The French by Omid Djalili

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Absurd but amusing take on the French...I don't like the way zey are looking at me !

peter stylianou
You should see him live soooooo funny
I generally like Omid, but the "Rainbow Warrior" incident is not overly funny. Two people were killed. New Zealand citizens, who were in New Zealand and completely unarmed, murdered by the actions of a pair of French professional Intelligence officers. What was their punishment for a terrorist act? ( sinking a civilian boat, in a country not their own, a western democratic, largely peaceful, and arguably allied country, and in so doing killing two people) it was house arrest for a couple of years on one of the French Pacific islands. Thats a pretty good deal for a terrorist/ murderer. Wake up, coffee and croissants, pop down to the beach, have a swim, chat with some friends over some tropical fruit and another coffee at the local cafe, go home and catch up on some reading, then what? I guess as Intelligence officers, they then kept in shape, with a long run, some rock climbing, brush up on their Russian language and Arabic skills, a relaxing practice down at the pistol range, then wine and cheese before dinner and a late night swim? New Zealand is a democracy. They allow protest and dissent. Nuclear testing and contamination in the Pacific is a valid concern. To protest against it is a logical and reasonable action. Liberte, egalite and fraternity? but only if you agree with us? It would be nice if the French lived up to their own alleged values instead of being full of shit. The relationship between France and New Zealand has improved a lot, but that doesn't mean that the murder of New Zealanders is so funny it is a valid subject for stand up.
3:06 "is it out? " what does it mean ?
actually the french is history have won much more wars and battles then any one else
at first I thought he wanted to be a mother
armin R
ha ha ha ha 
Wow, you knew him well , then !
He kinda looks like Napoleon (the nose and Mediterranean complexion), but not the Napoleon of Austerlitz. More like Napoleon on St. Helena about two months from the end.
Hey, ImThe JK is this about the new gay rights law in France ? It is, isn't it ?
My french arrogance and my self we fuck you real deep moron !
Napoleon was subject to plenty of mockery even at the time: among many other jabs at him, the British captured a ship from Egypt containing his love letters to Josephine and they were splashed all over the front page of The Times.
Did you know that the Sun tabloid newspaper in Britain produced a series of front page newspaper headlines they might have written if they had been around in historical times...for Waterloo they wrote...wait for's legendary... "Napoleon Blown Apart !"...good no ?
Napoleon Bonaparte: providing endless fuel for parody for 200 years.
why watch it then?:S LOL
the video cuts off as it was starting to get good.
Pond Scum
You have some fantastic comebacks, you know that?
DutroncEngland you will not be invited back stage then...!
Muhammad Jamal
Did they just said your ANUS? lol
Some Dude
The greatest military genius ever wants to be a model haha what can't omid come up with?
Jack Opulski
Always win an unfair fight? Well, maybe, I believe it... For example Austerlitz where the French were about 1 against 3.
Most people who attack anything tend to attack unfairly. That's because it's a good strategy. It's not a game of sports, it's war. You don't win wars by playing fair. And everybody does it too: France, England, America, Russia, whatever. That's also why the terrorists target innocent civilians: it might not be fair but you have a much better chance at succeeding than if you attacked armed soldiers.
Was I the only one who thought he said at the start :' We bring news of the campaign , your anus'
@jayjaykayode Monkey no understand humor? even tho this was a year ago, i make fun? yes!
nat tye
@DutroncEngland Looool, i love how you make him look like a stupid yank xD
@djtko191 Japan-Korea-China problems are more complicated. China and Korea regarded Japan as their junior and inferior for 2000 years. Then all of a sudden Japan became the first country in Asia to modernise and to come close to the white powers. Jp then went onto possess colonies and demonstrated military and economic superiorities. Chinese and Koreans accept white rules. But they won't accept Japanese rules, except Taiwan who saw many benefits in Japanese ways. Smart people the Taiwanese.
Only a TV station in England can do this. If one in Japan does something similar on her neighbours, the neighbours will start a campaign on Japanese war time atrocities beyond what actually happened, and start demanding official declaration of apologies, and also start demanding money. The English had the tact and elegance and right sort of strategies for wars and invasions. Japan did not. Sad but true.
Lord Commander Joer Mormont
@DutroncEngland Well played, old man.
@jayjaykayode I'm sure you do !
michael k
thank you when i become a model you can come back stage and meet my model friends
@jayjaykayode ... Hee hee hee, Yo Jayjay, you be almost as funny as Omid, man. If you waz in will get trampled during da January sales !
@jayjaykayode ...I'm happy for you !
Kay Stanford
@jankren so is the british too, might I add :)
"aha, no match for our ATOM BOMB!!!!!"
omid djalili is brilliant, and incredibly versitile, he can do a range of looks and voices/accents! (not nesseserily well!)
"Always win an unfair fight !" - So right !