Top 10 Things to Do in Fallout 4 When You're Bored or After You Beat It #PumaCounts

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Link to my Twitter: /> Hey guys, back with another Fallout 4 video and today I figured I'd go over the Top 10 Things to do in Fallout 4 when you get bored or after you have beaten the game. As always let me know what you think of this video!

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Preston Garvey
or when your bored... you could help these settlements here I'll mark them on your map
Another settlement needs your help. Here, I'll mark it on your map.
After beating the game TWICE. Once siding with the minutemen and the other with the institute. And After I beat the game the second time, I was bored. So I just decided To slaughter every man I saw. Cleared all the settlements that needed my help. Cleared out the major cities and vaults. And about halfway through the the extermination of the commonwealth. I was getting bored again. So I brought all of my companions who I knew were going to try and stop me from slaughtering the infestation that is the commonwealth. Granted. At the last word's of my former comrades did get me to tear up a bit. Piper: Blue... Cod's worth: Sir... I'm dieing... Hancock: one... Last... Trip. Danse: Ad victoriam... And Then When I killed Preston. Heh heh heh... I smirked behind the screen and ate his ass. Cant remember the other companions final words, Or that they weren't words worth remembering but. Still. So that was it. Pretty mush everyone else was dead. Then I had to clear out far harbor and nuka world. Which was a bigger pain in my ass then killing off the commonwealth. (After I finished the story lines of course.) And thus everyone was dead... I then loaded an old save and lived peacefully for the rest of my days on spectacle island with the survivors of my companions in a kick-ass. I now watch the sun set on the water with my dog by my side. Every now and then I get plastic surgery and make myself look a bit older. Like I'm actually ageing. And as I watch the sun with dog meat by my side, I think. Should I go around again?
AcTiv Elite
Teacher: You need to read more! Student: *Goes into fallout 4 and reads all the terminals.*
Look on fudgemuppets channel and mess around with some character builds
A thing that I did while bored yesterday: I piled about 8 dead Raiders onto wrecked car and then set it off, sending the pile of bodies skyward. Sometimes, it's the little things that really make you smile. :)
phycadelic pikachu
what to do after you find your son. become a drug addict
6:52 "Unload into an enemys face" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Ricardo Conde
top 10 things to do when you're bored in fallout 4: 1. play new vegas
Ville Tuomainen
i miss new vegas weapon system.more bullet types a weapons.
I'm glad the nuclear apocalypse happened in america More guns that way
Nicknames are Pointless
step 1: eject fallout 4 disc. step 2: insert fallout new vegas disc.
Jack T
Its good to see someone who still uploads fallout 4 videos
Lara Sapeca
I have 1000+ hours and the game is still fun AF
Wilson Manis
Just to help anyone just starting the game, in the vault there is an awesome weapon behind a locked case. Leave the vault, find Dogmeat and Get bobby pins. Give the pins to dogmeat, ten bring him into the vault, to the gun. Talk to dogmeat, then tell him to fetch: items. He will unlock the case for you. Like so others can see
Another settlement needs your help. Here, I'll mark it on your map.
that guy
well i do love to unload on my enemy's face while im high on jet
video in a nutshell, download mods.
Emperor Palpatine
When I'm bored in fallout I just run around and see what kind of trouble I get into
Airs Gaming
After having completed 4 play through a and over 500 hours in. The game, something I will never get tired of is simulating the minutemen as a government. I run everything from my HQ in the castle and my goal is to get every settlement to 100 happiness
Janine Williams
Download a skyrim sweetroll grenade
Michael Hoot
when I'm board I nuke preston's settlements
Nick Gonzales
Does anyone else hate power armor as much as I do? I just hate the way it feels, am I the only one?
This guy is talking about your third or fourth play through.... I've yet to beat it and don't care. This game got very boring very quick.
Scott King
I like to roleplay as the final enclave troop. I ignore all storylines and play with my own objectives as an enclave.
Mike Dudley
Chems are fun to use. Quit school, score some jet.
Lord DuckingTon
My opinion.... Restart fallout 4 campaign with cheat terminal and operation Manhattan
Matthew Hutzell
42 hours... I've beaten the game and can't find anything worth doing other than mindlessly exploring the big-ass map. x.x
What they need to do is put in a new game plus so we can play the story over and over again without having to start from scratch.
AceNinjaPig Gaming
If you are bored just use a fat man
Psycho Studios
Anyone notice how console commands are not on console
Tristan Lau
#1 Kill Marcy Long repeatedly
#11- hunt the glowing sea with full unyielding armor sets combined with 75% or ur health compromised by rad damage. Bring your wounding shotguns(personal favorite), explosive miniguns,or any other op weapon in your arsenal; and head out into the true wasteland.. After grinding to those insane lvls he spoke about in the video, the glowing sea is no longer a challenge. I know where the loot chests are, as well as the deathclaw and radscorpion spawns (majority of my prey). Then on top of the xp gains and overall confidence, you can make thousands of caps from selling 50 cooked deathclaw. ~If you dont have those unyielding regular armor sets, just get some power armor and go ham in 3rd person with pain train 3.
Born Again Torinos
There is a ton of stuff to do when you beat the game. Save your game when you see a behemoth. Then try to take him down bare fisted. Also, collect protectrons. When I find a protectron, I escort it back to sanctuary. It's harder than it seems because they want to fight everything. Trying to get it back to sanctuary is a challenge to get it there in one piece. I have about 30 of them back safely. I even escorted cappy from nukaworld back to sanctuary in one piece. This game is way more fun when you are not super strong or have great weapons. It's no fun when you are not afraid of anything in the game.
The PC version is limited to 255 mods.
Vault Boy
If you feel board in the wastelands return to a vault and settle down for the F U T U R E
Bonzi Buddy
How the hell i download cheats to xbox one do i have to make a profile in cheat terminal please help
Nick Lancaster
Go back and play Fallout 3 or New Vegas after your bored with Fallout 4.
nice vid
Andrew Yuen
this video could easily have been two minutes long
Cardin Nico
So basically, play the game...
Christian Calso
Dammit.... The only essential faction leader is the most annoying one....
How do I grow subs? Do I need to water them?
Cameron Rouse
Or just maybe... play a different game? Seems logical.
I am currently playing in max-payne-mode, which means 1 luck, 1 endurance, no scoping/sniping, no power armor/mostly clothing, but on normal to high difficulty, survival mods are added, though. Bitter, sarcastic and pretty much drunk/high all the time. I use mostly simple weapons and a few mods, like the jet-pack mod and pretend that i am a self-proclaimed superhero, who runs and jumps around, shooting raiders until he is close enough to beat them down with his gun, while being full of jet in the process. Lots of running, hiding, dodging and diving, but I love it, since you feel like a total bad-ass at the same time. xD Especially the 1 luck thing is tough, since it makes landmines randomly explode in your inventory, especially cap-mines, which means instant-death, but I kinda like it.
Bryan Johnstone
I'm about to try a new game with my character's special stats all at 1 point, and being unable to do or use something unless your stat level is high enough to start adding perk points to it (i.e can use a rifle until perception is level 2, or unable to build a settlement until Charisma is level 6).
Another help needs your map, leave me mark it in your settlements... wait what?
Julius Klein
Automatron dlc: build robot, build another one, (little later) realize that you have filled your settlement with only robots, love it, go to the next settlement I acctualy filled sanctuary with robots and companions, and 3 or 4 settlers (reached the 25 cap)
Tag 915
Decided to see how long I last on survival mode without dying, probably go for a stealth build if I even last long enough for a build to even matter
Michael Hoot
I already beaten fallout 4 on survival give me something harder give me new difficulty mode called Death
Top 5 things to do when your mic breaks…
Jeffrey Whelchel
You mention the lore. I only know what I've learned from play throughs of the previous games and terminals. Your comments got me wondering about official Bethesda novels based off the lore. Weird that none seem to exist. Kind of surprising since D&D, Star Trek, Star Wars, even Mech Warrior have developed their lore through tons of novels.
Gijs Pampiermole
Am i a savage if i just started my 1st game and am playing on survival??
Remnants of the Ashes
Lazer rifles, power armor, and death claws.....the problem is, they give you this at the beginning of the game. Death claws are supposed to be scary, and you're supposed to want to avoid them at all cost.....power armor and lazer weapons are supposed to be rare, and hard to get. so it gives you the feeling that you've moved up. that you've accomplished something. the fact all of this is in the second mission, is what kind kills it a little
when im bored i spawn in a bunch of npcs and let them fight
Dirty Clit
I’ve finished the story 100% the game so yeah that’s why I’m hear
Uni Frog
I have a piece of armor that slows down time when my health dips below %20, so messing with drugs is out for me
Anthony Vitalie
What gun are u using in #19?
Kiah Bench
I wanna kill myself
Ayden 101
My roleplay was a missing synth
Brotherhood of steel 22
Yes eeeeeeeaaaaaaaaasssssssyyyyyyyyyy
Devin Brock
Let's say I get fallout 4 on steam will I still be able to get mods on nexus and use them?
Goy Ishah
Eh, power armor is terrible anyway. So cumbersome. I feel far more accomplished if I go somewhere, kill everyone in the area, and never once tripped an alarm or drew attention to my actions.
Keegan Perry
"Top 10 Things to Talk About when Fallout 4 is out of content"
W/ Cheese
Top one thing you can do to not be bored in Fallout 4: Play literally any, ANY other Fallout game.
Diego Rivera
Lol i only play survival while using cheats
Vedran Pačić
am i the only one who wanted to click "OK" at 4:18
Ethan Flynn
Here's a drinking game, everyone Vinylic Puma says 'Settlement' take a shot.
Remnants of the Ashes
Things to do after playing fallout 4 1-10 Create your own fallout Script for a new plot. involve cooler factions. and wacky characters, make it more dead and hopeless looking. Have a more role-playing type of character. perhaps be able to choose a race between mutant cyborg, ghoul or human. Make it so that you don't always start off as a vault dweller so you can perfectly craft a character without too much background to force you in to being somebody you don't want to be, and make perks actually mean something, and bring skill points back, why did they take those away. that is essential damn it.
Adam Niver
u know, i found some jet already and i just got to diamond city
"10 Bored when you're"
fartblaster26 toots a lot
im a level 198 because cheat terminal for xbox 1
mr punkgaming
i like to do mods and kill everone in dimond city
brincat/spacecats gaming :3 meow YouTube
I've finished fallout 4 like 10 times
Chase Oxsen
What about siding with the brother hood then stealing power armor then killing every one?
FadeD luX
Like the comment if radscorpions are terrifying
Martin Blanch
You don't need the jet pack just turn collision off in console (TCL) and fly up there and if anyone else gets fed up with unlocking terminals then face the terminal enter console click on the terminal and type (unlock) enter, job done!
stephen warble
Survival is not that hard when you have a fully upgraded gauss rifle and an insane amount of ammo
ignas 1011001
Disagree what you said about survival, it's like easy mode i can just steamroll thru enemies without any planing just go straight at the them mowing them down like fresh grass
What shotgun is he using and how you get it
Garret wilhem VönHorsslen
basically what radiation is is these energys that come from explosives such as nukes. how radiation kills you is simple when you breath it in the changes your DNA and basically burns you from the inside out and makes almost impossible to breath it can take about 15 seconds for your body to burn completely if in high radioactive areas so always wear that gasmask
John Hosp
Does anyone know what type of shotgun he is using throughout the whole number ten spot? Its like a plasma shotgun it looks like!! I'm wondering if it's some kind of combat shotgun and that he has every perk point in gun nut and science skill maybe then u can do crazy awesome stuff like turn a shotgun into a plasma shotgun??? Anybody know??
Fallout 4 should should have a way to play it without fighting
Oliver F.
Good video, i learned that Brahmin produces Fertilizer! xD I never knew, always kinda wondered why i had them at my settlements. Also, if u want the ultimate Challenge, try Survival without Power Armor, it's almost impossible.
Zachary Trammell
Even if you're not going to cheat on a playthrough you should still probably have cheat terminal it's a super useful resource to have in game say if you like lose your companion you can fix mistakes you made it doing certain things like remove perks and then refund the perk Point by the perky wanted
James Shaun
You know what's funny... He called fallout 4 an rpg. That really cracked me up. I haven't heard a good joke like that in a while.
Mitchell Patterson
wait u can get mods for the ps4
the killer jeff
Sell it and buy A better Game!
Nightingale Squad
idk if there is still a console mod cap but I'm convinced that there's not because on my Xbox 1 I had almost 100 mods
• Nugget •
I've complete the last mission 3 Times' now😜
Blackjesus gaming
wtf are you talking about it is impossible to be bourd in fallout 4. RIGHT.
Sk8er _boi
What was the weapon he used to kill the mirelurks in number 3
Blacktooth 305
Fallout NV is the best fallout
Ben Webb
What gun are you using in the diamond city massacre bit?
*unless im mistaken, i dont think console scrubs even get the other vaults, like the one under Fenway, or the one way up north, do they??? sux to be on Kidsole.*
Puma, you got the title wrong dude. It is "Top 10 Things to Do in FO4 When you're Bored or as true Fallout fan, despise Bethesda's work and you treat this game as a separate one from the rest of the series, thus you don't care about its nonsense story and fucked up lore". Also, this video made me laugh a lot... Specially with reason #5. Oh god that was a great joke.
sapi goreng
Survival playthrough is extremely hard at the first like 5-10 hours but it get extremely easy later, so never give up!
DARK the noble
you forgot removing the essentail and going around and killing everything and anyone