iKON - '죽겠다(KILLING ME)' M/V

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Shrinithi Sivaraman
I have never heard a song similar to this. iKON really setting standards high for boy groups.
Dian Nisrina
Some people said that "iKON can sing live because their coreo is not hard" But what i said is "i want to see 5 singer and 2 rapper on the live stage, not a dancer that lypsinc the song" That's why for me, iKON not even an idol. They are musician. Who make music, and play with it.
I’m multifandom so let’s end fan wars!!!
While I was in Chicago, they were playing this song in the K-Pop store and I remembered how much of a bop it was so I came back here to listen to it lmao
Suram Dhani
Can't wait the next Comeback ikon😖 what's them look like? 😋😍
Mario Ari
I just found this artwork
I'm Jisoo I'm okay
I need them in idol room now
kim seok jin
I searched this as "choketa" i'm sorry😓. Ikon songs are really catchy.
Sadie’s SugaKookies
One of the best songs in history
himura haibara
Dear fellow ikonics, i hope we will stay as healthy fandom, support ikon without being arrogant to other fandom or other group, don't make others hate us, it will effect these boys in negative way and i can not bear the thought of it. Peace. 🤗
Patoo Licious
iKONICS its already 2019, stop being lazy and stream all the mvs that iKON had.😂💪💪
Who's here before 100M ? 1Like's = 1 person
narti sarono
Kim Hanbin, Kim Jinhwan, Kim Jiwon, Song Yunhyeong Koo Junhoe, Kim Donghyuk, Jung Chanwoo Jalhae Julkke iKON! Jikyeo Julkke iKON! Bichweo Julkke iKON! Haengbokhaja iKON!
Annyeong haseyo
A Monbebe and this is my first IKON vid and I LOVE IT DAMN 🔥 I feel like Song Yunhyeong is gonna be my bias.. just watch and see 😂😂👌
Muriel O'Rahilly
I love ikon and this song but i broke my ankle dancing to this love you guys though 😂❤ written by a kpop loving daughter
iman hiro
I didnt notice theire music Since yesterday i heard on spotify this song was so catchy Unexpected these song was ikon Sukak!
SIA and BLACKPINK are out of this world
This is one of the best kpop songs i've ever heard in 2018 👑
Bobby Indaeyo
This song is perfect for coachella. I hope they'll perform on coachella next year. 🔥 🖤🖤
Kpop Trash
This song made me want to get to know IKON more
So my 8 year old nephew keeps on singing this nonstop. And he always watches this MV. Now, the kids in our neighbor also sings this. I know Love Scenario is popular with kids but I never expected Killing Me will be liked by kids too. Now, I am starting to think that iKON is really the "elementary school presidents". Lol 😂
Isabella victoria
I'm an Exo-l, but i have to say this after Bigbang the best rap line is IKON... They are lit af... Time to stan them...
Nicoll M
VIPs that supports IKONICS We have to reach 100M fighting!!
Syima Azlan
Your presence is still here, killing me again. Yeah you're Ikon!!!!
Aung Gyi
I'm not kpopper but that lyrics are very great ;
Im Jisoo Im Ok
Other people only Stan Visual groups.. Well not us.. We stan talent 😉
Deha DH
0:24 : Kim Jiwon / Bobby (1995) ➡ Main Rapper, Face Of The Group, Dancer, Vocal, Song Writer 0:47 : Kim Donghyuk / DK (1997) ➡ Main Dancer, Vocal, Choreographer 0:53 : Kim Jinhwan / Jay (1994) ➡ Main Vocal, Lead Dancer 1:31 : Kim Hanbin / BI (1996) ➡ Leader, Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocal, Composer, Choreographer, Song Writer 1:43 : Song Yunhyeong / Song (1995) ➡ Lead Vocal, Dancer, Visual 2:07 : Koo Junhoe / June (1997) ➡ Main Vocal, Lead Dancer 2:25 : Jung Chanwoo / Chan (1998) ➡ Vocal, Dancer, Maknae On Top About iKON : - PSY said iKON is YG dance machine, yup because all the members can dance. -The Rapper Line actually can sing - Chanwoo can rap too - iKON members are DORK - Jinhwan, Yunhyeong, Bobby and Hanbin are students of cyber university, faculty/major still unknown - All members can play Instruments, Hanbin : Piano Jinhwan : trumpet, electric guitar Bobby : Piano, guitar, drum Yunhyeong : Guitar Donghyuk : Piano, guitar, drum, flute Junhoe : Guitar Chanwoo : Guitar, flute - Hanbin aka BI contributed to YG labelmates songs Empty - Winner : Composer, Wrote Lyrics along with Bobby Born Hater - Epik High : Composer, Wrote Lyrics Whistle - Blackpink : Wrote Lyrics PSY : composed and wrote lyrics for 3 songs - Donghyuk/DK auditioned YG as Rapper, June as Dancer, and Yunhyeong as Actor lol - iKONICs call iKON... "My Kids", "My Children", "My babies", "My sons" etc. most of iKONIC never call them oppa hehe More fact about iKON? Write bellow, help baby iKONICs to know more about our awesome kids... CMIIW 😉😉
Jennie Kris
This song is really good like really really 🔥
araesung ii
Congrats iKON on winning Artist of the year and song of the year award at TMA❤👏👏🖖 iKON rocks.. let's work harder iKONICs💪
Not a fan of k-pop but this song made me an iKONIC, and that's how powerful these artists are. ❤
gaming with hud
The fact that they go crazy at the end of the song is ironic ❤️
ᴤʟᴇᴇᴘʏ ᴄʜᴇɴ
_This MV is killing me._
Miss Wan
Road to 120M keep fighting dear iKONICs..❤️💪
I heard this on my aunt’s Spotify playlist and I loved it omg it’s very catchy but I was too shy to ask her what was the name of the song so after like 5 minutes of searching “Kpop choke and die song” I am now here success!!
girl with luv
OMG !! I know i'm late but... WTF i'm in love now. I think i'll be ikonic.😭💜
YG stan Forever
I love Bobby’s part at the end, he’s confused if what’s killing him is he really loves the girl so much or just because he doesn’t want to be lonely or is selfish
changbin's grr
**throws sotys,daesangs,grammys and wigs at iKON because that's what they deserve**
Maureen Manoj
How can Ju-ne, Jay and B.I be so sexy???🤔🤔🤔😫😫😫 Their sexiness, its killing me.
BTS-Dna Blackpink-du du du İkon-killing me Bigbang-fantstic baby
Linh Potatoes Nguyễn
I'm not Ikonic but I love Ikon💓💓 I'm a blink❤️❤️
Dubu-Jichu Once-Blinks Jinji couple Dahbum couple
Yess. iKONIC are getting bigger and many... Welcome to the family!
shy viølet
this deserves like a ton of views, everyone's missing out
trixia nicolas
while waiting for there comeback, let's stream iKON songsss🥰😍
vemadime ID
I'm a -YGstan -V.I.P -IKONIC -BLINK
PerfectJeon 1997
Why is the chorus beat stuck in my mind?
adif anxaf
I like this very much 😍
changbin's grr
*Non fans coming here and praising iKON is just so heart warming. Honestly my favorite concept.*
Dhian Kartikawati
I'm EXO-L but i love IKON too...💖💖💖
Putri Amilia D
iKON is very talented. They can make such a song with depressing lyric but playful melody! This song makes me wanna dance on my missery life hahaha
orang bodoh
The first time i like k-pop song, really cool
Ruel Marino
Am i the only who cant stop myself dancing while listening to this? Edit: thank you for the like😊
hey hay
I'm emotional... they have gone through so much... Win, Mix and Match, Show me the Money, this chinese competition program... they were under a lot of stress but had a really successful debut and predebut... After that, nothing. They were gone to japan, with no promotion for a year? It was so heart breaking to see them lose their fans and the hype. Like seriously they had such good response before even debuting, and their stage presence... (Sorry I'm ranting). Bling bling era was really hard. The song was good but the public didn't wait for them. YG woke up and realize he did them wrong. They came back with love scenario. No expectation from Ikon or YG himself. Their MV and teasers were cheap. Let's not forget about their previous stylist who disrespected them. They saw winner and blackpink succeeding while people called them the"flop group of YG". The song didn't do well at first BUT it made its way on top of the chart. When they got their pak, I couldn't believe it, I was so happy! Who would have thought they would become the artist with the most paks afterwards? And now, YG puts everything into them. He is proud. We can see how respected they are in the company unlike before. The song is SO GOOD. They finally have the MV and outfits they deserve. Please support Ikon! They are hard working kids who never gave up. It's crazy when you think they made their variety debut after a YEAR on weekly Idol. And doni and coni predicted that 2018 would be their year when no one believed in them. That's it. I'm finished. If you are new, listen to the lyrics of Don't Forget, they will make you cry. Let's do even better from now on! Fighting ikonics ❤
happy sky
ATTENTION: iKON is Coming to TOWN!!!! On August 17,2019 iKON is invited to Head in the clouds 88⬆ Place: LA STATE HISTORIC PARK, LOS ANGELES,CA You can get Tiket at 88rising.com
i'm a fan of BTS but IKON songs are lit and I think they are good too. Maybe I forgot that they are from YG huhuhuhu I declared myself as a fan now.
At first I thought it is amazing until I read the lyrics, and it's even better. Like a real masterpiece.
i bet "killing me" will be the bop of students who did not study for their exams at school
Every time I listen this song I feel the need of sing the fanchart in English. They are killing me lol
YG stan Forever
I just realize Hanbin’s part especially in the beginning is so hard to cover like dammnn Hanbin how did you do that?! Everyone who cover this song always had a hard time to cover Hanbin’s intro
Samira Moradi
this song is "KILLING ME"
Seok Momo
Sarah N.
XxwaterPhoenix YTxX
this is song is over power i love it 160 hours i watch this song
YG sister
Did you see their new hair colour? I smell a comeback =) Edit= I hope the news about them are true #comeback
newkung love BTS
Next Comeback I hope new mv get it 8-15 Millions in 24 HourS. I wait for New ComeBack! ""::
I'm Jisoo I'm okay
This song talks about a relationship between a boy who doesn't truly know if he loves his girlfriend or not, he's lonely, selfish and doesn't care about his girlfriend's feelings so he keeps thinking in the dark about the situation telling himself if he should *continue ?* the lyrics are really meaningful and sad *GOLD* this concept suits IKON sooooo much 😭❤
killing me 200M Love scenario 300M before iKON comeback
Grady Guyton
June is turning into Michael Jackson with the glove
Magdalena Brzezińska
Bobby is amazing rapper :)
raisya anjani
B.i Jay Bobby Ju-ne Chan D.k Song I love you😘😘😘😘
Rapmon's Jam
I'm sorry.. But I think BI should be labeled as illegal. He is killing me
Andrea Ante
Every line they slay it they killing me with their vocals raps dance and their visual
happy sky
iKongratulations 120M!!!
This song came out 2 days before my baby came out i was into my second days of hard labor and i listen to this in my headphone and oh boy how i could relate
Litty Clap
Who's there in May 2019?❤️ Are you real ikonics? Keep streaming
This better be a hit or else. This song is killing me. They are killing people. What about u? U dead yet?
EBK _23
1:07 should be another exclusive emote Edit: lets start spamming epic with this video
Please iKON in Mexico!!
Laily Hasanah
How many people love jinhwan?😘😘
Eigsha Ji
Their songs are unique. Its too much poetic
I'm Jisoo I'm okay
*_A BIG THANKS_* to all the fandoms that are helping us streaming this masterpiece ❤ Blinks Armys Onces Reveluvs Pandas NCTzens Hiddens and a lot more _LET'S SUPPORT EACH OTHER_ 💍 IKON has so much potential ! Again thank you so much for helping our boys 😍😭 Any proud mom auround here ?
Pika Pikachu
why doesn't ikon like this song as much as I do? this song is even a bigger masterpiece than queen LS (actually I can't decide which is a masterpiece all ikon songs are masterpieces)
There is just something thing about there sound so addictive😻😻😻
‪IKONICS VOTE FOR IKON IN IDOLPICK ((Show your love and support)) 💪🏻🔥‬
Paendeo Maknae
lets be honest here IKON is way to underrated and THATS KILLING ME
♥︎ *FOR NEW iKONICS* ♥︎ 0:07 B.I 0:22 Bobby 0:38 DK (Donghyuk) 0:53 Jay (Jinhwan) 1:40 Song (Yunhyeong) 1:55 Ju-ne (Junhoe) 2:25 Chan (Chanwoo)
I think this is my favourite song from IKON; why am I beginning to like this song from IKON? This resonates so much to me in a different way.
khad idja
woah now i undrestand why our exo-ls love ikon ♡♡
Diana Xu
Who's here from produce x 101 esteem? iKON fighting ;)
Daniel Lopez
Thanks fortnite now u made me an ikonic 😂😂😂😂😂
Another great track. It's just my personal view, but I've never been disappointed in iKON music. After listening to this one, I can tell that they tried to do something else than usual stuff, but it's still the well-known 'happy rhythm, sad lyrics' thing going on. I like it of course, it's basically his style. And, can we appreciate how beautiful this video is visually? My eyes feel blessed.
araesung ii
A few thousand views jist got deleted infront of my eyes😭 fam please make sure to stream at least 1min of the mv
Lisseth Lopez
Every time this songs starts playing I start to forget how to breath and think😔🤧❤️
blooming blood
Dear Ikonics thank you so much for your help at BBMA Award ! ExoL will love you forever ❤
kim rnavy
iKON - KILLING ME 05.05 12:05AM KST: 119,214,419 05.06 12:05AM KST: 119,399,636 Today vi3ws: 185,217
Jjaeni's Wifeu
Dear IKONICs, they are "Killing Us" right? 😍🔥
ms. Rama
we need a song like this ONE MORE TIME PLZ @ HANBIN
kim rnavy
iKON - KILLING ME 04.25 12:05AM KST: 117,360,059 04.26 12:05AM KST: 117,550,246 Today vi3ws: 190,187
alx 12
i love how unproblematic this fandom is. like, in every iKON mv, we only see great comments like how people relate to the song, how good iKON is and how they'll be big in the future. i love how in every iKON mv there is, there's just positivity in the comment section and i'm *ALWAYS* here for it. luv u iKONICs!!
ZaiCoShi _05
🎉The Fact Music Awards🎉 🔥iKON🔥 🏆Artist Of The Year 🏆Best Song Of The Year 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
BUT LETS TALK ABOUT THAT CHOREO THOOOOO. imagine that on Weekly Idol and its x2 LOLOLOLOLOLOL I cant