Painkiller Hell & Damnation Exclusive Launch Trailer [HD]

Jeremias Bastos
Siri Svegler - Painkiller
Jami Soulières Martel
One of the best game trailer i've seen.
Hay que destacar que este juego es un juego a la vieja usanza, estilo Doom o Quake. Realmente es muy entretenido y divertido, si lo que buscáis con este juego es una historia elaborada y trascendente vais mal encaminados, pero si buscáis acción frenética al viejo estilo, diversión y dificultad elevada, este es vuestro juego, ademas de que la banda sonora es muy buena, acompaña a la acción completamente y los jefes finales son el punto fuerte, de verdad que no entiendo la gente que lo critica y tacha sin haberlo jugado o solo habiendo visto un triste gameplay, los que hayan jugado Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein 3D etc, van a sentir que este juego es como volver al pasado pero disfrutando de las tecnologías de hoy en día. De verdad que os animo a probarlo, merece la pena, pero eso si, no trae todos los niveles que traía el Painkiller original, una cagada que le resta muchos puntos, pero aun así, merece la pena comprarlo.
Isaac Appleman
This song was perfect for this trailer. Love it.
what is this song!?
Laser Lens
I can't stand this music, and what the hell is wrong with the frame times?
Mirko Vercelli
Spider- Dad
Should have used judas priest painkiller
They chose the WRONG song for this trailer....
Is the game a metaphor for a car crash?
I would love to see awards for game trailers.
Kouji Chan
Whats the song?
my oppinion is Judas Priest - "Painkiller" for this trailer
Connor Caple
This game reminds me a lot of Serious Sam and doom!
Josh Gradiz
on steam right now for 4$ 
Sergey Petuhov
Man! This song is just to my mood. But cool.
Pain Pain Pain Killer
Lol, aviable at: Halloween
Corey Sharrow
Im happy that painkiller is back and I wish that there's a collector edition with all painkillers for ps3. :( but the first 2 games is fine. Painkiller and clive barkers undying are prolly the most underrated games of all time.
Elephants Are Cool
What the hell happened to shooters that say: Fuck taking cover. I’m just going to beat these guys to death with my dick?
Donald Stafford
its just like doom it amazing go order it on amizon .com for 29.99 brand new
Donald Stafford
yes it did dont lisen to song watch every seen it tells a story think like a conspiretor
Ben Potter
This told me nothing about what on earth the game is about.
the name of the song is "painkiller by siri svegler" :D
Pene Trait
Julias Keeton
Angelos Mortis
is this a shooting game????
Federico Jimbo Smithson
Wow I like the song.
the song is a pain in the ass
Martial Wolf
It should not be in the next Fallout game, but it's a very lovely song for a very violent game. :D
Song name?
the painkiller series reminds me of BLOOD....i want a blood 3 but a good one this time :(
Hans Nam
no idiot would choose this over 50's jazz. FO soundtrack is perfect as it is
Iron Man
Painkiller= Serious Sam horror version.
Enrys ChannelTM 2
2:11 666PKgame?? OMG
Matej Lipka
I managed to find out the singer and the song name: Siri Svegler - Painkiller Enjoy ;-)
cool game song sucks ass. needs more death metal lol
sec canale
name of song? <3 or is a Track of game?
awesome trailer but the song fuckd it up...
Wesley C
I want that game!!!
Wesley C
lollll, pain pain pain killer wow nice trailer
Ori Maoz
and that kids, what happens if max payne changed his voice and started singing!
Song name is "Painkiller," by Siri Svegler
What about Cyberpunk 2077?
djay T-b
what if they don't and it's the last day ?? xD if they saw this they go download it ASAP
Olaf Snowman
sound like romantic song.....but
Yeah.. I'm pretty sure the 8 million or so people with Steam know that.
is this a custom song? or can you download it somewhere?
djay T-b
it's free on steam 2 days left go to library then all games. u will find it fore free but fore 2 days only :P
Hey, what's the game series called? I didn't catch it from the song.
true but it still looks fun
Grumpy Catterman
Since he did a review of the game this is just a remake of... and he liked it. One would assume he'll like this but won't likely review it.
John Doe
what a incredible inappropriate and annoying song to ruin a otherwise epic trailer, fail x 9000>
yes he obilerated it
this game is sooo simple that's why i want to get if yahtzee like this then it's a perfect game
why its perfect for it
Sir Mutantenkraken
...when i first saw this trailer, i wanted to throatfuck everyone who was involved in making the best FPS shooter of all times a cheap modern warfare with a different skin on it, but then i saw ingame material. looks realy good, and looks like it plays like the old one - love it!
Styx Hellmouth
every thins is the same in the new PC games ... but PK still remains THE BESTTTTTTT
Hangar Fry
no...just no.
when the thing came on the road my heart jest went like. sucide
just me or reminds me of dead island trailer
I want to buy this song...just so I can listen to it while playing this game.
Rafael Branco
No :( But this song should be in it :p
Best trailer of the year
Jared Wells
do you happen to know anything about the next fallout game?
It's written at the end of the trailer, but it seems that nobody reads so much nowadays .-.
1:03 Knife 1:08 Modern Military shooter weapon 1:17 Scene from Black Ops "Pain, pain, painkiller. Pain, pain, etc.." I think they're trying to say smth guys..
Rafael Branco
Are you sure that they made only 2 painkiller games? Maybe you should research more.
have you played the original?? btw this trailer is NOTHING like the full game
this song sucks but the game is good
Al B.
But People Can Fly only did the original and Battle Out Of Hell, not those silly 'sequels' :(
Shoorf LonelyLokly
Well, my hope is not dead, but this trailer is awkward.
Rafael Branco
This song should be on the next fallout game.
Many guys from People Can Fly (before BS) are in The Farm 51
Rafael Branco
kvltpirate ---Siri Svegler - Painkiller
Rafael Branco
Do you know the name/singer?
Rafael Branco
Wish to know also
Rafael Branco
Yeah right so they can destroy it more just like they did with their sequels. Nice to talk shit about a game that you didn't even played
Who sings this song?
The Painkiller brand, don't belong to PCF.
Shoorf LonelyLokly
Bring back PEOPLE CAN FLY and make a REAL SEQUEL. Srsly, guys.
The song was the worst thing to happen to this video...
Adam D.G
mmm I see 107 stupid-ass butthurt cod kids
can someone please tell me what this game is about. because that shitty trailer didn't tell me shit, except that who ever chose the music for this trailer is a fucking idiot
Umm... Never played ARMA... Soooo... I don't know, could be awesome could be crappy, haven't played it, and the fact I didn't mention a single game probably means I haven't played it :P
Well to be honest, Max Payne isn't awful just maybe a 5/10... I personally didn't enjoy playing through it.
Indrid Cold
Polak potrafi . 10/10
That is not what I expected when I clicked on this video.
i am noob, so wats the story of this game?
Montegomery HUE
your soap mcmason price and with your pack of buddies you follow a heavily scripted story line where you get punished for not doing what the game wants and its directed by micheal bay.
i. hate. caps lock. technique. Now get out
well dude lost his girl in car crash and hes stuck between heaven and hell :)
yes i do. it fits with the trailer. making it climatic and kinda fucked up :)
Aaron Marshall
wtf is this even about
1:48 - dat face