Michio Kaku - Life in the Year 2100

Michio Kaku - Life in the Year 2100 Note: Aretha Franklin is still alive and it turns out did not have Pancreatic cancer.

yuming tang
I listen to Michio Kaku every night before bed time. Love this man
Kabiee Hlalo
This man should be President! Of the World! ^^ As always Michio you brighten up my day and help to nurture that fantastic thing known as knowledge. Thank You :)
Hailee Park
This episode wAs already uploaded 3 years ago..
Evan Evans
Wish I could have seen all the displays that hes talking about.But still interesting to listen too
Jack Parker
we need to develop courage the True Grit of Science and opportunity to allow ourselves to advance.. we can develop our opportunity with our intent.. willingness to realize our reality and theirs.. To expedite this process /agenda
RestlessJack 00
Many Thanks for this video and the enhanced audio quality!
Arizona Sunflowers
But, we will be DEAD!!! Dr. Kaku, I don’t want to die now; there’s too many exciting things happening to “pop our clogs” already!!! I want to see all these interesting things!!! Can you nvent a damn pill to keep us going for a bit longer?
Carl Pen
Well Jules Verne didn't predict the Donald and that changes everything... instead of science we'll have bible study... Betsy DeVos will see to that... and with the Donald's policies the future is looking more and more like Armageddon.
Ehh I'm not so keen on all this technology. Technology today is so bugged/glitched, especially software.
Loretta Chardin
Great talk but the video shows nothing...?
Jobs will keep dissapearing, people will fight more over religion and some of us will upgrade!
Study Music Group
this fella is the best lecturer out.
Jack Parker
finally very key.. Internal Dynamics should be noted with the correlative response biologically..
Jack Parker
at some point we don't defecate or urinate so much... we recycle/ process what we have been wasting quite often ..?more so.. with proper chemistry transitioning there should be less need to eat drink defecate or urinate... more efficiency is inspired.. we cannot hide from waste. we cannot hide from Nature's eye in response.. we must be wise beings of the planet Earth . . in this case
Asif Ifas
before he was silenced. his type 3 civilization speech outlines nwo and calls the eu the start of it all.
Devinius Maximus
why can't we see the presentation? He keeps saying "LOOK!" ... at what?
namie schowgurow
not 4 me, i ll be living in the woods.
Kelvin Klopper
By that time we won't need examinations.
Rick Jones
The USA under Clinton went to war against Serbia in the 1990s. It had McDonalds.
Jack Parker
over-exercising nevertheless can be a flaw.. a rash flailing away effort to improve strength and health. conditioning takes discipline cannot be rushed. if we somehow are jogging. it's to be for our enjoyment only. must truly be enjoyable without pain. or respiratory discomfort in any way. erroneous Axiom.. no pain no gain. revision . . pain damage injury.. albeit recoverable.. proper storage of brown fat rather than cellulose a different story entirely.. Easier said than done. tear up the books. read them first.. study lymph node circulation.. very key.
André Souza
First time I can hear Neil and Kaku on the same room..... I almost thought they had irreconcilable differences that kept them from being on the same room.. Fantastic talk.
Mand M
is it lonely at the top?
La Gom
I wish you were young again.
Eddy A.
read this book back in 2012, was a way good read.
Jack Parker
monetizing knowledge is also an error.. It's an understandable flaw however let Health be a given and discipline developed.. Obvious discipline required should our population seem to explode. possibly already metering factors also in the cupboard if necessary.. fertility would be less.. through sensory observation.. giving less need for this extrapolated concern
Andrew Montano
What about an Omega Point?  The time when we validly receive time travelers from the future.  It is sooner than you think, but not spread across the multiverse.  That's right some worlds will not have time travel just yet.  In the rest of the multiverse time travel will become an institution.  Hey! It is already an institution, and has been an institution since the beginning of civilization. Just about any manifestation of technology at any time in the future would have already been apparent in the world as magic.  One only needs eyes to see.
Jack Parker
the chimpanzee unable to cook its food.. in a natural scenario or obtain what it needs when it needs it as well as we can. even with our advanced processing the Rosetta Stone of biology still must be understood.. there is even further utilization of Science in space which allows beings to live far beyond our understanding of obsolescence
Jack Parker
cancer friend foe or reaction ... how do we balance a scale? how do we balance chemistry? what is the unknown on the scale? what is the unknown in the chemistry? how does scale sense the weight to the balancing point..? how does the chemistry sense the balance? primarily sense is the key word .. we neglect our balancing mechanism we overlooked it. our sense of taste and smell. our craving system.. unfortunate juxtapositioning of Axiom has our craving system as a hoax.. But is the most crucial maintenance organ system that we have.. we are over-thinking ourselves into Oblivion.. for allowing anything that is not truly palatable enter our bodies... this basic rule.. Allows anything applied to the body to work more efficiently... because of its assistance factors. or in spite of them. should they be nevertheless erroneous entry factors... our working science has quite often been applied with seemingly empirical evidence to support it.. quite often an unknown anomalous recovery occurs could it be because the unknown sensory Factor was applied unknowingly.
Javier Librado
Í think in future we need Screenologran
Xochitl Paez
I'm such a fan!
Bill Park
have to agree he is addictive
Bill Park
have to agree he is addictive
Bill Park
have to agree he is addictive
Bill Park
have to agree he is addictive
Bill Park
have to agree he is addictive
elyx caraballoll
i need this for my next novel!
Cash Trovillion
it would be interesting to see the flying cars like you said on 9:30
Cash Trovillion
it would be interesting to see the flying cars like you said on 9:30
wonderful future for the rich
Javier Librado
Tanks you rechina me physics very good
bobby b
I won't be able to afford a bunker to live in
Jack Parker
we must learn to listen to our bodies for True requirements. and sometimes that means not regimented eating.. realize the resiliency. realize the transition phases. requiring special method sensed meditation process.
Matthew Opdyke
Reading this now (just read from a variety of physicists, neurologists, biologists, and in all of their forms, and I've read Future of the Mind, Physics of the Impossible, a few more to read, since I am retired Air Force, lol). My, 6 years is a long time in science these days, yet I truly appreciate his grasp of physics, fun, reality, and most importantly his vision. I had been taking the plunge, writing sci-fi with a lot of intriguing ideas straight out of my mind, so I decided to do some intense research to bring some reality to the fantasy playing out in my mind, and Dr. Kaku never dissappoints. --the forever optimist with a mind for reality 😊
tay cal
he is not telling the whole story in his intro about the physicist inventions. other scientific disciplines helped too. imagine if it was no material scientists there. you wouldn't even have a item just theories on a black chalk board. it's sad that our so called smart people always seems to forget the most important parts when spreading information.
Arizona Sunflowers
You are a very handsome man in spite of not having “blond hair, blue eyes & muscles”. You have a kind face and nice eyes, and a winning smile! You have many more muscles in your brain than most people have in their body! And those muscles don’t need steroids to be strong! 😁
The Averietts
Aretha Franklin is still alive in 2100? What’s that all about? That one turned out wrong.
Marlon David Guevara Muñoz
Zup homies
simon templar
Much respect for michio kaku, but 'we physicists invented this, that.....' what did u invent michio?????
The "citizens" of earth have only one future. Sorrow for the 99%, bliss for the 1%. So it was since the Bible, as it is now and will be. I'm so sick and tired of hearing what the future will be like. Lets get real. "Un limited, free, clean energy", "flying cars", an end to war and a "cure for cancer" Please. It almost funny and tragic at the same time.
Jack Parker
we cannot choose our beliefs
lolo tito
first hell yeah
so can my cell phone guide a moon mission? total boloney
thejubbles 0
humanity will die out
Justin Wakeling
The real question is, what will ISIS be doing? Playing scrabble and drinking beers? Unlikely i would have thought.
Cars that fly by floating on magnetic field would be made by Capsule Corporation.
2100-Cave, you're in it.
Unhappy Customer
Face of a liar.