Crosby, Stills & Nash - Helplessly Hoping (With Lyrics)

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"Helplessly Hoping" is the 8th track off of their debut self titled album, "Crosby, Stills & Nash" from 1969. This song is one of my favorites by CSN and the harmonies are particularly good. Just sit back, listen and enjoy a truly beautiful song with great lyrics. Lyrics: Helplessly hoping Her harlequin hovers nearby Awaiting a word Gasping at glimpses Of gentle true spirit He runs, wishing he could fly Only to trip at the sound of good-bye Wordlessly watching He waits by the window And wonders At the empty place inside Heartlessly helping himself to her bad dreams He worries Did he hear a good-bye? Or even hello? They are one person They are two alone They are three together They are for each other Stand by the stairway You'll see something Certain to tell you confusion has its cost Love isn't lying It's loose in a lady who lingers Saying she is lost And choking on hello They are one person They are two alone They are three together They are for each other


Safe Escape
Annihilation brought me here
Casey Compton
played this at my daughter's funeral. it's not just about romantic love.
Kelley Prince
RIP Blue 1969-2014 : my soulmate and husband for 23 years held this song dear to our hearts and now it brings new tears of new meaning for me this evening.
Graham Johnson
Thanks Annihilation
Ron Lindsay
Those voices were created to sing together
These are absolutely amazing lyrics!!!
Lucy Singleton
My love for this song is immense
I remember so clearly watching my first love playing and singing this .. he introduced me to so much. I miss him. I wish he would talk to me.. I still love him
Nick Troglia
my heart aches every time i absorb this song
Jenny Dowe
I love this so much
Paul Isaac
Pretty song with great harmonies.
Shine On
Anyone who has ever felt suffocated in a marriage but unable to end it understands these lyrics so well.
Walker Betweenworlds
I'll always love you Terrry <3 RIP
Debi Hagan
Perfect example of alliteration, for those of you English Lit geeks out there. Like me. Besides that, a beautiful, haunting, poetic song. I had no idea this was on CSN's debut album. Such a gift, that kind of talent.
clifton reed jr
My favorite all time albums. Seen them in concert many times when I was young
Mareike Will
Home Free brought me here
We are one person, they are two alone, they are three together, they are for each other...
Dee Neece
mmmmmm....this song.....I never EVER tire of it.
Dustin Brandvold
Annihilation movie brought me here. These guys were a little before my generation, so I didn't experience this before. Any more songs like this from them?
Ray Ursillo
Helplessly hoping her harlequin hovers nearby Awaiting a word Gasping at glimpses of gentle true spirit he runs Wishing he could fly Only to trip at the sound of goodbye Wordlessly watching he waits by the window and wonders At the empty place inside Heartlessly helping himself to her bad dreams he worries Did he hear a good-bye? Or even hello? They are one person They are two alone They are three together They are for each other Stand by the stairway you'll see something certain to tell you Confusion has its cost Love isn't lying it's loose in a lady who lingers Saying she is lost And choking on hello They are one person They are two alone They are three together They are for each other
Andrea Reyes
confusion has it's cost
haunting lyrics. helplessly hoping her harlequin hovers,,,,,,,the harlequin escorts a persons soul to hell. heartlessly helping himself to her bad dreams,,,,,,he is feeding off of her pain. wordlessly watching he waits by the window and wonders at the empty place inside,,,,he is nothing without her and he wonders when she will come back, if ever. i love this song.
Lizzy Smith
Oh god! they were so good! such a great era but the world went in the opposite direction...
"Annihilation" brought me here
Blessing to us all.
Patty Pratt
The total effect of this masterpiece .. can not be put into harmoniouslywonderful xxx I have always been part of this & always will be <3
Alvaro Egas
im listening this with headphones and it sounds perfect.
Stephen Grass
Stephen Stills is one hell of a songwriter. Thanks for all the music, Stephen. "Three together, they are four for each other." CSN, indeed.
never before have I heard such was perfect!
Bonnie Speeg
This is how you teach alliteration with style...
Kurt Steinmann
One of my favorites.
beautiful harmonies..wonderful song..i have seen them twice in recent years and they still can play and sing
Perro Gris
Mi cancion favorita de este trio increible!
Ghost Food
J Shah
Love this song. Amazed at Home Free's version, too. They have such amazing harmonies.
Scott Moore
I'm 30 yrs Young and in my high school years they're music touched my heart and soul. 4 and twenty yrs ago, I longed to be more, and I'm Still not into selling door to door. Military madness IS killing my country! Deja vu, find the cost of freedom on the way home.
I haven't been born yet and this music is great.
Nicky L
I  got  this  album  for  my  16th  birthday  A week  later  I saw them  at Woodstock
Lyrics with meaning
Masseygrey Greener
never gets old
Robert Eales
The sound of Angels .no doubt
Eileen Bento
You'll understand this song if you saw the movie, " A Walk On The Moon " with Diane Lane..Great Lyrics to a love story..
Chris Ebert
Wish this song was longer.
Is this too depressing for a father daughter dance? My dad is not mushy. Doesn't want anything to do with the song picking. CSN are one of my favorites!!
Mike Freeman
Lyrics, Music & Vocals.. all joined to make one of the most beautiful pieces of music I've ever heard.. I'll never forget the 1st time I heard this.. & I'll never stop listening to it..
ivan kovacevic
Theres is something unearthly to this song
Clyde Barrow
Harmony from heaven.
love this song
Very Very
ils sont une personne les deux seuls ils sont trois. Lovely.
oldandolderstill youllsee
James Hobbs
thanks for posting this video
Who says Alliteration cant be Rock-N-Roll ??
Raina Bee
the harmonies here <3 oh my goodness
Ivan Molina
that is a real song,feeling,harmony and words
Three together is saying we are greater than the sum of our individual selves maybe?
Bernadette Emett
Oh Boy, this song is powerful, sad true, and gripping
travelin band
still get the chills hearing this
richard lopiccolo
" they are for...each other" i love that harmony
David Seco
where are the lyrics
Plast Maker
Al life in one song.
James Metro
When I was a kid I'd steal my brothers music so I could listen to it now he listens to country me always old rock
odd-roger bergland
Hope to get this one in our choir
peter saccente
My mom dealed with depression . And every time I would come over never knew what I was going to get happy house or angry or sad . So I would go for a run and wish I would just run away but was scared was that the last time I would see my . But always new I was her world
Alfonso Luna
Ladies who linger are allways lost
Dennis moss
Such beautiful harmonies. Beautiful song.
Philip D
Beautiful.. brought tears to my eyes this early morning. Nearly 40 years on and it still is an unique song
Sean Watson
Fucking BEAUTIFUL ...
Sean Watson
I just watched it again ... fucking BEAUTIFUL ... again ....
Thumbs up ^....
here bcz of Harry
Tony Stark
So awesome to stumble upon such an epic 60s song by watching a Sci Fi flick called Annihilation...
"They are one person." (Despite all their troubles they feel a very deep bond.) "They are two alone."' (When they are alone together at home they drift into their own worlds having little to say.) "They are three together." (But with friends they put on the guise of being a happy couple.) "They are for each other." (No matter what, they'll always want the best for each other.)
OneStauffder Sirynch
The only thing I don't like about this song is that there aren't more verses... :'(
Alvas Recorded
My mom just passed away and these guys were my parents band for 40 years. They drove from Flatbush to Saugerties to see them at Woodstock (their first live concert). We would go on road trips and blast all their albums... Sad the baby boomers are ending their lifespan...
al m
Good morning world...enjoy :) They are one person They are two alone They are three together They are for each other
Thomas Denniston
I'm grateful to my older sister and mom, for sharing such wonderful music like this when I was younger. It stayed with me, and even now I still cherish it. Thank you for posting this classic tune!
Kalina Kimble
Damn that's a great album
Nobody has touched three part harmony like this, ever....
Russ Br
Finally...someone who remembers CS&N...That was my favorite band back in high school artist wrote songs that meant something, and people got involved in the way this country was achieving. Folks nowadays don't give a damn about anyone and/or anything and just let the government ram new invasive laws down their throats without so much as a struggle...It saddens me to no end to see where we are now and where we could have been
Annihilation brought me here. Great movie!
Ivan Weichert
Charles MCAwesome
"AWESOME"......I loved this album.
Great post.  One of my favorites from them.  There is a live version of this that was done in the last couple of years on here somewhere.   They still sound great.
Simple perfection. Love it.
J'adore... <3
Rick Carson
Amazing harmonies!!!!!!  This album was released in May of '69 and Young didn't join the group until June of '69 (at least as far as Wikipedia in concerned)...and 55 years old...maybe its time to drop the "f" word from your
Nick Gray
i heard this song on a movie recently.. such a heart touching Jam.. missing my Ma'
i think its . . They are four, for each other
mishi mwangaza
Annihilation brought me here too
Graham Merritt
Three most important things in music; Harmony Harmony Harmony.
Last time I heard this song i was 9 years old and my dad use to play it all the time in the car. I'm now 22 years old and I still remember the lyrics. Strong song; brings back memories...
Yamaha 26003
great song rite guys !!!!!
eli Pulitzer
Love my families , my name is ELIZER ZANETTI , MY MUM , MISS ME , I MISS MY BROTHER MY SISTER MISS ALL OF US , MY DAD , KILLED HIM self drinking ...
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