Dandelion Vainglory Run | GWENT (Arena)

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Tj K
EZ 9 win Vainglory. Good work with the YouTube lately. The more frequent uploads are definitely appreciated.
I wish they would let you pick the leader first most decks are built around the leader the leader doesn't really round out the deck
Slothus Maximus
Is it just me, or does Xarthisius seem somewhat useful in this mode? If you get him early you can get a look at your oppoments deck and play around it
Kapetan Cvarak
Arena reward for 9 wins is amazing.
The rewards at the end are awesome! So you won 9 games and then got them?
Hey, do you mind moving your camera postion so it wont block the card descriptions ? im new to the game and it would help alot , i try to learn from your videos
Yung_ jvron
brah i was up for another round
Athos Rocha
Eu curtir essa bandeira do brasil atrás! Legal! / i like this flag brazilian nice !
Daniel Araújo
Hey man are you brazilian?
A Passable Lich
When's this go public, the 28th?
Nicolae Gabriel Alex.
Cool. I hope you share next video our gaunter behemots no consume arena run :) was amazing how imlerith carried the entire deck :))
You're really enjoying this shit lol
Mieczysław Kowalski
awesome mode game
Alex Grande
Too easy ahah
I love seeing so many streamers have fun with this mode! It may not be perfect, but damn, it allows for some really hilarious and strange moments.
Geo S
Traeth Destiny Videos
Watching this hurt me.
Krystian Szatan
Mogwai, have you heard Dandelion premium card music? I love it's art for lore friendly <3