All Funny Doritos Crash The Super Bowl Contest Commercial Finalists 2006 - 2016

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All Funny Doritos Crash The Super Bowl Contest Commercial Finalists 2006 - 2016 The Crash the Super Bowl contest was an annual online commercial competition run by Frito-Lay. Consumers were invited to create their own Doritos ads and each year, at least one fan-made commercial was guaranteed to air during the Super Bowl. In later editions of the contest, Doritos offered bonus prizes ranging from $400,000 to $1,000,000. Eight editions of the Crash the Super Bowl commercial contest were held between 2006 and 2016 and, during that time, fans submitted more than 36,000 entries. Funniest Doritos Dogs Ads Ever - /> About Doritos Doritos tortilla chips is one of the billion-dollar brands that make up Frito-Lay North America, the $13 billion convenient foods business unit of PepsiCo (NYSE: PEP), which is headquartered in Purchase, NY. To learn more about the Doritos brand, visit its website at or on Twitter at or on Facebook at /> ⭐️ Buy Doritos Online ‣ DORITOS® Flavored Tortilla Chips, Spicy Sweet Chili - />DORITOS® COOL RANCH® Flavored Tortilla Chips - />DORITOS® DINAMITA® Chile Limón Flavored Rolled Tortilla Chips - />DORITOS® DINAMITA® Fiery Habanero Flavored Rolled Tortilla Chips - />DORITOS® FLAMAS® Flavored Tortilla Chips - />DORITOS® JACKED™ Ranch Dipped Hot Wings Flavored Tortilla Chips - />DORITOS® Mix Cheese Explosion Flavored Tortilla Snacks - />DORITOS® Mix Taco Explosion Flavored Tortilla Snacks - />DORITOS® Nacho Cheese Flavored Tortilla Chips - />DORITOS® Salsa Verde Flavored Tortilla Chips - />DORITOS® Spicy Nacho Flavored Tortilla Chips - />DORITOS® Spicy Sweet Chili Flavored Tortilla Chips - />DORITOS® Taco Flavored Tortilla Chips - />DORITOS® TAPATIO® Flavored Tortilla Chips - />DORITOS® Toasted Corn Tortilla Chips -

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Golden Freddy
13:12, why is this so funny i can't stop laughing
Bell Iron Fist
Does this make anyone else want Doritos now?
Samantha Beatrice
This is daisy the rabbit 🐰 he has no Doritos One like =one piece of Doritos
Meina Rose
15:38 That face tho
EngineEyes Pi3
7:07... anyone else thought that was wrong lol.
Zack Gaming
Like pls 👇
0ggDogy Gaming
Now I want to eat doritos
Emoji The Child
17:56 when you mess with the dorito samurai
Angie Chacon
15:38 *mmm cheese* 😂😂😂
the real springtrap
when school start 13:14
Alex J
5:06 he can buy even more doritos
DerickPlayz YT
14:47 wtf the dad can strip
abrxham C:
7:05 that looks so wrong
Neelesh Kotnis
Hope the doritos tree could be real as in 9:13
21:46 tf were they doing there 0_0
Karen Bryant
1:05 how is that banned
Dylan Reece
Who else is watching this while eating doritos
14:47 I bet Mom is going to be using that a lot if you know what I mean
anthony diaz
7:16 to 7:18 #Savage
Zzzonda Wolf
11:04 when I stub my toe
22:40 to 22:50 poor man
Unicorn Princess
11:03 When I find no Doritos in my life Plus I was eating Doritos while watching this
WWE Lover
We watch YouTube to skip the adds on tv and all And now we are watching Ads waw so this is our world now? IM NOT HATIN THOUGH
Zombie Man777
15:58 PUG LIFE🐶😎
Griffin Eloriaga
16:50 Logan paul as a 90 year old
This is how ads should be like. Just plain comedy. It would be more entertaining to watch than some of the ads in my country. Much better than that one candy ad that copied Major Lazer.
Immortal TSGR
5:07 he could use that money to get a lot of Doritos
bepagirl bepagirl
0:53 Hey my sister has the same exact cat plushie😂
That one guy who cracks everything
6:23 that looks WAYYYY too much like a bear cub
Robin Kala
16:30 Poor man:(
The Gaming Brothers
1:10 adorable and funny.
Wolf /animations
*defaults fighting with a grey pistol vs combat shotgun be like* 13:15
layan رزق
Hi l,m layan
Even people are gay for them.
Boy Turner
14:46 is so inappropriate Thx for the likes and this is to hate comments: I’m just saying you guys think over reacting saying ahhhh it’s a stripper pole but I’m not I’m just Ponting it out Chillax
LeNa xD
I love Doritos👅👅👅👅👅
bluzer awesome
3:27 They can either eat their own fake spit Or You can eat it
العراقي المستقل التجمع الوطني
Maximilian Birner
All dorito commercials ranked! :0 1 4/10 kind of gross and disturbing. But I can see others enjoying it. 2 Eh. Not very funny and boring. Not my Doritos! 3/10 3 Soooo cute. And fun to watch. 8.5/10 4This is great for the super bowl. Really is great! 9/10 5 So strange.... and the sound effects..... I guess kind of funny? 4.5/10 6 FIRST WORDS! WHAT A GREAT IDEA! 6/10 7 Relatable, But doesn’t fit the style of the strange Doritos commercials. But still good 7/10 8 This is one of my favorites. It’s great! 10/10 9 they really want those Doritos. That’s being grounded for the rest of their lives! 6.5/10 10 I think this one is fine. I don’t think it’s super funny though. 5/10 11 It shocked me. I jumped for a second. But isn’t very amusing 5/10 12 This is pretty funny! But it needs a little bit more. 7.5/10 13 I think everyone can relate to this. The sad middle seat..... 7/10 14 please stop. This is disgusting! 2/10 15 another one of my favorites. I remember talking about this! 9.5/10 16 the poor ostrich. 6.5/10 17 was funny at first, but wasn’t super great. 5.5/10 I love the actor though 18 my third favorite. But this really is so funny. 10/10 19 ehhhhh..... wasn’t very funny. And it’s basically a copy of one coming up. 3.5/10 20 I like it. Not amazing, but it’s pretty good. 7.5/10 21 super funny one! I feel pretty bad for the dog though. 9/10 22 It was a good year for Doritos commercials. It’s so funny! I love the rampage! 9.5/10 23 it’s fine. The concept has been used before though and this time it was just with Doritos. 4.5/10 24 the copy of the fetch one. But it’s done worse. 2/10 25 fine. Nothing special 5.5/10 26 this one was also talked about a lot. I understand though, it’s pretty funny! 7/10 27 that boy is so evil. But it’s a well made commercial. 7.5/10 28 It wasn’t very funny. And the idea is pretty strange. But isn’t it for all dorito commercials? 5/10 29 took a VERY surprising turn. I love how kids would never notice what it really means XD 6.5/10 30 :/ Adam and Eve. *sigh* 3/10 31 uhhhh another disturbing one! But even weirder. 2/10 32 the dog ones will always get a good rating for me! :P 8/10 33 well that was.... surprising. The title doesn’t match with the commercial that much 4.5/10 34 oh, I love this one! It’s great! 9.5/10 35 I love the dorito throwing star. It’s pretty good! 8/10 36 oh, wow. 6/10 the lowest rated dog one! 37 just..... why? 4/10 38 couldn’t they think of anymore ideas? 5/10 39 >:( wasn’t enjoyable for some reason. 5/10 40 this one I remember. So that is why I give it a higher rating. 7.5/10 41 GENIUS 10/10!!!!! JK (4.5/10) 42 it’s fine. 5/19 43 really funny 9/10 44 I don’t get it...... hmmmmm..... idk. 4.5/10 45 meh. It’s okay?! 5.5/10 46 seriously?! 2.5/10
Robin Kala
13:15 Then when you Go back to School and have lotsss of homework😂😂
arthurfilm s
I had to watch the first ad to get to this video
Greg Yochum
KawaiiKat and Friends
14:50 that’s a little dark
Potato reviews Things and stuff
14:48 mommy going to get down.
Doge :3
Sling baby is funny
Cringe Buket
When your teacher calls your parents 13:14
Selejan Ianis Gabriel
Can I be your pet? I won't crunch while you work promise just gimme some dorito!! 10:54
Dr.Edward richtofen
Man in the commercials the Doritos are triangles and in reality all broken and stuff
ECCP sports
Anyone else craving Doritos ? Lmao
Augustas Step Augustas Stepulevicius
Whait the **** dis is rely directory if you know what I mention 😂😂😂😂
Gaming With Hayden
This made me soo hungry for doritos
im mega pro and im mega fire
The baby first word baby says: d d d dad: say it with me baby: Doritos *slaps* that was really funny
arthurfilm s
7:59 the face
Sarah Saponara
11:03 when my YouTube stops working😂😂
Cheyenne Dombrille
22:46 is soooo funny
Relatable but cringey
ngoc hien vuong
3:54: Auction starts 4:02: Auction ends
shane talwan
Im actually eating doritos while watching this
Alex Wonders
11:04 when it’s Monday xD
the Meme Lord
Why did they make the dad get arrested just for Doritos. I mean their good but come on.
Austins Let's plays
I was eating potato chips when I watched this
Zara Burzo
2:50 Dad"Say it with me" "Da" Baby:"Doritos!!!" LOL
Jose Hernandez
8:14 was not that guy
Amelia Smuts
16:20 ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Kylee Da Dancer and Weirdo
Rip dog he just wanted Doritos but he led out the window
This is the funniest commercial I Ever seen I laugh of Dieing
When you find a retarted man in the street 13:01
Aiden Nguyen
13:15 b00m
Mr Awesome
That crunch though
the Meme Lord
I love the cowboy one solely for the dog🤣
ElectroGamer ZX
Original Made By DORITOS
0:05 oh no, I remember this commercial! O_O
jameskey yeee
Ian eating Doritos while watching this video
Sophie Dane
I died when the ostrich gasped 🤣
Mark The One
"The best part" is so true.
The geometry Dash lord
no doritos
Inas Fun
10:39 hi young honey boo boo
Eva Air
Doritos is my favourite
GachaGamer123 Lol
The first one hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah (╯°∇°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Lovy Daffie
Its the future Haha 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
floo aramis 2.0 garcia
Kylie Cooper
14:48 wow really dirty
Ejderha Efsanesi
5:40 + is very very funny😂😂😂😂😂😂
Oh my god XD
فديتني فدا
Why he came back 5:35
16:20 and that’s why pugs noses are flat
pica pica Aggcr
Dnrtos is
Ronald Republo
hahahahahaha 😂 so funny
Angie Bangie
1:45 his eyes though
Jk Lo
This is why I luv Doritos
HyDro Fusion
7:04 anyone else see the problem
The geometry Dash lord
eat poop
Leandro Romera
Leprikons Lv
Doctor you have 24minutes and 11 seconds to live me...
0:00 wow
Joaquin Diego
My mouth feels dry...
Bentley 097
12:53 lol
Carla Sava
Duceți-vă dracu' cu Doritorul vostru . Mor câini din cauza lui ! Duceți-vă dracu'
Mario & Kirby 3DS Production's
11:06 That Goat Has a Doritos Addiction!