1961 Dion-Runaround Sue

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Michael Alba
Here's my story, it's sad but true It's about a girl that I once knew She took my love then ran around With every single guy in town Yeah I should have known it from the very start This girl will leave me with a broken heart Now listen people what I'm telling you A keep away from a Runaround Sue I might miss her lips and the smile on her face The touch of her hair and this girl's warm embrace So if you don't want to cry like I do A keep away from-a Runaround Sue Ah, she likes to travel around She'll love you and she'll put you down Now people let me put you wise Sue goes out with other guys Here's the moral and the story from the guy who knows I fell in love and my love still grows Ask any fool that she ever knew, they'll say Keep away from-a Runaround Sue Yeah keep away from this girl I don't know what she'll doe Keep away from Sue She likes to travel around She'll love you and she'll put you down Now people let me put you wise She goes out with other guys Here's the moral and the story from the guy who knows I fell in love and my love still grows Ask any fool that she ever knew, they'll say Keep away from a Runaround Sue Stay away from that girl Don't you know what she'll do now
zach rementer
Sue Is a thot
EddE Mania
I wish I grew up in these times... minus the racism
J.D. B.
Sometimes I wish I was born in a time with music like this instead of Nicky Minaj, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber etc
Eddy Racine
Damn thots were round back then
Michael Haney
Sue turned Dion into the Wanderer.
Linda Workman
My all-time fav song from the 60s. Even now I can't sit still. I'm so moved by this song. This audience is comatose. They must be listening to some other song.
Fule Ule
Tough crowd
runaround sue vs the wanderer, top 10 anime battles
George Moran
holy cow! That has got to be the most lame crowd of people. A song like that and zombies just sit there ???
Giovanni Salvatore
YouTube took down the original song and video of this beautiful masterpiece.. It had 22 million views...! Hopefully this one stays. Love this tune 🎶~💃
Generations Passed Runaround Sue - 1961 Dance with Me Tonight - 2011 Dear Future Husband - 2015 Looks like thay all like this beat...
Anime Lover
I named my Jeep after this song (I know it’s weird)
Brittany Gilbert
This man makes me dance like never before.
Ricardo C
2018/2019. Runaround Sue. Love this song/Great Song.
hecate Hestia
Aww yea, this is my jam;)
Elite Potential
This comment section is so ghetto and ignorant. This is back in a time when music was better and less misogynistic. Keep that ghetto mess outta here.
Thunder gatti. Long
Proper music that makes me dance like i think i can dance🤣🤣
Wild Night Music
Thx for 1mil view
Luz Guerrero
y dónde está el achooo! jaja plagio de airbag- amor de verano
Eustass Belarmino
Use to be my grandparents favorites, well now it also it's mine
Uruguay de Nos
"Sí, sólo eso fue (achu) un amor de verano" Ah, no, pará, me equivoqué de video.
Roger Desbiens
Those are some sick vocals
Que lindo tema, los felicito Airbag!!!
Jake C
Are the people in the audience nailed down?
Today is Dion's 79th birthday, still looks and sounds great
i think this song can be hit again if someone can remake it with different background music probably in rock or pop rock
John Smiths
Where did this get recorded? Like was it for a show or what?
Ian .M
Saw Dion live last night he still sounds great at 78
Valerie Gutierrez
This is one of my most favorite songs ever!
Norma Elis
em 2018?
Scott Muller
Love this song
_King Angel_
i love old school music
Harley Freeman
I used to listen to music like this with my grandmother, on her old school record player, and those were simpler times, and now though she's gone, I still thoroughly enjoy this music, a d music from all eras, decades, and genres because of her. I'll always remember her fondly when listening to the oldies because those were the best days of my life.
Barış Yılmazer
Betty draper ? 01:02
Fantastic Classic .... Forever ....
Lupion SP
Like si lo escuchas en el 2018
Jeremy heer
So im in 7th grade and I was writing the lyrics for this down just to have it and my teacher saw and told me to say what I wrote I said fine and pulled up the music up on our school computers I normally get bullied but now they keep trying to bully me but they just walk up to me studders and walk away
Emma Joy
Came from the Dolan Twins 💜
alan Ezequiel 11
Me gusta me gusta !!
Emily Garza
Dolan twins anyone
Ali Sonmez
Really love this song
Franklin Warner
Good Song.
Just Smile
Number of sue has is damn high nowdays
Well maybe Sue just wanted to get laid and didn't like you like that 😂😂
Kara Blair
she like to travel around she love ya and put you down,i’ll keep away from runaround Sue
Sleeping with the enemy brought me here
God! This audience. Sitting like stones. ugh Love this song!!!
elisio neto
This is a scene from the movie “Twist Around the Clock.” the beautiful blondie on the crowd is Maura McGiveney.
Anthony Gaudiuso
The best
Julija Bogdamovska
I love this song
Hey fam pass the aux
RSDtyler Durden
Hoes gonna be hoes
Gary Morris
Truly a great song.
Joseph Cole
Here's my story. I'm 36 and my folks put me on to Dion when I was 5 years old. Hands down he is the best. Frankie Valley is my second. C'mon Lauryn Hill through this in her miseducation album. Enough said.
G Eazy fan, anyone else?
The dark knight returns
Lmfao you wish he sounded this good live
Sandra Wayne
Girl Still Wild
An oldie about a hoe named Sue. Love it!
this song call dream lover,not Runaround Sue
Lucas YouTuber
#zombie 0:56 😂 #like
عباس حسن
Axtonhero 2020
The Belmont’s are with him and that makes me sad dion is the only one a live right now
Gary Fynan
Who is the woman at 1:03"??
So comentei pra quando o mundo acabar meu nome estar aki lembre-se de mim o ponto no escudo espaço e um grão no novo mundo pos apocalíptico sei q n lerão isso mas eu extarei aki pro resto do universo e o tempo q aki n passa talvez n entenderão essa linguagem ou idioma mas eu serei uma lenda no futuro eu queria ficar aki pra sempre mas n da n quero morrer quero ver o futuro daqui a milhões de anos so lembre-se de mim fale pros seus filhos e filhas de mim n deixem eu morre por favor meu nome e Patrick um viajante do tempo. Isso n e um adeus mas s um ate breve.
Chris DiGiuseppe
Music was much better then
Eileen Smith
What a boring crowd this is a great make u wanna get up & dance song wish I was born in this era music was so much better than most of the shit today ?
F Offenton
I suppose Generation Snowflake would be triggered by this song.
Ανδρέας Ανδριόπουλος
Lame audience
Lucila Benitez
Murillo Soriano
2018/2019 alguém
Gergely Fülöp
1:01 Szirmai Gergely !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bill Ashwell
Dion had that coolness about him. Not over the top like Little Richard and not borderline comatose like Perry Como. Like a rock and roll Dean Martin.
CaseIH 1455
van de sjonnies is beter xD
dion ambrogio
ThatPandaSamurai SamuraiPanda
can't beat tunes like this, old school music had class.
Dat Guy Films
Yep, The Wanderer turned into a woman, and basically never changed after that...
Quintessential rock n roll
donald ooten
she like to travel around shell love and then she put down
sam and thats the tea
i hope that people know that this was around the time where white people didnt know how to dance....we really learned to dance from colored people back then. music appreciation class yall 🤪
peri lobo
Grande sucesso de Dion entra na Grande Parada Brasil, em 61 com este rock delicioso. Encantou a Juventude Brasileira. Runaround Sue ( Namoradeira ).
juan gomez
Was born in 87, love this music... fixing my 68 chevy c10, can't wait for 2019 lone star round up Austin TX
ellie and Amy xox ilovethewallkingdead
those day's were the best day's ever u will know about that no bad thing happened every day no rapes no pervs but there were probably some but not as much from today i love this song too
Karyna Smith
Thanks for this good video I love it😘😘😘😘😘 I love this song
Terry Atkins
authentic and life teaches us that we should look back as well as forwards, life's lessons can challenge our bias, adopted opinion and if we stop for a second to realise that liberation of understanding can come in any metaphor, in any format, with language that is contemporary but grounded which we need to be mindful to filter against to learn and evolve.
Br A
You just can"t help yourself from just singing along, I also was tapping my hand with the drummer and the rest of the rhythm section. Thanks for posting this...
Facundo Suarez
808 Tait
I was in the kitchen making some dinner for my daughters...this song popped in my head for some reason...fired up you tube real quick...began dancing around the kitchen to this song as my daughters one by one started dancing too!!! I was awesome! Music is the purest form communication lol!!
Shannon Mcglond
My 5 year old will pretty much only listen to this music. 30s - 50s is his favorite! Wants nothing to do with anything after the 80s!
lisa De*****
I would have thought you are cold-hearted a****** till I heard your real story about the Buddy Holly
Leonardo Baez
Daisy Ontiveros
I love this song. Always got me dancing.
Good memories sitting by the fireplace and hearing this on my dads music player.
Elise Jackson
Dion really had a wonderful voice.
David Moore
That woman in the front looks really uncomfortable lol.
abel leyes
Александр Калабаев
Joe Hottois
Good music
Emma :D
my name's olly, Nice to meet ya, let me tell you baby-