Like It's Quidditch - Acoustic - Harry Potter - G6 Parody

Download this song: />You can find more videos over at /> Hi, my name is Nice Peter, and this is a song. I wrote this with my friend Tiffany at the Station, and we all got together to make a music video. This is the acoustic version, I hope you like it. You can check out the full music video here: /> You are awesome. see you soon, -nice peter LINKS: /> /> /> /> />

Yessica Sosa
I think the acoustic version is better than the original. Nice work as always, Peter, you are more than perfect ♥
Jenna Macneil
What about Slytherin? 😭 #housepride
Okay, this is epic
Way better than the original.
jacob peña
This song rocks.. its very catchy deserves more views
I missed this so much...
Oh man, i used to listen to this all the time!
Best. Thing. Ever.
I just rediscovered this. It's still ffin amazing.
Dawson Olmsted
Nothing like a dose of Nicepeter to put a smile on your face
Это просто замечательная песня! И исполнение на высоте!
Felipe Ventura
Parody asside. This is the best acoustic version I've seen so far
love this
Dorthy Allan
Harry. Evolve. Copy & Paste.
Im not realy huge fan of Harry Potter, but i can't stop listening this thing.
Gosh nice are SEXY!
what about kansas
Read the descriptrion, trust me
Love the discription
Just seen him live fucking epic
Football Passion
Omg! His voice... He wad young xD
Better live
This was one of my favorite songs you played yesterday:)
One sounds different duh!
Jordy Álava
*o* I'm going to watch it! ;D
Just saw it live - was even better!
if you didnt noticed the left one was for normal voice ,the right one for the...special voice pay more attention
Nice Peter
Hi. Just wanted to let you know I'm going on a short live tour in the UK and Europe. This August 2013 - Starting on August 6 in Glasgow, Aug 7 in Manchester, Aug 8 in Cardiff, Aug 10 in London, Aug 13 in Berlin, Germany, and Aug 15 in Amsterdam for a birthday show. Hope to meet some awesome people there. More details are on my website. nicepeter(dot)C0m
Shaun Liddy
He needs the Harry Potter pill Jk.
everything you sing is just better than everyone or everything
Cody Adams
Fuck. You.
Now this is first result for how to build giant sub sandwich wtf
Dawson Olmsted
Better than original, but that's just me
christopher caldwell
Don't focus on him breathing
Liam Huntley
Pete, i know you've kinda gotten burnt out, but look at yourself in this video. This was before all the extra production and the ERB fame. This is quintessential NicePeter. This is the Peter we know and love. I think if you go back to your roots of making music you love and just having fun and not worrying so much about making a finished product that you'd get your passion back. At the very end of things, we just want you to be happy. if that means making music, then make it! We will love it no matter what it is. If you being happy means giving up youtube, then do it. Your happiness come first always! I hope you get back to what makes you happy, whatever that is. Sincerely, Devoted Fan from the Very Beginning
Dawson Olmsted
Hey this should go on iTunes!
Before your comment I didn't know that there is an original I WAS TOO LAZY TO READ THE FULL NAME
@jakecoco check it out bro :)
On Youtube.
karly paige
omg are you a new fan? just wondering cause he has know since june 4th 2005 that he has been loosing his hair! :) he made a video/song cald bald guy check it out! and if you are new welcome to the nicepeter fan club home of unicorns boobs and superman socks :)
Su Divanli
Madeline Mcmilion
are you going bald....dont take it the wrong way. my dad is bald so its all good:)
Kyle Cake
it was supposed to be meant like a "duh he already is famous" that´s why
unfortunately not famous enough yet
man, you are amazing,
Holly Garrett
wow you can sing well good love your songs and your erb vids
Pinknoodles Emo girl
Cerina Ross
I like the original one better
Ashvini Sitha
I think I'm slowly falling for this guy this video is amazing!
Tara Šupica
this version is like a 100 times better.. the talent is just obvious.
Jordy Álava
I like this version more than the original.
Peter Harris
The acoustic version is so much better than the non-acoustic one.
why dont any of his videos have dislikes
Rakim Shaw
0 dislikes o.O
Harry Potter ERB?
he should be more famous with world tours
Rory York
If you subscribe to me, I'll subscribe to you!
Orlando Holden-Melian
my name is Orlando
so he can change the voice
adam morris
pic song plz
finesseboy ish
i don't like harry potter but i like this song
Benjamin Diamand
This is epic. That is all.
adam quigley
oops wrong person
adam quigley
i kinda could i was just making sure
Can't you tell? One is edited with special effects.
adam quigley
does anyone know why he uses two mics?
It's really great! You're Awesome!!!!
Daniel Cook
Jeremy Main
That's great, man.
Sam hort
i was just in orland i missed it nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
one of the best songs I ever heard do harry potter vs --------- someone and no bad words or i cant watch it
I love it! I found it finally! :)
is it just me or chorus part sounds like havana affair btw awesome song ;,you are awesome!!!
Fikri DoRandomStuffs
your voice.. like adam levine :DD
Vladimir Gospodinov
Is it just me or Peter looks really young here XD Amazing work!
awesome :)
Not all day. Don't assume.
Oh the irony of a guy correcting someones grammar having a nickname of "ThatOneGermanKid1934". And its good to know we have at least 1934 of you guys correcting these comments in the internet all day.
Justin A
@nicepeter where is the new rap battle
cameron freer
better then the original!
epic hufflepffffffffsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Grand Loser
makes me want to read the books again, way better than the movies
/watch?v=otxM--fTOcM watch this on here then go back 2 ur day must see about facebook
Wh?y is? the?re a? que?stio?n mar?k?
This song makes me want to watch all the Harry Potter movies again since I can't go to Hogwarts.
Mark L
when is the next picture song
Awesome song i lissen to it all the time!
Awesome. Nothing Else. Only awesome.
He should do this for a living :-)
So, THAT'S where that line in the Dumbledore vs. Gandalf ERB came from.
Kyle Cake
i know, it was...forget it
Gabriella Diaz
No, but he should be. :)
Gabriella Diaz
226 dislikes? How many Twilight lovers are there?????????????????
A.E.R Dynasty
umm you get sorted before you eat
best Song ever!
Kyle Cake
he is a famous singer? ;D
Gabriella Diaz
Thumbs Up if you want more Harry Potter parodies from nicepeter!