The 7 STRONGEST Marvel's Avengers And The 5 WEAKEST

7 OP Avengers and 5 weaklings. SUBSCRIBE NOW to CBR! Click here: Avengers: Infinity War has come and gone, and we’ve learned a lot about the Avengers by the end of it. The stock of some superheroes rose while other fell. Some of the strongest Avengers coming into Infinity War were not able to keep up that momentum while some weaker superheroes shocked us all with their incredible performance in the fight against Thanos. Now, some superheroes remained consistent, but Infinity War has changed the way we look at each Avenger regardless. Sure, when Thanos snapped his fingers, some of our favourite superheroes disintegrated, but if we know anything about the MCU, we’ll definitely see them again. In this video, we’ll take a look at some of the Avengers who’ve been introduced since 2008’s Iron Man and see if they are among the strongest or weakest Avengers post-Infinity War. So sit back, relax and enjoy the video! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Our Social Media: /> /> /> Our Website

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I can tell you the strongest marvel character. His name is. Stan Lee.
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*Thor: got a tree man* *groot: I am groot* *cap:I am Steve Rogers*
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Scarlet Witch is one of the strongest she almost kill Thanos R.I.P. Iron Man
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Does anyone realize that Thor lost everything he loved in about a week?
Groot: I AM GROOT! Cap:I am steve Rogers
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"he is a king so he has an army" Ironman: hold my iron legion
All Of Them Are Powerful Though.
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Well if hulk was real you wouldn't be speaking
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Spoiler In endgame Iron man snaps Ant man gets the idea how to save everything! Thor went for the head Thanos died 2 times
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Weakest: “Ant man, it’s the suit that does all the work” Strongest: Iron Man, he talks all about the suit
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Remember Ancient One sayed about Dr Strange ; "he will be best of us" so Dr Strange is the best MCU character.
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7:42 Guardians of the galaxy: Dancin in da woods Endgame: Nebula: * Knocks out *
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Captain america: *strongest avenger* Captain marvel: am I a joke to you?
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Oh by the way you forgot about Falcon and War Machine
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MCU'S best lines are 1- I can lose again,again,again and again forever that makes you my prisoner and 2- I am iron man
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Why are so many people saying they forgot Captain Marvel? Do y'all not see the date the video was posted?
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Ummm you said vision was one of the strongest!!!😂😂😂
CBR: Places Vision in the weakest category *Proceeds to show evidence that suggest otherwise* Me: Ok
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Remember the latest Avengers? Steve:Put on your suit. Tony:Why? Steve:What are you without the damn suit?! Tony:Playboy.. Rich guy etc.
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Spoiler : Iron man and Natasha &√% in Endgame
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Me: (sees that Vision is put at one of the weakest) Me: WTF!! (flips table)
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Thor is my fav avenger!
You forgot captin marvel. She was in the movie! She the strongest too! She my fav superhearo Edit: pls like guys
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God of Thunder? *Then how can he control Lightning?.....*
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Captain America wiehlded Thor‘s Hammer in Endgame, so he‘s even stronger!
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CBR: how is ant-man going to fight if he's stuck in the quantum realm ? endgame: hold my beer!
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CBR: weakest, hulk Hulk: wanna test that theory?
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For me Thor is the strongest. And in the EndGame is really,really strong with mjolnir
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Star-lord is the best!
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Ok but Antman has a suit and iron man has a suit. Ant man is super weak but Iron man is OP?
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Star lord use the power stone in garden of the galaxy
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Black panther: as u can see!! I am not dead!! Thanos: *snaps Black panther: oof
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The strongest and best avenger is Tony Stark
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Doctor Strange is my favorite character
Favourite fan combo. Thor Ironman Doctor strange.. Edit : what why these likes...
i agree with you
Tbh doctor strange, thor and wanda are the strongest ones.
1 2 3 Challenge time Family Time
Captain Marvel: Captain Marvel almost got Thanos in endgame but Thanos took out the power stone.😨👇 like if you agree
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This is how many people think 50% of the universe died because of starlords actions | | \/
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the strongest is stan the man lee
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You'd like to think Vision is weak post infinity war. Seeing as he's dead...
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6:58-7:00 me when I exit school
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if you watched Endgame you would know that Scarlet witch is the strongest Avenger she nearly killed Thanos
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End game avenger won and there ant man and hawkeye
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3 Best avengers 1. Spider-Man 2. Peter Parker 3. Kid that didn’t feel so well
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Strongest: Doctor Strange Scarlet Witch Thor Captain Marvel Iron Man Hulk Vision Weakest: Black Widow Hawkeye Okoye Falcon Shuri
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Hulk is not one of the weakest Like if agree
I like how you said with Ant Man the suit makes the man. Well it's kind of the same with Iron Man.
The Amazing Henry. Parker
Scarlet Witch is even stronger because she was holding off Thanos with 5 Infinity stones while destroying another one
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You missed captain marvel in strongest list 😥
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Wow What If Star Lord Heard That He Will Probably Hunt U Down Lol
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Anyone else's recommendations filled with Marvel after watching Endgame?
Hulk: " I am the strongest " Iron man: " Hold my arc reactor "
My list Strongest: 7 black panther 6 doctor strange 5 Spider-Man 4 Iron man3 Thor 2 scarlet witch 1 captain marvel 0 Stan lee. Worst 5 Bucky Barnes 4 Hawkeye 3 star lord 2 nebula 1 drax (worst) Unknown 1 noobmaster69 (marvel universe god)
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CBR says: Then starlord had to come and ruin everything Me: WHY QUILL WHY THEY WERE SO CLOSE RHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTTTTT
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Yes yes yes Scarlett witch and Dr Strange is the most powerful Heros
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Cap:paper covers rock Hulk watching: hulk smash Thor:yeet yeet Ant man:I was stuck Iron man:how do you like that Vison:dead Spider man:f u star Lord Me:forget hawkeye Black panther:dust and blood dust and blood dust and blood Me:blame star Lord Scarlet:I did good Doctor strange:bye Loki Loki:ive been falling for30 minutes
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Pretty sure in endgme... Thor is the strongest Boi XD