Busta Rhymes Raps LIVE In Big Boy's Neighborhood

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Busta Rhymes performs his own hit songs and freestyles LIVE with Big Boy and Scoop DeVille. #BustaRhymes

Willie D. Washington
BUSTA RHYMES IS EPIC!!! Very underrated rapper!!
Just in case your a millennial with no clue on what a Hip Hop M.C. is this is it!!! Please stop listening to these wack rappers it's bad for your health!
Jhardwork Pays off
Legendary 🔥🔥 busta had some hits
Bill De Rahmen
1.6k dislikes.... probably 12 years old 6ix9ine and Lil Pump fans who don't even know who this legend is who they saw in this Video :D
Shaeel Naqvi
Dear children, this is called hip hop
Buss the fattest unfat guy in history.
SP Bling
Who likes Busta rhymes??
Dmonik Plays
busta looks like he'd be fun af to chill with
Mr. Corey Burt
Busta is one of The Greatest Lyricist of all time. He deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.
Mikecrosoft99 x
4:48 I WOULD DIE FROM NOT BEING ABLE TO BREATHE on that part. Busta Rhymes is a god
Daniel Sparks
Kids, that's what you call HipHop.
Gabriel Cabral Ramoa
Didn't know Samuel Eto'o became a radio jockey after retiring!
That laugh is godlike man it sounds so evil and cheerful at the same time lol
Max Tyler
This literally one of the most legendary videos of all time
Aaron Kincade
I wanna see busta vs twista one time jus for fun
That chick sitting next to him - she's pregnant with triplets and he didn't even need to take his pants off...
We all sleep on giving Busta the credits he deserves he’s definitely one of the greatest MCs we ever had!!!
Kelly Galloway
Busta is and always be one of the GOAT
Alex Ander
1) 0:35 Pass the Courvoisier Part 2 Remix 2) 2:00 Put your hands where my eyes could see 3) 3:16 Touch It 4) 4:40 Look at me now 5) 5:53 Calm down
Gerard Brien
Busta is a legend. Being listenin to him since my early teens. His flow is crazy.
Chris S.
Goddamn!!!! If you weren't a fan of Busta before, and you still aren't after hearing this, I think you might be a lost cause.
bus rhymes at 100 miles an hour and you can still hear everything he says! his diction is perfect. mumble rappers nowadays are inaudible.
Who else was waiting for the look at me now part
Kendrick Duncantell
Maaaaaaan!!! Busta Rhyme is one of my favorite rappers... I'm telling ppl didn't want to give Busta Rhyme his probs back in the and they still don't... He's very underrated man Busta Rhyme a Dogg!!! Do you hear???!!! Busta Rhyme did his thang and if he were to come back out something now I'll be first line to get it...
Nisha Sorryihavetotellyah!
OMG my brother killed look at me now. I love Busta then and now ...all Hale the king .
JAY Gaines
Super underrated Buster is one of the best Lyricist ever
Keepit Cool
Busta looks Chinese these days.
Rell Brooks
he has hits for days. definitely an understated lyricist!
sss sss
This frog has talent
Antillano Mayor
Re Gi
Damn I miss this type of real music bus my nig real rap plz keep dropping that dope... I hate bubble gum mumble rap
Prezident Jeff
Big Boi’s reaction at the 7 minute mark says it all
BJ Beej
What a genuine grand master. Such a pleasure to witness
......and ppl think Eminem is the rap god 🤦‍♂️😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Cj Armour
Fancy Pants
😂😂 good energy that day loved it
Larry Taylor
I love Busta's energy! He be havin a party wherever he go!! Big ups my man!
Best performance ever in this show from far... you guys should watch the others... The one with usher...!!!??? Holy crap... When people talk about the G.O.A.T they never talk about Busta and it's a shame
tibor sandor
He is just a LEGEND
Dan Allan
BUSTA is top dog and top quality highly rated and respected from all rappers been there since the get go and still got it.
Jeyar Chardy
That's what a real rapper sounds like
Busta is one of thee most under rated MC's. These young cats look at Drake, Wayne and all these other new cats as rap gods when in all honesty they couldn't stand in the same room with Busta. Everyone would listen for his verse on Look at Me Now and learn it. He stole that song. And his stuff is better live which is quite rare with a lotta rappers in the past as well as today.
Naldo XXX
It kills me that Busta is so underrated!!
Tony H
BUSS is a MONSTER, Every since leaders of the new school, But they really didn't know back then, But they found out!!!
He's in my all time top 3 greatest rappers of all time list. I'm shocked at how many times i've seen people talk about the top 5 greatest Hip Hop artists and never seen any mention of Busta Rhymes.
prince_of_golf prince_of_golf
The white guy no more than lyrics in busta lol he was all into it like he was performing
Christopher Alvarado
Close the door and turn off the lights it’s over
Hustla Jones Tarot
Damn I miss real music this new era took us back 100 years I swear
Michael Hardy
Damn busta ripping up the mic :)
Matthew Mcmullen
That girl needs to change her panties after that.
Busta Rymes still destroys all one of the bests
Dayzhaa voo
who else was waiting for 4:40 ????
George Louis
Busta is so full of energy there's no way you can't be bored around him and the best MC alive right now period.
MJ speedzone
Sick.. insperational. Take note mumble rap kids.
Origami Bulldoser
Man, the vibe in that studio makes me smile.
moses sackey
okay he is de owner so he does it well..dammmmm he never grow old with flows
Ivan Reyes
Sweat starts pouring on that "look at me now" song 😆😆😆
Andre Williams
Busta had A lot of club bangers
Hubert Applebaum
This guy would make a great auctioneer.
zak iqbal
Busta brings back memories, this dude is naturally the best pfp rapper ever, his ability to rap in speed and then the tone of his is amazing, plus that base in his voice..wow
Nick Welcher
anthony dyson
He was born to do what he does. Splendid.
Jessica Jordan
Go BUS!!!!!!
It's amazing how he been in the game since LEADERS OF THE NEW SCHOOL, and till this day he still rips it.... original this man is not from this world he's raw no joke!!!!! SALUTE BUSTA!!!!!
PhoeNix NFS
2:20 What name song?
Kennedy Munene
Daz Capone
Emir Mujkanovic
i had a smiling face all the way thru...love Busta Rhymes
1 of the best to ever do it. Dont @ me.
that girl is😋😋😍😍😍😍
WELCOME TO HIP-HOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you're welcome millennials
Dennis Robinson
My man busta double twinkie pack fat but he legend with one leg stuck in a Safeway cake, and the other in a pie. Ain't nobody better on a mic. Busta and royce man o man. My two fav mcs.
Rogelio Liera
This guy's are legends bad ass old rappers
Shinigami Games
Busta rhymes is always in good mood i like it
Andualem Wondafrash
The most underrated in the game
Because I'm BATMAN!
L E G E N D 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
aaron G
4.47 you think Eminem is fast.....nah sorry buss has that title
2018 and Busta still on my phone!!!
Bruce Howard
Love it! 4eva Busta fan
I damn near lost my mind when put your hands came on...
Carl Martin
He looks like he's got a bee sting in the face....still a fan Busta X
Andres Rodriguez
He looks like a ninja turtle with no shell 😂
Entertaining to watch Busta enjoying himself. What a legend.
alex harvey
old school yeah boy👍👍😉
Bandz Taylor
Nobody raps like bro 💪💯
Busta Be rhyming that big M and hitting the gym at the same time haha , dad abs
Jamie City
Busta is the definition of legendary. A wordsmith. An absolute God MC. This man has more hits than you have hair.
tamika love
Busta Will never lose it..Neverr💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪
Uzoma Steven
That's what am talking about. Boss A Boss for life
dat vergil doe
So much fun to watch this legend.
Shinigami Games
2000's kids ever heard about hip hop ??? this is it ^^
Maija Miller-Christian
Damn Busta still has it and didn't look like he's losing it. #legend
Shawn Harrison
Busta Rhymes!!! 97!! FSU Homecoming!!! Classic!!! Legendary Artist!!! That dude!!
jeffery price
Busta still a beast I been a fan since 93
amia moreland
Love you bust forever !
ian alldredge
Big boi have busta back again freestyle He is the best #oldschool #Classic
darcy cleverly
Busta starting to look like the pepe frog
Angella Smith
Thats real hiphop right ther👍👍👍