Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid 4-0 All Goals and Highlights | 07-02-2015 HD

Atletico madrid vs Real madrid 4-0 All Goals and Highlights 7-2-2015 HD I am happy that Atletico Madrid trashed Real. Although Im not really a fan of Atletico, this give Barcelona the advantage to clinch the La Liga title that they were robbed of last year. Luck is on our side :) No offense to Real Madrid's fans though. Atletico's class performance is simply stunning. Enjoy it in HD.

Real Madrid 0-4 Barcelona 😂😂😂
juze 11
real is so motherfucking bad
Kwaku Arllo
Real Madrid 2 - 6 FC Barcelona
Dawit Gezaie
Atletico madrid always better than Real madrid
I feel bad for Casillas. He basically was doing the most work here. Real's defense was so bad that match...
Amir Minhat
real madrid love no 4. atletico 4-0 real. barca 4-0 real 😂
Atletico Madrid 4 0 Real Madrid Barca                  4 0 Real Madrid #cry7 invisible #penaldo
That's why we all Cules Love Atletico Madrid! Keep thrashing those arrogant neighbours!
Jonathan Alfaro
griezman was mocking cry7 its so funny.
Barcelona 1 Atletico Madrid 2 Real Madrid 3 The best is barcelona
matt craft
Barca did at santiago bernabeu.
Dr. Manhattan
Too bad they can't do that to Real in the champions league
The whole time i was thinking that Cr7 is not playing until the camera showed him once LMAO.He disappears in big games like a ghost
Jorge Paredes Aponte
Atletiiiii, Atletiiiii, Atlético de Maaadriiid!! ♫♪
Legends say that after the match, Simeone requested that Madrid declare independence from Spain so that they could play Real Madrid every week
Soccer legend
Poor Casillas the dumb defenders not helping him
There's nothing like seeing the team you hate getting beaten by another team you hate! Because in the end, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, so Atletico Madrid is my friend. Visca Barca putas 😂😂😂
Came here to cheer up ;_;
Mathilde Agra
Grizou the best 😍😍
franklyn lema
Lol Ancelotti face 8:24
Seriously: Look at RM defence! They just stand there! But i will say that Casillas is probably the one to blame most here...
Loukas FCB
Atletico Madrid 4-0 Real Madrid Real Madrid 0-4 Barca
deadly mentality
Real Madrid really loves to shove 4 goals up their ass. Atleti did it then barça. God damn
Kareem Plays
Im very immbaresd real madrid u let me down
skeet beet
see the best team in action against real what a gamw
Ilove Playstation
Who came here by typing "REAL MADRID LOSE" in the searchbar.
fantasmagorico 75
Atlético 100000000000% real 000000000000000000000%
Heavy metal
Like if you think Real Madrid didn't deserve to win last years Champions league
Zahirul Hoque
Real Madrid was bad in that match
Patrick Isidore
Like If you came to watch this video after the 4-0 Barcelona gave Real Madrid...
recien pude ver al gay en el minuto 9.20 como siempre llorando porque desaparecio todo el partido...lamentable ese portugues hijo de puta
Olivier Gruner
Atleti Atleti Atleti!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Lero Pa
colombian dono18
I am happy Real Madrid lost
Nek Le Fennek
Griezman Griezman 😀😀😀😀😀
Lorenzo Morales
We're heading to the Calderon with the same defense: Nacho and Varane. Cristiano doesn't score anymore. Kroos injured, Casemiro Injured, Pepe and ramos too. It promises to be very interresting
WorldCup Master
Why couldn't they do in the Champions League final
יצחק משען
Jonathon Woolley
Real Madrid lost yeah.
Kiran Kaur
Real Madrid are the best in the world.....When it comes to getting humiliated by a large margin of goals :D:D Almost every top club in Europe has raped them badly.
Mirela Delgado
real madrid es una mierda perdiooooooooooo 4-0
Blues Magic
Easy, Madrid is such an easy opponent
Every time Real concede a goal when Casillas as a goalkeeper he has that look that says "I'm surrounded by idiots"
Deathmaster Purri2
manduzkic was good and they sold him
Эмиль Флейшер
Я льубльу вас потпищеки
Guillermo Juan Lopez Mendoza
el gol de mandukis fue esplendido mejor k la cholena de saul
Luis Donado
The RM faces said it all! I love this game and will never forget it.
brian herrera
11 just leaving it out here
Jack Petrakul
blame on CR. He should start to play defence
Saison Atletico Madrid 2015/16 into my Channel
Christian Boutros
I hate real madrid I like barcelona
Harrison Nguyen
Man, sucks that Simeone and Mandzukic had a falling out. I thought he was the perfect player for Atleti. Strong, aggresive, dangerous, just what we need this season. Griezmann is all alone this season and Martinez is injured. We need more firepower, our defense is saving us. I suggest a attacking midfielder and striker this January to sign. And hopefully Simeone stays here too.
Lol Barca Is Not The Only Team That Can Beat Real Madrid 4-0
Байтабын Ризаев
😂😂😂реал м 👈😭😭😭3👈👈реал говно
R Br
2:28 Dios mio
LEYRE Martinez
atleti is the best team in the world
First goal was a goalkeeper mistake. No wonder they got rid of that loser Iker Casillas
Ahmed Amoud Filali
madre mía que goles
Florine Picaud
Comment il leur ont mit une patate 😂👌😍💯
Son Tung Le
Now Atletico Madrid is a very good team in La Liga and C1 League with no lose after seven match in La Liga 2016/2017, since now and in C1 League.
Miriam Pina
atlético 4 0 Madrid vamos
Tony Stefan
yes atletico Madrid
Son Tung Le
Atletico Madrid will more powerful if Arda Turan still in the team
Timur Uzdenov
so what? now it is necessary to smear Real Madrid??? you remember Real Madrid Atletico Madrid 5-0, 4-1 (Champions League final in 2014), Atletico Madrid Real Madrid 1-4 (Primera Divicion), Atletico Real Madrid 0-2, Atletico Real Madrid 0-3, Real Madrid Atletico 3-1, Atletico Madrid Real Madrid 1-2, and this season Real Madrid won 1-0 and went to the semifinals in 2015! This recall idiots! but in this game have been injured Real Madrid have Marcelo, Madric, James and Ronaldo knee injury was! it was not fair game! Humble
Alberto Lorca
Valla Paliza 😂😂
The reason Real lost was Casillas and Nacho
ShadowFantasy ShadowFantasy
Warning this comment section is full of aids and barcakids. Rip respect.
joe kariba
i luv how real madrid haters look everywhere to look for a video to make fun of them
Tobias Soller
casias ist einfach seiße.Ich hete alle gehalten
Diamond Dj
2:28 Is that guys name Nacho?
Hala Madrid
shitletico we See u in mailand
Real Madrid=10 UEFA Atletico Madrid 0 FC Barcelona 5 hahahahahhahah aiaiai
helmi wibisono
hala madrid
The Boss Ka
Merci beaucoup
Eren Bektaş
Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid CR7 vs AT10
Dika Prayoga
real madrid 👎👎👎👎👎
Imer Perez
real Madrid SUCKS 👎👎👎👎😂😂😂😂 barcelona👍👍👍👍👍😀😀😀😊☺
Dr. Many
Saul siempre metiendole golasos al real la chliena y la bolea😂😂😂😂
Уалибек Кенжекулов
Реал Мадрид бараны
Мадина Рамазанова
а почему касиляс даже не двигоется ,как полагается варвтврю
Alle Angehörigen von Real Madrid sind einfach nur arrogante Idioten. Atletico ist einfach besser, vorallem wegen Griezmann und Costa.
Vaibhav Mandhare
athaltico Madrid is way ahead due to its coach Simone .he guided team and made strong by picking youngsters like antony gizamman and other players
Тимур Мусаев
Атлетико всегда будет ебать ваш реал! даже если проебал, пусть фаны реала думают что Атлетико просто дал им шанс
Josue Olguin
K verguensa de real Madrid 4 a 0 jajaja deque le sirbe ran tanto dinero si no juega el dinero jajaja solo se conprueba k no juega el dinero Aqui juegan Los jugadores y el corson asi Lo a demostrafo el Cholo ese si es un equipo jajajaja asi de feo le hanna alos majores segun Ellos Los madrilistas orgullosos jajajajaja
Рамазан Аманбаев
Атлетики Мадрид самая крутая команда 😎
jorge marina pascual
El Madrid a la puta calle asquerosos vikingos aquí el q manda en la el.atleti
amber beck
muy bien atletico esos tontos no se lo merecían.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
jorge marina pascual
Ala Madrid.ala Madrid el equipo del gobierno la vergüenza del país
รัง ใหญ่
While fan atlectico hate real madrid athletico fan will see this vdo but but but....... athletico lose again vs real in ucl 2times 😘😘😘😘😘😘
Fran bckb
Si no es por el árbitro sería un 6-0
Сайфула Саюмов
автор су4ка ебанная этого матча не было
sunil kohli
Atletico 4-0 Real..Real 0-4 Barca Hahahahahahaaaa fuck madrid
Чемпионат мира 2018 по футболу
Класс за коментаторам)
Roni Portocarrero
QUE este resultado se repita el miércoles. Dios lo quiera y el equipo juegue así no como hace una semana.
Fs Wouu
Real madrid champions league wins 2014 2016 2017 2018
Chaddy Ranks
pepe ,modric ,james ,ramos and marcelo was injured all from lenghty injuries and ronaldo first game back what do you guys expect it wasnt nearly a full strength real madrid
no se como dicen que siqueira no es bueno
Kolya Ivanov
какие удивительные цели. Браво Атлетико, хороший матч!!!