Onyx - Last Dayz

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Music video by Onyx performing Last Dayz. (C) 1995 UMG Recordings, Inc.

Onyx RAL Hip Hop

i don`t give a fuck on this censorship cause i know all lyrics lol. I have never been in NY but when i hear this beat always see scene in my head cruising NY streets and big skyscrapers haha
"south sewer side queens, all ngwegwegwehh" Well done Vevo... Well done.
my mama thought i would go around robbin cats when she heard me listening to onyx, dmx, rass kass and das fx... lol no mom i just wanted the revolution to come quicker, i was all afro's and jeans suspenders with a wife beater underneath
jamarr 27
classic shit bruh I'm listening to this in 2016
кто из России, палец вверх! Onyx охуенен)
Hugo Snellink
Ward, I think you were a little hard on the Beaver..
Randy H.
Thou shalt not censor Onyx songs, for that is blasphemous.
Sam Harris
this guy keeps screaming his paranoid, somebody get his ass another steroid!
Josh Pearson
I miss this type of aggression from rappers.
90s > 2000s
Susan Kenny
8 mile brought me here....love it :)
Passport Kings
When I first bought this album, this song gave me chills, it was so good. Actually the whole album is.
John Doe
classic now today we have bullshit waka flocka
this is from the Golden Era..
14th Street Parkside
"I'll spit a racial slur, honky sue me"
Motorladler Lopolo
Did anyone remember battles from 8 mile?
Jarvase O'Brian dundy
I bet no one notice he mentioned New World Order in the beginning
Bunny Lofi
8mile :3
Sticky fingerprintssss
Lucas Rodriguez
 b rabbits vs lotto ajjajajajaja 
Kareem Nugdalla
This song just became extra relevent
Mind is ready for war.
Lotto vs B Rabbit
Ward, I think you went a little hard on the Beaver...so is Eddie Hasscal, Wally, and Mrs. Cleaver
Arené Lomax
I played this on repeat all through the 8th grade.
Rashawn Antoinio
thats the beat they used in 8 mile b rabbit vs lotto
in 1995 this video showed that police brutality was out of control in the future. Guess they were correct.
I guess they couldn't be bothered censoring 3:20 LOL
Aaron Israel
The instrumental to this is great.
Its funny how styles don't change they had on Polo and North face lol same things we are rocking now smh and by the way we are still living in the last days keep ya head up and keep ya eyes open people and stay prayed up
Frederick Vincent
My excelent taste of music brought me here.
Grumpy Taco
Oh shit lotto was referencing their rough voice
Robert Bones
Cops have shot people for a lot less than Sticky's attempt to resist arrest.
William Mayo Jr
What ever to happen to the era of super hard beats and lyrics. Thats why i stick to the classics
Who came from 8 mile?
Lee Walton
Still one of the dopest songs ever made!
That old NYC gritty grimy 90's sound.
Sean Hamlet
Queen where you at 💯💯💯
Tamara Bawala
The beat was sick!!
Michael Moore
this is real gangsta hardcore hip hop from new york to cali onyx days they were a teen this is how they are tho in real life tho
jimmeal munroe
The Realist Rap ever About The New World Order
0:07 onyx Censored? wtf?
Vevo you suck ,and you focked up this beatifull classic track !!!!
Eric Stewart
This came out when I was in 5th grade. I was 11 years old and that song was that kind of underground, grimy hip hop we need to bring it back against today's cookie-cutting weak rappers of this era. Onyx was the truth and so do Def Jam before Def Jam went to a weaker direction in the 2000s decade.
Tree Lanka
Queenz 💪💪
Erim Ozata
Dopest beat ever.
Bill McFarlane
Beating The New World Order like a rented mule.
I loving East Coast rap!!!
LeVar Nelson
This is still relevant? WTF?!
stu pid
This is a classic
Николай Иванов
Эх, было время..
These cats look like they will run up on you in a heartbeat
Charles Stennis
Sticky Fingaz' verse actually came to fruition cause that's exactly how things are today as of 2014.
Jay Kamta
They censored the word "whiteys" lol!
Amir Hanton
Anyone notice the things that's being shown in this video? If you look closer it showing things that wasn't happening around the time this song came out which was 1995, that's 20 years going on 21. In the video there are dudes with Barcodes on the back of their necks cops driving in a Benz and people buying drugs with credit cards, ONYX knew that was going to happen in the future they predicted it and it's going on right on.
connor shaw
thiiiiiis beat man 
Jackson Blake
"get ready for the NWO".... onyx knew what's up.
Kieyan Chauhan
For anyone who doesn't know this beat was used in 8 mile in the battle vs Lotto
Денни В
я тут один русский XD
Αφρω Δρο βητα πεις
Onyx θεοι ρε!!!!!!
Onyx may not be my favorite but this video is the epitome of rap music!
the message is strong, and even more relevant today more than ever
Mike Illmatic
We never givin a shit, cuz we livin in it! Why I love rap, one small line speaks a thousand words to me
Алексей Стах
I just noticed, isn't this the beat used in 8 mile? Sorry if I'm late
krzysztof olszanowski
to jest prawdziwy Rap a nie to gówno co teraz puszczają w TV pozdrawiam
how was this 8 years ago!?! it's on the recent album .....
*they gotta get it from somebody I rather it be me!
Petros Karaferis
Tank top screaming "Lotto, I don't fit you"
When will Vevo learn that you cannot censor this type of songs?
Taj Cameron
My goodness this song is a lyrical masterpiece. I love Onyx but Fredro Starr was a step above for me.
This is soo hardcore! I almost pissed my self off.
Αφρω Δρο βητα πεις
Onyx θεοι ρε!!!!!!
Ste ven
The song we all recognize but don’t know the name. Congrats if you found it😝
Gio Maretti
I know you thanks to Eminem
Jay Seps
'Ward I think you were a little on the hard on the beaver' 'So was Eddie Haskell, Wally and Miss Cleaver' That's all I hear when I heard this song
Кто после Ларина?
'cuz I dont leave no sticky fingaprintzzzz
B 2wice
Always liked this jam..Beat is crazy
ASN 00
Kevin Kim
8mile brought me here
I wish fredo had worn a black bubble
Daniel Fritz
lotto killed this beat in the 2nd round of the 8mile final rap battle. in my opinion litto won that round against eminem
that beat though... that's how rap should sound.
Maciej Maciucha
also check Onyx - Last Dayz (Kixnare remix) new quality
James Eternal
Sticky went in...very appropriate he batted clean up on this one
Omar Archer
I remember when these cats got booed off the stage when they opened for Biggie at Greekfest on Long Island WAY back in the day. That said, they redeemed themselves with their first two CDs. This is definitely their best joint.
Sem Plebi
rare instrumental !
Yusef Sellers
this album was so prophetic and on some straight revolutionary shit.
Sitting in Paris Baguette in South Korea, talking to co workers, mid conversation they play the original to this. I froze up and had to Shazam it. My coworkers thought I was crazy. Now I got it though! Bob James Earl Klugh love lips , yeah!
no censoring on onyx.... please
Lamont Ragland
I was a true onxy head...
Kasheem Bates
#QueensGetThaFuckinMoney💸#FarRock$SouthSide#Hollis#WueensBridge#Lefrak$Woodside Tha Whole Queens Early❕
Thumbs up if you paused the video and synced it up with a non-censored audio. Lol.
Aynur Shaverdov
onyx the best....
Raymond Elie
I miss the days as well.. The beat was off the hook !!!