Sad Cat Diary

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The diary of sad cats everywhere :( Tweet This :: (you can add text !) Post To FB :: />Music : />Inspired by : />(i am also the EVP of video for Buzzfeed) Credits :: Film Footage courtesy of Shutterstock, Inc., Used by Permission Watering the Cat (bowl)/Kiwithing Closeup portrait photo of a CPA cat looking out through a window/Xiaojiao Wang Poor lonely kitten lays on the floor waiting for his friends to come back/Xiaojiao Wang Closeup portrait photo of a CPA cat looking out through a window/Xiaojiao Wang Silver Persian kitten hiding in a paperbag./Jane Howard scotitish fold grey cat/5464316719

Manga Entertainment
I almost feel bad. Almost.
Dogs have owners. Cats have staff.
B H Mch
Dear diary, It is 5 am on the day my human calls saturday but I feel since Ive have had plenty of sleep, so has he. I will use all of my efforts, vocal and physical to wake this slothful beast and get him up. Im aware I dont need anything, I just want him up. After he rises, I will take that as an 'all is well' and I will immediately go to sleep.
Dear diary, The red dot has appeared again. It moves faster than I can imagine and seems to move unheeded across all surfaces. Despite the last 54 attempts, I will once again ruthlessly chase after it. It does not seem to be able to be caught, and disappears at will. Wish me luck.
Liza Tanzawa
"...I will stand outside their door and sing the song of my people....". till Zefrank comes back!!
fifi msp
"Like Sisyphus, I am bound to hell!" LOL.
Grinning Videos
Dear Diary, Zefrank still hasn't returned to Youtube... It has been a lonely, depressing endeavor without him and yet his old videos has kept me going through these dark times. I will still hold out hope that he may return one day but that hope is slowly dwindling.
Stoned Pony
This person truly knows the mind of a cat.
In the middle of the night my cat sat outside of my bedroom door and meowed loudly over and over again until I got up and pet her. Then she was quiet.
Connor Tyler
The one at 2:40 is just so cute and sad, it's sad-orable.
One of my favorite parts is that sad cat refers to "the authorities" whereas sad dog refers to "dearest human".
Aaron Hersey
No matter how many times I watch this it is still funny.
Dear Diary. The authorities should feel better if I give them a message under their chin while they sleep. But instead of showing gratitude I was pushed off the bed and onto the floor. How inconsiderate. I will puke in his shoe.
Maddy Smith
My bowl is now half way full, soon I will starve to death.
"Half of love is just 'lo', which is how I feel right now." How did I only just now get this?
Ville Tågefelt
Please come back zefrank. You easily had one of the best channels on Youtube, you are terribly missed by me and thousands of other subscribers.
Cure Hime Productions
Dear Diary, today the authorities punished me by sending their smaller ones to hold me against my will and slowly crush me to death. It has been 2 days (in really 2o seconds) so far, and my brain still lacks of air. The smaller ones keep holding me tighter, and I fear I will soon die due to suffocation. Goodbye, my fiends.
Pechy99 AJ
Dear diary, I have ate the middle of my food, but put the rest to the sides. The authorities have not fixed the problem. I believe they will starve me.
half of love is just low, which is how i feel. My spirit is breaking.
Althea McMinn
Dear Diary, Still no zefrank1 videos for nearly a year, or over. I've lost count. I will wait, but my patience is growing thin. I am breaking.
Redstone Casey
Sad fish diaries?
Holy crap, this is both adorable and hilarious.
Mysteria 5
Some of this makes me feel like I'm watching one of those ASPCA commercials.
cat world problems
C'mon people, Ive been waiting years for more of these! Why haven't they made any more? Both this one and the Sad Dog Diary are right up there with the funniest animal videos of all time. They are brilliant! Please please please make more of them!
Ryan B
Dear diary: I eat my food so fast that I forget I ate. I must immediately try to eat my brothers food so I don't starve to death.
Jack the Gestapo
kitten's log, stardate 43358.9
M Da Martian
"Poop in solidarity" is hilarious
Doctor Medkit
God dammit Frank, MAKE NEW VIDEOS! I've watched everything you have on here several times. You know there's 300 hours of video uploaded to this site every minute? Yet I keep watching your 3 year old videos
JayD774 - Daily Streams
This is sad for me cant stop crying my life is cats 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Canadian Butter
Dear Diary, Zefrank hasn't uploaded since, It is possible suicide Is involved. With Zefrank gone, all the poor commenters and me are left to die in the cold, unforgiving, and unpredictable comment Section. This maybe my last entry, goodbye.
Frank Myers
I just found these videos. this is by far some of the best stuff I have ever heard. great job dude. you absolutely just made my evening. thank you.
Alex Burnett
Dear Diary, I have been standing outside the authorities bedroom door for nearly 3 hours now, pawing ever so greatly and meowing quite loudly. The only result thus far is several loud screams, though I can not understand this primitive language, I can only assume it is cheering me on. I will continue to paw at the door.
Rob the Blob
Dear diary the authorities started to annoy me by patting my belly so I started the wag my tail to show them that I'm annoyed but they started to rub it even fast, I had two choices, move away from them or bite and scratch them, I chose the latter, it frustrates me just thinking about it. I must scratch the couch for comfort
Rod Gill
"Dear diary, The squirrel is back again today. (Sigh) it mocks me. I will try to release my mind from this torment and groom myself... for four hours." So done lol.
This is hilarious. Every cat owner should love this. Come back, zefrank! We miss you!
if I ever get a cat I will make sure I use bother hands!
Dany Mc Kinley
Dear Diary, It has come to my attention that my human dies every day when the giant light bulb in the sky stop working. My ancestors told me of an ancient ritual to bring them back from the dead and so, I must paw him in the face every time the light bulb starts working again. My human do not seem aware of the phenomenon, as he throw me off the bed in anger everytime. There is no logic to such behaviour, but I must continue, or else I would starve to death.
Ann M
This makes me wonder what my own feline overlords are thinking....
“This might be my last entry” 💀
Garrett Henry
Dear Diary, I have tried to communicate with The Authorities, but every time I said something, they responded in a high pitched voice, as if mocking my native tongue. As a result, I am elaborating on a plan to scratch out their eyelids, so they will never feel the comfort of sleep. Nothing has worked so far, but I will not give up. Wish me luck.
Dear diary The authorities bought me a toy mouse with a laser in it. The idea is that I chase the red dot for a while then they throw the mouse towards me so I don't get frustrated by chasing prey I cannot catch. I caught the mouse and shook it to stun it. Somehow, I managed to bite down on the activation button so the laser shone. The authorities laughed. The authorities laughed until the laser blinded the pilots of a passenger jet coming in to land at the nearby airport. It crashed, killing all on board. Now the authorities have taken my laser mouse and will not let me play with it any more. And they are packing up to move to another town.
Danny D.Vito
Dear diary The authorities have summoned some sort of tornado machine. I do not like it. It scares me. It makes such a terrible noise as it proceeds to destroy the multiple furry presents I left around the house for the authorities.oh how it mocks me.
The cat that thinks he's going to die of starvation soon because his bowl is half full - that's our cat exactly! They're all hilarious, and are read with just the right nuance! I laughed so hard I cried too!
Rex R. Rodney
Please, please come back. Why have you forsaken us? Today the tack fell to the floor! Help!
Livvy Animates
Dear diary, The authorities have yet given me a place to poop and pee. I being my humble self, however, refuse to take this expensive box and continue to poop around whatever the authority thinks is valuable. They yell 4 times. They must be cheering me on.
Jade Jaded
I watch this whenever I need a laugh!!😂😂😂😂
Dear diary, I was on dear kitten
Pat Depaula
thanks, these old videos keep showing up they always come at the most perfect time after a hideously bad day this has been one of the certainly is uplifting I never get tired of seeing them
Alexei Alyoshin
this needs to be remade into a horror game
I will just sing the song of my people x'DD I crieded :D Godlike...hehehe....
"Like Sisyphus, I am bound to hell."
J cole
Useless cats
Frank Hughes
I want sad hamster diaries. ;D
i was just listening to the vid then i heard the buzzfeed outro and i was like "Ah shit! This is why he stoped making vids"
ArtSMR Dianne
"Dear diary, it is 3 in the morning. The authorities have closed the door to the bedroom.. and I can only assume that they have forgotten about me and have left me here to die. As a last resort, I will stand post for the rest of the night and.. sing the song of my people... in hopes that they rescue me." I AM CRYING xD
As a owner of five cats, this is accurate.
The cat at 2:28 looks like a sand cat. Is it?
Inner Machinations
im just so in love with ze frank..
jungkook is jungsh00k
I cried 😢😢😢 please don't judge
Maryla Gallagher
"sing the song of my people"
Seth Eaglehouse
Dear diary day 945 and zefrank hasn't returned, suicide is inevitable.
Liek if you cry everytim
Ryan 317
"I will stand post and sing the song of my people". LOL
Kye Talks
Ok the belly rub thing: while some cats are cool with belly rubs if you were already petting them, most cats don't like having their bellies touched!! When a cat rolls over to show you its belly, it's not asking for belly rubs!! It's saying "Oh human, I love and trust you SO much, look! I'll even show you my most vulnerable part of me! Because I know you won't go for it, because you'd never hurt me! And I know that, I trust you!" And then what do you do? You go right for that vulnerable part of them, their belly. Which makes them go: "I trusted you!!" And attack (or will sometimes not attack right away because they REALLY don't want to hurt you, but eventually they feel like they have no other option) to make you stop. Because they probably know that you can't understand them very well, so they have to use very clear and obvious language that anyone from any species can understand. Like my cats know that I'm really good at reading them, so they never resort to violence. In fact if they accidentally hurt me because they were startled or something, they'll often lick the spot as if to say "I'm sorry, I didn't intend pain, here's tenderness instead" and I mean grooming is an affectionate gesture anyway. Before you blame cats for not communicating like dogs.... please realize how ridiculous that statement is. They are an entirely different animal!! Of course they communicate differently!!
Chim Chim Panda
I came here cause of Michael J. Tatum.
Walla Walla Bing Bang
2:21 that's a sand cat not a pet :P
Stephen Barringer
Dear diary, The authorities continue to wave their small rectangular devices at me in the apparent hope that I will do something of interest. I have repeatedly attempted to display the most interesting part of a cat's body, which is, of course, the anus, but the female authority only makes high pitched squeaks and hides her eyes. I confess ongoing frustration as to what they can want. Murder may be required. I only hope it does not interfere with my nap.
David Motherfucking Bowie
Anyone who has a cat knows this is 100% true.
Wanda Beck
OMG this is great
Evan Eaton
Zefrank1, I would like to please request permission to use a still image from your video for my school coursework. It would be used exclusively for educational purposes. Thanks, Evan Eaton
the ministry has fallen. scrimgeour is dead. they are coming they are coming they are coming
RockItNZ Playz
This is 3 years old i feel really old.. bye :D
Attack on Geass: Brotherhood
There is no logic in this place.
Why did you stop making videos?
His voice is the voice cats actually have inside their head. It has to be.
the jyms
There is no logic in this place
Pat Depaula
its now 2017, & I keep this to remind me there is smart & funny, but need to more as the world isn't amusing anymore
2:25 is a Sand Cat, not a domestic cat.
William Perry
He needs to do an audiobook
Lei bassist
Everyone,I don't need like in this comment, I just want to tell something that is very sad, Today or yesterday my cat name pika died It was very sad.I only have other 4 cat its Cute,Kaka,Itcy and Vanilla I hope they are okay Thank you.....
Just dropping by to say that people constantly use the text from this video translated to german and use it without giving credit and i‘m pretty sure without zefranks permission. Example: the online presence of the magazine „Bild der Frau“... on Facebook Great video though.
do a sad rabbit dairy please
Linda Fox-Lesh
My cat likes the voice on your diary vid. Thx.
Sophie Dodd
my favorite voice on youtube
Whiterun Guard
Congratulations on being Purina's new spokesman :D :D
Ashton Phillips
Morgan freeman approved
Jacob DeCoursey
*there is no logic in this place*
{Nebula }
I shall sing the song of my people
Rob Fowler
At 0:23, it's just now occurred to me that Oscar the Grouch is actually a nasty alley cat. The original Oscar puppet was "tabby" orange.
I will stand guard as the human sleeps. There was a movement under the blanket I pounce My human yowls in pain. The creature has already harmed my human! The creature moves again and I pounce. It's yells again. I think I'll do this for the rest of the night to comfort my human.
I was tearing up
Mellow Marsh
I almost want to call animal cruelty now😅
Three Headed Edgelord
cats are such drama queens lmao
who else came here thanks to J Michael Tatum? No? Just me?
nina cabral
Dear Diary, ZeFrank's back again. But now I'm living terrifying cuz maybe he's disappear. I can't smilling anymore. Maybe I do not survive if he's gone away again. End of transmission.
Interesting_ Emma
My family probably has added 100 views to this video
Chaparra Yay
I demand a sad guineapig diary