"Heat Stroke" - Black Math

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Amber Fraser
Jokers edit
Levy Lacker
Dazai Osamu Zenbai lead me here
Bloodstream Tulips
It remind me of Jeremiah Valeska
Sophie Strange
Came here from a Scarlet Witch edit
Magical Fandoms
How does this not have more views
I shazamed this off of I believe it was a showtime commercial of upcoming new shows. I couldn't grab my phone fast enough to shazam this song. lol I fell in love with it right off the bat. Its catchy and its just well..bad ass!
Warren Johns
how can I find more out about this band
I don't understand why this has only 40k views and 700 likes.. this needs more love! great song!! I broke the replay button
connor walsh
Kpop _Joshua
I love this songggggg
Andrea Guerrero
This song is so good ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Can anyone recomend me similar songs?
Ziou Bianey
so good!
Holly Stogner
Great song
mak mendesss
damn i love it
Traditional Nik'sKoalas
Daniel Vega
Jokers edit brought me here but I can't stop thinking about dick grayson
Daniel Almodovar Rico
Song lyrics?