Ellen Won't Stay Quiet About Lady Doritos

What do we want? Quiet chips! When do we want them? Now!

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You Make Me Laugh
All this time I been ating man chips,.😯 I don't want quiet chips.
damn!! shots fired!!! ellen is just the best!!
Fernanda Zamorano
I get the broken chips too lol!!
Maha Khan
Giant orange cheeto ohhh you rock Ellen 😎🤣
Ernesto Estrada
Actually, fun fact, The human is an animal!
Quinn Vass
Psssh I pour chips into my mouth anyway
Here before the Trumpsters come in and cry about Ellen calling their precious Trump an orange cheeto.
Just found out I eat chips like a man.
Cin Cin
“ Fill The Bag”
Hannah Toirac
" Women weren't wronged by Doritos, they were wronged by a giant orange cheeto!" YOU GO ELLEN!
deepa gnanam
"This is what our grandmothers marched for.." You knock it outta the park, ellen!
Siblings Corner
I’m so early comments aren’t disabled yet Also Ellen you da bomb
Carole Nash
I tip the bag for every last crumb all the time!! Love licking the dust!
Alivia Tabb
"If they really wanna make an adjustment they could just start filling the bag with more than half the chips..." 😂🤣
Marie-Lynn Issa
Is this a joke 😂😂
Kathya Garza
alice Justin
“If a chip isn’t crunchy, it’s just a wet potato” Ellen Degeneres
Victoria Liebsch
01:14 that is totally me >-< hahaha and i´m a woman ... and my husband hates when i do that hahaha .
Steff Valenzuela
E L L E N F O R 2 0 2 0
Jose Naranjo Mendez
Hey i dont like me fingers,... but I do place the bag up to eat the tiny crunched pieces
ʟɨʟʏ ċɦαռ
*a giant orange cheeto*
Ashtynn Reth
Ahahahaaaa “ we weren’t wronged by man dorritos. We were wronged by a giant Cheeto.”
I'm eating "man chips" nacho cheese Doritos now. Come at me Pepsi Co 😂
Nunya Bzwax
Hilarious!  I turn the bag up and get every last crumb, probably because the bag is like 90% air and I'm still hungry hehe.
The crumbs are the BEST part!!
Jeanette Ferraro
Lmfao !!! Omg you rock Ellen .
Sierra Mazhandu-Grey
I love this show and I Ellen so much I couldn't ask for more
HaLeY LaMb
I get all the broken chips and crumbs 😂 I also lick my fingers when I am done 🤣🤣
Joshua Garikamukku
Best one love you Ellen
Sherri Elder
Haha you can write your complaint with pens for her haha. I like crunchy chips. I guess I have also been eating them like a man since I pour the little bits in my mouth at the end lol. This just cracks me up. What would they possibly taste like if they aren’t crunchy lol
Teamocil User
I'm a girl and I lift that chip bag and pour it into my mouth. Sometimes if the crumbs are too tiny, I stick my fingers into the chip bag and lick them off
Ian Woodfield
Anyone born before 1980 should read this... Checking out my shopping at the supermarket recently, the young cashier suggested I should bring my own bags because plastic bags weren't good for the environment. I apologised and explained, "We didn't have this green thing back in my earlier days" the cashier responded "That's our problem today, Your generation did not care enough to save our environment for future generations" She was right about one thing... our generation didn't have the green thing in “Our” day, So what did we have back then? After some reflection and soul-searching… In "Our" day here's what I remembered we did have.... 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Half Blood Prince
I hate apple ads so much👿👿👿👿👿👿👿 "Where's you wanna gwoooooooii" I don't wanna go nowhere. ....I just want to see the freakin' video!!!!! Ahhhhh
Jen Bellisario
What's next? "Pink water for women! Not your typical water!!!!!!"
Josh Roulane
I wish Doritos would partner with Flaming Hot Cheetos and make a Flaming Hot Dorito.
Robert Goldman
Ellen sounds like Jimmy Kimmel now 😂
tresa chi
wtf lmao. Guess i eat doritos like a man
I think cheesepuff is more accurate bright orange and full of air.
Shayna B.
I eat Doritos like a man 🙄 Don’t gender food now
lio marvel
I didn't get the giant orange cheeto bit
Becky J
MANY women were wronged by Bill Clinton. Interesting how Democrats like to forget that. SMH.
Jseph Oppa
so if you eat the broken pieces at the bottom of the bag of chips that makes you a wild animal?? disliked
Tiffany Pringle
Hahahaha i love ellen.😅💖💖
manny garcia
@1:50 😂😂
Anuvay Banchhor
Can someone explain the giant orange chetto joke?
Haseeb Ali Khan
I get the broken chips too hehehe ..!!!
Kay Styles
What woman complains about crunchy chips?! I love licking the Dorito dust off my fingers and dumping the crumbs into my mouth! What is this?!
Khoili Nguyen
Ooohhh...I’m not the only one who pours the chips in my mouth and licks my finger...right? 😂
I'm a girl and I do pour the broken chips into my mouth and now I feel offended. :)
shikha pradhan
Rachel's Corner
Um is it bad that pour the chips and my mouth and lick my fingers too ?!
Dude, I do all of those things while eating Doritos... why do companies want gender everything?
love that jacket on you Ellen looking good
Mohamed Germanotta
we need the gay doritos
Samriddhi Sharma
I eat broken chips from the bag directly.
Ellen is funny but this point is just stupid. Pepsi just wanted to create a new product that has features that better accomodate a customer category, women. They’ve surely done marketing researches and found that women would have liked a less crunchy chip (not soft!), with less dust and in smaller bags. This doesn’t have anything to do with gender equality! And it’s not discrimination! It’s just different women’s taste, generally speaking! Also, about the air in the bags she’s complaining about, it’s there to prevent chips from breaking, duh? And what about the “eating the last pieces of chips from the bag”: what’s wrong with that? You can definitely do that without being an “animal”, as if being an animal was an offence... Peace! 🙏🏻😎
Livia Zimmermann
guess i'm an animal then
I always turn the bag upside down and kick my fingers and I am a girl like if you do
Lindy French
Ellen: Women weren't wronged by dortitos we were wronged by a big Cheeto. Me: Yeah! You go Ellen!
Ronak Maks
Giant orange Cheeto !!! Yaaasssss Ellen
Johann Shetti
Anyone else saw the man in the blue at 0:07
Lucy Fiennes
While I was watching I realised I did everything Ellen said a animal man did eg, licking fingers and tipping Dorito bag into mouth, I’m a girl...
Meanwhile, in my country one brand occasionally sells two "limited editions" of chips: "Girls Night" (flavored "Creamy Paprika", with pink design and a big "only for girls" sign), and "Mens Night" (flavored "Flamed BBQ", with red design and a big "only for men" sign). Seriously.
Small orange Cheeto I thought about Shane's cat
Jose Guerrero
how are you Boy slepy
Ur friend Addie Love Panic! At the Disco
Apparently I eat chips like a man
What I’ve learned from this video: I eat Doritos like a man. In public. Oh God...
vrinda shiwach
Gosh!!! I love Ellen!!!!!!
KapilDev Neupane
1:47 😂😂😂😂 Anybody got that???!!!
Taylor Bailey
Just today, a boy in my class got the last bag of chips turned it inside out poured them in his mouth and the licked his fingers
Minghao's Lines
More like Doritos for weirdos like wtf a "non crunchy chip"
Olivia Nakhle
Just don't call them lady Doritos, call them: Quiet Chips That You Can Sneak Into A Movie Theatre Without Pissing Off Everyone Else In The Theatre (QCTYCSIAMTWPOEEITT)
Makayla Krawczyk
I pour the bottom of the chip bag into my mouth 😂 and I'm a girl so.. I'm a animal 😄
Osama bin Laden
Nuno Palmeira
If that’s what a “man” does with crisps(im British) then I’m a man then cause I’m that but with a ugly face and enjoying it 100 times more
Lion 18
I’m a girl and eat the bottom of the bag
Gad Idea
Boi i eat chips like men! Am i not a female after all this time
jordyns life vlogs
love you ellen
Cassandra Fetzer
Pshh. I thought all humans ate chips like that. Lol I pour the crumbs into my mouth and lick my fingers. That's my favorite part; licking the chip dust off my fingers. Also, I do the same method with McDonalds fries. I can't be alone on that one. 🤓
Strictly Introvert
😂😂 omg that trump joke
Nicki Ryan
I love Ellen and I love women. And btw I am also a man and not an animal. What have I missed? Someone is picking on you so you going to pick on someone else? Mmmmm.
Tina Dancer
The reason we don't tip the bag into our mouths is because the crumbs sometimes fall into our cleavage. Dorito boobies are a nice treat for your lover, but kind of scratchy for you.
Drew Knochelmann
It’s funny because the CEO of Pepsi is a woman
Unicorn 252
I desperately want to be on this show but I'm nine and live in Australia. ❤ I love you so much Ellen and I have been watching you for 3 years. You are soooo funny! keep up with the fabulous work! #EarlySquad!
“Wronged by a giant orange Cheeto!” Genius!!
Just Chilin
How bout instead of making quiet chips they actually fill the bag
Charlotte Flair
Who was eating chips while watching ? I was
Womens bathrooms are ten times more disgusting than men's. Women are animals too.
Abby C
2:32 "women weren't wronged by Doritos, they were wronged by a giant orange cheeto" PREACH😂😂
sirsinai swat
I like ellen black coat looking very nice😍😍
a lonely flower 🌸
I don't really like cool ranch doritos...
TeoGPanda :3
I think licking your fingers after chips is disgusting 🤢
Mc Q
So men are animals?
Nuggettzz AJ
I got so mad about this oml
christopher rembert
MALE PRIVILEGE CHECKLIST: Being the majority of victims of Homicide, Suicide, Homelessness, Custody Cases, War, Workforce Deaths, Less Healthcare Funding, Paying Higher Insurance, Boys adopted less, Double Standard of Domestic Violence.
Vincent Ramirez
Here before all the Trump supporters start whining about Ellen calling Donald Trump a big orange cheeto.