Busta Rhymes Raps LIVE In Big Boy's Neighborhood

Busta Rhymes performs his own hit songs and freestyles LIVE with Big Boy and Scoop DeVille. #BustaRhymes

Daniel Sparks
Kids, that's what you call HipHop.
Bill De Rahmen
1.6k dislikes.... probably 12 years old 6ix9ine and Lil Pump fans who don't even know who this legend is who they saw in this Video :D
Shaeel Naqvi
Dear children, this is called hip hop
SP Bling Records
Who likes Busta rhymes??
Jhardwork Pays off
Legendary 🔥🔥 busta had some hits
Buss the fattest unfat guy in history.
Mr. Corey Burt
Busta is one of The Greatest Lyricist of all time. He deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.
Mikecrosoft99 x
4:48 I WOULD DIE FROM NOT BEING ABLE TO BREATHE on that part. Busta Rhymes is a god
bus rhymes at 100 miles an hour and you can still hear everything he says! his diction is perfect. mumble rappers nowadays are inaudible.
We all sleep on giving Busta the credits he deserves he’s definitely one of the greatest MCs we ever had!!!
Jeyar Chardy
That's what a real rapper sounds like
Aaron Kincade
I wanna see busta vs twista one time jus for fun
Daaamn; when he did touch it , it sounded the same as the track🔥🔥
Kelly Galloway
Busta is and always be one of the GOAT
Gerard Brien
Busta is a legend. Being listenin to him since my early teens. His flow is crazy.
Naldo XXX
It kills me that Busta is so underrated!!
Chris S.
Goddamn!!!! If you weren't a fan of Busta before, and you still aren't after hearing this, I think you might be a lost cause.
BJ Beej
What a genuine grand master. Such a pleasure to witness
Origami Bulldoser
Man, the vibe in that studio makes me smile.
Because I'm BATMAN!
L E G E N D 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
He's in my all time top 3 greatest rappers of all time list. I'm shocked at how many times i've seen people talk about the top 5 greatest Hip Hop artists and never seen any mention of Busta Rhymes.
Nostradamus Dumbeldoore
Busta Rymes still destroys all one of the bests
Who else was waiting for the look at me now part
Alex Ander
1) 0:35 Pass the Courvoisier Part 2 Remix 2) 2:00 Put your hands where my eyes could see 3) 3:16 Touch It 4) 4:40 Look at me now 5) 5:53 Calm down
K Alfknday
Biggest smile on my face watching this
Dayzhaa voo
who else was waiting for 4:40 ????
Cj Armour
JAY Gaines
Super underrated Buster is one of the best Lyricist ever
Fancy Pants
😂😂 good energy that day loved it
chris georgallis
Wow i took a deep breath at the End.
Gabriel Cabral Ramoa
Re Gi
Damn I miss this type of real music bus my nig real rap plz keep dropping that dope... I hate bubble gum mumble rap
Matthew Mcmullen
That girl needs to change her panties after that.
Andre Williams
Busta had A lot of club bangers
Hustla Jones Tarot
Damn I miss real music this new era took us back 100 years I swear
Prezident Jeff
Big Boi’s reaction at the 7 minute mark says it all
Sumit Jadha
those who don't know about hip Hop busta rhymes will teach you the lesson
Larry Taylor
I love Busta's energy! He be havin a party wherever he go!! Big ups my man!
Mary. A
Never laughed so much in my life! Busta is a legend and such a soulful character. The best!
Dan Allan
BUSTA is top dog and top quality highly rated and respected from all rappers been there since the get go and still got it.
Antillano Mayor
grime_gexx selyob
Hubert Applebaum
This guy would make a great auctioneer.
This made me smile. Busta Buss 🙌🏾
Kendrick Duncantell
Maaaaaaan!!! Busta Rhyme is one of my favorite rappers... I'm telling ppl didn't want to give Busta Rhyme his probs back in the and they still don't... He's very underrated man Busta Rhyme a Dogg!!! Do you hear???!!! Busta Rhyme did his thang and if he were to come back out something now I'll be first line to get it...
Daz Capone
zak iqbal
Busta brings back memories, this dude is naturally the best pfp rapper ever, his ability to rap in speed and then the tone of his is amazing, plus that base in his voice..wow
Willie D. Washington
BUSTA RHYMES IS EPIC!!! Very underrated rapper!!
ronnie bell
He went in on that last track!!! Makes me wanna fight!! 🔥🔥
Song list please, 😁 cheers
MJ speedzone
Sick.. insperational. Take note mumble rap kids.
george otieno
Legend. The greatest of all time
Emir Mujkanovic
i had a smiling face all the way thru...love Busta Rhymes
Azmi Zeddani
The Kinngggg busa busssss💪🏼
amia moreland
Love you bust forever !
Mike Marschall
Used to like his music but at some point he became so cringe. Plus his sound is just not easy to feel. His ability is elite but I just hear no soul
Max Tyler
This literally one of the most legendary videos of all time
Andeus Esdoorn
3:42 get low 3:52 TURN IT UP love the dynamics. top range mc.
Busta always been my favorite BEST PERFORMER N RAPPER PERIOD
Cool! Why he is so fast? =(
Maija Miller-Christian
Damn Busta still has it and didn't look like he's losing it. #legend
Thompson Nice
Legend thumb up 🔥 🔥
Beautiful. Super glad I clicked on this. 3rd time watching. Straight goosebumps, Busta Bust da GOD!!! Epic 💯
Brian Griffiths
March 2019, how Sway?
RJSP Brown
Damn how am I just seeing this straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
jeffery price
Busta still a beast I been a fan since 93
Aitor Rodriguez
This video draw a Big smile on my face. LOVE to see busta put in werk
Jay duncan
This is fire......this interview on repeat like a song. ...busta one LOVE from KINGSTON JAMAICA
Dmonik Plays
busta looks like he'd be fun af to chill with
jarbom sir
Yes he is a legend
Bruce Howard
Love it! 4eva Busta fan
Man, pretty sad they didn't cover his works with A Tribe Called Quest.
Bandz Taylor
Nobody raps like bro 💪💯
Christopher Mellor
Seriously top shelf pro rapper...much love busta.
James Ghost
Crazy Sick.
x StankyDank
This has to be one of my favourite videos on YouTube
R Zee
damn, Booker T got fat..
Antonio Francescon
The most recognizable voice. You could hear Busta from a mile away and know it's him
Real hip hop,, hip hop these days are long hair rapping the same way,
Ralph Palomino
Bus lyrically can’t be touched by nobody who is “current” today. My man got mad skills
Michael Hardy
Damn busta ripping up the mic :)
dat vergil doe
So much fun to watch this legend.
Jose Dejesus
Busta Rhymes is an absolute monster entertainer!!! This was super exciting to watch!!!
A Google User
5:02 beast mode activated
Shawn Harrison
Busta Rhymes!!! 97!! FSU Homecoming!!! Classic!!! Legendary Artist!!! That dude!!
5.14 the guys face 🤣😂🤣😂 busta total legend
Frantz Sylvain
Wow. Been rapping for decades, and still got it.
Uzoma Steven
That's what am talking about. Boss A Boss for life
From Briggs to you
This dude is better live than in the records.... his charisma and presentation is amazing... BUSTA BUST!!!
Steven Mares
who's the chick though? that's the real question.
Danny Music
Busta has a gift. And his voice is recognisable instantly
Tiffany Sankey
Love Busta... loved this
Randolph Cirilo
Hes so jovial.. I like him! Hes kinda like a favorite uncle..
Guilherme Mercadante
Am I the only one who watches this at least once a week ? This is legit my favorite video of all times !
Probaly the best rapper ever, for me he is!
George Louis
Busta is so full of energy there's no way you can't be bored around him and the best MC alive right now period.