"HOOD NARUTO" pt.3 (full video) naruto vs sasuke

sasuke is attempting to destroy the hidden leaf village but naruto refuses to let that happen! (instagram: @kingvader) follow me for more videos! WHAT TEAM ARE YOU! TEAM NARUTO OR SASUKE!? Comment below!

physical dragon44
i love how many people agreed on doing this😂
Alex Frazier
Avengers endgame: most ambitious crossover event Kingvader: hold my beer
When You Addicted To Anime But Ya Heart Still Gangsta
Little Girl in village: Momma... Why are the warriors dancing..?
2:10 keep looking at Sasuke holding his hair. Then you will see he started to shoot with it xD im done!!!
In the future there will be flying cars 2019: this...
Meow Animations
This mf literally showed up at my work and yelled out 'Sasuke'. Made my day.
Fajar Sidik
Sasuke:narutooo Naruto:saskehhhh Sasuke: Naruto Naruto:Sasuke Gokuuuuuuu whaatttttttt
Quillette Reader
The dudes running by the screen make this perfect for me.
Crew: What dance moves should we do? King Vader: Yes
Tina Brown
OMG the greatest vid in history
Angela Zini
Is it just me but y'all are goofy af And I love it😋😋😍😍
Adventures N More
The guy running in the middle😂😂😂
Luiz Frodo
Who else is watching this everyday?
Bat Man
Where is my MAN kakashi
abby teape
just imagine walking by in your neighborhood and you see this..
Han_Some Solo
Seen this video many times already but thank you YouTube recommendation for bringing this masterpiece back to me 😂👍
Ari Dwi Widodo
Lucu tapi Keren ngakak🤣🤣
just like the show 👌
champoo general
It's amazing how many idiots agree in doing it but that's the fun part lol😂 especially the dancing😂
Tragiic Ellipse
1:15 sasuke killed that milly rock
Everest Television
2:11 tobi is just tantruming on the left xD
And I’m subbing with notifications
kendra jordan
When gokul came I was like wtf😂😂🤣
Night fury
Me in the future as a mom: Kid:" mom what are they doing? I want to do that too!" Me:" oh no you wont! It's time for mom to stop the great fifth ninja war. I'll come back.... i hope" * making that scene with the cloak, like Minato and Naruto * Me: "i'll be back.... in a flash" 😂😂😂😎
gabriel :u v:
Oh shit epic vs wtf man run ? xd
Zhammy Zham
Wassim Jyad
*kisses YouTube’s forehead* “Thanks for recommending me this”
Caiden Buhrow
I am actualy dying my chest hurts so much😂😂😂😂😂
Jai-Angelo Hamilton
This might be the best dance battle in ninja history
Otaku person
I appreciate all of the people who worked together on this
Osa _Reai
Next time, pleace, add Jojo character.
It’s nice to know there is still hope for humanity
Amitabh Mallick
Next up Michael Jackson vs Naruto and Sasuke 😂😂😂😂
Buggy D. Clown
Seems like youtube recommendations connected us again huh
The Him
Me first time watching: lol this isn't even good they're just dancing. me on 50th watch: 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
thắng nguyễn
And they stop the war by dance,so simply
Is that the legendary *SHUFFLE JUTSU?!?*
Iris Zhai
This will forever be one of the greatest videos on the internet
Shadow Team
Какого хуя Цой пиздиться с чёрным братком,под музыку из Наруто ?
Lizun Pilipenko
А это очень даже круто😹😹😹😹 Однозначно лайк👍
EndZee T
0:54 some dude doing pushups smh
Immanuel Classified
The way Goku stepped in to start dancing lmao
sub to zoke
Just walking to the park and I see this
Black Naruto dancing dance from Fortnire,Great!
Bro we need more 👍👍💯🔥🔥
NeX Ken
when naruto and sasuke tired real fight and go to the dance fight
Wishnu Galaxy
I saw this video more than 30 times
When your boi just start watching naruto and he already fell in love with Haku
Mr Mari 2
Yo these guys running across the screen is just funny 😂😂
Arfo SD
MAD talent yo. Dope video
The Netflix adaptation is looking great.
vietchinh pham
this is so insane :ooo
This is the best Naruto Episode ever. Period.
FER 7u7
Naruto nigga ratatatatta :v
Reon Baruah
Apart from sasuke whole village is black? 😅
Emperor Matrix
Greatest anime fight of all time 👏👏👏👏
Vandor Scumzy
The village hidden in the hood
My once every two weeks dose of happiness.
Tio Karma
Best fight on Naruto
Commander Raichu
2:12 The guy on the far left is a mood
We really gonna ignore the homie in the back doing push up at 2:00 😂
Me: *skips halfway through the video* *sees naruto and sasuke with goku dancing with hidden leaf soldiers and the akatsuki*
Lol when Goku showed up I started laughing so hard 😂😂
Strippinn Ps4
If you didn’t watch this at 1.5 speed your high Probably 95% of ppl
Epic GamerZ
Best filler episode
ALT Zero
This is live footage from a survivor of the village hidden in the projects
Erika Heredia
Sasuke your wig but no really I absolutely love this video😂👌🏻
Eva Garzisi
i just wanted to thank you for having let me happy.
Nonov Purapura
This is cure my depression
Thot Slayer
Red Gambit
Just imagine walking to park to this 🔥🔥🔥
David Bonilla
1:39Look at this dude
Brawl Like
Black naruto?Now I saw everything in this world
Faisal Ramdhan
Naruto nyh hitam anying🤣
Ya boy
Is this........ true art.......?
Ice X Fire
Indonesia? Every body
thiago caldas
algem aqi que amora comiguh ?
I didn't know I needed this in my life thank you
Now you can actually say that these ni**as are impressive
This is the real last episode of Naruto Shippuden 😂
GOOgeeTA !
Can anyone just give me the song/remix
OK why I never seen this before? It's a MASTH-AH-PEICE.
Tea C
Top 10 anime battle
today we learned a valuable lesson... trunks cant dance
Savage Da Clown
i can only imagine living in the neighborhood or driving by and seein this level of madness in public..
Yung N0ck
wig!!!! wig!!!!!!!! SASUKE WIG!!!!!!!
0:45 where not gonna talk about the smile on his face when his village is about to be destroyed
Jesse Rowland
I wonder what the neighbors think when they see him make these videos
Lamont Sefo
King Vader, i have 2 question for you: 1. What is the song called? 2. If i was in the "HOOD NARUTO" Thing, would you fight me while doing the fortnite battle
Virgo Life
Imagine people faces watching that driving through the neighborhood trynna have a nice day 😂😂
Iago A
that trunks... is the best
jorge sanches
Y cuando goku es negro:v
Luna_wolf_on_gacha meh
It would be funny if this really happened
Song/remix name????
Cristian Salinas
This is hands down the best shit I have ever seen
Ipan Ajalo
The goku🤣🤣its from another anime
Darwis Acoustic Cover
Kakashi will be proud