Touching Home Clip

A clip from the Miller Brothers' movie, Touching Home

@902irish I've wondered the same thing. Looks like their doing limited release in a few cites. Hopefully it will open nation wide soon! I'm dying to see it!
I loved this movie, voted Best Dramatic feature at the Garden State FIlm Festival back in April. Wonderful and heartfelt drama, well-filmed in natural tones. Met the Miller boys at the screening and ended up chatting for an hour and a half at the after party. Very cool guys, really have a grip on who they are and what they want. Congrats, guys!
We just screened this film at the Playhouse West Film Festival in Noho. The movie was awesome and so inspiring. The film was an sterling example of independent film making spirit. The Miller Brothers were also very cool and friendly. They signed books and were open to getting to know and talk to all the other festival goers. With their courageous spirit and talent I know they will rise to great success! Looking forward to seeing more of their films!
I'm halfway through the book. Pretty genius story...or reality, I should say. I need to see this film.
I like to party
their book is amazing, ive read it and re-read it and re-read it... can't get enough of it. June 6th at the giants stadium in san fran they're having an event! can't wait!!!!