What happens when you get heat stroke? - Douglas J. Casa

View full lesson: /> Have you ever suffered from exertional heat stroke? This condition is caused by intense activity in the heat and is one of the top three killers of athletes and soldiers in training. Douglas J. Casa explains heat stroke's tremendous effects on the human body and details an action plan in case it ever happens to someone you know. Lesson by Douglas J. Casa, animation by Cinematic.

if I pass out while playing sports, by all means pour ice water on me, but put away the rectal thermometer...
Bradstein PierrePaul
2:10 *Thermometer stuck up butt* Guy opens eyes in shock
Why TED-Ed get much less views than other education channel, when they provide superior animations and narration.
1:21 cmon we all know we were all waiting for him to fall off his bike
Colonel Angus
Yea, cause i just casually carry around a rectal thermometer with me...
Jude Pelaez
So basically, if someone has a heat stroke, throw them into the Arctic Ocean for a couple hours.
Just don't try to measure temperature yourself, if they find you unconscious with something stuck in your butt, you might send investigators on the wrong path :)
This is how my 2 year old brother died. My parents had left him in a hot car before I was born, which killed him.
Spotted Hyena
I had heatstroke once while hiking. I somehow managed to walk all the way back across town to home (which took more than 30 minutes but I think any damage I got was negligible) and immediately took an ice shower. I had my phone out and ready to dial 911 on the walk home. I'm damn lucky I didn't pass out in the middle of the woods. Determination is a hell of a drug. Heatstroke feels like your body is cooking from the inside, like you're just radiating heat. Also there's the throbbing headache, and sometimes your vision might go wonky. If possible, bring ice with you on long walks and keep your phone charged and with you. In an emergency, you can apply ice to the neck, armpits and groin. They're the areas with the most blood vessels... or something.
This one time a student senior on the soccer team had heat stroke. Our coach recognized this pretty quickly and had him jump into a cold shower while calling 911. What do the paramedics and hospital do? They ignore the warnings of our coach that he has heat stroke and basically say, "There's nothing wrong with him. Just let us do our job and we'll fix this when we find something out." Apparently his organs were permanently damaged and he really did have heat stroke like our coach said. Instead of trying to fix it immediately, they waited a few hours. Stuff like this makes me angry.
guy collapses... fear not! i have my rectal thermometer!
Ashley Ross
So basically you get so hot that you begin to cook.
Kyle Dilbert
"The most feasible and accurate way to measure tempurature is a rectal thermometer " so ,stick a thermometer up someone's butt ?
Fazeed Kotta
mum:why don't you do sport?! me:err I don't want to get heatstroke
M Schulz
...A rectal thermometer... *his eyes widen*
Edgy Sphere
i got this during a big heat wave i was in line for a water ride and i was dehydrated hungry and extremely hot i passed out it was the scariest thing that's ever happened to me i got dizzy and no matter how hard i tried to open my eyes everything just got dark
Elmer Ramirez
You call it heatstroke, I prefer the term "over clocking".
That face at 2:10
I dealt with this a lot in the Army as a medic (even received a medal for saving two heat stroke patients and an allergic reaction patient all at the same time. I was with one other medic and a couple other soldiers.) great video on what and how to identify and treat. But it is also 100% preventable. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, know your level of fitness and limit your exertion accordingly. Oh and Hydrate some more!!!! :-)
Breezy Interwebs
Douglas Casa was the guy who ran the race, right? The video is narrated by Douglas Casa...
adrienne leigh
heat stroke frickin sucks
Actually no you do not want to cool quickly under any circumstances, you need to cool at a slow but steady pace and of course treat for shock
I would probably get a heat stroke if I see Scarlett Johansson in real life.
My beard will protect me, us men who have beards can survive anything. Right my fellow bearded men?
1:11 Those chin ups almost gave me a heat stroke xD
Adam Stewart
I remember getting heat stroke on a coach in Belgium. I had to sit through it xD
Ms Sophia
my body overheats all the time something's wrong with my hypothalamus. it's a very scary thing. I'm always sweating out of control and everyone else seems to be fine even on a cold day
Toxic Cookie
Poor undyne now I know what happened :( thankfully I dumped water on her.
Kyle Summers
This is why there are eSports.
For someone who goes bike riding every weekend and lives in a tropical country, this video is really helpfull
Glad Ted-Ed kept the use of both metric/imperial but especially metric. Keep it up.
So... you are saying the third highest cause of death is 100% avoidable? So like we survive the stroke and die. kek
If we get injured or have a heat stroke at our school nurses are just like “GIVE HIM A WATER AND SALTINE” but I wonder what if you fracture your skull somehow at my school will they still just be like “GIVE HIM A SALTINE”
This is an excellent educational video. Should be used in all schools and sporting organisations.
somebody has a heat stroke what do you do? i would destroy the sun. wait that would kill everyone from intense freeze. i will just stick to walking past. and say i didnt see nothing if police question me. i would probably drag the body when no one was looking and then use it as a punching bag. (need to get into fight club ) what the hell was the point of this comment?
But... but my mom always said you shouldn't jump in cold water after exercising. I heard this kid in my hometown played some soccer and then went and took a cold bath and apparently he somehow died because of this, is it possible or it's just bullshit, or maybe it's different when having an heat stroke?
Zohan Bozz
I love your voice! 😊
Anston, Musician
Thank _______ I live in Finland! ^^
RUN TOWARD SHADE Also this will not happen as often if it is winter.
[GD] Hali
*I somehow can run in the heat for almost an hour with extremely red cheeks with no... NVM OMG SO MANY TMES I ALMOST GOT A HEART ATTACK I JUST REALIZED IT.*
Norea Asia W.
I got a classic heat stroke once. Not fun. I thought I was going to die.
Brent'sCardsAnd Coins
3:36 animation's hand goes behind the eye.
Gabriel Aponte
This used to happen to me very often during field days, I used to drop to the ground after running because of the heat... What made me feel better was me being given a cold soda in my head and going for some shade (avoiding the sun).
Chocolate & Tatertots
2:10 and forward The guy with the heat stroke is like "Wait a second... did you just do what I think you did?!?!? >:C!"
Kene Pinto
Hmm...I wonder wher we'll be able to find a bathtub with water and ice in the middle of a playing field
I'M A GOD bitch
I think I may have had a heat stroke. My vision got oversaturated and blurry, then it went to all yellow and I collapsed. I couldn't move and had to be carried home, and then I threw up. Was that a heat stroke?
exertional heat stroke is one of my favorite types of conditions: Where the primary symptom is also the most essential part of treatment. You get it from exerting yourself way too much, and what happens? You pass out and stop exerting yourself. Sure, you may die without help. But you would've definitely died if your body just keep on going.
there was a girl in my school that was running in PE and apparently she just fell on the floor and died. Now everyday I think about how I'm walking over the area where a girl fell over and died
Jamir Tindle
I never knew heat strokes existed-I love ted-ed👳
SquishyPanda 4
Did you notice that Douglas casa is the writer of this ??
Miss Marilyn
:52 TO :53 Infants and the elderly. heh heh
AD Andrés Diaz El Latino
Dammmmm.... I train 4AM to 4PM and some Time I feel like dying but hard work first
Roman Empire
I've had 3 heat strokes #survived them all
I cant believe Rap Monster suffered through this
Sun Giveth, And Sun Taketh
1:46 If someone looked like that in real life, i would run away
jack davis
is weight loss a sign of permanent heat stroke damage?
Bailey Hess
omg when the binkie dropped 😭
Saeed Zafar
Why not adjust sport matches at Summer nights, or in Winter days, avoid Heat Stroke and Cold Shock both.
Vigg the Pale
I give orientation to trainees at work. This more than covers the section on heat stress.
Vincentas Danys
Ron Yellow guys dad
I love how she saying things that are important things And you are just playing around
The Amazing Mr. Boog
Now I don't want to do track and field
Something to remember when I exercise in the garage during summer.
3:36 His eye is in front of His hand.
Zach VanAlst
The body and how a heat stroke affects the body is interesting thing that I didn't know just how much of a risk it puts on the body. The body runs through a number of different methods to protect the body and keep it from shutting down. It tries to get the body to a safe state. I didnt know just what the heat stroke does to the body, it puts risk on kidneys and other organs all throughout the body, I always thought it overheated you, never knew it hurt organs and many other parts of the body. The overheated state of the body is always dangerous but never knew it could do the things that this video states.
First thing to do Call the Medics . Finishes calling the medics. Guy who fainted died
Derkainer Sledgehammer Productions
military if you pass out during training they ice sheet you
kiki tresa
The animation was so cute 💛
jim Nutzer
lool i once suffered from a early stadium heat stroke collapsed, but were able after restingbin shadow to get up schon
ooooooh, incredible 3d animation!!!1
Gianluca Bartalucci
and some people make marathon in the desert...how they survive?
Ronald C
Dont get heat casualty or you gonna get that sliver bullet
I will bet my life ya'v got either heat or sunstroke!!!
Alexia .-.
I hade one on the 7 of june,i fainted
Grace Henry
I had a heat stroke today
Blue Acidball
Welp, we learnt something today. Too much of anything is bad.
Oooo,imagine if my students didn’t save me by water! Hope this wouldn’t happen to another kid like me
Duckie bee
Aadvi S
Has YouTube updated to mindreading ? I had a heat exhaustion today. And I didn't had my phone with me while I was discussing this with my family. And YouTube recommends me this ???
justin george
A rectal thermometer, did I hear right?
so if someone has a heat stroke shoot them with a cryo gun?
Lil Hez Official
so is this a example of hyperthermia ? or does that only count when the body undergoes cold conditions
Lil Hez Official
so is this a example of hyperthermia ? or does that only count when the body undergoes cold conditions
1:02 You see how bad heat is? He can't even do a chin-up.
"Modern day warriors on the grid iron" lol
30 minutes at over 108F right. So I am okay. I can run a 10k in about 36 minutes. Just jump in ice cold tub after the run and I am good to go
Ben Mortensen
I'm sort, but one of the worst things you could do is to put them in ice water! This will put them in shock! Yours truly An Eagle Scout I've also trained for this as a lifeguard. You cannot cool people down that quickly. It must be slower.
3:04 Why 38.9 degrees? Still seems high considering our body temperature should be around 37. Is it that below 39 degrees, it is no longer considered high enough to cause damage?
Are you saying that I should stop go running around lunch time on sunny days??? D:
Eefje Poppelaars
Just did some heavy mountainbiking in 40 degrees celcius the past few days, and I got a bad headache each night. The thought that I could have gotten heat stroke is scary.
/Zacky nor
Yup I've gotten heatstroke during a tennis tournament not fun
[GD] Hali
AMJ Learning
How to prevent Hyperthermia? Top 24 of the Best Amazing Edibles to Treat Hyperthermia
Yellowed`s Brother
Wait a second,so Douglas Casa experienced a heat stroke and survived to tell the story again from ted ed,cool.
adrian yellow
i had a heat stroke ones luckily i made it to the bathroom and manage to turn on the shower on before passing out my roomate found collapse on the shower foor and calledd an ambulance
Uncle Tone
Love this content!
Ron Rivero
How about drinking water frequently while working out?
Creepy Betty
Oh really? The guy who had a heat stroke narrated the video? That's what it says.
Faze_ _StaLin
Make sure to take him in the bath slowly