Mortal Kombat 9 - Human Cyrax and Human Sektor (Tag Ladder) [Expert] No Matches/Rounds Lost

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A lot of people have requested both Human Cyrax and Human Sektor at one point or another. So I figured I could do them again in a tag ladder in HD with much better combos than last time. And don't worry, I haven't forgotten about story mode. I'll be getting that up soon enough. When it's uploaded, it'll be all one big video with chapter times listed in the description. Thank you all for all of your comments and kind words. They are always appreciated. Love you guys and I hope you enjoy the video!

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Cyrax is more badass as a human. "I'll kill you if I have to." Whereas his cyborg form "safety disabled combat mode engaged."
Rain Water
Liu Kang and Kung Lao. The team Shaolin Monks!!!
Bone Collector
sektors scarecrow fatality looks like a saw trap, wouldn't you agree?
3:15 there both black so I'm not offended .. haha...funny though
Izzy Mujadzic
What is with human Cyrax starting a match with his hair up?
Scorpion and Sektor. The Teleporter tag team
this might sound racist but how about jax and cyrax tag ladder?
Dreadz Tsung
That brotha comment wasn't racist. It was hilarious!!! Consider me subbed!
Mohammad Iqbal
is that..... Tony Stark?!  OMG TONY STARK=SEKTOR=IRONMAN  *dieded
Pulsefire Poro
ball so hard
Derek Allard
I actually like Sektor's throw. Yea it's simple, but it still looks good. I love your usage of Cyrax's bombs.
Can u do kabal and freddy because they both burned so they have something in common
How did you get Cyrax's organge costume? I only can get yellow when I select him "costume 2"
The Derp Knight
26:41 barely gets up to say "YOUR ARE NOTHING" and still gets his ass kicked XD
Akib Islam
Am I the only one who absolutely loves Human Sektor's alternate color (orange) way more than the red? Don't get me wrong. Red looks good but orange just looks so awesome to me on Sektor
Aziel Leyva Juarez
dude u r awesome, and that comentary!!! i love you XD
SchietGeist Official
0:55 how were you able to throw that second bomb? is this pre-patch, or is there a trick to getting cyrax to throw more bombs in a combo? i do a combo very similar to this and whenever i throw a bomb(close) following up the bomb(far), he just throws/launches thin air
Nekore Legaia
MK-X has nothing on this game.
TristianHarris8 RBLX
I'm watching this 2017
Nile Thompson
3:21 Nah, I'm black and I give you a pass. It was well-timed.
Turnypz Inc
I think that cyrax probably is best for combos in this game, kind of like how sub zero is the best for combos in mk vs dc.
Сергей Хоменко
I think that Human Cyrax is better than Cyrax-cyborg.
Apex 801
How are you so damn good with all the characters? Haha keep it up man
Selena Rose
The phone was riniging in the background just noticed that
The brotha comment was hilarious XD 😂😂
Antonio Gabriel
Mortal Kombat 9 - Human Cyrax and Human Sektor (Tag Ladder) [Expert] No Matches/Rounds Lost
spartan 03
There r someone better than u? I can't make combos I just hit twice to my opponent n that's it hahaha
You are an expert
Yüksel Çağlar Baypınar
how a human are you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ganymede, Jupiter III
Human Sektor doesn't do his little chuckle after the EX teleport :-\
Lil Rebel
7:45. I could not stop laughing for some reason
Renan Marcelino da Silva
Joinha =).
Ventura the Ace
Cyrax looks like R Kelly
Too much maps with stage fatalities, but all good)
That shit cray.
Димон Хзков
you russian???
Liu Kang seriously got from Johnny Cage: DDDD
so much hate
25:17 - Goro wants to jump in so badly. lol
Ok thanks. btw love your videos.
Just press start when you select a costume.
How do you get the alternative colour scheme scheme for most of the characters?. When i watch you videos like this one cyrax is wearing orange and with the sub zero and scorpion, sub zero is wearing a dark blue.
A Potato
he plays on a Xbox
Vman, very silly question, well 2. Do you use PS3/Xbox controller, or a Fight Stick? Also, do you have any more plans for this game ahead?
No need to be harsh. It was a legit question.
Electronic Post
That was asked and answered months ago, you retard.
Angel Lomeli
A Jump Punch adds more damage, you retard.
Remy Symons
Noob is such a, noob.
Remy Symons
Orange beats yellow bitch.
"feel the wrath of shao khan" gets the crap beat out of him badly
Scorpion only
Tyler The Tire
Lol love the end of the fight against jax
Jonny Reycko
I was a skilled fighter as you,until some one challenged me...and lost...she told me if i don't let her win i wouldn't get laid for a month. When i try the same thing she told me...ya i still loose =,(
Adding a forward jump punch before the beginning of a combo gives you a free extra hit without reducing the damage of later attacks in the combo. It improves your damage and skill to practice adding it to your combos when you can. Sonya's Air Drop special attack (the non-Enhanced version) also works like that, though I'm not sure if Kung Lao's or Cyber Sub-Zero's equivalents do. A straight-up jump punch will pop-up the opponent, and jump kicks knock them away, so only forward jump punches combo.
11:08 Fatality!
Kashta Muhammad
Love your vids btw...:-)
Kashta Muhammad
Rex Bellator
@ 13:00 MY CHILDREN LOOOOL XD XD :)) :))
shokzz gaming
Keep up the great work
Players jump over the opponent to fill there meter. That's the reason I do it with cyrax.
Maximum Fuselage
I do like how Cyrax turns out to be a good guy in the end.
Ender tit
plz do king of the hill or 1v1 or tag
Isaiah Downing
Marcus Anderson
i have come to the realization that i would not want to fight against you in an MK match
3:17 Bring it ninja!
Mile Minet
EW!! Did you see Sonya's body twitching after she for hit by the car??
Isaiah Downing
Come on, you wouldn't hurt a brotha now, would you?
Кирилл Чехломин
Круто продолжай снимать видио
Randall Park
Nightwolf and Stryker, is a funny combination to me lol.
Jesus Guerrero
Vman is such a boss!
Firedragon Capp
9:31 Balls So Hard!!!
Icey Ikey
The amusing part is the fact Cyrax HAD been white and Sektor had been black, then Cyrax became African and Sektor became Asian.
2Girls 1Mir
9:34 i was so not expecting that
Yep, in the cartoon series. Also in some game renders.
Icey Ikey
Well Cyrax IS black, but if I can remember Sektor had been "black" in the cartoon. I'm not entirely sure if Defenders of the Realm was even canonical...
ali hafiz
17:47 LOL
Ezgi Yeniaras
Perfect fatalities
@Louis H Like which one do you prefer to play as? Kool? (Puns for days!!!!!)
use a trainer to do shang tsung and shao kahn or nightwolf and ruutuu.
Electronic Post
Oh ok I see it, when I look at the meter I see it going up when you jump over and back. I didnt know it did this. thanks! oh...and I can't wait for the Zatanna video!!! and Batgirl too please, I love batgirl ;o) thanks im a fan
I did the anti air grab with Cyrax to gain some extra meter for later use. I did another jump so I could do a jump punch on Nightwolf to add more damage to my combo. Sub Zero players do it for the same reason.
The driller Killa!!
I hope cyrax and sektor return in mk11
Gigi Marçal
Dead Alliance - Shang Tsung & Quan Chi
Electronic Post
0:51 I have a question. After Nightwolf gets caught in the net Cyrax jumps over him and back. Why do players do this? I see it a lot. It seems like a waste of a second and time could run out. I also see SubZero players so this, they freeze their opponent, and jump up for no reason, before going into a combo. Why do players so this all the time? is it just showing off? like "haha I got you, im jumping over you", or is there a reason?
Subzero and Scorpion tag ladder classic suits?
I know cyrax was black From MK4, but where did you get that sektor was black aswell?
I prefer human cyrax and sektor over the cyborg versions (No offence, just opinion)
@Louis H Like which one would you prefer? Sorry for the confusion
Um, no. Both Cyrax and Sektor were black.
Bria White
Cyrax: Jax thats jacked up
Bria White
Cyrax was like stryer i wont eat nothing but u ate what i had
Martin Ojeda
I like how shac Kahn said u are nothing but he got his ass kicked
Icey Ikey
Sektor is Chinese. Also, the human Sektor and Cyrax are just alternate costumes from the MK1 series of events in the story mode.
Moath Hamed
Phone ringing in the background in the Subway... Hey, Stryker... that yo momma callin'?