2019 Honda Civic Diesel & Petrol | First Drive Review | Autocar India

The Honda Civic is back! The once-popular executive sedan returns after an almost seven-year absence, packing a diesel engine, more equipment, and even greater space and comfort. But can it live up to the lofty standard set by its path-breaking predecessor? Hormazd Sorabjee drives both the diesel and petrol versions to find out. #Honda #Civic #TeamAutocar SUBSCRIBE to Autocar India for hottest automotive news and the most comprehensive reviews ► /> Autocar India is your one stop source for test drive reviews & comparison test of every new car released in India. We also offer a great mix of other automotive content including podcasts, motor show reports, travelogues and other special features. Click this link for latest car reviews ► /> Click this link for comparison tests of latest cars & bikes ► /> Click this link for latest bike reviews ► /> Click this link for Autocar India exclusive features ► /> Visit for the latest news & happenings from the auto world. Facebook: />Instagram: />Twitter: />G+:

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UPDATE: Prices Revealed! The Civic has been launched at the following prices (ex-showroom, pan-India): Petrol CVT: V: Rs 17.70 lakh VX: Rs 19.20 lakh ZX: Rs 21.00 lakh Diesel MT: VX: Rs 20.50 lakh ZX: Rs 22.30 lakh What do you think of these prices? Tell us in the comments! #TeamAutocar
So many skoda fan boys on YouTube but none on the road
Pranav Gupta
Old CIVIC was my childhood dream car, Well its no more now ❎
Rajshil Ganesh
Who else hates the crome grill?
It's like Toyota Prius and Honda City had a baby
Debangsu Sarkar
We still have the 2009 civic. SEXIEST SEDAN EVER. EVER
Binnu Babu
I'm so tired of the step motherly treatment we are subjected to. Globally, this car comes with a 1.5 turbo petrol, yet India gets an ancient 1.8 NA engine with CVT. I would have bought the 1.5 in a heartbeat, but now Skoda will get my money.
Karthik ramki
Still Honda is insulting us by not giving us the powerful motors. Honda we are ready for all world class cars in India too....this Civic is boring...really....120 hp for the diesel car....are you joking...
For younger buyers it lacks power and punch...for older generations..it lacks rear seat comfort features... For middle aged it lacks excitement.... So wonder who Honda was focusing while designing this car.
Intrinsic Asset
Quality ride seems promising more in Octavia than this. Nonetheless in case of looks Civic wins. 🤙🏿🤙🏿
Only Honda Car i Admire but Honda should have made 2.0L Petrol and 1.8L Diesel Engine, as Octavia has 2.0L Diesel and Elantra gives 2.0L Petrol Engine....and one request Honda plz do increase all of your cars Ground Clearance least 180mm as this is not European Market but Asian Market where we have dodgy roads, do take note next time...rest all Civic Looks Fabulous👌
arjun varma
No turbo petrol for a car of this price and that too which is expected to be a sporty one. Shame once again from an automaker.
Prasoon Pandey
expectations-1.5 L petrol motor reality-old engine ,cvt enthusiasm for the car-nil
pathik kandhari
Congrats honda..after 10 years all you could do is a facelift..same engine shame
Lokesh Nagtode
we would love to see a comparison between Honda Civic and Skoda Octavia. will it come soon?
Rohit Ratambe
Honda's 2nd best looking car. 1st is Honda Accord and 2nd is this Honda Civic😎😎
Mohammed Mudasir Ali Khan
Hormazd saab.. Happy to see You reviewing 😍😍👍
James Pumphrey
Heck even sub-4 metre cars now produce 120bhp, what kind of joke is this
Deepak Nair
Thanks for mentioning the seat memory and cooled seat feature missing.
Outright performance = Octavia 1.8TSI 177bhp Styling and Features = Elantra 2.0L SX 152bhp Chauffer comfort/reliabilty = Corolla Altis 132bhp Emotion over predecessor?? = Civic 1.8L 140bhp CVT
ShAmAnNa BeNGalURu
1.8 litre 145 BHP....? Guess the mileage is about 5-6
Suryateja GT
Car looks so smart from outside,but in the inside it's boring Yea it looks similar to the Honda city! Also I've driven this car yesterday the 1.8l naturally aspirated cvt petrol it's so freaking silent but it feels so lifeless when accelerated from past 2500 RPM! Honda should give the 1.5l turbo badged petrol engine with 😂😂😂 torque converter auto in India, which is there globally otherwise those so called sales figures won't get up this also should be priced reasonably! Overall I would give this car maybe 3.9/5 stars for acceleration and the cabin is so freaking silent! For that I'll give 5/5 If launched with 1.5l turbo petrol engine with torque converter auto I'll be the 1st person to buy it! Or I'll get my self the skoda octavia 1.8l TSI DSG L&k! Or just wait till 2021 and get myself the upcoming volkswagen jetta 1.5l TSI DSG!
Mudith Bhandari
Nothing like that civic we've known.
whats wrong with honda...civic was a such a peppy awesome looking car i own one it was beautiful and after 12 years they come with this????....wtf
Now after generations Honda come back with 1.8 cvt (No turbo 🤦🏻‍♂️). Now Enthusiasts will look elsewhere.
OMG...... JUST NOW BOOKED FOR Rs.31000 Radiant Red Petrol!! Can't believe I waited for 2 years to buy this lovely car in India after its launch in 2017 !! Gonna be one of the first to buy this gorgeous car! 😍😍😍😍
Kellogg's All Bran
Octavia 1.8 TSI with DSG. Put a stage 1 tune on (approx 50k) and you're over 200bhp
Hitz_ De Leon
Was desperately waiting for this but no manual? Seriously!?!.. Lil disappointed..
Nick jeet
Tested @ Nandi hills road Bangalore
Sharad Upadhyay
Skoda/VW has better engine and transmission. So, thanks Honda. 🙏
Dhruv Dangi
Toyota Corolla is the best chauffeur driven car and Skoda Octavia is the best driver's car in this segment. Looks like Honda wanted Civic to be both but ended up being neither of the two.
hacker b
Honda and Toyota vehicles are reliable
Aniket Kumar
For authentic review always watch AUTOCAR.
Yash Jain
If only this car had the rear of previous Civic!! The current back exterior looks an enlarged version of the Amaze’s which btw is hideous
Sam Mathew
I still love the old CIVIC.. even now it looks so cute 😍🤩😍🤩🤩 and the interiors are still futuristic 😍😍.. I wish they launch that model too once again as its small and cute. And this 2019 Civic also looks really amazing .. only 1 thing I didn't like is the *Front Grill* that spoils the front looks as its to Big... else the car is perfect in all aspects 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👍🏻😘
jagadeesh n
Diesel car in 2019!! Let's wait Corolla will come up with Hybrid for a greener future 👍
Š Sahoo
1thing the city itself costs 18lakhs now so u can expect the civic by 25lakhs for sure
Rajess Ks&co
Honda launched Honda Civic 1.8S, 1.5 TC, and 1.5 TC-P here in Malaysia in the year 2016. All them are auto transmission. Only Honda Civic Type R is a manual transmission. I bought one in last year January 2018, Honda Civic 1.5 TC-P cost RM140,446 including the modulus bodykits. It looks amazing. But Honda Civic in India not sexy as here. U may Google it as Honda Civic Malaysia.
Kavish Mishra
Honda City is the best car from Honda and in its segment.
Bho Loo
*I liked original civic look and everthing into it compared to this one.*
Deep Gajjar
At first glance, it was lookin like bmw GT 😂😂
Mahendra Kumar
Honda Amaze is batter looking car than Civic
Joffin Alappatt
Bought one and felt it needed more soft suspension in uneven roads, left front seat height adjustments, transmission quality and power unless S Drive and paddle shift usage, slanting front chrome bar, and more gloss with ceramic coating. It looks like a beauty smiling with orthodontic wire on teeth.
Zen = Yen 🔴
civic 2019 Vs elantra 2020 which one and why?
Subrata Kumar Das
Features r awesome in Civic. Honda clutch gears r not at gud. Hyundai clutch r buttery smooth. Octavia RS u feel some power & torque.
Shivank Mittal
The Elantra is MUCH BETTER than the Civic More Horsepower Better Ground Clearance Ventilated Seats Auto Tailgate And many more features than the civic which isn't that nice!
Ashish Yadav
Hello Sorabjee Sir. Good to see you after a long. I like you so much, please do update more video hosting by you.
Lonely tom1981
Nothing Civic about it... It just looks like another version of Honda City
skoda enjoys large fan base but on youtube only not on roads
Reddy Vedvyas
let's then buy kia-motors turbo petrol engined 5-seater suv
Is it just me or does anyone else also think that the car looks absolutely gorgeous from the front? From the back it does kinda look wierd with the coupe like profile but not bad. Still that front end though!!!😍😍😍
T V Sudharsanan
Honda civic vs new Toyota Corolla altis
Prakhar Srivastava
Seriously Honda.. who the hell you think uses an HDMI port in a car ?
Debajyoti Nath
Looks like a copy of BMW 320GT from external , tbh .
Ron Raj
Not impressed. Y Honda India is always lagging what a customer wants.
Abhimanyu Kohli
If there was a prize for the most average interior designs at this price, Honda would win it in a heartbeat. #SoAverage.
Soumen Bhattacharya
Also what is zero to 100km in secs and what about 100 km to zero in sec for breaking
bollywodd k parchai
Hormaz bhai u r best in reviewing cars Good to c u. Want to c u more on autocar
Richard Jeremiadoss
horrible looking, underpowered and a cvt.......honda killed its civic even before launch....!!! Octavia rules anyday...!!!! Its like honda comes out of jumanji one day and launches civic while competitors are way ahead of time.....ha ha..!!!
Ishan Sinha
Seriously? No parking brake lever? On a performance car?
Devanshu Yadav
Seriously HONDA? compromising engine quality for fuel economy? You've depressed a lot of car enthusiasts with this one.
Joyfull Jishnu
Best to buy Tata Harrier instead of this car . Tata is the safest and most practical car
sohail ahmed syed
Surely. Octavia will be ruling this segment.
The Civic R-Type is way better than 10th Generation Civic This Car looks nice but the Power is not enough 4 a Civic And why the hell there is no 2.0 I-vtec engine....??? Honda Please Civic ko barbaad maat kro
Vinay Saran
Perfect analysis...
Dheer Bhatia
Why Honda why you have to make changes in engine
Chameli Bhowmik
My favorite car magazine is Autocar I love to read Autocar
Milan Sanil
Guys think twice before saying about the engines of the Civic , The great Toyota altis has a puny 90hp engine and even the freestyle has 100+ horsepower 😂😂🤣 One thing , i am saying about their diesel engine , but the freestyle is 4 , 5 laks cheaper and has more power than a Toyota sedan at ridiculous price
the gradient
Bentley continental GT for Poor people 😘😘😍😍❤
sagar mankame
Verna has already developed a reputation. Looks wise ill always choose Verna or previous gen civic.
Power of the car and Ventilated seats and glove box are missing other than that this car is lit
Pulkit Jawal
I think old civic is far better. Finally old is gold.
Such a desirable car.....beautiful
Was waiting for this model since ages and disappointing to see a 1.5L engine, no manual transmission? And trust me, I’ve seen this model in Kuala Lumpur in grey colour, it’s a gorgeous! White dulls the design down :/
Crypto Coin Investor
Boot is just 430 liters. Corolla is best of this segment!
mayur tapkir
I still like the old civic shape... So Sharpe and slick
soundar roger
Superb Review Sir @hormazdsorabjee
Tammy loveIsHot
wow! Now I want this civic.
Yashua Ribeiro
once you drove the diesel rocket (Cruze).. it's hard to settle anymore in this segment. 163 to 120bhp.. ummm nope...
Ajay Hatwade
Like bmw
krish k
First comment ... phew happy to hear that it is funnn...engines though🤕🤕🤕
harsh vardhan tripathi
begs to be driven hard .. haha u jus made my day ..was not thnking u would say so ..overpriced for no reason..
Octo Pacific
I guess it'll be priced between 15L and 20L for low end and high end respectively
rashmi printpack
neither its for passenger nor for drivers. than why to buy? Only for design? may be yes
Avinash S
OLD car in the WORLD releasing very late hahahahha
Kanwar Singh
Doesn't it look like honda amaze from front? 🤔
It's time for Honda to downsize engine and give 1.5 ivtec turbo.old 1.8 is a gas guzzler.
MB Rajesh
Clever Marketing prowl from Honda, Targeting Honda City Customer Base, Automatic choice for them. Well getting Confusing, SUVs are better option in this price point.
Shorya Sharma
Price plays the important role !
Joju Pulikken
Who all thinks like its looks like new honda citys brother 😊🍋
James Joseph
Is that chroma grill from Amaze.??!!
Prashant Borkar
Hormadz is so composed with the way he reviews. Enjoyed watching this review.
Prashant Dikshit
Congrats....u achieved some milestone "1M"
hyundai verna topend petrol model would be a great choice.......cheaper too
Jet wheels
I love the way you explain things in details Sir... your my inspiration & even i own one youtube channel
Narayan Subramanian
Exactly Hormazd, as you asked at 5.24, Why did Honda NOT get the 1.5 turbo in India? WHY HONDA WHY? You give that 1.5 turbo even in PAKISTAN. WHY NOT IN INDIA???? At least is this the direct injection 1.8L or is it the old MPFI?
Prashanth Joseph
Tenth generation Honda Civic is back in a completely new global platform and interestingly first time with a diesel engine from Earth Dreams Technology
Sathish Rao
After a reasonable wait, Disappointed by its exterior as well as interior looks. Not sure about the rationale behind Coupe/Crossover design. Octavia looks a generation ahead.
Ashish Sahoo
Old civic was best in terms of looks,performance etc.
ankush doshi
Those who are saying Octavia are the ones who complain about skodas service