The $85,000 Range Rover Velar Is the Coolest Range Rover Ever

GO READ MY COLUMN! /> The 2018 Range Rover Velar is the newest Range Rover ever -- and it's also the coolest. Today I'm reviewing a Range Rover Velar to see why the Velar is so cool -- and to show you everything important about the $85,000 2018 Velar. FOLLOW ME! Facebook - />Twitter - />Instagram - /> DOUGSCORE CHART:

Doug DeMuro
I would use the Land Rover Activity Key to watch Gilmore Girls so I don't get the key wet as I cry when Rory goes off to college.
Rowan Perry
doug the type of guy to close the refrigerator door with his hip.
Muzaffer Ozen
I was skipping through and I pressed 11:10 ... LMFAO
Please, Baby Jesus let some fool buy that beautiful SUV full price now so that I can purchase it 3 years later for 25,000 USD.
Stuart Shaw
This was like watching Quentin Tarantino do an ounce of coke..
oliver connor
Please someone give Doug an Oscar for his British accent 😂😭
Lord Wolfus
Doug the type of guy to drink warm milk before sleep
Cemal Pence
I really liked the way he did the Doug Score, in an after review. I usually always skip the last part, but this time I watched it. More of that please
3:25 tail lamp alignment is not worthy of $80k.
Batman555 Night
Doug the kinda guy who bring a coupon on a first date
Range Rover has gotten expensive over the years! I remember as kid age 15 a full Range Rover was $80k. Now they’re at $120k trying to rival G Wagon prices. Is the quality and longevity even there?
Doug is the kind of guy to wear two shirts in the rain instead of a jacket.
So range rovers in gyms have their keys in the car. Car thief’s heaven
Nissim Levy
Doug, what's your girl friend's Doug Score?
Jsks s
Bruh your british accent is amaaaziingg
Everyone: Velar Jeremy Clarkson: Velour
Levi Hutchison
Doug the type of guy to hate on the shape of a fuel door
Nissim Levy
Don't bother watching this video. He never drives it.
Carl Du
12:26 this scares me...
baD Panda
I can't even a afford a bicycle
That key on the wrist is a super handy feature for when you go to amusement parks. Don’t wanna loose your key on a rollercoaster!!!
Justin .koy47
Doug is the type of guy to say "thank you" after sex
Miggy Production
I don't know why I'm here, I can't even afford this car. Awesome video though...
HalJo Dav
Doug - The type of guy that wears Mickey Mouse ears in Disneyland.
Zachary Martinez
Random person: Oh, what kind of car do you have? Me: Oh, I have a 2019 Range Rover Velar.... With a billion screens
andre vautour
"In the end I had to turn everything off and walk away for a few minutes and then it worked for the rest of the day."
Shawn Houlihan
Dough is the type of guy to pull out during a hand job
Frank Verschoof
Not tot forget: the best offroad handeling in the business
A Edwards
But what about test driving it? In the real world please
Vortex Video Games
The Doug Score for my life is 14/100. It ranks below the AMC Gremlin.
Mhhh what should I get
Junky DIY guy
Definitely need a Bumper to Bumper warranty for this one....
Jayden Mania
The dynamic drive mode symbol is the same as the gas buddy app symbol LOL
Doug the type of guy to show an example by leaving the key in the car and and unlocking it with a wrist band, so the thief can break into a car and steal the car with the key on the ignition.
Sabrin Islam
Doug the type of guy who gets high before lighting a doobie
His face is in a perpetual state of "just got a whiff of something that smells bad"
@4:02 does it bother anyone else that the rear hatch doesn’t line up with rear quarter panel? ? Classic Range Rover..
Freezing screens were also a well-known problem with my Volvo XC 90 (2017).
AiNoMijo XD
Doug the type of guy to make a review after a hard rain
:Robert-Francis : Sullivan.
a Hackers’ wet dream and security nightmare
Mr Ang
Doug, the pacman eating thing is the Panasonic NANOE technology that filters the air coming out the vents. It just makes the air coming out cleaner....
*That panel gap between the trunk and rear quarter panel at **3:55**.* Even the tail lamp on the trunk is misaligned with the one on the quarter panel. Door handles included, this car will self-destruct in 4 years. A lease is the only way to go.
Blackdarkdarker bleach
That interior is gorgeous.
kronico bx
Is the car that small 🤣
F. Mazz.
Definitely one of my favorite SUV's now. Love the styling and design
I can appreciate a nice touch screen for navigation and settings but I prefer having buttons for climate control, A/C, defrost, etc. When touchscreens are turned off all you see are fingerprints.
Jason Moore
Doug is the kind of guy who does a car review but never starts or drives the car.
Also tired of you hating on coupès. They look good!
It also comes with a beach rock for when th bracelet fails. They thought of everything
M Maryanto
7:18 The "Pac-Man eating a pellet" thing is actually an existing tech. It's called nanoe and it makes your ac air better? Presumably an ionizer. Nobody really cares though.
Michael Avaliani
Doug the type of the guy to clap when the airplane lands
fauzan riez
When Doug got amused by the rear wiper and the steering wheel touch pad, I laughed so hard. Doug probably never heard of the Japanese luxury minivan known as Toyota Alphard and it's sportier sister the Vellfire. Well, that was some 10 years ago. Yes, Toyota is that much advanced than Range Rover. And touch pad on steering wheel? Look up the Toyota Prius Mk.III launched in 2009. Seems that Doug still lacking info on car features and quirks. Should try look at French made cars too. They are just as fancy as the Japanese, in european style.
It certainly makes you a target in the collapse that's coming.
So you can break into the car and the key is sitting right there? Nice touch.
Dio Akbar
live in indonesia.. USD 85k is about 1,2 billion in our currency.. but reality this car cost us 3 billion = USD 220k goverment basically force us to just buy the cheap unreliable car.. frustating
Ben Kaplan
Did Doug just make a 420 joke? Yes he did
Maedy Lafortune
Watch the entire video to see him drive the car, video ended with him telling u how it felt driven it without showing u🤦🏾‍♂️
Rohit Pai
your reviews are great man, but please don't try the British accent ever again lol
Cars are so cheap in the usa, in the netherlands you pay 150k €€€€ for a fully spect velar
Dad just got the 2019 says he loves it. Now you all know. Are you satisfied ?
4K comments; 3k is about the misaligned tailgate.......
jr cc
Oh my God!! In my coutry (BRAZIL) this car costs R$ 550.000 (US$ 160.000).
Vinod Jain
“Stupid SUV Coupe trend” -exactly!!! 😂😂😂
Doug the type to have the Land Rover Activity Key above his Fit Bit at the Racket Ball Court
Dan Vasse
The coupe SUV's are really nice looking Doug!!
Zachary Martinez
Doug the type of guy to buy a Range Rover Velar and only look in the manual.
Marcos Fernandez
Im a valet at a premium hotel and restaurant in Houston.. ive driven many of the cars reviewed by doug and more, and by far, the range rover has the best looking steering wheel.. but, thats about it.. The velar is.. different.. but, still a rover..
I took him so seriously till he said that 420 joke lol
Devon Gee
Tail light does not align between panels. Triggering me!!!
18:52 air suspension is nothing, my family's 2001 Pontiac Montana had air suspension.
Aaron Pilkey
@ Doug in your opinion does the Velar have a better screen game than the new Mercedes GLE or Porsche Cayenne?
Thierry Nshimayezu
Great videos. Could you, do a review, on a 760 Bmw
Derrick Wright
Breath Taking 💯💯💯💪
Alex Swiatkiwsky
Too many things that can break in a car known for breaking
Sameer Dhaliwal Sameer Dhaliwal
My normal Range Rover 2019 is way better cause the back seats have automatic seat adjuster’s and it better cause it bigger
Doug's the type of guy when he speed walks he rivals a penguin
Nope. Already had our first appointment and made a deposit on a Cullinan. Your review pushed us over.
Norman Mitchell
Overuse of the word cool makes Doug's videos a pain to watch. It's like stepping back to the 80s; and not in a good way.
Dat Boi Chunky
Doug the type of guy to pick up a hooker,and ask her pimp for her interesting quirks !!!
dno e
me-“hey wants ur fav color friend-“cool”
Your Barber
Wow, this makes my current Range Rover look like a hand me down. I think I’ll keep it though.
john jay
Jon Carter Voice
The fuel door rant. Loved it...very true and funny. Great job on this entire video! The "Pac-Man eating a pellet" is the toggle for air ionization for the interior, btw.
Jacob E
Hmm, it looks like the taillights on the body and the hatch don't line up. Proper Land Rover quality!
‘Vullaar’ How on earth did Murricans develop their artificially throaty and very tiresome pronunciation??
Josh M.
2:54 Interesting idea, but what happens if somebody breaks into the vehicle while you're away and finds the key? Then you're screwed.
Lamb Sauce
The Pacman in 7:25 is Panasonic's Nanoe-G air purification system. It's basically a air purifier.
Afra Ali
I swear technology these days are getting to the extreme that ends up making everyone juts lazier. Yes I know saves time and whatever but you don’t need technology for the smallest features 🤧🤧
Justin Sweeney
Doug, I'm surprised you didn't say anything about the misaligned tailgate. It ruins the beautiful lines of the lights. You are quite the stickler when it comes to panel gaps.
Brand new and the electonics already don't work--buy a Land Cruiser and keep it for life.
Matt Douglas
How long did you practice that British monologue?
Why would you need an activity key when you can get a Ford or rincon that has code entry and won't be in the shop 180 days a year... And won't be worth 1/3 in 4 years
"I have no idea what this does" when you push the climate control button you are no longer the "expert" are you
Jordan Chandler
3-2-1-electrical problems
way too redundant, especially explaining the key and trunk part.
Lalnunpuia Hlawncheu
Doug, please give a precise review of Discovery SVX
reformation 1
Watching him stand behind the range rover makes him seem like a giant...or the vehicle is small.
doller tarek
Review the new maxima
Count Olaf
My OCD can't let me see past that misaligned trunk and accompanying lights....
shane walsh
Than ks but No thanks.I will stick with 07 Mazda C X 7 GT Turbo