Liam (and Noel) Gallagher Attacked On Stage - vfest Toronto 2008

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Zip to about 00:30 for the good stuff. Some drunken lout tackled Noel Gallagher of Oasis, knocking him down, and then leapt for Liam, but he didn't quite make it. After they 'escorted' the dumbass offstage, they took 10 minutes to 'regain their composure' and then came back out to play the rest of the set (minus Champagne Supernova, sadly).

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Jack Rusio
Liam is doing the right thing ...wait until the security catches the idiot...okay no knife...then he reacts: "Well come and fight like a man"...why so many complain about it? That guy who went into tje stage was a non talented idiot trying to kick first...if you are famous you're exposed(remember Lennon...I allways find offensive that the press give interviews to Chatman...I mean I don't care what a crazy guy who would have never been famous has to say about his coward act)
Douglas Crumley
Nah, he turns for a second and see's a random person reaching out to get him so he backs up as anyone else would? Then he looks down, sees that it's someone who's jumped on stage and injured Noel and that's when he goes for him.
André Pansera
A fan, got through all obstacles to get a chance to hug his idol, besides being attacked and not getting what he wanted, gets threatened to be punched by Liam after that... Sad...
anj jime
I do not think Liam Bottles out but rather averts Himself from the unknown danger as the man lunges for him after noel and once realised what is happening goes into the bloke.
Keyboard Gladiator
Too bad the security caught the attacker!
That guy was lucky the bouncers kept Liam away from him.
Ben Owen
I'd love be to be smacked by Liam
Hicory Dock
Liam is SUCH a geezer 😂😂😂😂 he saw an off guard quickly moves out the way then comes straight in with a left hook straight to his face hahaha GEEZER
Bob Starr
That's true Lol
Bob Starr
Cagate en tu vida perdedor
Bob Starr
In other words you're claming to be stupid Lol,
Lucky Rocket
That guy was a legend, saved everyone from  awful music, funny to see Liam act like a girl and jump away even though the guy clearly didn't even have a weapon then to save face after the guy has been apprehended he follows him acting all tough what a joke LOL
Bob Starr
Yea and the Britsh took it to a level americans still don't know how to surppass it.
Bob Starr
Lol Oasis could had kill YOU and your friend that night if their balls wanted it, don't act tough Pussy
Bob Starr
Americans are Fucking depressing that's true,then they wonder why so many shootings in schools, Oasis rules
Jacob Lindsay
see liam swing for him 😂😂 what a guy
Bob Starr
That only happens in america,just like the shooting of schools,americans are disturbed people Lol
Conor Callaghan
Oooh big man Liam with all his security gaurds
Wait, what if the guy just wanted to hug him?
Survive the Jive
why i oughta
Vanessa - Himynameisvans
u think im not a fan ... really ?!?! okay fuck u ! ! .... but for this moment i want to say ... Fuck toronto sorry but i dont want to give more shit i love liam and noel omg so much and they have all my respect Noel are pushed down and attacked by a stupid retarded at toronto V-fest OMG I CANT BELIEVE IT ! THANKS TORONTO what they will thinking of us after that its not a fan ... a real fan will never think to do it I am not stupid like this
Vanessa - Himynameisvans
toronto is pround of this ?!!!
Vanessa - Himynameisvans
stupid people ! ! ! Oasis will never come back in canada just because of u ! FUCK U
That was actually Liam who pushed Noel down. They were having an argument over the price of cabbage.
sad twat hellishhorse u have more time on ur hands to make videos with toy horses...sprout one mate
ye, mikefisher shame ur such a cunt to realise he didnt notice when he was singing cos the guy attacking was pussy enough to do it from behind and the security guys had him anyway...twat
Who was that who pushed Noel?
Haha...Liam punched him square in his faggoty face! I hope Noel is ok! I love ya, Oasis!
agree with zombcore oasis are pure shite
this is hilarious.
Angel Cesar
The guy was actually american, I think?
Trausti Laufdal
@Womanlover819 damn straight !
Russell James Moberly
that loser dosnt represent canadian fans
Russell James Moberly
probably some idiot jay z fan
Russell James Moberly
why anyone would go to that trouble to ruin everyone's night is beyond me even if it was a rapper or back street boys i think i still would feel like that shit is wrong the dude needs mental help
Russell James Moberly
who me
Russell James Moberly
i was talking about the freak that pushed noel
Eric Quintanilla
Q le hizo a Noel?
Mike Gervasi
Anytime some asshole jumps onstage he enters the fucking cage as far as I give a shit. Townshend used to treat them good and proper with a guitar over the head. I hope they beat the shit out of this guy good and proper.
Daly_ Fernández
Pobrecito, Noel la ligó feo,los de seguridad terminaron protegiendo al tipo de Liam que le rompía la cara sí lo agarraba!
Liam gets attacked!!!!! I think you'll find it was Noel who was attacked
Fucking Canadian Wankers!!!!!
nice video cam
Chris 1992
did they come back or nah
Special Agent Utah
man excelent shot cos you can see that liam didnt even realise noel fell HAHAHAHAHA fuckin cunt man.if someone do that to my brother i fuckin kill him,i dont care.
thats the most cool dumb fan i've ever seen
I don't care for this bands music or their attitude but the bottom, is they got back up on stage for their Fan's after a potentially serious attack, and would have been justified to walk out. We all know of a number of Stars that have walked off for a lot less. Maybe I should listen to their music and not judge them so harshly in the future.
Amanda Buckiewicz
I was drunk, holding the camera above my head, and being smooshed around by drunken irishmen. Not exactly ideal shooting conditions!
Amanda Buckiewicz
I had the camera held over my head, and I was standing next to a group of drunken Irish lads. Plus, I had a few to drink myself, so it's not like it was ideal filming situations!
Amanda Buckiewicz
Yeah, after about 10 minutes they came back out without Liam. They played a song, and then he rejoined them for the rest of the set.
Amanda Buckiewicz
We were mostly chanting "FUCK THAT GUY" and "BEAT HIS ASS."
Liam is a cunt in serious need of a smacking!
HAHAHA!! look at Liam acting all hard behind the security guys, he constantly acts hard when he has paid gorillas to protect him!!!
Shit!... he pushed the wrong one!
Hahahaaha, he attempted BUT HE FAILED! Very funny CLIP!
fuck you oasis
If this audience really doesn't like Oasis then why are they paying to watch them? Because obviously they DO like them, or most of them do anyway.
Is the crowd chanting "Fuck that guy"?!
fuckin shite anyway
the guy just got thrown over
Peace Myst
even canadians could be angry at that drunk guy
Jamie Schneider
LOL awesome, Oasis sucks, Metal forever \m/
cool shouting crowd.
oasis hater = jay-z fan from hell
Mooney Mooney
just shows the pair of cunts can give it but can't quite take it
I love the chant!
I can explain what happened with three simple words - "too", "much" and "booze".
Listas musicales
termino el recital alli o volvieron?
Listas musicales
Agarrame que lo mato!
Danny C
attacked is a harse word..more like a scare tbh
Luke A
Haha, hardman Liam shits himself, waits for three guys to get the other under control, then starts giving it!
are all canadians like this.
It's karma. This clown was trying to bash Jay z for performing in Glastonbury...look what ended up happening to's karma. "that bloat form oasis said I couln't play guitar, somebody should've told him I'm a fu*king rockstar" Jay z
anj jime
@82crazyhorse82 Somehow i find that hard to believe.
That's being attacked? Are you sure Oasis isn't French?
no mames!! ni lo toco! en noticias de otra pagina de internet, decia que lo habian lastimado... payasos
Jackj.L 00
He could have had a knife and stuck in in Liam's stomach or chest,, of course he did the right thing,, Noel was lucky he did not have a knife stuck in him,, all the tough guy on YouTube lol
better angle of Noel's fall here: watch?v=0cAVEmZL044
Ryan Telford
if liam didnt connect with that fan with his fist i hope one of the bouncers' did
you missed it -.-
the fans were right! fuck that guy!!!
well lets here one of your songs then smartarse
Maybe it was Kenny Hotz from "Kenny vs Spenny" trying to piss off people.
41point2, if i see another one of your goddamn comments on another one of these videos i'm going to find you and break your neck
Simone Provenzano
Come sono contento che lo hanno beccato in tempo...non lo hanno fatto nemmeno scendere tra la folla...credeva di farla franca il vigliacco...vorrei dire cosa gli avrei fatto io, ma è meglio di no... >:-\
Its funny how the shitty quality makes it sound like if they were playing slower..
They should. There's a ton of useful information on how much people dislike them.
fuck that guy ! think liams lucky to get outta the way there . good quality this 1 tho !
LOL,in fact shame he didnt get impaled on something long and sharp.The guy who pushed him is a hero.STFU you oasis fanboy.
push em all off the toronto tower shower of manc cunts
if you look closely, Liams first rweaction was to back away.... big style ! nuff said. mind you,
Um.. If you watch it again. You can see that Liam wasn't looking at his brother so he didn't know what was going on, but sees some crazy ass dude come after him so his reaction is probably, "WHAT THE FUCK?!" and jumps away. Then realizes what was going on after seeing Noel laying on the floor. So he tried to get at him. I'm sure that dude got a beating backstage.. Or maybe not. Is there a video of what happened backstage after that?
good job he didnt have a knife,he deservsed what he probably got backstage,
Lee R
they are
my god ! in this video we can see perfectly the attack
Dakota Rambin - Bdylan147
if the guy didn't end up hurting Noel, then i'm sure there would of been a huge fist fight on stage.. and then they'd continue playing after they'd knock the guy out. The security guards should of held the guy down to keep him from getting away from his inevitable ass beating
if you look at my favourites you would see that I love the Stones so according to your own logic I am right.
you ever hear of Donnie Osmond or Westlife. Are they good too for your reasoning?