Mortal Kombat 9 - Human Cyrax and Human Sektor (Tag Ladder) [Expert] No Matches/Rounds Lost

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A lot of people have requested both Human Cyrax and Human Sektor at one point or another. So I figured I could do them again in a tag ladder in HD with much better combos than last time. And don't worry, I haven't forgotten about story mode. I'll be getting that up soon enough. When it's uploaded, it'll be all one big video with chapter times listed in the description. Thank you all for all of your comments and kind words. They are always appreciated. Love you guys and I hope you enjoy the video!

sektors scarecrow fatality looks like a saw trap, wouldn't you agree?
Cyrax is more badass as a human. "I'll kill you if I have to." Whereas his cyborg form "safety disabled combat mode engaged."
Tanner Greatrix Music
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Bone Collector
Rain Water
Liu Kang and Kung Lao. The team Shaolin Monks!!!
Scorpion and Sektor. The Teleporter tag team
I prefer human cyrax and sektor over the cyborg versions (No offence, just opinion)
3:15 there both black so I'm not offended .. haha...funny though
Izzy Mujadzic
What is with human Cyrax starting a match with his hair up?
Akib Islam
Am I the only one who absolutely loves Human Sektor's alternate color (orange) way more than the red? Don't get me wrong. Red looks good but orange just looks so awesome to me on Sektor
How did you get Cyrax's organge costume? I only can get yellow when I select him "costume 2"
this might sound racist but how about jax and cyrax tag ladder?
Derek Allard
I actually like Sektor's throw. Yea it's simple, but it still looks good. I love your usage of Cyrax's bombs.
Dreadz Tsung
That brotha comment wasn't racist. It was hilarious!!! Consider me subbed!
Can u do kabal and freddy because they both burned so they have something in common
SchietGeist Official
0:55 how were you able to throw that second bomb? is this pre-patch, or is there a trick to getting cyrax to throw more bombs in a combo? i do a combo very similar to this and whenever i throw a bomb(close) following up the bomb(far), he just throws/launches thin air
The Derp Knight
26:41 barely gets up to say "YOUR ARE NOTHING" and still gets his ass kicked XD
Mohammad Iqbal
is that..... Tony Stark?!  OMG TONY STARK=SEKTOR=IRONMAN  *dieded
Ganymede, Jupiter III
Human Sektor doesn't do his little chuckle after the EX teleport :-\
Black Yoshi
12:29 am early fatality on kitana
Nekore Legaia
MK-X has nothing on this game.
TristianHarris8 RBLX
I'm watching this 2017
Сергей Хоменко
I think that Human Cyrax is better than Cyrax-cyborg.
Martin Ojeda
I like how shac Kahn said u are nothing but he got his ass kicked
Turnypz Inc
I think that cyrax probably is best for combos in this game, kind of like how sub zero is the best for combos in mk vs dc.
Pulsefire Poro
ball so hard
The driller Killa!!
I hope cyrax and sektor return in mk11
justin jacques
Cyrax looks like R. Kelly
Magma Gamer
cyrax is better than secktor
blueranger 2017
How can a simple green net can kill and slice Quan Chi? I don't undertand. :(
Aziel Leyva Juarez
dude u r awesome, and that comentary!!! i love you XD
Antonio Gabriel
Mortal Kombat 9 - Human Cyrax and Human Sektor (Tag Ladder) [Expert] No Matches/Rounds Lost
Apex 801
How are you so damn good with all the characters? Haha keep it up man
Fausto Nievas Simon
you are very funny :)
Jatara Lucas
9:34 "balls so hard"
Yüksel Baypınar
how a human are you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
spartan 03
There r someone better than u? I can't make combos I just hit twice to my opponent n that's it hahaha
Ventura the Ace
Cyrax looks like R Kelly
Lil Rebel
7:45. I could not stop laughing for some reason
"Amudigada!!!!!"-Human cyrax
You are an expert
Gun em down Villy
dam this guy is a beast
Renan Marcelino da Silva
Joinha =).
Selena Rose
The phone was riniging in the background just noticed that
Too much maps with stage fatalities, but all good)
Reachin Golubev
А я русский
tony tower
How do you unlock kratos ,kenshi, rain - p.s. my favorite character in mk9 . and scarlet. PLEASE REPLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ella2000 Rogers
Human Cyrax is mine *pulls out plasma arrows* BTW awesome vid (;
Timothy Murauzi
2:35 Cyrax says Im a Banana
Janelle Fisher
Watching this video is like watching performing arts.
King Me
watching in 2019 XD
Damien Lopez
I wish it was stryker that my boy cyrax finished off instead of nightwolf
Damien Lopez
speaking of that does anyone else think that the station sounds like there's a phone ringing in the background
Nile Thompson
3:21 Nah, I'm black and I give you a pass. It was well-timed.
Captain Soap 600
Dude...this playthrough was vicious. Badass
Vman never did you figured out do a tag ladder with baraka and millena?
Janelle Fisher
I'm not offended either for the same reason.
Draco Moufoi
Cyrax: Series Circuit Disabled...Kombat Mode Engaged Nightwolf: Ancestors Give Me *_STRENGTH_* (Gets Zapped By Lightning) Cyrax: Easy Win! _(Kombat Starts)_ Cyrax: *_YOU WHAT?!?!?_* Edit: Wrong Cyrax Dialogue
Jeffrey Gardner
1:33 slap!
REALLY wish they'd've kept CYRAX & SEKTOR HUMAN. I hate their cyborg forms.
So... Would Cyber-Sub be considered Coleslaw!?
Saul Sora
Ah, here comes Venus and Serena.
Jatara Lucas
12:59 best one
tony tower
Vman can you subscribe to your channel I want to learn johnny cages kombo moves. So I was just wondering can you teach me some of his moves and long combo's  so I can do expert ladder. the only level I can go is hard and I only lost 1 round in the whole ladder and that is on shang shung.
Jeffrey Gardner
"You couldn't even stop the actor."-Cyrax "No one leaves the Lin Kuei..."-Sektor
Sharice Mosley
Wait so if they are human versions then who are the robots? Vman greatest of all time
tony tower
Vman will you ever livestream a mortal kombat video? PLEASE REPLY
Gameattack xp
sektor and cyrax are in the new mortal kombat and smoke is know cyber in mortal kombat xl
Sasuke Uchiha
PLEASE tell me you're going to do the Tri-borg Klassic in MKX? personally all 4 members of the kombat pack 2 could be hysterical from you bro
L'inconnu connu
I always thought that using bombs and missiles as weapons when you're an assassin was pretty stupid knowing that they're supposed to be sneaky.
Kasino Barks
There are too many stage fatalities in this video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tim F
Anybody else feel like the CPU pairings in this game should have been a little more curated?
Vman95100 uses Cyrax and his bombs in ways I never thought possible. Damn you're sick with it
Melon Dog
how do i get Cyrax's human form? please tell me.
Dat boi
Jeffrey Gardner
Can any of y'all hear human Sektor's chuckle when he did that teleport uppercut while they were fighting Scorpion and the robot Sektor? I did.
raygoo13 Miskdoesstuff
if I see vman with a xbox controller and mkxl or mk9, it's best to accept my fate and get brutally murdered
I got a Mcdonalds ad LMAO!!
Alx Stone
Keep in mind that racism is saying a race is inferior to another. Therefore that comment wasn't racist
For kratos you need the ps3 version and the other characters are dlc
Hey Vman can you make an Ermac arcade expert video next?
11:15 - Considering he betrayed you and had you become a robot against your will in the original timeline, I'd say it's his just desserts.
End TrailZ
sektor or cyrax
That Sonya blade death though.....-_-
Yellow 13
And just like that, they became enemies
Tryston Jackson
Cyrax Human Sektor Human
DJDeezy ThaTruth
--I didnt see Scorpion's body down there 11:18 #HeLived
This is quite possibly your most badass tag video, excellent work Vman.
Jonathan Campos
i think u r better with Cyrax 
Deniz Damar™
johnny cage and sonya blade(love team) xD
Isiah S. Phillips
That combo against Stryker in the subway was awesome: kept imagining a boxing bell going off every time he got blasted higher. Awesome dude ;)
Michael Albers
I wish I could do combos like that...
Filipe Fernandes
You should come back to do MK9 tag ladders
Vman what is the biggest combo of hit you have ever don because i think it is over 40
Adoknight Official
Sektor was my first main
Ganta Handa
Sooo damn badass love it. I'll battle u in a mortal kombat tourney if I could. I'll try and beat u with zub zero I said try not beat love it :)
Holden Cross
11:17 Can't you fly????
Mario Aguilera
5:30 your hilarious dude I don't know how I didn't find this channel faster :)
Zack Waterfire
Dang.. that "BALL SO HARD" combo tho!
Best tag battle ever combos are sooooo sick vman