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Brick Tamland From Anchorman Best Clips

Johnny McCormick IV
That moment when you realize that 3 of the 4 worked for Dunder Mifflin
Steve Carell is an amazing actor.
Gabriel Schleifer
"Where did you get those clothes? At the toilet store?" Best comeback ever. 10/10
Mr Ditkovich
Champ: Brick i thought you said this was a shortcut Brick: Fantastic!
it is what it is
I feel like brick represents me on a spiritual level
Saint Fernando
"I saw that... Brick killed a guy. Did you throw a trident?" The writing was incredible in this movie.
das it mane
All I see is Michael Scott.
That insult about buying your clothes at the toilet stoor might be so bad it's actually devestatingky good. I'll have to use that now.
Hockeytown/ Broad Street Bullies Fan
Ron: Brick, where did you get a hand grenade? Brick: I don't know. Brick: AAAAAHHHHHHH!.
Dak Lamerbusch
"MMM I just burned my tongue!"
*Steve Carell is funnier than Will Farell*
Danny Dolan
"Brick I thought you said this was a shortcut" "Fantastic!" "Well is it or not?" "Okay!"
Subject Delta Δ
"Where did you get that hand Grenade?" "I don't know" 😂😂😂😂
Jacob Anderson
Steve was probably told to tone it down because he would otherwise have outshined Will Ferrell, you know, cuz he's actually funny in comparison.
"Loud noises" gets me every time.
I would like to extend an invation to anyone in the comment section to the pants party.
Sophie Hart
Anchorman wouldn't be funny without Brick
Leticia Perez
For God's sake, this guy needs his own movie!
Val Lan-Chiell
I declare : bankrupstyyyyyyy
Christian Toth
They used waaay too much Brick in the sequel. He's not a very well developed character at all, and that was never the point. No he doesn't need his own movie. It would be terrible. Brick worked in the first film because he had fewer lines and he also worked off of the other guys, like Ron and Brian and Champ.
Tha Homie BB
>.> .... You're not Ron.
He said heiny! *laughing and standing next to the rival team for no reason*
ExtraOrdinary MUSIC
Brick where'd you get a hand grenade lmao
That was the best four minutes and fifty two seconds of my life.
Emily Besch
O.O ........ you're not Ron.
Brick probably thought it was a literal pants party. He does enjoy a nice pair of slacks.
Chris Dudeson
Yeah! I stabbed a man in the heart! With a trident!
Daniel Verberne
I love his laughter after the "I'm telling you that lady has really crawled into Ron's head". So random! 2:18
jeremy anderson
Its one of those filaffle-hotdogs with cinnamon and bacon on top
This Movie has set the standard of anti-humor... and Hollywood has been trying every since to top it.
Boy that escalated quickly
Eon Prime
Brick is the Michael J Caboose of Channel 4 news team.
This guy is so adorkable.
Isaac Oda
"Brick where'd you get a hand grenade" "I don't know."
Brick Tamland
How did I get in the computer? I should call Ron.
Ernie Velveeta
I don't remember that last one.
Edgar Friendly
4 minutes and 52 glorious seconds
After all these years and I still can't stop laughing when Brick looks at his banana when Brian says he can't sleep at night. Oh my god.
i don't remember brick eating garbage in the movie?
Bernhard Waldbrunner
"Brick, where'd you get a hand grenade?" - "I don't know."
Merrin Guthrie
where'd you get those clothes at the toilet store?
Lan Dinh
Whenever he laughs I laugh
flower boy
We can all agree that Brick is the best character in the movie?
Brick is the best but better in anchor man 2
patrick crosley
I love lamp.
Nick Barrie
He's much funnier in the 2nd movie lol
hmm, i just burned my tongue
Yeah, I ate a big red candle.
Where'd you get a hand grenade? I don't know............. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Jason W.
Brick, where did you get a hand grenade? "I don't know".
Umar Bajwa
2:29 When I'm out with my friends
Truly an Oscar winning performance. *sniff*
Is he putting mayonnaise in a toaster?
Mahesh Sharma
I love lamp
I want a falafel hot dog with cinammon and bacon...
Brick tamland is my spirit animal.
Sharm Masilamany
The Toliet Store joke will last forever!
Jeff Lebowski
I love lamp!
Sandra Le Vett
*Loud noises*
7th Degree Imperial Yo-Yo Master
Megedagik Outdoors
That was a good hotdog!
Al Black
Brick may be funny, but he is also socially awkward! He doesn't know how to talk to Ms. Corningstone appropriately.
X Gen
"...years later, a Doctor will tell me I have an I.Q of 48 and am what some people call mentally retarded." I love how Brick says that with no concern whatsoever, rather it's just an interesting piece of trivia. lol priceless!
Jorble Mcdandy
What about "I'm riding a furry tractor."?
Joey .A
U all girls r invited to the pants party
I like how he nods and just keeps eating the coffee filter rofl.
I feel really bad for brick at the part where he eats that thing out of the trash can
Faaantastic... Okaaaay. xD Best answers to questions EVER. :D
Jonathan Sefcik
Brick Tamland and Ed from Ed Edd N' Eddy are the greatest stupid characters in history.
I don’t Feel so good
Steve carrel is my spirit animal
is brick from the future?
Elizabeth Butler
Presenting Oscar nominated actor Steve Carell.....
Atlas Kebab
"I am mentally retarted." lmao
yep they should deffo do a short movie with just brick in maybe how he goes on with his day and the unfortunate things tht happen to him, also can anyone tell me where i can get a t shirt saying i love lamp lol
Tyler White
2:05 get you a significant other that looks at you the way Brick looks at that banana.
Brick is sooooo well played by Steve omg.. which makes Brick an outstanding and amazing character i think. Really really funny, and a little cute as well though.
Ron Burgundy
mmm..I just burned my tongue.
Three Wolves Pictures
Lol. This was hilarious. I love Brick.
Lucas Russell
I ate big red candle
Years later . . . lol
Matt-The Wrestling Guy
I saw that!!!....Brick killed a guy!!! LOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
brick is so cute :3
Gavin Tryde
*_Steve Carell was born for comedy_*
Wade Westrick
For God Sake, Give Brick Tamland His Own Movie
Destiny Man
The caboose of anchorman
Darth Vader
(Holds grenade in hand) *AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!*
He is Caboose from RvsB
your not Ron LOL
Peter McGill
"You're not Ron".
Ariel Celani
brick at his own funeral lawl
Gabriel Schleifer
2:08 I swear to god I thought my computer froze at that point. Steve Carell is a comedy master.
The Pixar Ball’s Origin
The Lone Wolf
Him laughing after Paul Rudd speaking had me laughing way too hard... it was perfectly random and that laugh is contagious so now I have it saved as a GIF on my phone.
Castor Realista
She was a ho... for sho...  whoops... wrong movie... 
Jack Hammer
Bears can smell the menstruation
honey owen
other than the "Hangover" classics I NEVER watch comedies as I find them un funny and most are stupid in my opinion. Until I was guided here on the tube looking for mystery movies? How I found this I cant remember. Anyway I was always a true fan of "The Office" The part of the screen being green and him not seeing his legs is the funniest thing I've ever seen, ever!. I must have watched that at least 20 times and actually laughed so hard I needed to use the bathroom. It's very early in the am here and I just watched it again and i'm still laughing out loud. He is genious and I thin one of the most talented actor for comedy in the world.