Rap / Hip-Hop performances in The Voice

00:00 Lose Yourself – Alex Hartung 2:22 Dr. Rum - Can't Hold Us 4:15 Brooklyn - Super Bass 5:48 Max Milner Lose Yourself/Come Together 7:36 Dylan Magon - Talk Dirty 9:39 บิว จรูญวิทย์ - 99 Problems *** Поддержи: Web Money R855844444158 Yandex:41001757384596

Brindar Nyland
that first lose yourself has to be the worst cover ever
Shenia Cornwall
how is it that everyone talks about how bad the first one is but doesn't talk how good the second one is
Ariana Grande Is My Queen
The second is WTF LOVE IT!
الدارك ويب - Dark Web
1st guy: for ppl who are surprised why they liked him. Simply bc their English sucks and have no idea how bad he is
Antoine Lefebvre
Everyone talking about how Shit the first one was but no one talking about how amazing the last one was
Steve Jobs
The first guy goes soo bad wtf was that
Silvia Greco
The fourth guy who did the mash up was amazing. He was so talented and original and it was really incredible.
Speedyfrog LaFrog
That second guy was just lovin life
حسام الحر
W.T.F😕Have he become a singer better than EMINEM
Sonya Bowles
The guy who mixed Come Together and Lose Yourself was impressive, IMO.
saseeb _
after listening to the first guy. i think i should go to the voice aswell.
Адександр ФТ
Бездарь . Зачитал как я в ванной читаю . Шок реакция зала и судей . Лол
Mike Stefan
Everyone talking how people suck but did u saw any different rap here? All of this are mainstream no unique rap here.
Amaerkoderagham Agha
The second juy is just something else,too good
BanBan Arneil
The first guys is not that good, the judges feels like it was an epic rap and performance. Many can do that 😂😂
Zexxed F
Only because the first performance was an eminem song they turned around. No hating but he only shoutes that's not rapping
lion in your area
The second guy is real original
Camilo Jimenez
9:52 Cuando te da un calambre a las 3 de la mañana :v
Yazami Khalid
5:50 omg
Christopher Greenough
1st guy was not that good. The rest were brilliant!!
Rose M
i can rap better than first one😒
Jonty Das
I already "LOST MYSELF" in the first performance * _ * 2nd one... I'm dead.... rip +_+ Ok editing it... Last performance~ Asian : Hold my beer 🍺
Aman Cabdi
What was second song?
Andreea Coal
I saw Max (the 4th one) and I click❤
Billboard Won a BTS Congrats
The last one, I repeated it so much. 💜
amp chchra
มีของไทยด้วยว่ะ เจ๋งงงง!!
Enoh Eni
The second guy really knows what means "flow".
Abdul Rashid
The last guy was really enjoy his performance.
Ice Frog
บิว จรูญวิทย์ - 99 Problems - Dr. Rum - Can't Hold Us - Max Milner Lose Yourself/Come Together this 3 was good other so bad .. idk how they pass...
Calvin Lalremsanga
You do realise that 99 problems wasn't Jay Z's original right??? Coz if you don't u must be so dumb!!!
Phillipe Dowdy
A french dude did "Lose Yourself" and was amazing, but i can't remember his name, the guy was amazing
Ranimal Gaming
3:07 Wearing headphones backstage like it's a fashion statement? WHY do these people do this!?!?!
The first guy is worse than cancer Second was good
iM jUsT CuRiOuS
Did I hear right? 08:10 "Talk dirty to me, N..."?
Lucci Tarantino
8:04 YOUR WELCOME. Sick Moves Bro!
Ca Ek
J’ai atterri là parce que j’écoutais berywam je m’amuse à lire les commentaires j’y comprend rien je me sens seule là french power 💪
Tonja D
Loose Ya Self and Come Together did just that, came together. Dude was nice!
I love the second❤
azerty789 forpark
Kalin Pillay il y a 2 ans (modifié) first guy has no flow. The judges just got excited because it's an iconic Eminem song
max milner number 4 was awsomeeeeeeee
Cristiano Cerioli
IL MIO DYLAAAAANNNNN😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥🔥👑👑👑👑🔝🔝🔝🔝
crixcus gaming
the last guy has a fucking amazing voice!
Naing minhtun
บิว จรูญวิทย์ - 99 Problems is my favorite in this list.
Duel Link Guardian Sena
Well if ima judge ill turn araound instanly when he said " look "
La tendance KNG
Please follow the link to this page in order to download more beautiful clips
filip robert
First, if you think rapper does not come up with your own lyrics, that intrigued me?
6:31 did someone die when he pressed that button lol?
Jesús Str hernandez
El chico que está en el jurado el de rulos no trabaja en badabum ? Hmm xd
Terry M
i really do not get the 1st guy, weak, and even worse the judge that clicks the song after 10 seconds. waste man!
Janne Ojakangas
Samu Haber yes vittu Yes fuck!
Fang z'St
ขอไลค์คนไทยที่เข้ามาดูหน่อยเร๊ววว! ไทยแลนด์ปู๊นๆ
That first one is sooo bad, The song is so good tho.
Zreerag K N
5:02 wtf? Are the judges who turned like tone deaf? Eventhough there are some good ones in there,I'm just here e wondering how half of those bad ones got through🤣
ITRID onyt
Bro the first performance is so nastyy
Esteban Hernandez
The Japanese 99 problems had be laughing and I know it shouldn't
Cheer up first guy~~
nick strength and power gf
the first one is worse than justin bieber
best talent
the last one was the best who is agree sub please
walid eltayar
the first lose yourself , WTF dude ?
Andrejs Zaicenkins
Somebody pleeease get the 1st man the gun, to kill himself!!!
Shalom Salas
Sinceramente, la primera audición fue una mierda.
Jean paul Narvaez
The last guy just killed it 🔥🔥
E Em Emi Emin Emine Eminem Emine Emin Emi Em E
Free Vbucks
Guys Rap and Hip-Hop aren't the same thing just study more.....
Angel Sayles
Okay hunny, you better come out with that Nikki Minaj yasss
I sometimes hate being white when I see a guy dancing idiotically at 3:10
that first one is like not good
Gurra GTA
3:27 🥴😂😂😂
Christian heil
He killed bro.👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
That blond girl was so bad omg
cezze studios
First, just song made couches turn back not this guy
Abdur Rahman
I like number second cool cok :v
Second one is lit af.
Niall Salazar
He shouted "Niggah!" 8:11
Ronith Subedi
That second guy just nailed it. What a performance 👌❤️ brilliant
Mateo you should try five rockets Voncsazy
8:12 okay chil
Leandro Da Silva Nogueira
Ivan Enchev
Italian black boy was amazing ✌😁
I wish a famous rapper could go up there and perform just to see what the judges would say obviously that won't happen cuz there famous but I just wonder what they would think of their skill. Basically I wish they could perform being unknown like everyone else
mahmoud sheta
The last guy That was rock and roll
- AnonymousYoutube
I ear the second guy like time ago his beast.
habib albi
because of the first guy i think i need to go to the voice✌
the 2nd guy holy shit had me pumped
Mufaro Mazwazwa
I loved the second guy
บิว จรูญวิทย์ WTF?
Britt Ocean
The one who sang can’t hold us WAS AWESOME 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏I love that song and he’s awesome 👏😎
Britt Lee
Last guy was entertaining. Sounds better when he gets really into it.
Connor Raczynski
The last guy was good, but he can’t top Max Milner.
Felix Geivald
lmao was listening to the first one while rolling down the comment section. Lets just say i liked every comment i saw.
first had claps because of the legend song but not speed and no interest to listen the song, Max Milner is good
Ill Saliva
It just shows if you come from the uk or USA the odds are just stacked against you in this kind of thing. You don’t have to be talented to take the roof off an arena anywhere else 😂
La Unavailable
Lmfao the dutch hosts from the voice are so extra. so funny tho
diablo 1970
After the song lose urself...the guy breathe so hard thingking in his mind sheettt why did i ever sing dat hard song...hahahaha
the second guy and the 4th guy were awesome
19 S-TH
Fatih Güngör
Yarrak gibi söylemiş. Herkes dönmüş 🤣🤣
[VOLVE] Pinkie Pie
*1st - no voice. Why 4?* *2nd - not bad* *3rd - better than 2 and 1*
Alice Han
I also like 3rd
juley muley
Just finished third one(nicky minaj's) I am feeling like I should go for "The Voice" as well