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ACTORS WHO KILLED THE FIVE FINGERS OF DEATH ACTORS WHO BODY RAPPERS Learn how to freestyle rap here: /> Looking for a designer to make you a logo? /> watch singers who killed the 5 fingers of death here:

school pizza
awkward moment when Shia LeBeouf is a better rapper than Lil whatever
Lil dude from across the street got bars
rashawn thompson
King Wavie
its funny how most of these actors can rap and most of these rappers acting
Shia took a minute to warm up but I think he killed it.
Man, why does every black actor gotta rap some?
those last bars from tyler williams were insane
Drew Andrews
Tyler James was tight Wayne Brady was creative, funny, and versatile Shia LeBeauf was the hardest of the 3. ALL of THEM are tighter than most of the mainstream garbage out today!!!
BankRoll .MaFia
Lmao was that Chris that came in first? He could spit tho 👌💨
Geovoni Vanwagoner
"Everyone Hates Chris", guess sway doesnt
Briley Gabriel
Shai started feeling himself when that Biggie joint came he was channelling a brotha! lol
En Fuego Mane
Wayne Brady is better than 80% of the rappers today haha.
Connor Dunkling
Wayne Brady got that old school rap flow
actors are very intelligent and deal with reading and writing creativity alot!
Rupinder Singh
"i thank God Almighty, that i'm ballin slightly" ...i felt that
RC Codes
lolol wayne brady said "these aint balls these mahh jingle bells"
Danny Buchanan
Shia sounds like he's been listening to a lot of MF DOOM.
Wayne Brady have been freestyling weekly on Whose Line. He can do this in his sleep.
Mehul Edward Martin
There's only three people on this. 0:25 Tyler James William 3:25 Wayne Brady 9:00 Shia Labeof
There's no way Shia didn't write some of that. He probably had a lot of it memorized. He was literally on point with everything. Especially that "Jewish Pac to this music with a twist of Whitman" line. Probably the best line besides the Yachti and Drake diss. Like you only hear this type of shit free styling wise from like Eminem. Who else is rapping like this now? I'm not saying that there aren't good free style rappers out there but who takes the cake away from that performance? I can't think of anyone besides Eminem right now and even then I'd still like to see Eminem get up there and do the 5 Fingers of Death. I know he'd destroy Shia with his experience and passion but Shia surprisingly isn't like light years behind him or anything either.
Marcus Boyd
Tyler Williams sounds like hospin
Devin Watson
Wayne Brady killed that Black Santa Claus rap 😂
Dat black Santa rap doe!!! straight fire!!!
Tyler james Williams has a dope delivery.
Shia though
Tupac Shakur
Big L was a fucking monster at freestyles. He was very good even Nas was scared of him.
Mr. Slippery
Damn wayne even understanding metamorphosis and capitalism
that moment when shia leboeuf kills mainstream rappers.
Wayne Brady is insane off the top!
kenn Blover
Wayne Brady is a fool ,lots creativity, nice flow ,but the bonus track😂😂😂😂😂im the shhhit 😂😉😉😉
tj williams bruh that vocabulary
GO Web
Did shia take a shot at drake and lil yachty ? lol That is funny. And also sad at the same time. These actors better then the rappers.
Wayne Brady is talented. He doesn't have the greatest lyrics but he's got the skill and he can sing too. He's also funny as shit.
They are all better that some of these rappers out there
Colin Gillis
Lol I wasn't expecting Shia
Damn,Tyler! Bars!
louis jamieson-dove
When TJW dropped bars between 2:11 and 3:00 ...
Jaden Luke Bouah
bruh shia was sooooo dope
michael legge
Does sway ever change that hat?
kyshawn haggwood
Tyler James Williams is a rapper and that wasnt 5 fingers of death
RC 5052
Dudes on here are lyrically better than 90% of actual rappers nowadays.
Scarz King
lmao who knew Luis from even Stevens would become a rapper lmfao my boy Shia labouf killing it. need to take his ass back to transformers though :( main reason I like that movie
Justin Nave
may God bless you guys Jesus Christ loves you!!!
No childish?
Mihir Mukhopadhaya
This was tight but it needed gambino's freestyle to pound cake
Mahki Berry
Shia labeouf pullin up and poppin C's Crips better watch out😂lol
Mean Lean
Wayne Brrady spit FACTS about capitilsm
Wayne Brady off the top of the dome, baby
11:58-12:06Damn. Shia gave Drake an L
Chuck Gilliam
Treat these ladies fair like i'm Henry Higgins.
Lord Corporal
"luke im your father.....but I ain't in that tho"
I trust your top lmaooo
wayne brady the rich need taxed stop playing
Chris Adams
hopsin straight killed that Drake track.
Colin Gillis
Tyler James williams was crazy that last part was dumb good
Todd Maek
Sam Wickwiky MURDERED the rest of em were good too
His rhyme schemes are very similar to Eminem's old style from SSLP.
Holy shit its Noah from the walking dead
Dominic Albright
" If you appreciate bars then this must be erotic" Well god damn
Zachary Madden
Tyler Williams was pretty dope...but he clearly had a planned freestyle especially at the beginning....he knew the date, and had a planned rhyme scheme off that days date. He just asked, to act like he had a jumpoff point...Oh yeah, 19th. Now heres 12 straight things that rhyme with 19.
The first wasn't even a Five Fingers of Death
Tyler Aka Chris is like a black Eminem
x BoeZoe x
Weird to hear Wayne Brady sing without Laura Hall and Linn Taylor backing him lol
How could everybody hate Chris when this mf raps so good.
DatDude_ Dre
Daaaaamn Tyler!! I didn't know.. I promise I didn't.. but I do now tho!
Shia murdered this! by far the best. Can't stand the 2nd guy. seen him do his corny stuff on who's line is it to much I guess
tyler james Williams got the same flow as Hopsin
2is 350
Where can I get the hat shia labeouf is wearing?
Memo Memo
How all these actors better than mumble rappers
All better then the “lil” rappers
Phill Davis
wayne brady improvisational king i guess
Yooooo Tyler James got BARSSSS!!!!!
Michael Harris
I love Wayne's bars on capitalism. Dude actually knows economics.
Mr. NEStalgia
I felt Shia !! But for real they all did good !!
Dave Medeira
I cant believe it but shia actually killed the 5 Fingers of Death ..... speechless
I don't like watching shyt like this cuz it just clarifies how wack the hip hop and rap game is today
Thotty DaGod
oh yea I my boy even Steven go already...nasty
Kenneth Thompson
Hold up!!!! Shia from Transformers??!!!!! Bars? Damn son...#wherehelearnthatat? Got me over here squinting my eyes like whatchu talking bout Willis!! Lol
Aaron Barrera
That moment when Shia lebouf spits more fire than most rappers
David Juma
won't be in the white house😂
Drew Grey
Someone tell me the original beat at 4:55 been dying to hear this song.
Miguel Soto
"Watch the walking dead and you can tell that I grip chrome"
eric pires
Chocolate Droppa ft Wayne Brady. I'd pay a lit of money to see that
Lesley Mokonyama
Shia killed it
Shaun Moore
I can't believe Shia labouf spazz like that.
kajariss BeLoKee
what a vocabulary brah that first bother was off da hook
Bored and Cute Miami
These aint my balls, these my jingle bells
Jama Ka Sijadu
"Hip hop used to be fertile now it's Timbuktu" oooooooooooooooooooooooooh
The BlazedAssassin
he listens too hopsin for sure
marcellius sample
SHAI THO... SHEESH! i had the stank face just hearin him!
Paul Fuller drum study
shiah lebouf like ganstar lol damn
Ezra Morrison
the first wasnt 5 fingers of deth
Brandon Reece
Wayne Brady is the shit lol
Ernie and many others
ohhhhh son that shit was goooodd
Obey Obet
Wayne Brady is once in a lifetime!
hans look
Wayne Brady Bodied it
This is an example of respecting the culture.
Alec Talbott
Shia's rhyme schemes really remind me of Eminem. He might not compare completely, but he has some really in depth rhymes that most people wouldn't even think to do.
Lmaoooooooo Wayne Brady soooooo hard