How does asthma work? - Christopher E. Gaw

View full lesson: /> More than 300 million people around the world suffer from asthma, and around 250,000 people die from it each year. But why do people get asthma, and how can this disease be deadly? Christopher E. Gaw describes the main symptoms and treatments of asthma. Lesson by Christopher E. Gaw, animation by Zedem Media.

Dark Destiny Scarlet
Who pressed this video because they have ashma?
*We dont vape we use nebulizer* 😎😎
Youch Pouch
I have asthma.. it’s really bad. For those of you who don’t know what it feels like to have it, it’s very bad. You cannot run so fast or for too long. If you do, you feel like your chest is just squeezing your lungs so that you can’t breathe. You feel as if there is no more air and your taking up the last oxygen to quickly. It’s very bad. You also have this cough but you feel like the with each cough you use too much energy to breathe. Be grateful if you don’t have asthma. Be grateful..
Mr Stark I don't breath so good
The Starco Shipper
People with asthma know the struggle of coughing so hard that it feels like they're vomiting their lungs out.
Luna Lover
Reply or like if you ACTUALLY have asthma I have asthma!
Emily S
Did anyone else have a hard time breathing watching this video?
Red Calcium
Is anyone else with astma fine for most of the time but when you realise you forgot your inhaler you start to panic and that makes you have an asthma attack
I like how 70% of the people watching this don't even have asthma and pretend they do I have asthma and its way worse then you think. it is worse then the video is telling
Asphyxia Laos
It feels like breathing from a straw
Amir Tavassoly
asthma sucks
Briana C
For all *those lucky ducks* who dont have asthma Go run for 40 minutes straight (as fast as you can) then *TRY* breathing from a straw.
The Dude
Guess what? I have asthma! And guess what I would want to do in life? SINGING
Pods Jada0077
I have asthma I didnt know about any of this Im scared
Juan Diaz
Team asthma 👇If you have it you are not alone
Vidhya Krsc
Sometimes I feel may be these r the last seconds in my life
berke arı
Even you laugh so hard you'll be attack for sure.
Not to mention the severe headaches you get from the lack of oxygen, so not only are you struggling for dear life, you simultaneously have to fight off headaches too
Toby Andrews
Me and my bestfriend watch this and she just cried because she thought I'll die because I also had asthma
Rafid Abdullah
People who are safe from it, BE GRATEFUL. In fact, Be Grateful for everything you have.
Communist Panda
Imagine your body being so suicidal it forgets to breath
King_ KS14
I have asthma but it’s controlled but I still feel it when I run
I thank the US government for making smokers smoke outside. With my severe asthma going into bars/restaurants was something i avoided since it would instantly bring me into an asthma attack/asthma distress. I’m happy I can finally go into buildings without worrying about dying 💕
Dank meme Therapy
I just want a cure for asthma! Because of asthma I have the worst stamina ever!
Alejandro Bardo Laserna
[*Insert I have asthma comment here*]
Ooooffff I don't have asthma Should I be happy but I'm a slow runner eh it might just be because I'm lazy
Westmisten Mapping II
Your immune system decides to say "air is deadly" and begins to kill yoy
poojan Runjet
Kim Jongbae
I hate the misconception that people with asthma are just unfit, having to take my inhaler in PE and have other athletic kids scoff at me for exaggerating and that I should just try to be healthier, even though in reality I was probably much stronger than them. Getting made fun of for having asthma was a pain in the ass so I'm glad there's more awareness for it
Sparklesparkle 2.0
Any asthma Bois here
I have asthma and thankfully it has gotten better over the past nine years but I still get minor symptoms when I work in the cold
Brendan Lewis
When you have asthma and get told to do a 12 minute run in PE I did it but felt like I was dying after
Loomie 12
Idk why it is so hard for me to watch I'm not even asthmatic
Broken Static
Here let me explain it more simple “mE DoNt bReath weLl”
*when you have asthma but you wanna make an original comment but everyone said one of your ideas in the comments*
I couldn't sleep during the night because of asthma
Nikki SoVain
Thankfully my son grew out of it at around age 8.
Marcus Memes
Who felt weird breathing while watching this video
marichat fan forever
Whoever has asthma God bless you hope you get better I have asthma too I learned how to love it because it's a part of me
I have very severe chronic athsma and i have almost died too many times in my life from it. It sucks. Thanks for the vid!
According to studies in [unknown], people that have Asthma have a 10% chance of being an Anti-Vax kid.
fajar adi Pradana
Once I got asthma attack at work. My boss suggestion is : Why dont you breath with your mouth?
Molly York
It ain’t easy being wheezy
Shahzenan AKAI
I clicked on this video because i have asthma and im currently dying in bed hardly being able to breathe (the video also reminded me to go and take my preventer inhaler 😂)
The Heisters
I am not proud of having asthma, but I am proud of fighting it!
me, has asthma: **clicks on this video because i’ve always wondered**
don't have nickname , don't want true name around
Oh my god, it's absolutely more horrifying than I thought
Thanks for making an episode on asthma, I know what's it is like because since birth I have had serious asthma attacks yearly, although over the past 3 or 4 years it slowed down and got better till last year when pollen really affected me. I blame all the pollution, causing global warming thus causing a massive depletion in bees and other pollen transporters, causing over 250,000 people with asthma to die yearly! I plan to make changes to our planet in the future... Till then I will survive, hoping to save hundreds of thousands of lives in the future. Having asthma may be a disease but we are lucky, who knows what we could have had if we didn't have asthma, it's a gift really, we are lucky and all those other people without asthma, be/ stay grateful, we as asthmatics may be grateful but so should all others. Thank you for taking your precious time to read all of this, I have taken my precious time to write it! Good Day to you all!!
Chloe Gamer
I miss not having asthma. Saying that, I don’t even use my inhaler because it’s out of date and I keep procrastinating on getting a new one
Stella Simarmata
Wait. We can die bc of asthma? Omg thank God that didnt hapoend to me counting how much i keep making myself suffer with the asthma
Well.... Asthma is a genetic disease in our family, so..... We are all affected by it😣
As someone with really, really bad asthma... It makes me happy to see this here, bringing awareness to it and hopefully pushing towards a better solution.
zeebo lover
all i wanted to do was join the military
abbie sharpe
Does anyone really struggle when the seasons start changing ? Mines particularly autumn to winter 🥶
Lin Ma
It is very interesting . Thank you for uploading and sharing !
KittenClub ASMR
Who else wishes they didn’t have asthma?
• William •
Another reason I wish smoking was illegal
Insomnia Poltergeist
Running and intense exercise will help to eliminate your asthma, I know because it's working for me. I still get bad attacks when sick though.
I have asthma and when they described the symptoms i cringed so hard and felt like I couldn’t breath
Libby Diaz
I'm having an asthma attack rn and I have no puffer y'all help me. 😭
Rasko Znojavi
I have astmha like if u do to or like anyways just to make me feel better :D
Nebulizer is our vape😎
"Asmatics" he makes it sound like us peoe with asthma are drug addicts. xp
sammy the ultimate memer
I hate my asthma I've gone to hospital 6 times for days on end because of it. like if you've gone to the hospital because of it too.
Cartina Latu
I didn't have asthma when I was little but now people think I have asthma and I'm starting to agree I do have asthma since I'm starting to get older
I have asthma but I take an inhaler (QVAR) to help my asthma. I recommend you use an inhaler.
therealdragonboy2923 tube
I have asma i have g6pd And I HAVE CRIPLING DEPREASION serously tho
Filipino Archmage
Just had a breathing discomfort just by watching the video and I don't even have asthma. The wheezy breathing is contagious like yawning.
Sarah Majidi
My friend has asthma, but she always runs, for a long time. I believe her, but still a little skeptical.
Itz_me_ Unicorn
I have questions 1: why am I watching this 2: why am I watching this and I don’t have asthma 3: why am I up at 2:00 am watching this Edit: hey at least I have the knowledge of it who knows I baby sit a lot so it could come in handy 🤷‍♀️
Trap Therapy
Bruh I almost died just now i didnt breathe for almost 2 mins
_Wøomy _
Thanks, now i know my life is hanging on a thread
Matthew Schipper
I have asthma but I never knew how it worked I also have epilepsy
Man the animation was a wonderfull Story, the boy grows up and now he is a coach? Nice :)
Ziyoghoyenge Soko
Thank you for sharing this.... I'm 27 and still get attacks....atleast I know my triggers
Kristians BMX
I have one question if people have asthma did he emits strange sounds?🤨
elnone right
I have asthma but i still force myself to do sports
Envelo Envelope
One time I had an attack when I was in the bathroom. I rushed out of there, I felt like I was about to pass out. I barely had time to use my inhaler, because I could barely hold my breath. I was lightheaded for the next 10-15 minutes, and it set my heartrate fast (idk why) for the next 3-5 weeks. This happened in September of 2018, and it sucked. Especially when it was on a Friday. :(. Don't underestimate asthma like I did, because before that, I was already wheezing, again, not sure why, I think my school had pesticides sprayed over its field.
Cormac Holland
I have asthma. It sucks
Cassandra And Marielle
Who first time got the asthma? ↓
Lilli Frey
no one: literally not a single soul: asthmatics: i <3 albuterol 🙌🏼😫😫🗣👌🏼💦
Xx Sizzle
I almost die when i was a kid because of my asthma.
I have asthna :v For real
Aleksa Velickovic
Wow i had no idea how asthma actually works. Great video!
I have bad Asthma.It’s really hard to live with.If you don’t have it,be thankful.
Nazeem Razali
My brother have asthma.. then he started working out..he now is a bodybuilder.. and he have completely cure the asthma..but certain things like dust may trigger the asthma..
It's great to actually understand what actually happens when i have an asthma attack, thanks!
Moody Lyrics
I almost died because of asthma and my dad almost died 2 times thanks to 911 my dad is saved. Its not really easy to have asthma especially you want to play sports.
Cam Bam
This video made it difficult for me to breathe and I loved it I wish my videos were this good
Elijah Ellis
Asthma is like trying to catch your breath but there is less and less air every time you breathe
Wing Nut
I haven’t had symptoms since 2 years (Im going through puberty) Did it go away?
Dianne Nuñez
Ok thanks for giving me my answer i have asthma attack now Like of you have asthma 👇
مَن أنّا
I thought the title says ethma lol 😂
X XXpugzi10XX X
Me: had astma since i was born Only had 2 astma attacks Also they are alot worse than described here
Max’s army has not touched this comment section UNTIL NOW OH YEAH YEAH
ziji helium
They've forgotten the worst bit. Not being able to breathe involuntarily and then not being able to sleep as a result.
Aniplayzz10 A young gamer
Also if you are sick asthma is even worse
ramen noddles
I have them especially during the pacer test in 6th grade😥
Shreya Deshpande
I had asthma since 2nd grade. Now i m okay.