Sabaton - Talvisota (Lyrics English & Deutsch)

The Winter War (Finnish: talvisota) took place between 30 November 1939 and 13 March 1940 when the Red Army of the Soviet Union tried to occupy Finland, after they had refused the Russian demands. The Finnish troops resisted for months, though they were outnumbered and had less weapons. When the war ended Finland had lost 11% of its territory and stayed independent. 70,000 Finns died or were wounded, the Soviet losses are valued at many times over that number. CAUTION! I won't tolerate any racist, discriminatory or in any other form inappropriate comments! This song neither glorifies war, nor National Socialism, but should be considered as a historical work. "No, we don't glorify anything, we just tell stories about things that have happened." (Rikard Sundén, Sabaton) Please support Sabaton and purchase their current album Coat of Arms. ---------- Der Winterkrieg (Finnisch: talvisota) fand zwischen dem 30. November 1939 und dem 13. März 1940 statt, als die Rote Armee der Sowjetunion versuchte, Finnland zu besetzen, nachdem die russischen Gebietsforderungen zurückgewiesen worden waren. Die Finnischen Truppen hielten monatelang stand, obwohl sie in der Unterzahl waren und weniger Waffen besaßen. Am Ende des Krieges hatte Finnland 11% seines Territoriums verloren, die Unabhängigkeit blieb gewahrt. 70.000 Finnen waren gefallen oder verwundet worden, die sowjetischen Verluste werden auf ein Vielfaches dieses Wertes geschätzt. ACHTUNG! Ich dulde keine rassistischen, diskriminierenden oder in sonstiger Form unangemessene Kommentare! Dieses Lied verherrlicht weder Krieg, noch den Nationalsozialismus, sondern ist rein historisch zu betrachten! "Nein, wir verherrlichen nichts, wir erzählen nur Geschichten über Dinge, die passiert sind." (Rikard Sundén, Sabaton) Bitte unterstützt Sabaton und kauft euch das aktuelle Album Coat of Arms!

Faticus McNoodles
"There are so many Russians, and our country is so small, where will we find a place to bury them all?" -Anonymous Finnish Badass
Conrad Von Hotzendorf
Gotta love how the Finns used Russian tanks more effectively than the Russians
The_Shock 47
During Winter War, Russian army is moving through snowy field, when they're greated with sudden shout: - One Finnish soldier is better than 10 Soviets! Russian general sends 10 people from where the shout was coming from, there's some fight, and after a moment of silence, the same voice shouts again: - One Finnish soldier is better than 100 Soviets! Pissed general sends 100 men over the hill, another sounds of fight can be heard, then silence, and again a voice calling: - One Finnish soldier is better than 1000 Soviets! Very angry general sends 1000 of his best men, gunshots, screams, and after some time one of those sent barely comes back, badly wounded and yells to the officer: - Comandir, don't send more people, it's a trap! There's two of them! ;)
Russian commander: Tovarisch, what is happening to our men? Private: They're Finnished, sir.
Ray Nash
Finnish troops in WW2 were some of the fiercest fighters to exist. Where other soldiers would rout or break they consistently stood their ground. That kind of guts and pure stubborn backbone is something any nation could be proud of and any other nations citizens should respect. 
Rajko Stankovic
invading russia in winter-bad invading finland in winter-suicide
Gumpy The Milkman
"Snipers move unseen in snowfall" Who could they possibly be talking about I wonder...
Rageous Maximus
the winter war is pretty much the soviets vietnam.
This is real christmas music!
What is Sabaton's new soft drink? Talvi-Soda.
Gibus Gentlemanne
Who would win 500 Soviet soldiers Or One white boi
Russian People
Communism sucks. Hello to Finnish friends from Russia
If my memory serves, this is the war that coined the term "Molotov cocktail". Molotov was a Russian minister who said in propaganda that the Russians bombers were actually dropping food supply to famished Finnish civilians. Russian bombs became known as Molotov's Bread Baskets because of this. And then the Finns decided to return the favor, with what they deemed the appropriate drink to go alongside said bread: a bottle of flaming fuel.
Reijo Karantainen
I asked my grandfather (who was in the winter- and continuation war) how did he felt to kill (russian) people. He said, that only thing he felt, was hungry. RIP. Miss you.
Psychic Sandshrew
Finland: 25.9K deaths Russia: 126.8K–167.9K deaths That's nearly 5.7 times as much.
Commies still mad about this. Glorious.
Alex Ross
And just when you thought the Russian winter was bad, here comes Finland.
The Finnish are some Badass with White Death and Lauri Törni My full respect
I find it funny that Russians "lost" in same conditions as armies that have been sent to invade Russia. Poor weather
joni juhani
finnish soldiers did not have fancy advanced gear. but they did have something nobody else had. They had sisu. Finnish people are ready to die for their homeland. my grandpa died in the winterwar. the last thing he did sey in the hospital was "i am glad that i die like a hero. not as a russian scumbag" R.I.P Erik Österberg and all the other soldiers who gave their life for their homeland. Finland is soon 100 years old.
Jan Parolek
It shuld be remembered that while Finland became an ally of Germany, it was pushed into that position. It stayed fully democratic throughout the whole war and when Germany invaded Russia, Finns only took back the land they lost in Winter war and didn't go any further. In a clash of two inhumane dictatorships, communism and nacism, they kept their dignity.
Jusalm the first
Long live Finland respekt from Sweden
"You chose poorly, Kommunistinen."
shrapnel love
What really helped the Fins victory was their hit and run tactics especially with ski's the Soviet armor did not fair well in that climate and the Finnish used this well to achieve victory.
On the 8th day god created the FINNS because even Americans need HEROES
It always seems that countries fighting Russia usually win when Russia is the offender. All that land you guys have just becomes useless dirt when you grow Balls; When they shrink into yourself as you shrink into your own territory, your power truly shines.
I think most ironic thing about the war was that Finns used Soviets own stuff against them and after the war ended, paid most of the war reparations with Soviets own equipment. 1. By mimicking Soviet radio signals many of the soviet air drops went to good use for Finns. 2. All the taken over tanks, artillery, smaller firearms which Finns improved for their liking. 3. Mannerheim had served in Soviet army before, so he knew their tactics and mentality from the start.
Mike Tango November
Always remember Talvisodan Henki (Spirit of the Winter War) it united a divided country to stand against the Great Soviet Union, who had no cause to attack us. And We didn't give up!! TÄTÄ MAATA EI MYYDÄ!!!!
My mothers grandfather got hit by shrapnel to head in syväri during winter war. medics thougth that he was dead and left him with other fallen brothers. Then he's friend was passing by the corpses and saw that he's friend is one of them and went to inspect and he noticed that he was still alive, but unconsius. he recovered very well from that wound he got epilepsy from it, but he worked hard and lived long with shrapnel still in his head.
Kiitos suomen sankareille, kiitos teille kaikille sotaveteraaneille <3 Taistelitte hyvin! Kiitos!
Finland strong. Finland defeated the mighty USSR
Wookie Lennyfejs
Brave Finns they fought with our common enemy:Russia. Greetings from Poland!
Teemu A
Good independence day Finland my fatherland !!!!! <3
Dalton Gill
The guitar riff in this song is an eargasm!
Andreas Hansen
Hakka päälle!! Wait, wrong war?
patriota fascista
Finland: the most biggest communist cementery in the world
Arch Mace
Ezekiel A
Makes me proud to be Finnish
Tulak Hord
One advantage that us finns had as well is not mentioned often, im talking about artillery. Not about the amount of artillery but how finns used them they could quite effectively concentrate fire from multiple batteries and destroy entire units unlike the russians
Nic Quattromani
I've never been a fan of heavy metal, or metal in general, but this is just awesome.
kolega centrysta
Finns like Polish fight until nothing left
I'm SO PROUD to be a Fin. Every time when I meet someone from abroad and we start talking about our home countries, I always mention the Winter War and how we bravely fought off big bad Russia. Sure, war isn't something to be proud of, but.. PERKELE!
Nolan Tipton
Russia: look at all of this stuff we have, we're unbeatable. Finland: hold my beer
The Stalker
77 years since it began.
André Garcia
Dilly Dilly
Ержан Тулегенов
Great job Finland from Kazakstan. If you lost fight then 70 years of occupation will bring big injury to Finland as we all nations of ussr saw
Pizza Reed12
Finnish: Where are they? Another fin: more like, where *aren’t* they?
Won against an invading army that was bigger than theirss in every way. A battle cry that translates to "Aim for their balls!" and the home of Simo Hayha. Finland is definitely the most badass country.
Melkein voitettiin! Mutta itsenäisyydestä emme luovu koskaan!
kolega centrysta
For me the best nations are those small like Finland or Poland, beacuse people in countries like this know what they are fighting for and they will do anything to win , or defend their country, in nations like this morale is always high and that's what makes us better than big countries like USA or Russia that achieved their power by material advantage and by throwing milions of people on machine guns and by using knowlage and will to fight of countries like Poland or Finland or using people from colonies
Winter War was a massive tragedy for both sides. Average, young people on both sides were put to fight against each other... Though in Finland it is called also "105 days of Glory", i can never forget how my late grand papa and some of his friends looked like in sauna, after some vodka-drinks, and forgotten that there is 9 years young boy (me) there too... Those stories... so silently they spoke... None of them spoke about "glory" or "bravery". Just heart-braking stories like "..i saw his eyes, but i was faster! I saw his face bursting... That image never goes away... We all were just so young boys!..."
Iced Tea
Kyllä. Suomi on perkeleen kova maa. Yes. Finland is fucking hard country. Ja. Finnland ist ein verdammt harter Boden.
Marvin Jordan
This is my all time favourite Winter Song :)
This just goes to show you that finland isnt scared of big names.
Happy birthday Finland!
Townist Party of Morristown
It's kind of funny how the winter halted the Germans in Russia, meanwhile the winter did just that to the Russians in Finland. Amazing.
Reason why finland became well known during WW2, thanks to stalins paranoia
Josiah Fleming
Sabaton should do one on the "White Death."
Cristian Roth
Mussolini looks like the man that repairs my laundry right now :)
Joshua Plotkin
The land lost was retaken during barbarosa but then lost again when the soviets went on the offensive and drove the germans out of Russia. Finland was the only nation to switch from axis to allied without a regime change
Respect to Finland from Russia.
Thodoris K
I don't know why but the winter war really touches me and im not even finnish
Finland= best country
Finland+Germany=brother in arms!
Benis Heimelmann
Sucks in hearts of iron 4, cuz you can't use motti tactics. (or I just haven't figured out how)
hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää
Pedro Kantor
''With Molotov cocktail in hand No fear of their tanks Death or glory'' Daaaaamn, to epic... Just.. I love this part... :3
Monster Hunter166
Skyrim belongs to the nords.
Petteri Silventoinen
My great grandfather fought in Winter War. He wrote his story in book called "Kun kansa taisteli." I respect him and those other Finnish soldiers who gave their lives to protect this glorious and beautiful land.
Arturs Pipins
Greatest respect to finnish nation to defeat bolshevik beasts!Bolshevik beasts ar stull in Latvia goverment.
Cody Collins
*Russia* Our winters are so bad only an army of idiots would invade *Finland* Hold my beer
Adolfas Ramanauskas
The finnish soldier doesn't question the number of the enemy forces, only the location
Kainen Reed
Respect to Finland honestly
75 years since start of the winterwar
Stealth Spider
Happy winter war anniversary boys!
Alex Edwards
russia: this is my new t34 tank! its perfect! finland: *puts finland logo on t34: now it my tank :)
Julian 3
A most valiant People! Salute!
JLHartsock the Conqueror
Black Templar
When you attack Finland... Needless to say you're finished
112 Soviet Spies Dislikes This Video.
Happy 100th indepedence day Finland!
mikko savioja
In winter war soviets put 25% of they military forces to against the Finland
pitrson bls
20 soviets are on a patrol the new guy: Sir i heard the finnish are beating us quite hard Officer: Thats just propaganda comrade spotter: Sir that snow is moving officer: Ah shit here we go again
Respect from Lady Britannia!
Suomi sisu vittu saatana perkele. Ylpeä Suomi. I bet that any of guys don'r know what talvisota means in english
my grandfather fought in winterwar. MAKES ME PROUD TO BE A FIN
im not russian, but if i were, id say good job for the finnish
Mustangs_and_Schlagadler 04
Fireurchin Productions
Who would win? All of Communism or some dude named Lauren
Only one Winter greater than the Russian Winter: THE FINNISH WINTER.
Trevor Phillips
The Winter War was like Stalin trying to attack a Lion with a pen.
Damien MacKeigan
Russia: It's suicidal to invade me in winter! Finland: Hold my beer.
Suomi 100 vuotta \,,/ I'm so going to play this song on repeat during our independence day, and Finland's 100th birthday :)
Jari P P
Respect the finnish heroic army..salute the flag!
Russian winter is bad. Finnish Winter is worse.
Aleksi Pyykkö
thank you finnish respec that comment