Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are very real Summer dangers, especially in the Arizona desert. Anthony Pickett, MD explains the signs of a heat injury and what to do if your child shows the signs.

Gregg the Egg
I had heatstroke and almost passed out in the pool I ended up staying in the hospital for 2 days with a needle stuck into me and also I got this gas and it made me look hilarious. Idk about anyone else but when I got heatstroke I couldn’t walk I was almost paralysed for 48 hours Also I fainted 3 times each time different though
Joanna Nedyalkova
How to deal with the body symptoms after the heat stroke and after the body been cooled? I got hospitalized for 2 days they took great care of me but I feel irregularity in my head and body temperature,muscle cramps ,dry mouth,I drink a lot of fluids and I feel my kidneys got overwhelmed from so much medecine and fluid Thank you!
I had heat exhaustion a few months ago at paint ball I was feeling a bit sick then dizzy then every thing went black I ended up passing out and we got a bottle of Gatorade the the owners of the place called the ambulance
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