2014 Mercedes-Benz S550 Sport for sale by Auto Europa Naples MercedesExpert.com

Offered for sale is this gorgeous and loaded S-Class from Mercedes-Benz, a 2014 (current generation) S550 AMG Sport in attractive triple black, with low miles and only one prior owner.  This immaculate car has been well maintained since new, garage kept, and never smoked in. It is equipped with more than $50K in factory options, and is loaded with the kind of luxury only an S-Class can provide. Amenities include AMG Sport Package Plus One, 12-way power seats with 6 different massage settings, Magic Body Control, Night View Assist, Premium 1 including Parktronic and Active Parking Assist, Rear Seat Package, Executive Rear Seat Package and Executive Rear Seat Package Plus, Warmth and Comfort Package, Surround View Camera, Rear Seat Entertainment, Driver Assistance Package, Splitview, Burmester High-End 3D Surround Sound, Refrigerator, and more. From a base price of $92,900, this car has a window sticker in excess of $143K! Power comes from a 449HP twin-turbo V8 coupled to a very smooth 7-speed automatic gearbox. Fresh tires, freshly serviced, and stunning all around.  Please phone us at (239) 649-7300 for sales information.

Guda Lawrence
'head of Gambino family' 😆😆😆😆
An engine that makes 500 somethin HP, 0-60 in like 3.6 sec and gets like 18 city mpg.... in a 4000 pound S Class... lol wut. Only mercedes
"If you wanna make an impression this is the vehicle you pull up in... you don't drive an Audi or a BMW" could not have said it any better 💯💯💯
The Mercedes S CLASS is the best car in the world
banda motociclista
scratch a "patek philippe".. this line made me crazy
StanleySimmons REACTIONS
nothing better then an S-class
When Guinea Pigs Fly
Bill the type of guy that would watch Shrek in the back of an s class.
erink scotenn
you were almost correct the first s class came in 1970...so ya before most of your watchers were born.
Jose .Ag
I love his reviews, his references about his Honda accords and just random thoughts. He is amazing !!👏👏👏👏👏
Leonit Hasani
The Best for reson #BigBodyBENZ
Ibrahim Bedwan
Inshallah one day🙏
Bill for president, from here in the UK!
Dave's Life
Wow that S Class is sooooo hot 🔥 🔥 I need to win the lottery tomorrow. Great video 👌
The Gauvinator
not about value dependability is mercedes the best or nothing
Toby Blair
Oh sweet jesus!! Where do you find these unicorns!! Omg!!
Howard Johnson
Amazing car makes you have feel good behind the wheel each and every time you get in it
Daniel Prado
Stephen Hawking just passed yesterday. :(
The Gauvinator
currently drive e 350 this car would be my dream car
Returning to thank you... for inspiring to purchase this vehicle about a year ago.... it has truly been amazing‼️ enjoy your day. Totally
What a great car and a stunning video, too bad only 2 seats in the back so I can't use it for Uber :}
Fabi R
Morteza P
by far you are the best the way you review / advertise ....
Ernest Major
My next car for my birthday 5/27/19. I'm claiming it.
Those airvents are straight out of the Rolls Royce bin ...somewhat overdone with so many in such a small area.
I still prefer the W221
ace g
Sure wouldn’t want to scratch your Patek Philippe.
Only room for 2 Canadians in the back seat...lol!
Mark Hicks
No, no, nope, can't, no... maybe later. He's absolute hilarious. :D
lotusjag garage
Jaguar makes the best looking cars of at least used to Mercedes has the most luxury Bmw has the best sport sedans Audi has the Somthing just can't remember what
David Gayle
Nice car I love it
مطنواخ AAaaa
سلملي على ابوك
carl richmond
I wonder how much it's worth now, prolly around 55k or 60k?
Nicholas McLeod
7:28 Finally we can see your face lol 😂
Nicholas Donges
Beautiful ....
Victor Victor
When this car has 200,000 miles on the Engine, How much will it Sell for?
Need her
Is she still available or do you have one like her
Persik II
I need help. I plan to buy between the s class 2014/2015 and s class coupe. I am confused because I don't know which one is the best. I like comfort without noisy. Which one to buy?
Bubu tubu
Love the sarcasm, everyone financially is not equal, but some just prefer to be seen.
Martin Puentes Jimenez
cuanto sale la chanderita homy?
Goob job! :) Keep it up!
Stop for a moment, relax and stop moving the camera so quickly because it's pretty annoying for the viewers, besides we can't appreciate the beauty of the automobile.
William Heinsinger
The BEST or nothing 👍
Sebastian Vedia
Alex Hernandez
I don't like how you can play around with someone else's sun screen if there were to be 2 people in the back seat. I think they should just make the controls just for that particular seat.