Do Men and Women Eat Doritos Differently?

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Doritos has come out saying that speculation they are crafting chips specifically for women is false. "We already have Doritos for women,” the company said in a statement. “They're called Doritos." The phrase “Lady Doritos” was trending after PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi said that women, unlike men, do not like to lick their fingers to get the dust off after snacking on the chips. She also said that women don’t chew the chips as loudly as men, and suggested a new Doritos just for ladies.

The YouTube Commenter
This is what the world has come to
PigPig Gamer
I just pick a chip out of the bag and then afterwards lick my fingers.
Adalynn Mellon
I am a girl but according to that lady I eat them like a man
*1940: i bet we’re going to have flying cars in the future!!! 2018: DO MEN AND WOMEN EAT DORITOS DIFFERENTLY???*
Moderator Sylveon
Anyone else want doritos...
Photographic Disaster
Please Can I Just EAT MY D O R I T O S That Lady can speak for herself lmao I do what I want
MeGa Filletheking08
This is the 69th wave of femenism
Raze Gtz
Good thing there were no dorito experts
Elle Almazo.
This is news? Ok then
Maddy’s World
Ok then I eat chips like boys
Caleb Coin
When you’ve run out of ideas.
Jesse Gutierrez
You can't be serious All these views on this, this video about how someone eats chips Nice, these guys know what there doing
redr 006
From watching that video I just want to buy a bag of Doritos
kamari carter the gacha gal
Really out of all the topics you guys picked Doritos
Sahib Grewal
this is the news i need
Thank you, Next
Then what was the point of the video?
And That’s It Studios
They crunch loudly in public and they lick their fingers and they pour the flavor in there mouth-Ethan the smart
Ryan Hwang
*turns off phone Well Inside Edition just lost all of their ideas
kool Kiwi
Quality news
Shaun hornik Shaun
I think they ran out of stories.
TJtheDJ 258
Lol this so so Fake I do all the things she says that Ladies don’t do! ❤️😂
I never knew a bag of you guessed it Doritos could look so “manly”
Brisa Diaz
Now I feel like eating Doritos
Springtrap241 Fnaf
I do everything the lady said women don't do lol
And they don't like to pour the little broken pieces, and flavor in their MOUTTTTTTTT
Gamer girl Letz play
When the news need more news and decided to make nonsense just like the Hershey with no tip
Why is this even a video? Smh. Damn. Over 300 likes! Now over 600 likes!
Rene lazopineda
I wuz literary eating doritos while watching this video
John's melanin queen
You know how i eat my doritos? Like a GOT DAMN HUMAN
angelina yalda
Next video Do gorillas eat bananas like real people?
Ailsa Philp
Already was eating woman doritos
jj's world
How come everything she said that a man did i did
Natasha Foster
Nah I eat like a MAN!!!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😝
Emily & Stuff
So, how is this news?
Gay Turkey
It's official. I'm apparently a guy.
•Vivian Eats children•
I’m a girl this is how I eat them the bag 2.get a dorito 3.licks the dorito 4.eats the dorito When I’m done I 1.lick lips 2.lick fingers Start over again No I’m am not afraid to say it 😁 Edit:I don’t care when I’m in public I eat them how I want😂😆 Edit2:why does it even matter😂😂😂
Luke Morris
This is a real news story omg.
"Is a crunch a crunch"
Skitty Bop
Just wear gloves or shut up geez
GamerSnake Roblox
I like the spicy sweet chili (whatever it's called) more than the original Doritos.
Skyla Starr
“Don’t like to crunch loudly in public or lick fingers” Me: *chomps on Doritos while licking fingers and pouring crumbs into mouth*
Mark Woodrich
Lady doritos WTF i Ie Iea Ieat Ieatm Ieatmy Ieatmyd Ieatmydo Ieatmydor Ieatmydori Ieatmydorit Ieatmydorito Ieatmydoritos Howeveri However Howeve Iwant
Nooby Noob
I eat like the men...
Yang's Arm
This is what motivates the world to keep moving forward.
And That’s It Studios
Get rekt
Kami The Hufflepuff
I don't think doritos being smaller is a bad idea, but I do think that labelling them as something made for women is a bit sexist. Also, I'm a girl and I lick my fingers, eat the last crumbs, and more all while eating doritos.
the emarald dude
Well I honestly think that's very sexist also any girl or boy can eat the same way I just think that lady doesn't understand the meaning of sexist it'd just horrible that she thought that because my umpours the crumbs in her mouth and I'm sure other people do so I don't think she's a good role model unless your dream is like her dream but I sure it's not
Josie Smith
A guess I am a man now
Tri ket
Thanks recommendations, I can now see the differences of the ways people eat food.
Aryan Tuteja
Next up - Do women and men breathe the same
Leila Rudenko
OMG DOES THIS REALLY DESERVE ATTENTION F... yeahyeah hmm am i even male or female? whatever i'll just stop eating them WOW AND NOW TURNS OUT THEY EAT THEM THE SAME WAY i can eat them YAY!
Hugo The real
Literally who cares
Guadalupe Lopez
She is wrong adout Doritos
Lauren Isn't Dead
I crunch loud in public, I lick my fingers, I like pouring the broken pieces and flavor in my mouth
Daniel Ruiz
Does it really matter they're just chips eat them
Ana Cobian
That lady who says that women don't eat Doritos like that is just her opinion it's not a fact or anyting
Edits_ Oreoz
I am a girl 1.Opens bag 2:Eats Doritos 3.after I finish a bag I tilt it over And eat it 4.wash my hands I'm weird
The Bus Driver
Why do some people have to be so extra? Just eat the chips and don’t whine about it
What is this society we live in...
How do non binary people eat Doritos then?
Skylar Potts
gloria manzano
*omg* *So, this is what our life has come to?*
Sub Bot
You put the bluming crisp in ya mouth and chew it and swallow. End of
Master Slurpee
Next: do men and women breath air differently?
RiCEcooker Escada
we can be here trying to cure cancer but we’re trying to make a new Doritos bag for women
Ma BFF Is PiNaPpLe Jfbrghfjd
Umm she's wrong I like my fingers generosity and that's just putting a title on women and men
Mollie Jones
This is so sexist
Edison Baenziger
Get destroyed Indra
Enrique VA
Did you just assume the way I eat Doritos?
Okami Rosa
When you run out of ideas
Jonh Black
If you lick you Doritos stop ✋
Starlight Animations
When your running out of content
Rian Nicole Cabantug
I eat them like a pig😂
Emmie the Pizza
I like to savour every bite I have of them!
Symptons Bees
Ok why does this matter?
Am I a boy then...? 🤔😶
Turning into Buzzfeed
YouAintKnowingThat Simonsen
I dont eat it so dont blame me!
Mizuki Hikawa
I love the comeback the dorito company replied to that one comment that lady made cuz it's true XD
Kimberly Gonzalez
Really Doritos
Andrew Valdez
Yousef Khalifa
Emily Martinez
I’m a pig when I eat
The godly gamer Rip x
I stuff em all in my mouth
*wh0 cAreS*
Mary woodruff
Can we get real news???
My Pet World
I guess I’m a guy then
XXX Hannah Murray
Why dose this matter?!
K-diggity-dog , Kendall
Don’t gender a chip
I just dump the dust in my mouth
COMPLETELY DISAGREE, i disagree with the women at 0:19 literally i will devour them in less then a second and finish by burping or something and then pouring all the crumbs in my mouth as long as ripping the packaging open and licking the inside... Hows that for delicate?
Frazia Siddiqui
Girl Doritos?!? Lmao 😂 😂
Wolfe_ Savage
Mer Rose
When inside edition runs out of ideas
Guillermo Peralta
Doritos! :D
Izabella Hillhouse
Sexist 😡
MyNamesPatrick -