The Psychology of Azula l Avatar: The Last Airbender

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Hello Future Me
This video was blocked by Viacom, and while I'm disputing it, I don't know how long it will be up, so if you'd like to see more of this kind of content, please consider supporting me and Supreme Leader Mishy here >>> (+Discord!) I've had a total of 13 hours sleep in the past 72 hours. It's 6AM here, and I'm so freaking tired, but here you go: Azula's psychology. Stay nerdy, Tim
I came to watch Avatar. I left with a psychology degree.
“My own mother....thought I was a monster...” “ *She was right of course, but it still hurt* “
Even more proof that Avatar's quality is legendary
Mia :}
the most shocking thing i heard in this video was that Azula was 14. Edit:wow so many people agree, I’m glad I thought I was just oblivious.
I always found Azula more scary then Ozai. Her mentality,drive and un-Empathetic attitude sends shivers down my spine. Her ability to get into others heads and exploiting them as well as overpowering them with her superior skill. I always saw her as the final villian. Just my opinion.
You know she’s crazy when her psychological evaluation video is almost an hour long
Abby Beatson
If you think about it, Iroh is even more of an important character. He effectively saved Zuko from a fate identical to or even worse to Azula's.
Danya Mozdzen
Next video: “The Life of Cabbage Man”
I think a big contributor in what finally caused Azula to break is the moment she was tapped for Firelord. Think about this: she was working her whole life to be seen as worthy of being named Firelord, and when Ozai finally promised her that title, he immediately made a new position higher than it and gave that name to himself. Phoenix King. Suddenly the role she'd been working towards, that of ruler of the Fire Nation, most powerful position in the world, was relegated to Number Two. Right where she'd always been.
nicole auguste
Sometimes I forget how young she is, and every time I'm reminded it's a bit chilling :(
Raymond Reviews
I think Azula's mental breakdown was the first one I saw in my life that was straight forward. Most kids shows use metaphors to make the message of mental health and mental brekadowns, but Azula was the first one I remember where they went all out in the literal route.
Sunset Assassin
The beach episode in Avatar The Last Airbender is the only anime beach episode that is not focused solely on fan-service, and actually provides context and intrigue to the characters through subtle psychological differences.
Jaylen McMahand
I always loved Azula even as little kid when you're supposed to hate the villain. I remember being a little kiddo watching Azula's final stand and when Azula broke down crying I remeber thinking "Aww she must be sad that sehe lost the fight". But now after re-watching the series I realize that it was so much more than that. poor girl :(
neko kumiko
clicked to defend Azula didnt have to this did her character justice
David Muhs
i never would have though azula was that deep i always thought she was a one dimensional liar + controlling character with a god complex. really goes to show that avatar is one of those shows you could study your whole life and never grasp the full depth.
"People need loving the most when they deserve it the least."
Katie Shupe
She didn't stand a chance, she was essentially doomed from the start.
Alexandra Strelka
The next time someone tells me that "Avatar" is a show for shildren I will show them this video.
4:50 I heard that as "[She] destroys a sandcastle, a child, and the beach" and honestly, I believed it.
Azula is honestly a great, complex antagonist in the series. Much better than Ozai, in my opinion, who was kind of boring.
Vixx Celacea
Ozai is a horrible abusive father who should not ever of had kids or ever been around any other living being. It explains exactly why Azula was the way she is along with the possible schitzoaffective disorder that showed up later in her personality. This also perfectly explains why she thinks her mother was the problem.
Burning Shadows
I really loved how you broke everything down. One of the things that I thought, being a parent myself and having been in an abusive marriage before remarrying and having my son, is that Ozai found in Azula what he didn't in Zuko. When you read the comics about finding their mother you see that Ozai while knowing that Zuko is his child punishes Ursa for having written that letter even though she did it to see if he was being given her letters. In turn that meant Ozai punished Zuko too. He was punishing Ursa by punishing Zuko and treating Zuko as if he were nothing, as if Zuko was not his son. When Azula was born I feel like very possibly he took over the role of teaching her, feeling that she was really the only true child/heir to the throne. It is entirely possible that while yes Ursa may not have been able to be the best parent for Azula and she may have experienced depression (having gone through abuse especially the manipulative kind of abuse that Ozai did as well as gaslighting, and other forms of abuse) I am sure she probably had depression and anxiety. However I could also see Ozai having kept Azula close to him, especially when she was shown to be a prodigy. All of his attention would go to the child he wanted and to the child he wasn't punishing just to punish his own wife. So with all of what you said which is probably all very true, having Ozai basically keep Azula at a distance from her mother and also like you said being completely different in how he raised her would have started the process of basically in a sense losing a parent. Ursa was physically there but Azula was never able to trust her or to go to her with any problems she may have had.
The fact that you managed to make an hour-long video about the psychology of a tragic, fictional character shows how dedicated you are in your work. Not to mention, you accurately explained the depths and layers of complexity Azula has as a character and that’s what so interesting about her. Zuko may be the most developed character but Azula is definitely the most complex. So much respect for you.
When you realize that Azula has a more tragic backstory than Zuko. Like... damn. I knew there were some hints of tragedy to her but I would have never been able to deduce all of this.
Irrelevant Person
I got the occasional feeling that Azula cared about Zuko in some small, suppressed way. But in the end, the delusions of constant, premeditated conspiracy and her desire to be the best and crush anyone who even remotely came close to putting a stop to her achieving that goal made it impossible for her to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with even one single person.
Sora Paopu
Azula has always been my FAVE. she honestly made Avatar on another LEVEL!
Aggelos M
A cartoon with better character development than almost all films today.. sometimes I wish I could forget I've ever watched it just to enjoy it fully all over again..
40:44-40:49 Gee, Azula sure looks a lot like her mother...
Corrupt Angel
Oof I found this video particularly interesting as I grew up in a abusive household under my father. Moreover I have certain mental issues and did have moments of extreme violence and showed early signs of sociopathic behaviour. Ultimately, I survived and rose above but I was very close to losing the fight countless times even going so far as spending time in a mental hospital.
Isaac W.
This is without a doubt the best video about AtLA that ive ever seen. Keep up the good work!!!
Luna Rose
Dang you’re making me an Azula apologist I’m about to cry
I just realized azul in spanish means blue. Azula has blue fire
Simply amazing. Exceptionally well done. Azula and Zuko are definitely my favorite characters from this show, they are so complex and interesting.
Neptune Centari
She is one of my favorite fictional characters of all time. The depth and complexity in her character is stunning.
sad goliath
I always felt so bad for Azula, especially after The Beach. But I never really understood why as a child.
Purple Nebulae
An hour of Avatar psychology lmao, this is such a treat!! Definitely subbed, this is so well presented. Cheers
I swear to god, every time EVERY TIME I watch something about Avatar the Last Airbender, it just even further solidifies it as a brilliant series for me. This show has so many layers of complexity and careful detailing to it that I would never even know where to begin with it.
Fabian Lelo
Dude, what an incredibly thorough analysis into such a complex character! "Almost" perfect! Perpertuated, perpertuated, perpertuated... "Almost perfect isn't good enough!" 🤣
Lacey Enoshima
"she was right of course, but it still hurt"
Sujay Mills
"ItS JuST a KidS ShOw" they say
MrHwil RRR
Man, you're brilliant! You're helping me study for Mental Health and you're entertaining me! 10/10!
Jasmine M
the beach episode was my favourite, i remember seeing it and feeling so bad for azula
Michelle Sithole
Here's the thing,I'm more worried about the psychology of the CREATORS of Azula now. How could they have created someone so twisted. It's like they were reflecting their childhood
Phoenix King
I gotta say you should probably Be her Psychiatrist 🔥
Maya 525
I got into avatar and watched the whole show because of this video. Finding out a villain could get an hour long psychology study makes me think "wow this show must be really good for this to happen" and the show didn't dissapoint
The WerewolfF
you do really good and informative videos. love how deep you delve into what some would (sadly) dismiss as simply a "kid's cartoon". your videos are by far some of the best content i watch on youtube
Youtube's recommendations are on point today. 👍🏾
Alan Bean
Holy cow! This is well researched and well organized. 10/10 would read this as an academic paper.
Ominethious Calistian
Tara Strong. the most recognizable voice actor of animation. Up there with Tom Kenny.
Sweetie Sara
Azula is like a double Zuko She is in his situation, but with more problems and less/no help That‘s why I like her more
iris.fay. ling
Thank you so much! Aside from the excellent and coherent analysis, the flow of the video was very clear and easy to understand, and it was excellently edited! I love this so much thank uuu
Sam van der Linden
*Before watching:* What 50 minutes of Azula? Hell yeah.
Regidonna Rogatywka
Ah yes. An hour long video in why Azula is the most relatable character in the story. 10/10, would listen to again.
The world is safe when people still talks about the avatar in 2019
"Azulas story is a tragedy at heart" thought that as well, its why i klicked on this video because it got me to remember the music of her final confrontation with her "weaker" brother. It wasnt a scene of glory or triumph as it easily could have been, of Zuko finally triumphing over his horrible sister, instead it was a spectacle of a broken and desperate person. loved the evaluation, and to see the beginnings of a thought so fleshed out was very enjoyable, and of course great props to the writers of avatar.
Connor Schiffer
I'm a first year psychology student, and my abnormal psychology professor is a clinical psychologist and she is always stressing that intensity, frequency, and duration of symptoms are incredibly important in diagnosing anyone. Personally, I love Azula because she was a great villain and now I love her even more because of how interesting she is psychologically. This was a great analysis of her psychological downfall throughout the series due to her environment and behavior and thought patterns. Also, can't wait to order your book :)
Anil N
It's a testament to the depth of Avatar that there are 1 hr videos on YouTube discussing the psychology of a secondary antagonist. Thanks for taking the time to do this!
Ann Miller
Start of the video: "This looks good. Okay, I'll bite. End of the video: "Wow, I knew Azula was a complicated character, but this goes deep."
Christopher Wolford
This was incredible, and so accurate as to abuse that I've witnessed in my family and other families. Great job on this video and thank you for your hard work.
Lofty Standards
I loved how they made her such a fearsome and cold psychopath but with so much talent, beauty; as such that even her best friends feared her.
Exo's proud mama bear
This is why we need humans ,not characters. This is why I love avatar and game of thrones so much(not the show, the books) ; consistent and interesting characters with great character developments.
Neerupan Ganeshaan
It’s sad how viacom abuse copyright protection and ruin great character analysis videos like this
Jenna Thompson
This was amazing, freaking floored me. Bravo 👏👏👏👏
Red Cape Girl
This makes me realise how much work the writer/Autor puts into avatar I love it, its amazing
Holy cow man, this is your best work so far. Mad props for the amount of work put into this
Nitay Eshed
"No! She's crazy and she needs to go down!"
Furkan Asar
Hi!This comment will probably go unnoticed but I wanted to write down my appreciation for this work. This is by far one of the most masterfully crafted character analysis works I've ever come accross about any character from any medium ever. Azula has always been my favorite character from avatar universe even as a child I found her to be a compelling and an intimidating antagonist liked far better than any other antagonist in the entire series.But my fascination with her character was no more than that.Not until I grew up rewatched the entire series and properly analyzed her character. It seems like most of my interpretations about her were/are ''correct''.From her whole foundation in forming relationships with other is through instilling fear in them and establishing her superiority to root to many of her problems are linked to her lack of having a reliable genuinely caring parental figure during her upbringing. But my analysis is far too superficial and pale in comparison to this masterpiece.Referencing every single intricate detail , including genuine studies and terminolgy from psychology no praise is sufficient to show my appreciation for this video. I'm not excatly an enthusiastic person.Fiction is one of the few things in this life that makes me feel passionate about something.Avatar being one of my favorite works as well as Azula being one of my favorite antagonists in fiction ever thank you for taking your time making this video,I commend you.
Henry Glick
lol that book was only published a couple months ago, someone is well-read!!
Pointless Pelican
I always felt bad for azula, never could exactly define why, it was just apparent that her mental state was degrading and she needed someone on her side on a warm/loving level, you put it all into rational speak for me thnx.
Jon_ oVo
Amon would clap her in hand to hand combat With little difficulty..
Brilliant and extremely well done. This is artful and quality through every step. Thank you for putting so much effort into this masterful work!
da gingerbread boi
I don't know why but seeing that this video was 54 minutes long combined with the first 30 seconds of the the video being so great with editing just made me know I was in for a awesome well put together video. Thank you youtube recommendations.
Asia Ashanti
Words do this analysis no justice.
You weren't kidding when you said this was your best video. Wow! I love this. You gave clarity and words to the themes I most relate to in this show. Thank you.
Abdalrahim Abdullah
ALL HAIL MISHKA for this hour long brilliant work
Tatiana Pakhomenko
This was incredible! All of your videos are interesting to watch and impressive, but I'm truly amazed by this analysis. Thank you!
That’s What G Said
Sokka would take Azula’s insult of “snow peasant” and turn it into a viral meme
I watched the whole video and I don't have any regrets, damn.. dude, amazing, keep going!
"The question at the front of everyone's mind" Me: "how do they not fry their f&^@ing hands off when they lightning bend?"
Grzegorz Glodek
Great vid but Machiavelli staring into depths of my soulf with that creepy smile is really unsettling.
Whitney L.
It's pretty interesting how Azula works in comparison to Zuko. It's like their complete opposites. While Azula is cold and calculated, Zuko does things based on how he feels and has a tendency not to think things through. Edit: Holy Crap, I did NOT expect this comment to get this many likes. Thanks everybody!
madyy mudii
The amount of research done here is amazing!!! good for you my man Also, the rain at the end, got me feeling cold and depressed, thanks............................ I guess
the fact that she was only 14 always hits hard
Damn, I looooovveeee this video. Thanks so much dude, you put in a lot of work for this video and I appreciate it so much. I'm considering joining as a patreon.
Nakia Lowery
Who's more scarier Azula (Fire Nation) or Cersei (House Lannister) !? 😬
sean froelich
Such an amazing video. Thank you for the work you put into this.
Joshua Nguyen
Azula’s my most favorite character ever. I love this. Thank you!
Cage Fighter
Well done I learned a lot. Thank you for the video keep up the great work!!
Sam Vente
A+ for research and citing your sources my friend
Volt Siano
Dang... This is deep, thought-out, and well-written. Makes me feel for her.
Sweetie Sara
Everything I thought is in this video. Thanks, I searched so long for that
idil ipekoglu
I feel bad for Azla now. Because at least Zuko had Iroh. Azula had only Ozai and he was nothing like Iroh. Thus Azula basically lived under a mask of perfection because of how his father showed some kind of affection
Felix Wolf
youtube finally understands me.. 50+ min video about azula <3 awesome vid btw
Ahmed Aly
A WHOLE HOUR video about Azula by Hello Future Me? This must be the best day EVER! Edit: Wow! I got a love from Tim! And thanks for the likes, guys :)
wow. this is an amazingly detailed, well-written and researched analysis of probably my favorite villain character of all time. thank you so much for ur hard work and putting this together!!!
Julien Goodman
This. Was. Amazing. You should do videos like this in all of the characters.
amazing analysis! thank you for this. i knew there were complex layers to azula but i could never figure it out for myself. i always wanted to understand her tragic breakdown at the end of the series. great video!
nah ••
An hour long analysis of a character apart of the best TV show on earth? *yes*
Emily Likens
I really want the creators of avatar to watch this and give there thoughts on it.