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Top 5, Part 3. Most Scary and Brutality KO's in TUF Reality Television series by Ultimate Fighting Champiomship (Seasons 11-15) To be Continued... Subscribe to Lowlight TV (former Best MMA)

J Deli
America is fuckin weird man. It’s totally ok to show two men physically beating each other but at the same time that’s happening they bleep out the swear words. Wtf
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-Take him down, take him down! -No, you take him down 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Junior is pure gold
Thenick hood
Imagine waking up and not even knowing your name and all you see is herb dean and he just goes "you got caught" lol
Chase Austin
I hate when these dudes talk. I like the ones that say very little and then murder.
4:39 this dude reaction is as if he had a chance for split decision or some shit. lmfao
tarang vats
1:47 was it Brock Lesnar
Kalashnikov Cortez
a lot of these guys have no medical insurance. A broken arm or leg get them bankruptcy and begging for mom to let them live in the basement. I know one such guy
Si Walker
"Take him down, take him down" "NO YOU take him down!" 😂😂😂
A lot of these amateurs wind up winning these fights with random flail shots...that last knee to the face was only cause the dude shot in with his face completely exposed to such a shot...
daddy Lee
where's the scary part??
What bugs me the most is the lower case "i" in the title :/
I hate when ppl r on the ground n start kicking
Mike Dixie Normous
First guy was wrong he’s basically 3 differnt types he really is ...7th grade teacher , fighter , and unconscious
2:46 dam them legs
Trash Boat
Submissions aren't kos though
Mike johnson
Where's Uriah halls knockout ??
Daniels Kildiss
''''Man! Oof!'''
Why is inly the "I" in the title lowercase?
These are all normal af
hmmm.. feelin like some Burger King..
physcially retarded
2:04 lesnar
the truck channel
Brock Lesnar is on this
"SCAR" - iest... Jesus how did nobody know that?
Jhonearl Butad
tonys kick was unexpected
Rathl Sharma
2:04 Brock frm Indian Punjab
eric burhed
Koscheck sucks as a coach and a fighter
0:36 it’s a right knee that knocks him out ...then the right hook comes after he’s already out... watch in slow-mo
Jesus, that knee...
Mary Antonio
Brock Lesnar coached Tony Furguson? WTF? I don't recall that. It's amazing how far Tony has come. He's been the uncrowned champ for years now, imo. And he has one of the winningest records in ufc history.
eric burhed
Ferguson gets hit alot
I didnt know that Tony and Brock were friend
Dana , botox and cheeseburgers, not a good combo.
4:15 is that the dude from Bully Beatdown
Edmundo Antônio
1:46 Brock Lesnar?yeah now I see is him 😀😃👍
1:15 is not a knockout, it's a submission.
íčė jøńěś
1:48 Brock lesnar appears
Charlie Ennis
4:39 Mayhem's not gonna even jump in for his younger brother??
1. I'm not an MMA fighter, and even I saw that knee coming at the last round. 2. Why do these idiots keep coming in full speed and coming in with heavy punches first? Don't deplete your energy in the first few minutes... Smh.
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"I don't know whatchu said but I hear ya brother" - Matt Hamil
Gucci Nahum
Sub and turn on notifications because I will be streaming the KSI Versus Logan fight and literally be there recording!!!
Miner _YT
Yo have you guys know that Brock Lerner was in the vidoe
Bigdogmax Bigdoghoso
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Brite Bomber
pause at 2:04 was that Brock Lesnar???
unii. yayy
cece 33
MMA should stop for real its just too much it leave you with weird feeling look at this CEO dana white and tell me its good sport...boxing , karate and judo all good clean fighting sports
Thatboy Vince
Is that MGK in the thumbnail getting knocked out by eminem kill shot diss
What ever happened to Houston Alexander? Does he still fight? When was his last fight?
Jord Wylde
Jdor D
..."Yeshua/Jesus is the way"
@ 1:20 The guy with "golden" hair, what's his name? What happened to him? Does he still fight??
Zachary Nemiri
5:33 He couldn't get up.
Sean Cyco
I just love seeing people getting the shit knocked outta them!! Bring it ON!
daniel Stark
1:25 oof
CityKitty 244444
Dana White the cerebral reaper. Harvesting brain cells one knockout at a time....brains don't grow back...not normally anyway. Scalped
chris clark
That last one was a lucky shot
Hompy77 -
Can we get some more bully beat down!? That was my show!😂
King Kareem Lamar
Wow...!!! That knee to the snot box was vicious.
Magnum Mountaineer
Snow White gotta new fighting nickname at 4:04.... The Albino KO!!!!
Censuran las palabrotas , pero no la extrema violencia jejeej
Clorox Bleach
I didn’t know Brock lesnar could talk tbh
Travis Edwards
5:43 Damn he got ko'd into having downsyndrome. "Ref Whoopi Goldberg Are we still going to get a milkshakes after the karate fights are ended? We are!!! Yess.. Karate punchers come get your millshake and a hug."
Jack Long
ScArIeSt KnOcKoUtS eVeR
Dave The Window Licker
NewAge Numismatist
The last one he flattened the guys face!
Aaron Murray
How are these the scariest knock outs they look like regular knockouts. Not one was super bad ass nor even a good one.
NewAge Numismatist
The last one he flattened the guys face!
"I don't know what you said but I hear ya brother"---😂😂😂
Viva Frei
A lot of these weren't scary. And at least one of them wasn't a knockout ;)
5:14 ouuuuuch that right knee to the face did it! Shiiit
Mike Elbow
Watch oit for those lanky dudes. I've seen them prevail many times.
Hugh Jass
I would rather just watch the ring girls.
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Zeb H.
How is it they still parade girls around in bikinis holding giant cards... how SEXIST is that? So dumb. Yes I love to see beautiful woman, but I don’t need proof I’m NOT GAY in between every round. Boo 😒
Kev Alcantara
Wie heißt der Song in der Werbung ?
Deevie Corteezie Devo
The teacher needa hit them books instead
1:45 bro i automatically thought he was gonna win soon as he came through the door with brock, I was like ohhhh fuck
Gabriel Lamartinne
Comparing with brazilian TUF, this looks like a regular training
B Huff
Wow...Ferguson has come a long way.....
Bill The Bull Gates
I like the first guys reaction just standing like: Woow!
Naruto Namikaze
2:3 anyone noticed brock lesnar
Knarles J Martin 3278 Cricket Drive. Youngstown, Ohio.........🤫
Bryce Shawgo
Damn Tony Ferguson has an invincible chin
Wow this dude with long hair actually put him to sleep with a guilliotione from side control.. thats crazy
I dont get why beating two men in a ring isnt a crime but if u find two men beating eachothetmr in the streets its a whole different story...
Oli Warren
I’m suprised steve mazzagati even saw that guy was out
King Troll
Last time I got knocked out I dreamt I was on a ship cruise for 2 weeks with loads of dead relatives. Was only out for about 3 seconds. Surreal.
marseb 574
It was nice of James Wick to just give him a little tap on the nose when he realized he was out.
UFC Scariest ears...
This is just like the time I was filming myself pretending to fight myself and I accidentally knocked myself out and won.
BigHouse Fan
scary???? Pffftttt....
Jahfari Coumarbatch
that last one when he said "you got caught", he got caught lackin'
Anjarista Mbrot
tony just lucky
Platine is new Bronze
First one, was actually a knee, watch it in slowmo
Phil Mitchell
Uriah halls kick was probably the best/worst knockout on TUF, most of these are pretty tame
David Tice
Herb Dean the UFC ref taught me kickboxing.
The Ferguson guy annoys me already damn, he talked big before the fight and aside from that one good counter he got he was getting floored. Then he wins from a lucky hit whilst flailing his legs and plays it off as some pre-meditated move.
Funny but useless for the sport's world... Only created for the show, as always.. Thx America
Wasnt that brock lesnar