Céline Dion - My Heart Will Go On (Live)

Best of Celine Dion: />Subscribe here: /> Music video by Céline Dion performing My Heart Will Go On. (C) 2007 Sony Music Entertainment Canada Inc. #CelineDion #MyHeartWillGoOn #Vevo #Pop #Live

I'm here in 2018! anyone? 💝
Carl Johnson My Man
Omg, I can't believe people could disike this. Jesus Forgive them.
Scrt AdmrR
Who else watch in early december 2018?
Heisy Placencio
November 2018 HERE! ❤️
Luwuel Buizon
December 4, 2018 who among love this song until now
RIP Titanic 105 years ago tonight :'(
I' am here october 2018👌👌🤠
abrar adheyasa
Celine is only singers that nearly always wear polite dresses dont do weird drama like kardashian or between mariah and nicki. Dont do drugs and drink thats why her brain keep healthy if ur brain healthy your body became healthy too. Like celine’s vocal cords. It last longer than that two divas. One thing i surprised about celine is when she interviewed and the interviewer said that celine is superstar but celine cut down their talks and said “im not superstar, i’m celine! Sometimes i think celine is actually an angel trapped in human body Thats why many people often attempted to “press” celine so celine is hard to being popular singer as same as whitney or mariah
Annete Joy
How many of you like titanic in 2018????
x blossom
I'm getting emotional for no reason tf?
I’m a Japanese high school student . My English is not enough. But I decided to write this channel🤩 I’m studying English hardly.And I think that I want to learn native English more. So I’ll try my best to be able to speak English fluently! And If I enter the college, I will go to America! I would appreciate it if you could reply when it is convenient for you😊😊
cookiedough338 AJ
R.I.P. To all of those who died on the horrible night of the titanic, you will be very remembered.
mr mast 365
Song starts at 2:43
Jayed Hassan
In the generation of "Despacito", be someone's "My heart will go on" 💕
KS Covers
Watching it in 2018
Water Holy
December 2018?
Aldoux Feliciano
5:12 I think she is hungry? She says Hotdogs! Hahaha😂
Mzmatt 17
Nov 2018 still here most beautiful song ever💖💖💖💖
sapratibh gogoi
This it people. The song of the Gods. The gateway to heaven. You'll be punished if you hate this.
Aiman Ikhwan
I'm here 11/11/2018..who with me
Kishor Pawar
Inasa Bakri
I 'm here 2018 anyone else?
John the shooter
I'm here in 2020. Hello?
Manas Bhandari
How can people dislike? It's just a masterpiece. It's better than acoustics and auto-tunes of now-a-days. Her performance is so strong. She doesn't need anything. She takes a mic, walks the stage, sings and leaves people jaw-dropped. She is one of the best vocalist of all time. Who else agrees?
ChoiSeungHyunTop VEVO
My heart will go on in 7 October 😞
Anamika Debbarma
What is true love..... yes,,this is true love......this song is love....
Juan David
Like si eres de los pocos que hablan español
Haroon Ali Khan
My grandfather father's also died in titanic
CM Punk
Not 10 but give me 1 reason. Why this video has 18k dislikes ?
S Taylor
She is epic. Epic song. Epic performance. And this is October 2018.
Neha R
my heart will always go on for this song 😭😭😭😍
Jafar Sidiq
DECEMBER 2018 HERE ♥️💎♥️
Angela Hernandez
I love you Celine Dion 💖💖💖 I will forever love this song🎶. Me and my mother will always LOVE this beautiful song, is as beautiful as you !
Who listen today?
Paulo J_T
Alguém brasileiro 2018 essa música e muito linda ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Nwadiani Jennifer
Hmmmm this song will never get old
Nghiêm Hoài Phương Nguyễn
I'm here in 2018 anyone?
Belieber girl
Why does this video even have a dislike button?
suzi s
deeply touching the heart,I love that.....she is soo amazing
Claire Chen
Some music will save people's life. Making life goes on............
Dương Tài
[.Virus.1]اسمى My name in Crossfire
This comment from Egypt. This song is wonderful
Rahul Gunjalkar
Trust me despacito will get old someday but not this... ❤️
Stefania Goio
Da brivido!! 😍😭❤ Sarà la milionesima volta che l'ascolto, e sempre mi viene la pelle d'oca ❤
Rojdeeosim การเคาะลีฟะฮ์
im speechless...OMG CELINE DION...always in november 2018
Lookwa qxz.s
Titanic💗 From Thailand 🇹🇭
Ls Colney
From 6:00 ..she acts like a thug...thats my boy
My mother died while listening to this song, it was her Favorite song. So whenever I watch this I feel her presence. It's hard to accept that when I go down to my parents room when I can't sleep and ask my mum if she will help me, she's not there and she is dissapeared, it feels like she is on a permanent night out, it's very hard, but celine dion, you made my mother the person she was, she always loved you and wAs a huge fan, whenever a new record came out my mum would sit me on the table and she would sit on a chair, she would play the album and we would just enjoy it and listen to the whole thing. However, the time we were listening to the titanic soundtrack, my mum was just about dying, her life was ending, her black heart taking over her life, we listened to my heart will go on, and at the second chorus, my mum started to struggle to breath and she just passed away on the floor and she died when the lyrics "and I know that my heart will go on" we're sang so that quote shines throo
Livia Arcanjo
Quem esta assitondo em 2018
Pranisa Rung-Udomchareon
Love this song till now , And love you too Celine Dion 💕
Gloria Clark
Your Princess
Im here in november 2018, anyone?
Who is here...because THEY FREAKING LOVE TITANIC ❤
hüseyin erbay
Enes Batuhan
ım here today too :))) who is here ???
Owww ww
Milan Horvath
I am here in október 2018 and u?😍
harsh pundir
Can anyone name any song that could even possibly beat this Piece of Audible Art?
anurag srivastava
My favourite song , world best heart touching song ,, i love this song from my heart
Genghis Khunt
RIP Jack Dawson
So nal
Oh god that music is soooo satisfying
Triple skyz
flower girl
[ZS] NoiZ
TiTanic Fam where u at Almost 2019 and still listening to this
Sonu Verma
This song literary make me feel cry. All I can see is my past listening to this nostalgia. Thank God for every single wonderful day. This is not just a song, it's a emotion
Crazy Genius
2018 ?
best song 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Amogh Bharti
A moment ago, I didn't knew this is the original
Anita Obroiy
ايها العرب اثبتوا وجودكم بلايك .. نشوف كم عربي هنا ..؟
Uzair Siddiqui
The best tune ever 💕
RIP James Horner. One of the greatest. A legend. Your music will live forever. :´(
Eliqulu Novruzov
muhamad manaf
I'm here in 23/10/2018
Angel Carrasco
I'm here in november
Katie Luong
December 2018?
if you're reading this comment, you're beautiful / handsome. love you, have a wonderful day💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛
n i c a r a b l a
December 2018?
Devran Drew
I want to sleep 😞😞
Luis Ochoa
Im here in november 2018 !!
100 percent
im drawing her naked as she sings
Secureteam10 Secureteam
I can’t get enough of her voice 🎶 she’s the best singer ever in my option. 💕 💕💕
ufmrjj ikm
Ririn Padilla
i'm here in october 2018 💖💖💖💖
Rafli Kurniawan
Oktober 2018
Julie G
Damn, that guy’s face in the beginning scared the sweet Jesus out of me
Brett Mclean
Why am I so obsessed with the Titanic and its history?
Jaica Bless Alagao
Dais Benjamin
Kỳ Phong
My idol is Celine Dion. She is very wonderful .She is my idol forever.
Achmad Saugi
I'm here 2049,anyone?
Kyla Browne
Who doesn't care when anyone else is watching?😑
I Am Noob The oof man
1st legend of song
Andii Yusuf
I repeatedly watch this video but never get bored :) I always like you Celine Dion^_^
Nikos Kolatsos
Titanic i am craying now
Santia Wina
OMG so beautifull...
Nayeem Talukder
No nudity no immorality no satanic no hype. She did it only with her talent ...
Rial Sept
16 November 2018 im here 💕💕💕
emon khan
it song never old