Onyx - Last Dayz

Music video by Onyx performing Last Dayz. (C) 1995 UMG Recordings, Inc.

Frederick Vincent
My excelent taste of music brought me here.
song over 20 years old n still better than 90% of the shit out now
Josh Pearson
I miss this type of aggression from rappers.
Hugo Snellink
Ward, I think you were a little hard on the Beaver..
Randy H.
Thou shalt not censor Onyx songs, for that is blasphemous.
That old NYC gritty grimy 90's sound.
Scarface Killah
"I'll spit a racial slur, honky sue me"
Aaron Israel
The instrumental to this is great.
Tamara Bawala
The beat was sick!!
"south sewer side queens, all ngwegwegwehh" Well done Vevo... Well done.
this is from the Golden Era..
кто из России, палец вверх! Onyx охуенен)
Its funny how styles don't change they had on Polo and North face lol same things we are rocking now smh and by the way we are still living in the last days keep ya head up and keep ya eyes open people and stay prayed up
Onyx may not be my favorite but this video is the epitome of rap music!
Arené Lomax
I played this on repeat all through the 8th grade.
Lee Walton
Still one of the dopest songs ever made!
in 1995 this video showed that police brutality was out of control in the future. Guess they were correct.
Johnny Bats
Shit is so dope bro, I'm so thankful for his Era... Listening in 2018 Les Go..
Big Gucci Sosa
One of the best beats of all time
Passport Kings
When I first bought this album, this song gave me chills, it was so good. Actually the whole album is.
Brother Dee
Here for Oynx not for 8 mile
William Mayo Jr
What ever to happen to the era of super hard beats and lyrics. Thats why i stick to the classics
Rono Neal
the sad part is looks like I just tried to warn us about what was going to happen now think about it
jamarr 27
classic shit bruh I'm listening to this in 2016
Propane K 1982
Hands down one of my favorite songs from high school. Memories.
I guess they couldn't be bothered censoring 3:20 LOL
Mind is ready for war.
Kareem Nugdalla
This song just became extra relevent
Ward, I think you went a little hard on the Beaver...so is Eddie Hasscal, Wally, and Mrs. Cleaver
my mama thought i would go around robbin cats when she heard me listening to onyx, dmx, rass kass and das fx... lol no mom i just wanted the revolution to come quicker, i was all afro's and jeans suspenders with a wife beater underneath
I loving East Coast rap!!!
Michael Moore
this is real gangsta hardcore hip hop from new york to cali onyx days they were a teen this is how they are tho in real life tho
'cuz I dont leave no sticky fingaprintzzzz
Taj Cameron
My goodness this song is a lyrical masterpiece. I love Onyx but Fredro Starr was a step above for me.
Aurora Lara
Ripsta Official
Fuck VEVO! 🖕🏾
Charles Stennis
Sticky Fingaz' verse actually came to fruition cause that's exactly how things are today as of 2014.
These cats look like they will run up on you in a heartbeat
halfway house odat
son ceez was a monster on the low, fredro was always sick and sticky was outrageous!
Danny santos
jackooe Blake
"get ready for the NWO".... onyx knew what's up.
Michael Prystayko
Who is here in 2018
that beat though... that's how rap should sound.
High Street Radio
This will always be one of my number 1 songs this is part of my lifes soundtrack
masterclass!!! how hiphop should`ve stayed..
Always liked this jam..Beat is crazy
Mihail Penev
European anthem
Randy H.
No! No!! No!!! Why censor such an awesome song? Fuckin' Vevo man.
Susan Kenny
8 mile brought me here....love it :)
Sean Hamlet
Queen where you at 💯💯💯
Nicholas Thanasias
When will Vevo learn that you cannot censor this type of songs?
Tree Lanka
Queenz 💪💪
Grumpy Taco
Oh shit lotto was referencing their rough voice
Derrick Cooper
Still relevant today! Didn't think Onyx second album would be up there with their first
Olympiakos Misfits
Only 15.170 likes????What's wrong with you people........ One of da best Hip-Hop tracks off all time!!!!!
Aneury Padilla Nery
God damn it I remember this shit been played on the (Box) Music television you controlled... God damn I'm old jajajajaj
Onyx 4 sure is the roughest music group in whole music industry and history. Their flava is hot lava. I like it .Yeeeeah!
sticky fingaz and fredro killed it!
mc shira m.o.s.s
Onyx Last Days =Max hardckore Hip Hop Skillz!
jimmeal munroe
The Realist Rap ever About The New World Order
Song "lost" in idiotic sensorship...
James Eternal
Sticky went in...very appropriate he batted clean up on this one
stu pid
This is a classic
Dr Dab
Man this is real hip hop! Come back to Mongolia soon onyx!!!
Raymond Elie
I miss the days as well.. The beat was off the hook !!!
Dr Gong Shank Tha Chef
This was New York before the G-Unit and this second millennium.
Bill McFarlane
Beating The New World Order like a rented mule.
Enginator81 sz
greetings from Germany to all my hiphop headz
America's Ni6htmare
Real hip hop
Eric Stewart
This came out when I was in 5th grade. I was 11 years old and that song was that kind of underground, grimy hip hop we need to bring it back against today's cookie-cutting weak rappers of this era. Onyx was the truth and so do Def Jam before Def Jam went to a weaker direction in the 2000s decade.
big dawg
Those are the last days of mumble rapper's
true dayz
Sjoerd de Z
I commited alot of crime on this album when i was young.
"For the cops, they only good if they dead/ all that badge and that gun sh*t be going to they head" - Sticky Fingaz This came out in 1995...Hip-Hop WAS the internet BEFORE the internet...
Grizz Summaz
Who would've known Fredro Starr did this beat?!
John Anthony
Sticky verse always fuq my head up 👍🔥♨️♨️🔥🔥
powerfull!greetings from pt!
Tyshon Edwards
Yo fredro Starr killed it b
Petros Karaferis
Tank top screaming "Lotto, I don't fit you"
Hulkwave TV
one of my all time favourite tracks , Fredo goes off on this one
Saudi Tate
Wu tang should do remix with this beat..one if my fav 5 joints..neva settle..hrrrrrr!!!!
One of the best beats in hip hop.
Papa doc hates this beat
I wish fredo had worn a black bubble
Garry Blow Jr.
One Of The Softest & Dopest Hip Hop Songs Of The 90's, Great Song. "These The Last Dayz, Get Yourz!!!"
Danny santos
Enter the Jouz
Dayum... I forgot how rap used to sound like!
Amir Anderson
This song iys raw
Sam Roman
Remember copping this album Halloween Day '95 along with Dogg Pound's Dogg Food.Last Dayz still bangs!!!
Юрий Белый
давно слушаю эту тему) спасибо) помогает жить) Onyx всегда в теме) при любой системе... особенно старые треки помогают просто жить в этом странном мире) всем мира и добра по жизни)))
J Nu
Omar Archer, onyx first album 1992, biggies first album 1993.
Αφρω Δρο βητα πεις
Onyx θεοι ρε!!!!!!
J. Frost
This was my favorite song in middle school. I had the CD and it was also on Def Jams CD The Show. I miss music like this.
KH Sovath
who make this beat ? thanks for answer
Daniel Keem
Tank top screaming lotto i don't fit you
Comprehensive rap...when you had to listen to what was being said that made sense with a meaning to it #90'sEraOfTrendsetters
lina loves
Southside Jamaica queens #116 And supthin blvd and also 131 ST AND ROCKAWAY BLVD ,Point is Pride for south side Jamaica
Jay Brown
Joe Budden brought me here! Dirty Donna Karen sweater >:(
Did anyone remember battles from 8 mile?