One Missed Call (Official American Ringtone)

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One Missed Call Official American Ringtone SCARY!

One Missed Call Official American Ringtone SCARY!

Allyssa Tulipat
this is absolutely nothing compared to the original ringtone
Hatsune Miku
I remember when I was younger, after watching this movie, I was terrified to miss one call. I will answer every single call! I'm such a scary cat. 😂
Stefanus Ivan
Like the sound of ice cream truck came to you
still... like the japanese version better (the original one)
this sounds like nothing lol the Japanese one is fucking scary as shit because it's an actual song..
newbold gab
Angel Dust
I would watch One Missed Call when I was like 11 and it scared me to death. My family hates it but.. I'm still a true fan to One Missed Call.
Christie Smith
I love this song!!!!!XD Also thumbs me up ( one up my commet if it`s on Google plus.) if you all think I should write a Kingdom Hearts parody of one missed call, or Saw! Please and thank you!
this kinda soft, i wouldn't be scared xD i like the japanese version
The japanese is a lot scarier...
@ the top shit. Anyone who calls you, guess what? YOUR PHONE WILL RING! GASP! ''Ohhhh I had it as my ringtone and someone called me! ohhhh scary.!!" ....really?
J O K E R / ジョーカ /
I think this one is scarier, because it's much simpler than the japanese version, and it doesn't have that "after sound" after every "ting".
This one isn't scary at all lol
Kieran McKenna
Yea see its freaky!!!
Kieran McKenna
Look at the picture carefully and you see the eyes? They're not eyes they're peoples mouths screaming! See? :O
Yuuna Tachibana
Japanese version is much scarier
Dia Zam
No no. Nothing compared to the original. The Japanese version is more scarier than. This ringtone sounds like a music box and very cute
Dah Stegosaurs
I remember in 1st grade I heard of this movie and looked it up and saw the one missed call's killers face and it terrified me so much
Henry Thibault
When i first watched the movie, I thought he had messed up eyes.
I think the simplicity of this one is what makes it a lot more scarier than the Japanese one. So small and simple, yet the outcome is hideous
Rika Bunneh
When I heard this for the first time I thought its so pleasant and I set this as my ring tune, as I watched the video I got so freaked out that I deleted it from my phone... O.O
Awesome bros
It's so cool
Mey Ly
this one is scarier than the Japanese one D:
Qusai Al faouri
I like it I just wish its longer
Joshua Keyton
The Japanese one is creepier but the American one sounds more like an actually ringtone, thats why its mine :)
this is scarier than the japenese version
rori rori
i have this as a ringtone on my cell phone XD
Lane Brayden
Im so close to smashing my phone and burning it.
Sounds like a ringtone I would play in my little sister's nursery 😑
Luna Kurosaki
Kaleigh DeCasere
Man. The Japanese ringtone is so much better. Way creepier, it sets the mood better. This one sounds like it could be someone's ringtone. The one in the Japanese version is very different from a normal ringtone jingle.
Lizzy O'Connell
This was the first horror movie i ever saw. It was a bit scary, but i loved it!
It's the calm before the storm. Meant to be innocent, calming, yet eerie.
ChaoticKels †
My first ever horror movie that scared the ever loving shit outta me. <3
Oliver Lennvall
newbold gab
Gonna scare my little
Nathalie Rivera
Is this a lullaby??
I have this as my ringtone! 😈
Mckley 13
I love the ring tone.but it's also scary
VanessaLove Gmür
This is my Ringtone ^.^
Chorong Park
Japanese ringtone are more scarier them the American ringtone
Sonia Venema
Her eyes are people screaming!
Dakota Drop
I hated the American version. It is a complete joke compared to the Japanese version.
Jap version is def scarier
Horror Show Host
Wanna know something crazy... i had this ringtone on my phone and i never knew it was from this movie... then one day my friend tells me about this movie and she shows the me freaky ringtone... it was the one i had on my phone!!! THEN IT BEGAN TO RING... I PICKED IT UP.... and it was my friend sitting right next to me giving me a prank phone call... boy am i gullable and unaware sometimes! :p
okay val
i love this ringtone! i want it for my phone.. it freaks the crapp outta my friend wen she hears itt! [;
Tori Hernandez
I remember when I was 4 or 5 and I watched this , I used to sing this ringtone out loud ALL THE TIME , when i was in 1st grade (still singing this) I grabbed my friend's kid guitar and started playing this song on the guitar ! Every time i song this I would ask the person I was singing it to if they knew it , nobody did ! I was a strange child , but it's not my fault ! I couldn't get it out of my head !!!
Why didnt you just put your cell phone on silent?
Bria Preyer
omg.. The eyes r so scari And.. Yeah
this aint the full version.....anyone know here i can get the full version.....??
Luci Paola
when i finished watching the movie and the phone was ringing at the end of the movie, we were saying that they did that so it would call someone and then my phone rang, it was really creepy
I like this ringtone, but the movie sucks...the japanese movie is waaay better then american one, xD but when i heard it for the first time, i thougt it was a music box that was broken xD (in the end) but, srsly i can't choose between them XD
Kara Hudson
o god if i heard this one my phone id just freak
Kay Denic
@TsuchiOkami LMFAO!
Chris Smith
when this movie came out, i knew this chick who had this as her ringtone without realizing it. after seeing the movie her phone rang, she screamed and through it into the wall. it was quiet hilarious.
The Chaotic Muffin
This one is actually kinda happy. The Japanese one, on the other hand, can give almost anyone the creeps.
International Space Station
It is not the full version. You got part of it. But then the second time, it repeats the two and goes up in notes. Then it plays the one here, then it goes "G-AGFEDC" so it repeats four times. I should play it on my piano and upload it.
Dominic Grove
@tgrwp42j12 OMG Holy Crabcakes, i love it :D:D:D
John De Leon
where can we download this?
I'll change my ringtone for this xD
i should set this as my alarm, start watching the movie with my friend, and make the alarm go off like 20 minutes into the movie. bam.
@beano1 uhm, okay? what does that have anything to do with my comment? o-e
macky zamora
this is my cellphone's message tone... my workmate tells me my ringtone sounds creepy.
Jackie L.
@destroyer087 i have the japanese one xD
only if you have stupid friends, then your plan will work. :0)
Сука как же я долго его искал
Catarina Darcy Melendez
@RainingSushi Are You Crazy?
Selfish Stockton
@skirps52 I surprised no producer has sampled this and made it into a ghettoblaster lol
Well obviously if they had watched the film they clearly would associate a nursery sounding song with the call of death, as its a child thats causing it all ..
Åsmund Tubaist
The ONLY reason they make a new ringtone is: In America everything is backward...LIke when steering a ship...RED and Green Poles...In America it is the same but RED=Green Green=RED.
Philly Joe
@Nurizzuddin thats alright
looooooool my friends also scared from this tone looooooooooool
Philly Joe
@Nurizzuddin search in google for video to mp3 converter, you copy the url from this page then copy it into that webpage and it converts it :)
Cam, Jay & the Kids
Bruno Felix
Now, you got to die! .. hah.. :P
omg id kick that persons ass xD
haha what xD?
i love the click click part this is the best ringtone ever im getting it (i have not seen the movie)
John Mike
for some reasons some poeple find the japan version more scarier but i dont find it that scary
Jimmy Diofan
I seen this movie!
Lexicon Games
Lexicon Games
yay ice cream
Jack Gray
Its eerie but not scary loved movie though
yeah tune is too catchy haha
fuck that picture is fucking scary omg
Silver Light
The japanese version is the scariest..
@yearroundskate They die anyway, I'd suppose.
@xXBumblebeeGirl13Xx is your ringtone 27 seconds long? can you send me the copy please?
Sherlon The Trinidadian
I need to get this ring tone. Saw the movie last nite with my better half and we just feel in love with it!!!
Jesus makes me chills. :S
Yana Sinz
omg as a prank someone made this my ringtone..... :L it was kinda funny but i was so scared.... (:
R Leighton
I've never seen the movie, but what happens if the person just answers the phone?
Spartasaurus Rex
this song aint scary xD
That's the same thing I told my friend! lol... it seriously reminds me of Final Fantasy/Castlevania.
Ryan Jensen
This ones better than the japanese one.