Super Troopers 2 Angry Movie Review

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AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex review the indiegogo funded comedy film Super Troopers 2, the long awaited sequel to the indie hit from Broken Lizard! Shirts/Stuff ► />Twitch ► />Twitter ► />Twitter ► />AJSA Community ►

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Damn alex's shirt is tripping me out lol
Big sexy
The movie was hilarious !!😂😂 it’s a must see people !
fat cabbage
Right meow! 😂😂😂
Big RazO
If you want joe to do a review on games, you have to buy him a litter of Cola
stephen crockett
For the people who want a review of Far Cry 5 i'll sum it up. If you,ve played 1,2,3,4, and primal..... then you already know. If Joe doesn't review it I dont blame him lol
Leo Ronin
Club dread was one of there best movies
Truman Lisk
Happy 420 everyone!
Leo Ronin
A couple of beers ok joe its 4/20 blaze up bro
French-canadians are not the same as french people from France. Just like Americans are not the same as British people.
J. Cobb
wait, broken lizard made a sequel?
Anthony Ospina
Meow we're talkin! Happy 420 to you all!!!!
Will Alex finally enjoy a movie? Lets find out!
In B4 whiny "fans". Edit: Good review. Sounds like a fun film! The people here asking for a full fledged God Of War review when it JUST CAME OUT are cute. Might make a video reviewing your childish fanbase. I'm serious... Its funny af. They are so impatient. Its amazing. lol Keep up the great work Joe.
mike hunt
Now we need Beerfest 2 and Pinaapple Express 2
Karl Schippel
I loved this movie! It was different enough to hold its own! Glad you guys liked it
Cisco Blue
That akward moment when your hitting the varsity cheer captain good from behind but then you look up and see the school shooter railroading her throat.
The Demon Lord of the Round Table
Finally Joe and i finally liked the same movie
Super Troopers 2 was amazing. I did a double feature of it at the theater.
They don't seem to be aware that mixing anglo-canadian stereotypes and french (from France) stereotypes, don't make a french-canadian stereotype :p
Carlos Santana
Waiting on God of War!!
Wade Wilson
I really need a Far Cry 5 Review Plz Joe I dont care if its late
alex should do some of the rapid fire reviews :D i like his voice and he does have an interesting way of looking at things ^^
Ceedubs Entertainment
He gave Super Troopers 2 a 9 and gave A Quiet Place a 7. Angry Joe’s movie reviews have officially lost all credibility with me.
Adam Warlock
these snozberries taste like snozberries 😂
I'm Canadian, and I love Canadian jokes lmfao I love all nationality jokes!!! It's made funnier when you meet stereotypical people in real life lmfao esp Canadians!!!
I came early
Does Joe still do game reviews?
lol Rob Lowe. How many Lowes could Rob Lowe rob, if Rob Lowe could rob Lowes
fat cabbage
Live super troopers
Cameron Darwell
Is super troopers gonna get a UK realise
Ted Uppy
the mounties are the equivalent of the FBI
"Un, deux, trois, let's do iiiiiiit."
Love the reviews keep them coming joe!
Ricky P
Just started getting back into this channel.. who is this dude on the left? Seems permanently salty.
CJM cola cole
I think it's safe to say Joe has a terrible taste in films at this point
Club Dread, ST1, Slammin' Salmon, Beerfest and now ST2, almost all of them(I haven't seen Puddle Cruiser), have been great films. CD was about a 7. ST1 was easily a 9, Slammin' Salmon was a 6.5, Beerfest was an 8, and ST2 is a 8.75.
Benjamin L Barr
When are we going to get Far Cry 5 Angry Review?
fat cabbage
Bringing up France when talking about Canadian french will probably offend them more than any amount of mocking their accent lol.
Nathan G
Kelvin Martinez
Jonny White
you know when you're subbed to a channel and after like a year of seeing stuff in your feed, you finally realize you never watch any of it anymore and unsub. well that day has come for AJ channel. good luck with the future joe, been subbed near the beginning and hope you keep doing well o7
Teddy Brosevelt
2 beers or 2 bowls?
Hypr, the Official Therapist
The first one was great, but this one is garbage imo
Michael Krynski
Connor Kenway
Still waiting on that Far Cry 5 angry review!
Manolo Corsetti
WAITING WAS HILARIOUS! If you don't think "Waiting" was funny you've never worked in a restaurant
The Pepeknd
God of war review!!!
Waiting for that god of war review
Mark Boon
Loved the first movie. Didn't know that there's a sequel.
Zen Lopez
do a god of war angry review
Hell ya
Royalty Luxury
God of war review next is mandatory
Plz review god of war it’s amazing
Lick Lick
Carter Kinoy
Alex should get that hole in his chest looked at.
So is Del your "Farva" Joe ?? LMAO .. just kidding del love you long time ;) .... Whats great is the Extras in the film, like anyone NOT a star sitting down, or walking around, are the people who helped fund the film :D ...The first Movie is a 9/10 for me too, cause you can turn it on and it still holds up very well .... Everyones too sensitive these days and everyone needs to just have a laugh and not take jokes serious, thats what made George Carlin soo funny, he said outlandish stuff but everyone knew it was for a good time to forget your day job and crack a beer open and relax .... The plot is hilarious JOE :P ... its ironic they took the "Border" controversy up north and not to mexico ... and its cause After 9/11 we re-assessed our border lines, so they exadurated it by saying a Canadian town is now on American soil ... Think they'd have had a edgier and "Butt-Clenching" sensitive people tho so .. Canada was a better choice .... I'll concede that Slamin Salmon and Puddle Cruisers weren't "GREAT" but they weren't bad, Beerfest was awesome as tits as was the first supertroopers and even Club Dread was awesome ... I haven't seen the film yet but I don't doubt this film will do great ...
willie boudreau
happy 420 i see joe is celebrating it him self lol
Going to see this today, happy 4/20 Joe and everyone!
Tim Brodd
lalo 1245567899413
Still waiting on the ni no kuni 2 review.
Satyasya Satyasya
Alex in those shades!!!!!!!!!! Oh my heart! :3
Pubg pubg pubg
Let me guess: It recycles too many jokes from the first one?
The Inconceivable Glue Man
*Super pooper scoopers are just lergend!*
Where is the god of war review
Angelo Stevens
Lazy Joe should just kill himself
Justice Sparta
Who else got a super troopers 2 ad?
john monty
For those short on time He gives it a 9/10 Have a good weekend folks
Roman Sionis
hey angry Joe, your board game sucks
Venice Beach Sports Network
The only repeat line I want is "open bar duuuude"
Richard Sylvester
I'm not sure what Joe means when he says he doesn't have much time ... He has time to go see 2-3 movies a week. I have an average job which doesn't take up much time and i barely have time to see 1 a week.
Julia Cortez
This movie looks and seems funny.
Was there a first Super Troopers ???
Benji Specialist
Stop cutting off your boys! I wanted to hear them finish their thoughts too.
Aaron Jensen
I want to watch this review, but I don't want to know anything more about the movie before I see it. Oh first world problems, why have you forsaken me?
right meow
Noob Union
I just assume all these hate what ever is reviewed! Is it weird that I’m let down that y’all liked it
Ram sevak singh
Waiting for the god of war review. By angry joe. Don't ruin it by rapid review.
Verruckter Schakal
More like Stupid Troopers 2
A below average Broken Lizard movie is still funnier then most modern comedies.
Freddie Wire
4/20 today back at work at McDonald's tomorrow. Smoke up bros.
Never herd of these films
Gel Phaze
Hay Joe check out the Venon Trailer #2 Official 2018.
truthseeker89 for life
Are you reviewing gow
mike hunt
I really with he made a different channel for Movie content. And take Angry out of the name. That channel would explode in it's own right.
I'm Canadian, and I'm not offended by jokes about Canada. In fact, the Canadian content actually makes me want to see it. Also, your analogy of Mounties was close, but not entirely accurate. The RCMP more closely resembles the FBI than just state troopers, and they specialize in operating in the boonies of Canada where you might have one station per county.
john jackson
was garbage, walked out to watch rampage, for the second time..
horny horny hippos
That's good news. I know what I'll be doing tomorrow.
Paul Delgadillo
In my humble opionion, I would love to see a collaboration between the Broken Lizard Production guys and the Trailer Park Boys. This way the humor will not only be low-borwn American cop stuff but also Canadian odd-ball trailer trash combined in such a way that Ricky and Julian from Trailer Park Boys will end up in a US prison boy mistake.
I swear to god, I'll pistol=whip the next one of you who says "shenanigans."
Joe Stacks
they talked about doing potfest. i hope they do. been waiting along time for potfest
Shawn b
Edwin Seda
Plz review God of War 4
New Age Cinematic’s
yeah sure, what did you just say, think it sounded like he said yeah sure, no no I said yes sir lololol, one of the best scenes in the first one.
yakuza 6 review
Elliot Johnson
Looking forward to it!
Can't wait for the god of war review.
I want those papes.