Megadeth - In My Darkest Hour - 7/25/1999 - Woodstock 99 West Stage (Official)

Megadeth - In My Darkest Hour Recorded Live: 7/25/1999 - Woodstock 99 West Stage - Rome, NY More Megadeth at Music Vault: />Subscribe to Music Vault on YouTube:

Mark EM
Awesome, Dave Mustaine doing a gig in pajamas!
Billy Russo
2:23 which idiot thought that was a good pedal
Gorbadoc Oldbuck
This is the song that got me into Megadeth back in the 80's. It wasn't long after hearing this I bought the 'Peace Sells...' and 'So Far, So Good, So What?' albums. Kinda strange seeing Dave playing in pyjamas and Marty with short hair, but who cares? This still rocks!
his pants are ok
Joel Marioni
2:18 hey look a ufo is landing they came to take marty back home
Anderson B650N
Nothing like wearing comfortable pants!
2:22 sound guy in despair
4TscottprAnkz 666
voice on point omg this is almost as as good as the recorded versio
jj bug
Those guys are super talented, but this concert really shows that Dave is the band. His voice is under appreciated and he plays guitar like he isn't even thinking about it.
burak toksoy
Joanne Sinclair
Actually they look more like the pants you get when your an in-patient at the hospital correct me if im wrong but.
Dayane Meirielle Alves dos Santos
Meu Deus o cara parece que vai matar o Marty kkkk
Rafindra Andhika
2.28 he is not happy😁
Good grief Dave has aged so badly
ao el
why do all the songs on this set have a more swing less heavy feel? plus they all look like they just got back from a vacation at a sandals resort.
David Fajardo Cuartas
3:48 bitch!
Michigan Small Grow Keeping it small
dubbed vocals? cause he's on point
Sonia Sabino
ohhh no one cares for me!
João Antônio
É o Ellefson no baixo? cabelo curto..
C Sanchez
Dang Dave E and Marty dont have long hair! TRIPPY!
Julio Cesar
2:28 mustaine- vou matar você Friedman
Green Bay Packers
Imagine how Metallica would have sounded like if they never booted Dave
Ambrose Dunleavy
Nothing like looking at crowd instead of seeing an awesome solo👌
What guitar it was using dave?
Michelann Vendetti
Did u ever think (goosebumps) that I needed love
Jerry Franklyn
I don't know why marty would say he didn't like playing metal but, it seems to me his enjoying playing the Riff's. No disrespect.
Un this hrs of need
Pseudo Wounds
Awesome show, although it is very interesting to see that his voice was starting to get busted back then.
Samarth Sriram
This song was written from cliff
Ethan Fletcher
ellefson get lice or something lol
Boris Rizov
This song is dedicated to Cliff Burton's death I think...
Josh Basanta
A un hijue puta no le gusta MEGADETH !
Lai La
Che bel biondo
Genesis H
4:34 dave is going in ! if i was at this concert back then thats exactly how i would be .
Avijit Dev
that head bang of Dave :D
aJAX lee
Who the drummer?
Michelann Vendetti
Octavio San Martin
Andrés Rosas
It sounds like For Whom The Bell Tolls at the beginning
The Dude
why are they dressing like...oh wait. it was the 90s lol
Steve Dunch
Soundman sucks
2:28 what happened? lol
Iván Cid
Tomas Muñoz
9 imbeciles no estuvieron en su hora mas oscura