Doritos Manchild - Crash the Superbowl 2015 Finalist

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Written, Directed, Edited by Armand de Saint-Salvy Wife: Lydia Sarks Husband: Mitch Wright Cinematography: Ben Raymond Production Assistant: Lev Jutsen Sound Recordist: Richard Teague Sound Mix: Matt Perrott @ Uncanny Valley

Samantha Mahawasala
quem nunca teve que cuidar de um bebezão, né? acontece nas melhores famílias, hahahaha
Paula Simões
This is so funny! Can totally relate to that, as I saw so many guys behaving like a child before. By far the best ad for the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl competition this year.
The funniest of them all! Just loved it! Gotta WIN! Wishes from Brazil!!!
McGough Zone
Manchild! I voted.  This is hilarious. Doritos can do alot with this character.  Put this man-child in many different situations...different ads.  Funny!!!!
Alex Knopman
Great ad - gets my vote! Hope to see it at the super bowl. Good luck
Anne Sim
An accurate description of men and sports and snack food combined
Ismar Santos
Muito engraçado!! O melhor entre os 10 finalistas!! Merece ganhar!!
Michele Low
Hehehe, this ad has my vote! Favourite part 0:07 --> wife's face when hubby starts getting excited in the kitchen, priceless!
I can't stop watching this hahah so amazing!
Kyra Flannery
Lol hahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Carlos Mora
Awesome work..very funny!
Magic Hoodie Studios
finna yeet in in a bag of doritoes and then eat tem wit' a fork yanameeen?
This is great! I hope you win! This one is by far the best of the ten imo.
Jayden Asselin
10/10 best commercial.
Tim Counter
Gold! Good luck with the comp!
Kevin Tatum
So far the "Worst" of the finalists in my opinion, lacking originality,creativity,and overall comedy...which is sadly trying to pull off all 3~kt
Brandon Davis
Congrats on a very sexist ad!
organic crystalmeth
Elliott Wheeler
A good definition of a peasant. #pcmasterrace  
Andy Brown
misandry in action
Razma Afshar
I like it 😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗
Paula Bernal
The game has no effect
Nayara Rosales
Como se llaman esas papitas
Tom Bryant
Lol nice try, but women are the ones who need to be fed at all times...
Kay Meauxss
All these brain-dead fat Walmart shoppers praising this commercial, how hilarious. This is a total jab at how emasculated men are and to even remotely find this funny speaks to your short attention span and blatant autism. Man child and sports, a match made in heaven lmao
Nohemy Gomez
Loved it
Paula Cox
LOL at 0:16
Drew Sanford
If he's love Doritos get him a big bag
victor lethborg
ooooooooo doritos
gunshot Carlos
i wish she was my mommy gf
Safora Gholami
Aj games the Were-Tendo bird/fox
He threw tantrum at 0:13
Hasan Dechkov
Levi Ackerman
I love this!
Owen Gamer - Minecraft
Melissa Greeno
Melissa Greeno
andjela i tamara petrović I miković
Djordje Filipovic
Melissa Greeno
Dark Rose I'mJeffthekiller
I have to get this in my house calling my house it is 11 Kennedy Street
Creeper Boy Gamer-VN
0:14 when u get 0 point at school and ur mom and dad say u can never eat doritos again
Geoffrey Blazer
You know that pain you hear when an American tries to do an Australian accent? That works both ways. Good scripting though, I'd just polish up on the American accent if its going to be played in front of 300 million+ Americans.
Lord Sandwich
It's funny 'cause it's true! 0.o
Michael O'Campo
This this was hilarious! Definitely my favorite of them all! 
Glen Guerrero
omg this kid?
Jeannine Tromp
This guy loves Doritos
GamingThePanda102 ThePanda102
You should break up with him
Lianah and Red Wonder World
emily winters
leave him
Soraia Santos
bem original, esse ator é muito engraçado! 
Emelinda Asuncion
thats a good video
what did the guy say at 0:19?
Ender Wolf Gaming YT
Janaína Relvas Rocha Lima
Muito bom!!! Meu marido faz igual!!!!! Haha!!
Jacqueline Soares
alguem poderia me passar o texto escrito do comercial, ou traduzido, preciso por tradução para o portugues nele para um trabalho
You really should of won. My class is learning about ads and you won our class vote. I even wrote an expository essay on why you should win. Oh well theres always next year.
Too funny !! Lol you just looked like my son throwing a temper tantrum = liked
This is the best finalist video. I really hope you guys win!
Sexy Serval Gaming
I hope this wins
Perla Rice
My favourite!
Erica Hampshire
I usually roll my eyes at the "funny" commercials out there because they're just trying too hard...but this is hilarious!
Jacob kolk Kolk
He was sleeping he was saying Doritos
Matthew Pollock
YES! This is the best ad.
A Coleman
I love this so much I watch it over and over😂😂
نرجس الورده
Hayden Palmowski
Hey Mitch!
Emily Winters
I would. dump him get a batter man
Gracel Aquino
grim reaper
im in the weird side of youtube again
Ellyza Vlogs
כרמל בן זוהר