.
Mahesh Nair
Joe said he won't review FarCry 5, won't be surprised if he doesn't review God of War either. His last proper game review was Sea of Thieves... sighhhh...
The Raging Reject
Don't listen to them. Club Dread is their best movie. My favorite horror comedy of all time. Beerfest and Slammon salmon were pretty funny. Puddle cruisers wasn't to me. But that's it.
marcy Denville
(For Super Trooper Fans Only) Super Troopers 2 is the best sequel movie since The Godfather Part II. It is so funny be prepared for tummy pangs and Kleenex for laughing tears; worth the wait. God bless Broken Lizard.
Slasher In Suits
Super troopers 2 > Super troopers. The sequel is better. Better plot better new characters, better action. Beerfest over this but this is good
Din Bach
Trust us, here in Europe we're all aware of Paris' attitude towards... well, everyone not from France, specifically Paris. Even the McDonalds workers are trolling you, when you're asking them for a simple, low-ressource, low-effort order. A great city, though! Had a blast.
Michael Dziengel
Really hard to follow up such a classic that was the first movie, a serious instant classic. I'll definitely check this one out. Super Troopers rolling papers?! Lot of happy fans today.
We hate the French here in Canada because they want to be separate from the rest of the country, to the point where they want their own money currency and want to be their own separate country here. They have been trying for that crap for years and failed everytime to do it!