Indiana Pacers vs Cleveland Cavaliers - Full Game Highlights | Game 1 | April 15, 2018 NBA Playoffs

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Rapid Highlights
Enjoy & welcome 👇
Peter Akinrinade
If pacers finally beat Cavs without PAUL GEORGE I will cry.
Javian Johnson
🗣 IS THIS YOUR KING??! 🗣 Told y’all Lance Stephenson owns LeBron mentally. Dude lives in this man’s head for free with electricity, air conditioning, food, furniture, cable, wifi ALL INCLUDED
Shanks D. Badass
Wanna hear a Joke? Cavs crowd chanting Defense
Liam Owen
I will be the first one to order Oladipo's new shoes if they win this series
Eric Yuan
Cleveland flipping the switch in the playoffs - only to find they haven't paid their electricity bill. 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Cavs fans talking shit about Toronto and Boston, but forgot about Indiana
Spring Heeled Jack
Is that Oladipo or Jordan, hard to tell?!
Adande Lawrence
The stats don't lie Cleveland ranks 29th in defense and it's showing up already
Cavs win: Lebron MVP & Best player in the world Cavs lose: Lebron has no help!
Cmack34 mill
Lebron has finally did something that MJ never did! He managed to play the best season of his career while playing 0 defense and his team is rank number 29 in team defense in the NBA something that never happened to MJ and his bulls teams during his career so congrats to Lequite because all he cares about are his stats.
Cisco Lé
No wade no kyrie... lebron has always been fortunate to play with these killer mentality qualities and special gifts .. this is where the debate ends lebron has never been that guy . He is a good player but he wastes to much energy doing other things .. jordan and Kobe are still and always have been the true winners Nd killers in the game . Lebron just doesn’t have it his accomplishments as far as championships Nd playoffs have always been masked by the legendary teammates he’s had . Lebron takes too much credit he doesn’t deserve!
Wait till IT comes back
Love how LeFag walks off the floor before the final buzzer. But the sports outlets won't mention it though. Great leadership from the so-called best player on the planet. I hope they get swept.
Syfy Void
I’ve said it before I’ll say it again Cavs are trash
Before this game, everyone be like: Yeah, Cavs in 4-5. Boring series. After this game, everyone be like: PACERS IN 4! PACERS IN 4!
Mark Mccormick
LeBron is the most overrated basketball player of all time
Jean Toronto Raptors
Lue has nothing to do with shots not falling Blame the players And, and keep that #L
D Relle
Cav fans really thought they would rip through the east again like last year. No Kyrie, no finals. Y'all will be lucky to make it out the first round.
LeBron James Bandwagon
Good luck making it to the Finals. 😂
Ishaan DHIR
Lance:1 Lebron:0
I'm glad the Pacers still won with all those phantom fouls the refs were calling against them. Meanwhile, Bron going to the line after pretending to be hit in the face. smh The refs will blow this series. They are trying so hard to get Bron to the Conference Finals. Cheating a-holes
Karlo Insta
I just don't see the "goatness" in this man.. he's had a pretty easy conference his whole career and failed against adversary in the finals most of the time.
Kevyn Battle
Bronsexuals: But but but he averaged a triple double 😂😂😂😂😂
NBA Highlights And Discussions
Pacers in 5
Cav fans were so confident LMFAO SAD
It's crazy how easy Victor Oladipo makes this high level of play look and he's been doing it all season. Let's hope he can keep this style of play up in game 2.
The game was over at 2:18
I think it is clear that while LeBron looks for tripple doubles, my Pacers look for upsets! These Pacers don't give a rats ass about antecedents! They care about building a future for themselves as a whole new team that doesn't give in to intimidation! Boom baby
Rj the great
Damn all these weak ass teams are getting blown out in their first game 😂
Charlotte S.
So where are the dislikes coming from? Oh the Cavs fans. Go Pacers.
Марко Златев
guys, wait till IT comes back. Pacers in 4
cLoud unDerWeather
Triple doubles are overrated
Gianni Tanggo
Damm d self proclaimed king was xposed
Lance with the hammer tho. That's the lance I know
africano dos santos dos santos
Queen James is such fragile fraud
Xavier Gautier
Cavs are overated hope this blowout teach the other teams that cavs are beatable
OfficialBudha 6ix
Lebron loses 1st game one in his career, Raptors win first game one since '01. #HistoryInTheMaking
Amazinj Muzik
Tyron Lue getting fired, if LeBron gets knocked out in round one. Gota blame it on someone
#ShockTheWorld Let's goooooooo. VICTOR OLADIPOOOOOO best guard in the East. Look at those steals!
Goran Petrović
This is the first sign of cavaliers self destruction, they will get eliminated by Indiana and LeBron will leave Cavs as a free agent. Cleveland cavs going forward will be forgotten. Most likely he will end up in LA and that's great as a Raptors fan :) fully support it. Lebrun also gets too many calls by refs, it's boring now, if players even breath on Lebrun they blow whistle...
LeBron is definitely leaving this offseason
Michael Patten
I’ve never wanted to watch Undisputed more then after watching this game.
Joelando Butterfield
We don't need George Paul as Skip would say we got Oladipo and Sabonis,and people say we got a box of cookies in return in this trade,well that was one hell of a box of cookies.
If lebron leaves this team, he will never be in the top 5 goat conversation ever again...
Larriors bandwagoners worst fans in the nba
LeChoke !!!
I watched the whole game and the one thing that obviously stood out was the DEFENSIVE INCONSISTENCY. They keep givin Oladipo so much room to do whatever he wants. Like they need to play some real defense or else bye bye cavs. Who else agrees with me on the matter as far as the lack of defense?
Gator Melon
I'm a LeBron fan and I still blame him for this loss. We all already know his teammates are shit especially in the playoffs so in a game like this he should've taken over and scored like 40 or something. I'm not gonna blame a bunch of bums for doing what they usually do. I still believe the Cavs will win in 5 though and I hope they learn how to play basketball again.
taylor siwik
Where’s that playoff switch lol
Jorge Delgado
Today was another example of Lebron James stats padding.
Issa W
mgm boy
If the pacers beat them again in game 2 its over
Düül Crimson
Indiana 🖒🖒🖒 good Game ! Hope they sweep the cavs 🏀🏀🏀🏀
king JT 26
Good luck LeBron reaching the finals
Michael Griego
Cavs will win GAME 2. No need to overreact Pacers have been a solid team all year though. The Cavs will score over 100 points next game they are one of the better offensive teams in the league. 80 points for the Cavs in a game won’t happen again. Cavs will take the series.
"We have the best player in the world!" -Delusional Cavs Fans
Oladipo > Lechoke Lames. Without Kyrie, Lavs is not a threat. Pacers in 4. Lol.
*Cavs sweeping the east!* -Bronsexuals
G-money Bagz
Just proves what I always said about Lebron!He is a meaningless stat padder with no mid range game!All his shots are either a 3 or bully ball to the basket! Usually a spin a couple fakes and lay up!No 10,15 or even 20 footers in his arsenal so without another player like Kyrie or Wade to bail him out this is the result!A 5th seed coming into his building and spanking you by 18 with a meaningless triple double by the "KANG" (LaShannon Sharpe voice)!🤣Were gonna learn a lot of what Lebron is made of come this postseason!Watch and see!
Oladipo > George Paul.
Lance Stephenson is to LeBron like what LeBron is to the Raptors... *Kryptonite!*
let it be
VYSS Beats
Jeff Green needs to step up, Lebron cant do everything in his 15th season.
Skip Bayless’ dark twisted fantasy
Fat Boi Slurp
Its starting to sink in the gap Kyrie irving left.. He's the only sole human who can save Lebron's ass in times like this, but sad to say None of his teammates has the same caliber as kyrie's.. Such a disgrace for this team if they get beaten up by a 5th seed Pacers (w/out PG).
Sports Central
I am a Jordan fan but I was starting to think about this comparison between him and Lebron as somewhat noteworthy. However, this is my conclusion. Lebron has the potential, but lacks a smart head coach to help channel his course. I cannot believe they let Ty Lue take over as head coach after Drew led them to series of wins. Lebron needs to play off the ball more than he does. A good coach needs to tell him that, but Lue is not capable of doing that. The pacers are not necessarily a better team, but are more strategic as we all can see. They came in with a game plan, but Lue was not ale to make the necessary adjustment accordingly. My prediction , The Cavs will exit first round. Lebron will leave(Hopefully to the 76ers), Lue is finally fired. The team tries to rebuild effortlessly for years ( ask the Lakers)with Lebron's exit. Gilbert will sell the team for less as its value will have diminished. All this can be avoided Dan Gilbert, if you tell Lue to take the back seat and let Drew run things from here on. Just my observation
Christopher Emmons
now this is what I like to see
bep 2
the pacers showed heart and smashed the cavs, the total opposite of what toronto has
Take that sweet L fake king 😂
Ballers TV
Cavs are losing this series if they don't find someone who can add points, I tried telling everyone that these average players they traded for weren't going to show up come big time LeBron can't do it alone, somebody needs to be singned this summer.
ahnaf chowdhury
Okc holding the biggest L for trading sabbonis and oladipo
Bisdak Gaming
stay hungry pacers be sure to end it gm4
Joelando Butterfield
My Pacers Whoop dat ass,Oladipo,Bogdanovic,and Stephenson way to come at them Cavs.If the Cavs are to win they have to slow down Indianas uptempo offense.My Pacers played one of the better defensive games I've seen them play,if we keep this us Cavs are done in 5.
Remember when Nick Wright said “Cavs in 3”. Well well well don’t ever speak too soon
Velha Guarda Tricolor
20 - 6 with 3:33 left to play on the first quarter and you know this is will be one of those nights.
Briana Nelson
Cleveland losing to Philly in 6
Y'all keep hating and sleeping. Us pacers thrive on it
C Jizzle B.M.G.
Super fast rapid damnnn 💯💪 😂😂 cavs
Tidjan Bello Garba
I hâte to admit it I really hate it up But my man is padding his stats He was not even trying He was not leading Just looking from afar BUT the cavs missed all their open shots, includind easy 3s I hope BRON is not trying to get tye Lue fired OOOH TYE LUE that starting Line up and that rotation man 😰😰😰😢😢😢
Chris Ferrero
Cavs looking like first round exits.
*"Kolby Altman did a heck of a job!"*
dame ovo
Funny how every year the warriors always get lucky in the playoffs, again this year they will face the Spurs without kawhi, and the Pelicans without boogie while the NUMBER one seed rockets will play okc and twolves, who without injures this year would have finished 3rd and 4th this year lmao if Houston isn't gassed by the conference finals they'll have a chance .
Victor Oladipo #indyismycity
Is it weird that I had a dream at the beginning of the season that the pacers were the 5th seed and up 2-1 vs the warriors in the finals? And than this kind of season is happening
Knathan Knathan
Cavs doesn’t rotate on the defense fast enough Pacers players are so wide open for three’s lol
MVP Material
Lance Stephenson has LBJ shooked... Facts
Knathan Knathan
That wasn’t a walk on the Euro step?
David Vice Bangura
I said before ty lue days in Cavs are over. And for all the cavs haters what your doing on video highlight cavs haters.
Shaquill Branch
Damn the haters out in full force tonight. 😂😂😂, at least y'all consistent. But when they win it'll be the same ol shit. So, whatever. But Oladipo a problem, he was shittin 🔥🔥💪
General Zod
Danaya Denver
This is CAVS without Kyrie irving😂😂😂
Dale Winston
No korver, no osman for d, minimum minutes from jose and he had bron on the floor 44 minutes. They should have fired lue ass before the playoffs.
Always True
I don't want to see the Cavs or the Warriors in the finals
Lance will make em dance
MobileGame Reviews
Cavs never have paint defense. Ever
Quintus Wang
Its an insult to MJ to even compare him with lebum. Self proclaimed king got exposed
Doug WB
Paul George is still a great player but Oladipo is a better leader and just as good a player. Lets go Pacers
Chunky Cheese
You guys talking about how the cavs might be out first round sound autistic
Maximus Wilson
Damn LeBron going home first round this year, DAMN 😂😂😂😂😂