Liam (and Noel) Gallagher Attacked On Stage - vfest Toronto 2008

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Zip to about 00:30 for the good stuff. Some drunken lout tackled Noel Gallagher of Oasis, knocking him down, and then leapt for Liam, but he didn't quite make it. After they 'escorted' the dumbass offstage, they took 10 minutes to 'regain their composure' and then came back out to play the rest of the set (minus Champagne Supernova, sadly).

Douglas Crumley
Nah, he turns for a second and see's a random person reaching out to get him so he backs up as anyone else would? Then he looks down, sees that it's someone who's jumped on stage and injured Noel and that's when he goes for him.
Jack Rusio
Liam is doing the right thing ...wait until the security catches the idiot...okay no knife...then he reacts: "Well come and fight like a man"...why so many complain about it? That guy who went into tje stage was a non talented idiot trying to kick first...if you are famous you're exposed(remember Lennon...I allways find offensive that the press give interviews to Chatman...I mean I don't care what a crazy guy who would have never been famous has to say about his coward act)
Don't look back in anger....
Hicory Dock
Liam is SUCH a geezer 😂😂😂😂 he saw an off guard quickly moves out the way then comes straight in with a left hook straight to his face hahaha GEEZER
phil xavi
Liam Shits it then acts hard
Ben Owen
I'd love be to be smacked by Liam
there's always a drunken scumbag that has to ruin it for everyone else
Jacob Lindsay
see liam swing for him 😂😂 what a guy
Jackj.L 00
He could have had a knife and stuck in in Liam's stomach or chest,, of course he did the right thing,, Noel was lucky he did not have a knife stuck in him,, all the tough guy on YouTube lol
Max Grant
Liam is a fucking clown
fied needles
never thought Canadian would go violent at some point..
Peace Myst
even canadians could be angry at that drunk guy
Conall Penny
Does he attack Noel or does Noel throw him on the floor?
Bob Starr
That only happens in america,just like the shooting of schools,americans are disturbed people Lol
Bob Starr
Yea and the Britsh took it to a level americans still don't know how to surppass it.
Bob Starr
That's true Lol
Bob Starr
In other words you're claming to be stupid Lol,
Bob Starr
Americans are Fucking depressing that's true,then they wonder why so many shootings in schools, Oasis rules
Bob Starr
Cagate en tu vida perdedor
Look at liam try and look hard as if he`s gunna punch him. haha He only raised his fist when all the guards grabbed the bloke!
Frietsarianty Alfisa
fucking get him liam!
Fucking Canadian Wankers!!!!!
don ee
Should of done it to liam the overrated prick
anj jime
I do not think Liam Bottles out but rather averts Himself from the unknown danger as the man lunges for him after noel and once realised what is happening goes into the bloke.
anj jime
@youslobknob Y' see, this is why i hate The average Yank. Honestly. Firstly, The Fact that you called Us British 'Dudes' Implys that you are californian or 10 years of age. I believe it is the latter. ( For your own benefit, Latter means last mentioned) Secondly the Fact that you called us 'Pussies' and 'Doofs' Strengthens the 10 year old Theory. And Lastly, The Music is loved by millions All over the globe. And the Fans Do not slit their rists or act all depressed. Conclusion = You are a Tit
anj jime
@82crazyhorse82 Somehow i find that hard to believe.
Vinyl High
Typical fuckin mongy yanks, YES i know Canada is its own independent country but your still mongy north yanks
Ben Moss
Sad Fucks who say what music influenced what music! Who gives a toss! People like what they like, and if you dont like it! Who the fuck cares! I Dont!
GB Gaming
great video quality. fantastic video quality actually!. can't say the same about the sound lol
Dolan Duk
@Womanlover819 Queen, the Who, oasis and many fucking moooreeeeeeeeeee
Chris Ray
@Womanlover819 true, but so did Lynrd skynyrd, ben harper, pearl jam, sound garden, tool, ray lamontagne, foo fighters, weezer, alice n chains, nirvana, the dead, jimi hendrix, primus, everclear, tom petty, fleetwood mac, red hot chile peppers, yonder mountain string band, dirt foot, helmet, incubus, jack johnson, queens of the stoneage, raconteurs, stone temple pilots, temple of the dog, violent femmes, dead milk men, agent orange..
@breezy4852 Zeppelin was the best British band of all times
brianna hughes
@Womanlover819 not to sound dumb, but i didn't know led zeppelin was british. learn somthing new everyday
nice video cam
Craig Davidson
They should have came back out with the guy strung up to a crucifix above the stage as a warning to others not to try the same thing.
Trausti Laufdal
@Womanlover819 damn straight !
Danny C
attacked is a harse word..more like a scare tbh
its a sign of love! Even they having those stupid fights they love each other, for sure.
canada 1 britian 0 hahahahahaahah
That guy was lucky the bouncers kept Liam away from him.
The Daily Grenade
Heh heh. Yeah he should have picked up a couple of twigs and given him a Damn Good Thrashing.
my god ! in this video we can see perfectly the attack
Too bad you forgot about british music being influenced by american blues. America win slol
told oasis that's what you get when you play late into the night, neighbours will attack you
Keyboard Gladiator
Too bad the security caught the attacker!
i love how liam only goes after the guy after security has him safely restrained haha.
haha. dude. learn to spell before you start to try and bash people. and quite frankly. they are TERRIBLE musicians. end of story. talent isnt something to argue about. you either have it. or you dont. they dont.
should have dimebag darrell'ed his ass.
I live in Canada but I'm from Manchester (woot Oasis hometown) and it is the same thing but people in Canada are well better
Wait, what if the guy just wanted to hug him?
Marco Crescenzi
I Was SOOO PISSED when this happend...right on the best part of the song....poor noel...what a trooper...came back and performed the song of the concert....(dont look back in anger)
Survive the Jive
why i oughta
nik suresh
lol get ur band members right shithead, thats LIAM GALLAGHER WHO IS THE SINGER, NOT NOEL. noel is who got jumped. and btw, i bet either could kick ur ass easily, your probably fat as shit adn sitting on your couch in your boxers hoping a porno will come on cinemax so u can beat ur small dick to it
Luke A
Haha, hardman Liam shits himself, waits for three guys to get the other under control, then starts giving it!
Jamie Bethell
ha ha.. yh n theres u u fukin emo shit so ul no all bwt how u say, "suck ass band"s wont ya!!! u fuckwit!
thats the most cool dumb fan i've ever seen
haha! thats what they get for making such a suck ass band.
Its funny how the shitty quality makes it sound like if they were playing slower..
André Pansera
A fan, got through all obstacles to get a chance to hug his idol, besides being attacked and not getting what he wanted, gets threatened to be punched by Liam after that... Sad...
Um.. If you watch it again. You can see that Liam wasn't looking at his brother so he didn't know what was going on, but sees some crazy ass dude come after him so his reaction is probably, "WHAT THE FUCK?!" and jumps away. Then realizes what was going on after seeing Noel laying on the floor. So he tried to get at him. I'm sure that dude got a beating backstage.. Or maybe not. Is there a video of what happened backstage after that?
Maybe it was Kenny Hotz from "Kenny vs Spenny" trying to piss off people.
rory everett
I hope they smashed him up afterwards
People are saying that Liam was wimping out and that he isnt as "hard" as he claims to be, but if you look from :37 - :39 Liam doesn't even notice the guy, hes just looking at the crowd, then Liam sees the guy and Liam just dodges him as the security tackle the guy, Liam couldn't have done much, actually he couldnt have done anything he did what he could which was to semi punch the guy, but the 2 security guys had the drunk guy in between them so it was a little harder for Liam to do it.
Lucky Rocket
That guy was a legend, saved everyone from  awful music, funny to see Liam act like a girl and jump away even though the guy clearly didn't even have a weapon then to save face after the guy has been apprehended he follows him acting all tough what a joke LOL
a fucking wimp r u kiddin me i think if u fractured a couple ribs ud b kinda sore 2 dont u think.
ur a fuck idiot
I think that was Tony McCarrol.
i heard he broke his vagina.
Ryan Telford
if liam didnt connect with that fan with his fist i hope one of the bouncers' did
All right kiddo!.....ur only 16! get back to me when ur big and grown up and have experienced life!.....but you CAN swear! [you can say C**T and everything!]...big man!
sad twat hellishhorse u have more time on ur hands to make videos with toy horses...sprout one mate
Ryan Sylvester
p.s;are you an english hooligan....or do you just like watching people beating other people up? see what I mean?
'cos I wanted to see the video where some nutter attacks Liam Gallagher! 'cos some other Oasis despising fucking knob told me about it.......and I lurrrrrve laughing at other peoples misfortunes!
poor guy! he was only trying to shut these talentless twats up!
LOL,in fact shame he didnt get impaled on something long and sharp.The guy who pushed him is a hero.STFU you oasis fanboy.
Angel Cesar
Carlos Fernández
of course not u moron...they are from columbine colorado which is in the us
Melissa Durant
Give me a break.
are all canadians like this.
Jamie Schneider
LOL awesome, Oasis sucks, Metal forever \m/
Couldnt of happened to anyone else stupid jumped up clown he is.I laughed so hard.Shame he didnt get to the other wanna be singer.
That cunts name is Daniel Sullivan, 47 years old. There still isn't anything on why he attacked them but he has been charged with assault. An utter tit no matter.
silly american/canadian (whatever the fuck the cunt was) shithouse... hope the silly twat got battered afterwards!
eh, the creators of south park are canadian
Carlos Fernández
well at least now we know what the word canada means hehe...the stupid country above the us, congratulations silly i know why south park laugh at u always
so Canadians fight like pussy assed bitches then?
41point2, if i see another one of your goddamn comments on another one of these videos i'm going to find you and break your neck
I can explain what happened with three simple words - "too", "much" and "booze".
I don't care for this bands music or their attitude but the bottom, is they got back up on stage for their Fan's after a potentially serious attack, and would have been justified to walk out. We all know of a number of Stars that have walked off for a lot less. Maybe I should listen to their music and not judge them so harshly in the future.
Lee R
they are
the fans were right! fuck that guy!!!
Andrew Harrison
"pop that guy."
Special Agent Utah
man excelent shot cos you can see that liam didnt even realise noel fell HAHAHAHAHA fuckin cunt man.if someone do that to my brother i fuckin kill him,i dont care.
Amanda Buckiewicz
I was drunk, holding the camera above my head, and being smooshed around by drunken irishmen. Not exactly ideal shooting conditions!
oasis hater = jay-z fan from hell
A fantastic example of how shit music can really make you want to kill.My hero , shame he never killed the c**t.
lol =)