One Missed Call (Official American Ringtone)

One Missed Call Official American Ringtone SCARY!

Hatsune Miku
I remember when I was younger, after watching this movie, I was terrified to miss one call. I will answer every single call! I'm such a scary cat. 😂
Allyssa Tulipat
this is absolutely nothing compared to the original ringtone
Stefanus Ivan
Like the sound of ice cream truck came to you
Sounds like a ringtone I would play in my little sister's nursery 😑
Nathalie Rivera
Is this a lullaby??
Mckley 13
I love the ring tone.but it's also scary
Henry Thibault
When i first watched the movie, I thought he had messed up eyes.
Angel Dust
I would watch One Missed Call when I was like 11 and it scared me to death. My family hates it but.. I'm still a true fan to One Missed Call.
still... like the japanese version better (the original one)
Lizzy O'Connell
This was the first horror movie i ever saw. It was a bit scary, but i loved it!
I have this as my ringtone! 😈
this sounds like nothing lol the Japanese one is fucking scary as shit because it's an actual song..
Mey Ly
this one is scarier than the Japanese one D:
Dakota Drop
shadowkrome plex
Japanese one isn't even scary at all...
Chorong Park
Japanese ringtone are more scarier them the American ringtone
Linda Yang
you only like because its not scary?
Oliver Lennvall
Joshua Keyton
The Japanese one is creepier but the American one sounds more like an actually ringtone, thats why its mine :)
Yuuna Tachibana
Japanese version is much scarier
VanessaLove Gmür
This is my Ringtone ^.^
Qusai Al faouri
I like it I just wish its longer
this kinda soft, i wouldn't be scared xD i like the japanese version
Sonia Venema
Her eyes are people screaming!
I think this one is scarier, because it's much simpler than the japanese version, and it doesn't have that "after sound" after every "ting".
this is scarier than the japenese version
rori rori
i have this as a ringtone on my cell phone XD
@RainasRoom Sounds like a fucking Christmas song...
Christian Audie Uy
Oh,jizz what a weird face:O
I think the simplicity of this one is what makes it a lot more scarier than the Japanese one. So small and simple, yet the outcome is hideous
This one isn't scary at all lol
I hated the American version. It is a complete joke compared to the Japanese version.
It's the calm before the storm. Meant to be innocent, calming, yet eerie.
I had watched Chakushin ari like 3 times, then I watched the American version and I was like WHAT THE FUCK?! THIS is the ringtone?! I could fall asleep listening to this... while the Japanese one gives me nightmares. At the end of the American movie I literally stood up from the couch, walked into the room my mom was in and started complaining to her...
Kieran McKenna
Yea see its freaky!!!
Diane Imperial
no shit, sherlock
Kieran McKenna
Look at the picture carefully and you see the eyes? They're not eyes they're peoples mouths screaming! See? :O
Rika Bunneh
When I heard this for the first time I thought its so pleasant and I set this as my ring tune, as I watched the video I got so freaked out that I deleted it from my phone... O.O
The japanese is a lot scarier...
@ the top shit. Anyone who calls you, guess what? YOUR PHONE WILL RING! GASP! ''Ohhhh I had it as my ringtone and someone called me! ohhhh scary.!!" ....really?
Porter Novak
nope, this one sounds like an ice cream shop the original one was better
I gladly state that I enjoy this one more than the Japanese one.
john miguel
wow i swear i loved this ringtone i used it for my ringtone untill someone kept calling me on unknown and hung up before i could answer :L
Mint Alice
...Why did you just copy the top comment?
Oliver Lennvall
i Used to have this ringtone but then someone called me att the night D:
I had the japenese version and i set it as my text tone and had my friend text me "DEATH IS EXEMPLARY BY FOWARDING THE MESSAGE" and my mom was so scared!!!
i used to have this ringtone, and then someone called me during class while we were taking a test, everybody freaked out xD
Got that shit on my phone scared the high holy hell out of my best friend once
:D i want this as a ringtone :P
Jem Jorbina
Ice cream.. ice cream..
Devth The Sage
Lol that's funny
The japanese one is scarier...
Emilee Lillie
Is that a gun loading, that clicking noise?
𝐧𝐚𝐨𝐦𝐢 ♡
@TheSxyoneandonly want a dictionary?
Leyda Zavaleta
No liee iHad this ringtonee, andd onee niight iRecieveed a call, n the ringtonee went on, but thhe lighht went out, thhen iThreew myy phhonee to thhe wall, andd thhe battery camee off, but still ringiing, iSweear on myy lifee, tthhat it trulyy happened.!!
Cristo Villagomez
This sounds stupid. Not even scary.
Bryanna .B
I totally am putting this as my ringtone.
This isnt the official one from the american version if anybody wants me to post the real one from the movie say yes me
Your Senpai
sounds like one of those singular or t-mobile crap. lol.
yea my ringtone now :D hm what my friends will think when my phone rings ?
cheyy garcia
the japanese version is WAAAAY better juss saying...
Simon Drapeau
i whant this song ( all time i whant it its get me a low quality audio and this is not i know why?
*rings* Chuck norris: Yeah? *Phone line explodes in confusion* *Chuck norris hangs up*
David Boyer
David Boyer
my gf did
Tiegan West
Grudge is worser ....
i have never seen this movie but this actually scares me
Lindy curtis
love the japanese version of the movie WAY BETTER!!
This may be the worst movie I have ever seen in my entire life. Like honestly, it's that bad
@Goresselhoff Seriously right? its now a days they just make remakes of good movies and fuck it up
whoa i didnt download this on my phone!
Griffin Shannon
@XPaigeX1234 if you did with that ringtone... expect to die lol
Lenaya Carter
@uwdawgs98 haha, that's pretty creepy!
Griffin Shannon
@AlexandraAbandonment the movie came out the day before my b day
Griffin Shannon
@XPaigeX1234 ever missed a call? haha
@DJDlRTYDISHES The Japanese versions usually are.
Arron Riley
The Japanese version is better..
Who else looked at the comments just in case?
I remember when people could be funny without using the same joke over and over
Lenaya Carter
One of the dates on the phone call is on my birthday.. o_o June 12th...
this used to be my ringtone until some asshole called me at night.
silva lloyd
@Goresselhoff No this is the Japanese one the American one is more of a music box type.
Loretta Edwards
OMG someone called me randomly and it didnt show the number, and it was playing this song... o-o holy sh......
James Lo
after watching this in the cinema, i played this ringtone with my phone and everyone freaked out :)
Justin Gagnon
im hungry... I WANT SOME ICE CREAM!! D:
Donald Maat
Hey wats the song called?
this song remembers me the ice cream man :\
O&A Fan Videos
The only scary thing about this movie was its 0% Tomatometer, lulz.
Yana Sinz
omg as a prank someone made this my ringtone..... :L it was kinda funny but i was so scared.... (:
Jimmy Diofan
I seen this movie!
@t2thed1113 quit bullshitin
Laura Kranich
That is the right one. This was in the movie, not japanese one. This is better!
I don't find this scary but like a goodnight sleep song........japanese is scary and makes their own ideas unlike some people that can't come up with names or styles of movies
Peyton Blanchette
I hate this ringtone so much, when I watched the movie for the first time I couldn't sleep for like a week, ugh I just can't stand that ringtone
eh.wasn't gonna sleep anyways.
Dian V
I can this on my keyboard, lol!