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Bob Wiley follows his psychiatrist on vacation.

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Erichi Mira
"GETTA MYLALAALA!!!" lol Best Angriest Gibberish ever!
You cut off a good part where the female doctor says '' i think you should take a vacation Dr Marvin'' and he says ' I AM ON VACATION!" :D
Richard Dreyfus' comedic abilities are overlooked in this movie. I especially love his laugh when she tells him she needs staff corroboration.
This is a classic comedy. So well done!!! Bill did a great job but this movie's excellence was sealed with Richards performance!!!The whole cast was spot on.  A truly very funny movie !!!
Sound Logic
Lol Dryfuss plays the funniest angry person ever.
Alan MacLean
Richard Dreyfuss was at his finest in this movie, brilliant!!
"Certainly very shrewd Bob, really very shrewd, you manage to stay free, and I wreck my car!" LOL
Albright 003
Love how he just blames everything on bob Lol!
Most everyone gives praise to just Bill Murray. For me, this film **wouldn't** have worked without Richard Dreyfus' equally great performance.
Captain Matticus
You can just see the neurons exploding in his brain when that car splashes him.
BiG JuiCe
That mud splash is what started death therapy! Leo lost it after that!😂
William McCormick
"Are you saying you'd rather work mornings?" OMG.
Ryan OBeirne
1:57 "GET OULALAALAAAAR" One of my favorite lines.
0:48 when your best friend says they’re moving
:D "We just need to work around **your** schedule...Could we work afternoons? 2 to 4, 3 to 5? Mondays, Wedenesdays, Fridays Saturdays Sundays?" "GEE-AHHHHHH!" "You sain' you'd rather work mornings?" x-D haaha I'm dyin...
samuel stukes
Funniest part of the movie.
Carlos C.
He can still play roles as an angry, frustrated grumpy grampa.
Brandon Klopp
Roses are red Violets are blue I’m a schizophrenic And so am I
papa smurf
36th President of the United States LBJ
My favourite part in whole movie!! 😂
0:48 when you check your test you think you did good on
SS37 3dOH
Hey wasn't he on TV? LMAO! My fav' part!
I can only hold him for 24 hours HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
0:48 Patriots fans who purchased a LII Ring before after they lost
Chase Morehouse
movie soo funny
G. Coleman
Why can't i stop laughing 😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Marie Kurowski
He actually said the B word wow
john evans
I love this film. it's such a cleverly written comedy how the balance shifts. Murray and dreyfuss, great stuff. dreyfuss isn't as well known but he makes this movie. Hilarious. Brilliant actor
Ron Alansalon
for some random , I can only see Billy crystal playing that doctor
kevan garner
1:45 what i thought when gays can marry.
Gloria F
With Dr. Marvin getting pulled over and ending up with a flat tire, getting dirty, It's like Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day!!!!! 😄😄😄😄😄
Daniel Fife
But, wouldnt Bob need a court order for that first?
Brennan Moriarty
Tisk tisk
Main Man
Should have left the next scene in. {Kicks front doors open} *"I'M HOME!!!"*
The expression after 3:15 is PRICELESS!
William Smith
Sometimes I forget that he’s the same guy that played Matt Hooper on Jaws.
*hellooooo! :D*
SS37 3dOH
Why'd you cut out Leo's over the top celebratory dancing, when he gets out of the car?