Barcelona vs Getafe (4-0) All Goals & Highlights 08.01.2014 Messi is back!

Barcelona vs Getafe 4-0 Resumen todos los goles, Copa del Rey, jornada 4 Messi is back after injury with two goals Barcelona vs Getafe FC 4-0 Resumen y goles 08-01-2014 Data: Dimecres, 08/01/2014 22:00 Estadi: Camp Nou Ciutat:Barcelona Capacitat: 99.786 Competició: Copa del Rei Goals/Goles/buts/Tore/gol 1 : 0 Cesc Fàbregas 8. / de cabeza (Pedro) 2 : 0 Cesc Fàbregas 63. / de penalti 3 : 0 Lionel Messi 89. / con la izquierda (Martín Montoya) 4 : 0 Lionel Messi 90. / con la izquierda Messi amazing play Messi genius run Messi is back - first match after injury Alexis rolls his shorts up to signal training set-piece Pinto amazing save | Barcelona vs Getafe, 08/01/2014 Iniesta, Cesc Fabregas and Montoya tiki taka Pedro Beautiful BackHeel Pass-Barcelona vs Getafe Barcelona vs Getafe 4-0 All Goals & Full Match Highlights 07.01.2014

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M. A.
Messi deserves the world cup just because of the joy he gives to us football fans.. if ronaldo scores a goal like this one it goes on and one like one of his best goals in his career when you can see messi doing this like taking candy from a kid ronaldo is a great athlete many players have talked about him as the player that trains the hardest on the team he is a great player but there is no way to compare them both if he takes the ballon d oro its because messi has been on and off because of injury's.. messi has more technique a lot better natural body movement and dribbling, smarter movement with the ball as for making spaces and creating holes through the defense line, better vision, finishing waaaay better messi is just insanly good at it he just touches the ball in when ronaldo uses full power also for his size he is really good at heading the only reason why ronaldo takes it its because he is taller and he is also much more consistent in free kicks, speed around the same but in short distances much faster and runs with the ball much closer to his feet i mean people have some respect for football and learn about it before leaning towards a player at the end it only affects you the most for you look ignorant and you miss out on probably the best players in history.
Tomas Rauckis
We desperately need to win this weekend vs Atletico Madrid, our players need more confidence if we win vs Atletico and all our players keep the form they are in now, then on 18th February vs Manchester City we gonna stand a big chance to win the tie. Because if we are realistic, we all know how much we gonna struggle with Man City, they are super strong team with very physical defenders and midfielders and we don't do very well against team like this, good example is Chelsea and Bayern. Let's hope we keep the form and the football pasion & soul will win over money.
danger mike
Hahahaha you've got to like these Ronaldo fans, claiming that Ronaldo is better than Messi, yet they still waste their time watching Messi's videos, that's so cute!!!! lol Messi will always be their nightmare, FACT!!!!
Messi is back! With two goals against Getafe
Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssiiiiii!!! We missed you so much, little genius!
Rayden Jr. Relbone
I am so sick and tired of reading about clowns like CR7 on places where his name and his achievements do not relate to Messi. Messi has reached a level that is not even reached by any other player. We are all lucky to watch Messi live play.
I get this wierd feeling everytime i watch Messi that something great is going to happen. The greatest player of all time. FCB!
Sooo....looks like messi back to normal
Leonardo Specioso
Osman Rodríguez
Ahora deberían abrir los votos para Balón de Oro otra vez, ¿no?... A ver quién se lo lleva...
The King is back in style!
I just realized that football is not worth watching when Messi is not around.
messi took the red pill from Morpheus. 
Martin Pacheco
cr7 no existe, jajjaj viva messi el mejor jugador del mundo!
nayef al dossary
The moment when he scored, and you hear the crowd screaming. That is glorious. Welcome back Messi. If they delay the ballon'dor like they did with CR7 then I can see a fifth for Messi. Let's say CR7 has always played greatly but Messi simply outshines him in every single way, that is the main reason he will be winning 2013 Ballon'dor it's because of Messi's injuries. Gratz for your second CR7. But yeah 2014 is Messi's if he isn't injured.
quien es cristiano ronaldo... yo nadamas conosco a messi
David c
Se terminó la mentira de Tristiano Ronaldo
Puas De Metal
The Lord of the Ballon d'Or: The return of the King... Lio.
We're gonna look back at these clips, 10 or 20 years from now, and realize this Barca generation was the best team to ever play the game. The one touch passing with unbelievable accuracy, the runs they make, everything about their play is something out of a dream, and they do it on a daily basis. Just unreal, so happy to be able to witness this magisterial football.
Kai Gaming
MESSI IS BACK!!! Song is Cruel by Robert M btw
Muaath Abdalla
King of Football is back.. long live the King!!!!!
supri yanta
LIONEL MESSI is King of Football. The King is back!
Nineteen Sixteen
Over 50 yrs watching and playing football it's a privilege to be able to see the greatest footballer ever by a long way in Messi. Putting C Ronaldo into the same sentence in an insult. From a Celtic fan
jadini nzomo
when he play on the pitch all eyes on himm
The crowd when Messi comes onto the pitch :D and he owned everyone there...
Nurbolat Alipkairov
Ура он вернулся! Он вернулся бог футбола!
joel diaz
He's back, expect records to be broken this season.
Karim Hossain
Messi ballon d or
Lionel Messi
Anthony Morales
THE CHOSEN ONE IS BACK!!!!!!!!  Really the chosen one is back!
Sergio Pereira
If it was cristiano playing like that and make those goals in the highest moment of his form, they would call him the best in the world, in this case is just little messi, comming from an injury, 2 months without compete, and he seems from another galaxy,, nothing special, he sucks, only two goals? GO CRISTIANO, by the way i love you hair, and you car, and your house, great you deserve being the best of the world ever, unfortunaly you can't be best of Zidane, the true Ronaldo, Maradona, Pele, Garrincha, Ferenc Puskas, Franz Beckenbauer, Johann Cruyff, and others unfortunaly with your age its already impossible...
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The Kings is back, D10s esta de vuelta!.
i can feel that he is hungry for goals
Juli Balbi
The best player of the world... Is Back !
Karim Hossain
The king is back.
daren darensky
The vacation is over for Ronaldo etc
Welcome back Messi!
El Rama Millonario
Messi es el mejor de todos los tiempo.
Rocky Toussaint
He deserves his ballon d'or.
Renato postigo quispe
Este año se lo lleva ronaldo merecidp porque después de messi esta el....pero 2014 es el año de messi otra vez
skander ab
Joli montage. Merci.
Toukir Mithun
I like CR7 he is a great player, one of the best players in the world, no doubt,  but LM10 is lot of better then CR7.if LM10 is not in football i think then CR7 always can win ballon d'Or. but ballon d'Or score LM10 vs CR7 4-2.
Oussama amrani
back in time to watch ronaldo win the ballon d'or :)
rick evans
Second goal of messi amazing..four players around him and he manage to put the goal and look at this tika taka at 1.40 very good
Dave G
1:16 iniesta fail lol
Xandy Pessoa
the king is back
Enjoy Ballon D'or Ronaldo, because Messi is back from injury and will get the next one ;).
Como que se me hace que Ronaldo se esfuerza demasiado para conseguir algo, en cambio Messi lo hace todo tan simple que es admirable.
chaimaa chakir
messi ma vie you are just fabulous and amazing i just love you
I like Messi he's a great player, one of the best players in the world without a doubt, but CR7 is alot better than Messi. Messi is better at dribbling. Everything else CR7. A lot of players can score goals like this, not many players can score the goal CR7 scored today. CR7 is simply the best right now. The truth is the truth
Just simply... The Best player in the world.
The king has returned.
Sanchez misses much opportunity
i love you MESSI eternamente MESSI <3<3<3<3
loks like the other team is affraid of Messi, WTFF
COC tryhard
Welcom back Messi.......:-)
Darwin Quishpe
calidad de jugador
Heba Qadri
The KING is BACK!!!..
Arnosiuz Pavardenis
Yuval Palombo
the king is back!!
Marcio Reis
Who is king never loses crown!
Игорь Миксон
Robert M – Curel song
Deblin Almendarez Garcia
The king of soccer
الوردي يونس
Messi is back
Auto Wizard
Name of song please???
Sami Ali
he's back
Fabian Patrzalek
ojala no te lesiones antes del mundial... presiento que este mundial te fijaste como meta ganarlo... y se que lo que te proponés lo lográs.... tu magia? INTACTA!!! bastaron 25 min para demostrarlo....
Pedro Cobo
Ronaldo 69 goals this year being healthy Messi 92 goals in one year being healthy and don't make me forget how many balon d ors he has and golden boots and how many champions league trophies and how many uefa best player in Europe trophies he has so all the ronaldo fans shhhhhh....
Andresha Pradana
You Ronaldo Fans, why watching this video then? Seems like you really care about him. You hate him Cause He's the current best in this Generation.
Fran González
Todo bien con Messi , yo soy Argentino tambien, pero el Barca ni el Real tienen competencia en España, como me gustaría verlos jugar en un Campeonato como el Argentino o el Brasilerao.
THAT moment who changed the match , everything !!!!   03:37
This is just in, CR7 is sad again because the king is back!!!  Visca el Barca.
Shit why Messi is too good..he even not 180cm man, he just a short man..why European cant stop him?
This is just too insane that it's funny and i need to laugh.. unbelievable. MESSI the best
Carlos Merino
If they weren't midgets they would have scored more goals. Anyways Barca's game is just beautiful
german volks
pierre feguiere
Oh yeah messi is back!!!!!! My hero ..... go get them messi Argentina champion
I don't know how to describe Messi, he is amazing. Finally he is back! I'm so happy.
That player came back after injury like it's nuthing. He's just so MESSIMPRESSIVE !
Dicky Tan
Meeesiiiiiii...!!! pure awesomenes, Welcome Back..!!
Well it is messi the best player in the world so they should be
cory b
el mas grande de todos los tiempos aguante argentina la concha de su madre!! 
Zadde Alsada
Guess who is back, back again...
No i prawidłowo Leo! Messi to mistrz jakiego nigdy nie było i nie będzie w piłce nożnej.
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First song?, very good track.
lol at 1:16 Iniesta trips himself!
Franco Reina
Buena pulga, ojala este año nos traigas muchas alegrias, aguante Argentina carajo!!!
Sonia Camilizer
Messi is the best player
Emrullah şanlı
kinggggggggggggggggggggggggg messsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Now you're not that confortable Ronaldo...
ok, estoy empzando a creer que el es  realmente un gran jugador,...
Kenan Shiherlis
Balon d'or for messi
I am the Manager!
He is eager to get his ass back on the throne
Daniel Alonso
Que lindo es verte volver a  las canchas, y de esa manera.
that defence was shit seriously the second goal watch it he walked straight and he didnt even faint side to side wtf was the defence doing oh well the 2nd best player in the world is back messi coz ronaldo is first sorry to say messi fans
abdiqadir baqayo
The king is back messi messi messi
Alejandro Muñoz
Music: Robert M - Curel