the sister song with lyrics

I made a lyric video for you guys so that way you can send it to all your sisters or friends that are like sisters. I know most of yall used the one I dedicated to my sister but If you like that version better than you're more than welcome to use that one as well as this one. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Please no negitive comments or dislikes. If you tend to dislike this video then don't watch it. Thanks

I just wanted the world to know I have a great little sister and I miss her very much .. she sent this to me and it made me cry and i listen to this from time to time cuz she's always in my heart and I will never for get her ! we may not be real blood but she's is too me .. I knew her since she was one year's old she's now 9 ... she doesn't live with us anymore , but i wish she still did .. nevaeh if you ever read this this song is so true I miss you soo much and I hope one day you'll come home ... thank you for always being there for me .. you may be little , but your big in your heart .. I'm always here for you ... we will be sisters forever .. rather your home or not ... just remember your my favorite sister and one of my best friends 👑😢😘💖💖💋 you'll always be in my heart and my prayers and I'll never forget about you no matter what happens in life I'll always love you
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1.4 M view shows how much we all Love Aur Sister 😃😊😊😊😍😆🙌👰👸
Briana Seda
Sisters get into fights sometimes but we will get over it
tina-marie Rai
I love the video. It would be an awesome gift to send to my sister, if only one name could be changed it would be perfect. Is there any possibility that you could do this for me?
chanel holman
My sister passed away on Monday this made me cry I miss u Marisa
Shanee Blanton
I love this song my brother dedicated it to me and it means a lot to me and in a song is really me and my brother cuz that's how we act it really gets on my nerves but I love them
Therese Middleton
I love you my Sis. So sorry I let you down. I will make it up to you. Love you so much. :(
Kelly Barrow
I LOVE THIS SONG❤❤💖💖💖💖😇😇👼👼👼👼👼👼👼👼👼👼
genesis galaviz
thank you I sing it every night with my little sister
missy moo
my sister came in my room playing this song and i just started crying i love my sister
Me_αηδMyself Blossom
Really nice song
Therese Middleton
after all these years, me and my sister are close. love my sister so much. so blessed.
LittleLion Nursery
me and my sister so well
maudaha shoeb mark
i love my sister
I very do love this song❤️it is beautiful! I LOVE YOU SIS UR MY ROD,MY DAY 1,my best friend😽😽😽
daddy's princess
I love 😍 my sister tooooo but sometime she do irritate me by doing silly things. But then I also love 😍 my sister pari......... ✍️ 💞 💞 💞 💞
SydtheVid _123
I cry every time I listen to this because my sisters at collage and I miss her a lot I barely get to see I just want to see her 😭😭😭😭😭
Tomáš Kojzar
i love my sister! she is my only angel!
adriannaroseofficial PrettyKittyKat
I love my sister. I feel bad for the Times I have made her mad.
1244 Khushi
nice songs
Laurence Oliveri
I dedicate this one to the Evancho sisters!!!! #LoveNotHate #SisterLove
Anissa Guzman
i love you sis this is true even though were not toghther
Sophie Quinn
that song makes me cry iv not seen my sister for 2 months =[
Three Awsome Kids
This song made me cry
Abdul majid Masri
Mekenna Schiaretti
i don't have a sister, so if you have a sister, love her! I LOVE YOU BROTHERS! ALL 3 OF YOU!!
Emery Cardanas
I love my sister
Anastasia Caffee
this just clicked in this is from one of the Barney episodes isn't it? x3
Ram Kumar
I love my sisters and brothers
Jannie Taylor
R.i.p my sister u am going to be missed and loved to a lot of ppl I will alway love u for ever pass away a few hours ago Tania may xxx now u be with Dad now be happy up th I see u soon when it’s my time xxx
me and my big sis fight all the time, but we still both love each other..i hate/love u sis :p <3 C:
Alyssa Cruz
ramdom girl.... yes. that would be cool.
Sherreen Linton
I’m crying because of this song and she is sat next to me singing it she is crying to I love her so much 🥰🥰 She is 6
aden sucks
Wait that a barney won
Faryaĺ Malìķ
I really love you my sister saba any
Dimple Ranjitha
I love my sisters
Ngukali Assumi
I have 3 sister 😍😍
Tom Johnson
This song is so true
Musa&Allison Youtube Offical
2x speed amazing!!!
Brooke Papcke
I cry when I see this song I wish my sister and I would be like this all the time we always fight. !!!!!
This reminds me soo much of my best friend Elsa xx :)
Talha Malik
this is for my beautiful sister "Nazish" love you sister
Mayra Miranda
that's so cutie I want to sing that to my sis cuzz I love her and all of the words are there are true
anna Cartwright
me and my sister are like that and we don't get along that much
Faylyne Lopez
My baby sister sings this every time she hears it I love my 3 Lil baby sisters so much I love them to the moon and back a thousand times❤❤❤❤
FaBreezy Mob
I Love this I meet my sis on ps3 I love her
Hannah Bruce
The sister song is the best song ever
Anushka Pandey
what a lovely song I love it
Doreen Goh
do you have the piano score sheet fro this?
Pin Maria
the hoshido brothers are singing this to me !
burning saige
I still dislike my sis ... welp at least i tried:(
Susan Ventura
i know this song but i can't remember from where...
kyrie omg
this song is sad I'm crying right now cuz this song describes me and my sister bailey
Jessica Stewart
oh God this is poop
Vineeth Vikraman
I dedicate this song to my Hamsini Chechi
Rupa Jha
I also luv my bhn a lottt....luv u chocopiee😍😍😍😙😙👭👭👭
Just Call Me Sapphire
I love this song, I have two sister, they sometimes make me mad but we always love each other
Destiny Rocha
I dedicate this song to my sister selena😘
Justin A
im sorry sis for fighting you in the yard.
Whisper In the dark
what the heck is this barney!!???
danitza montoy
I love my sister 💚
Carrie Gallardo
i love my sister that just left me to and i love my sissy and her name is Ariana
Franchesca Moreno
shout out to my Lil sister Bonnie love u biggins
Casandra Salazar
I don't have any sister but I wish to have one to play with my build a bear doll sometimes I am barod playing by mysalf with her and my brother hates my build a bear doll and calls her ugly but my build a bear doll was pink dress for my birthday my build a bear doll looks so cute with that pink dress for my birthday also my cousin give a 20 dallor bill for my birthday the red shoes look so cute on my build a bear doll
Alana WasHere
my sis hates me and I don't know why
Nadhia Flores
my sisters name is Alyssa and I sang it for her
Lexi B
Ashley Scarberry
this song is a lier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
I miss you sister! :'( I know this song annoyed you, but in a funny way. I constantly find myself singing this in my head. Rest in Paradise sister. 5/19/79-5/19/15 :'(
**Panda :D Woman**
I really wish I had a sister to love. I'm constantly bullied by my big sister  I don't want to say her name but she screams/hits/chokes playfully/ and she also likes to make fun of me saying I look ugly like I got punched in the face monkey and other stuff I have suicidal thoughts I also think of cutting my self but I don't I go in this room to cry from the hurtful things she says like I don't want to be with her anymore I try I trry to make her like me but idk I want a real big sister :(
Olga Cveka
It didn't work on my sister
Queen Chilla
This song was Back when Barney And Friends had alot of Heart & it was for Family & Not just for kids
Kamalpreet Kaur
Sisters always fight with us but they fight only coz they have right over us ....there is love in every fight .. There is bitterness in every word during fight with sister but more than bitterness there is love and that' s the reason why we fast sky hug .. Love u my sisters whether u will be with me or not always keep loving u.. A msg to my cousin there r differences but for me u r my heart. Ur precious to me more than my own real sister Love u both
Exceptional girl Tasnuva
I 💖💝💚💛💜💙❤💕💟 my brother. My brother is always beside me. He cares about me a lot. May allah bless him.😇😄😃😳😍💑👫
felixa GV
_i hate my sister :D_
abigael calva
I love the song and i let my sister hear it but she get mad and said "I hate you and you are bad!" but i really feel bad for her i tried making her happy but she covered her ears bc of her tabet and i get her tablet and she became more angry than before but we get over it.... SHE'S MY SISTER, I LOVE MY SISTER👭💕💕
abigael calva
I love the song and i let my sister hear it but she get mad and said "I hate you and you are bad!" but i really feel bad for her i tried making her happy but she covered her ears bc of her tabet and i get her tablet and she became more angry than before but we get over it.... SHE'S MY SISTER, I LOVE MY SISTER👭💕💕
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oombunavalum oombunavanum mudivu yadunga
So nice song TQ😍
Sherreen Linton
I just want people to know my little sister is great and a darling but she can be a little cow sometime we can have our ups a downs but I love her I have said some bad things and she hurt me but I love her and she says bad things back and I love so much I take her out with me she is a DARLING 🥶🥶🥶🥳🥳🥰🥰🥰
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yarudy thavudia
suhana sona
Dis song make me cry😑😭😭I loved it😘
Megan Tapping
I have an older sister and we don't get along anymore.......I have anxiety and have had it for a while now pretty much as long as I can remember but she still doesn't and my sister never hug and never show very sister like things
Reidun Lilleli
Brother, thank you for this lovely song. Yes I am your sister, but also your best friend . Thank's for loving me. <3 <3 I love you too. Reidun.
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tholanju pody
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don send me,he is not good in ........
Hamid ali
She's gone i really miss hr i don't know when we will meet may Allah gv het long life and lots of happines love u my sister
Mourad Dehina
fjollaflorinda fjollaflorinda
elite panda58
when I was little I always asked my mom for a little sister but she could only have two kids then in the 6th grade I met my best friend angela and we have been best friends for life shes the sister I always wished for
Maxy Pc
Nice vid ever👍👍
Fhhf Xgjgfh
Areej Alaa
this song it realy nice
East Avenue Happy thanksgiving Day
My sister. Love. Song My. Fmaliy. Love. Song From. Guada. Lupe villa
Galaxy fox studio
Lauryn and Bella Rhett
Love you Bella. <3 -Crystal Love you Crystal. <3 -Bella
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god is there to overcome all,I'll come soon
Poonam Pathak
I love my sister 😭😭😭😭
thanks for making this i lost my cat who was for me like a little sister 2014 and realy miss her so I'm going to make a map about us two and that with your Lyrik Video
virendra kumar
I love my sister very much..... Sometimes we fight but we love each other ...... Bahut Naseeb walo Ko badi bahen milti hai or mujhe bhi Mili hai... If you also have big sister hit like😘😘