1961 Dion-Runaround Sue

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Michael Alba
Here's my story, it's sad but true It's about a girl that I once knew She took my love then ran around With every single guy in town Yeah I should have known it from the very start This girl will leave me with a broken heart Now listen people what I'm telling you A keep away from a Runaround Sue I might miss her lips and the smile on her face The touch of her hair and this girl's warm embrace So if you don't want to cry like I do A keep away from-a Runaround Sue Ah, she likes to travel around She'll love you and she'll put you down Now people let me put you wise Sue goes out with other guys Here's the moral and the story from the guy who knows I fell in love and my love still grows Ask any fool that she ever knew, they'll say Keep away from-a Runaround Sue Yeah keep away from this girl I don't know what she'll doe Keep away from Sue She likes to travel around She'll love you and she'll put you down Now people let me put you wise She goes out with other guys Here's the moral and the story from the guy who knows I fell in love and my love still grows Ask any fool that she ever knew, they'll say Keep away from a Runaround Sue Stay away from that girl Don't you know what she'll do now
zach rementer
Sue Is a thot
Michael Haney
Sue turned Dion into the Wanderer.
Anton G
Tough crowd
EddE Mania
I wish I grew up in these times... minus the racism
Eddy Racine
Damn thots were round back then
Linda Workman
My all-time fav song from the 60s. Even now I can't sit still. I'm so moved by this song. This audience is comatose. They must be listening to some other song.
runaround sue vs the wanderer, top 10 anime battles
J.D. B.
Sometimes I wish I was born in a time with music like this instead of Nicky Minaj, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber etc
YouTube took down the original song and video of this beautiful masterpiece.. It had 22 million views...! Hopefully this one stays. Love this tune 🎶~💃
Roger Desbiens
Those are some sick vocals
Chris DiGiuseppe
Music was much better then
Thunder gatti. Long
Proper music that makes me dance like i think i can dance🤣🤣
michael bartello
Was that Sue's entire family in the audience? They seemed none too pleased with his music...
Generations Passed Runaround Sue - 1961 Dance with Me Tonight - 2011 Dear Future Husband - 2015 Looks like thay all like this beat...
Ricardo C
2018/2019. Runaround Sue. Love this song/Great Song.
Brittany Gilbert
This man makes me dance like never before.
hecate Hestia
Aww yea, this is my jam;)
George Moran
holy cow! That has got to be the most lame crowd of people. A song like that and zombies just sit there ???
elisio neto
This is a scene from the movie “Twist Around the Clock.” the beautiful blondie on the crowd is Maura McGiveney.
808 Tait
I was in the kitchen making some dinner for my daughters...this song popped in my head for some reason...fired up you tube real quick...began dancing around the kitchen to this song as my daughters one by one started dancing too!!! I was awesome! Music is the purest form communication lol!!
John Stephan
That's the most catatonic crowd I have ever seen!
Jonathan Rojas
there is a person tapping his hands on the left side. not everybody is a zombie here.
Frank Ellis
The blond girl sitting at the table has the most beautiful smile..She is so so cute!
Good music dont come with an expiration date!
Local Dealer
Im so drunk right now. It's actually unbelievable how much I've had to drink
Uruguay de Nos
"Sí, sólo eso fue (achu) un amor de verano" Ah, no, pará, me equivoqué de video.
Fantastic Classic .... Forever ....
Luz Guerrero
y dónde está el achooo! jaja plagio de airbag- amor de verano
Miki Aibres
Adults in the 2010's: Wow! What a wonderful song! What a wonderful era! Adults in the 1960's: I don't understand the music these kids are listening to these days!
Hello Hi
Wow, that’s a natural voice
RSDtyler Durden
Hoes gonna be hoes
Antonio Carniero
It took many years but eventually humanity found a way to combat ladies like sue BE GONE THOT
Wild Night Music
Thx for 1mil view
Valerie Gutierrez
This is one of my most favorite songs ever!
Oof Crusader
They played this at Squaw Valley in California (Ski Resort) and I had to find it. Hey look, I did.
Bryan Ryan
This wasn't his crowd...I think they were there for Beethoven. Women b like "don't tell our secret bish..."
Paul Dekker
Dion is underrated
Adrieni Vitoria
2018 2019 2020 ❤️
Dan Napier
The audience is stiff as a board. Looks like they are at a funeral. Must be tough performing under those circumstances
Norma Elis
em 2018?
Angela Green
The guy with the sax looks like Tom Hanks a little. Lol.
Harley Freeman
I used to listen to music like this with my grandmother, on her old school record player, and those were simpler times, and now though she's gone, I still thoroughly enjoy this music, a d music from all eras, decades, and genres because of her. I'll always remember her fondly when listening to the oldies because those were the best days of my life.
Johnny Edson
Gotta love the swaggy toss of the mic cord over his shoulder..
S Roc
Sleeping with the enemy brought me here😂
Chris Menzel
2019 best music ever
Ian .M
Saw Dion live last night he still sounds great at 78
Dare Ka?
Chili's to-go commercial.
katydid mccarthy
Tell me you're not clappin' and chair dancin'....................Now just get up and DANCE!
Hoshen Damri
Sue maybe was a cruel thot but she sure did made Dion a men... The same goes to all men who've been betrayed
Alexis Stone
Sleeping with the enemy brought me here
Aye Parker
the original sad boy song
Julija Bogdamovska
I love this song
Anime Lover
I named my Jeep after this song (I know it’s weird)
Barış Yılmazer
Betty draper ? 01:02
i think this song can be hit again if someone can remake it with different background music probably in rock or pop rock
hello !!
Proud to be Italian American ❤️💚
Vale Martínez
Que tema, excelente .
Megan Jasperson
My friend tap-danced to this song at our talent show it was AWESOME p.s. the best song ever
Run around sue is called a hoe nowadays!!!!!! Homie hopper
Que lindo tema, los felicito Airbag!!!
Smell my Finger
The crowd is so still😂😂
Stacey Watson
This song makes me feel like I was born in the wrong generation. 80's baby here. 😍
saray del mar cabana gomez
Dino Carlucci
Dion from the Bronx. Don't come any better than that.
bobby smith
The women are like oh crap we are caught. Maybe if we don’t react he won’t know which one of us is sue
Ray Lopez
Dion and the band are lit 🔥 only guy that was feeling it @ 1:27 and of course Sue @ 1:51 smiling big for all future thots proudly 😂😂😂
King_ Angel
sue is a super thot
Gary Morris
Truly a great song.
Tiki Williams
Damn Sue Was A T-H-O-T Yea It's Better To Keep Away From People Like Sue.
D Me
"...every single guy in town?" Sue was a guido who'ra!
Today is Dion's 79th birthday, still looks and sounds great
Cathy Brooks
This one takes me back to the early 1960s Humble (Texas) High School bus trip which took a load of us to the TEXAS STATE FAIR and the small roller coaster that went clockwise then reversed to counter clockwise.: Memories lay in songs.
angys tina
Sleeping with the enemy 😙😚😚😚❤❤❤
Zachary Martin
I prbly account for a thousand of those views
Mark Ponn
Wow that crowd is really diggin' it!
John Tigano
One of my all time favs. Good old Belmont Ave, Bronx.
Emma Joy
Came from the Dolan Twins 💜
William Harrell
The crowd was really rocking, weren't they...LOL!
ngun gaming
3 songs like the same... Ok
Just Smile
Number of sue has is damn high nowdays
Definitely knew a girl like that named Sue that just would flirt and come on to all the other guy's no matter who she was with . We called her SOOZ THE FLOOZ.
Edna Gonzalez
I wonder who was Sue Like of you keep asking yourself that
Krazie Maniak
Jessica Jackson, +angel ryner
mara de medici
First time i Hear this amazing song in American Gods... and i sing it in my mind whole that day. I ❤ Dion !
the best , j vincent edwards
Quintessential rock n roll
Kara Blair
she like to travel around she love ya and put you down,i’ll keep away from runaround Sue
Every time I hear this I want to get up and dance
xd Beluga
I’m 12 and I like this song Proof: ur mum gae
John Hunt
This tune is absolutely mint. From a time long since gone but lads we've all known birds like that haven't we.... run-a-round Sues?... And no doubt you ladies have all known run-a-round Stus?
joseph Sanchez
Back than crowds was trash 🤣i wouldve been hitting some kinda nod or something
King_ Angel
i love old school music
Robert Slade Jr
What if Sue's actual name is Peggy Sue, she had a broken heart after Buddy Holly died, met Dion and ran around with every guy in town and became known as Runaround Sue. Theory one. What if Brian Wilson got around on Sue, then she took her broken heart and ran around on Dion then officially became known as Runaround Sue? Theory Two
lisa De*****
I would have thought you are cold-hearted a****** till I heard your real story about the Buddy Holly
Lubos Puchy
X Factor UK 2k17 anyone ? :D
John Smiths
Where did this get recorded? Like was it for a show or what?
William Griffith
great classic...check out the audience, no emotion..just zombies!
juan gomez
Was born in 87, love this music... fixing my 68 chevy c10, can't wait for 2019 lone star round up Austin TX