Altering Ultron - Avengers: Age of Ultron

Avengers: Age of Ultron is a fun Marvel movie with some excellent character moments obscured by an unruly plot and an overstuffed finale. But I don’t think I had to be that way. I believe that if you make one tweak to the film’s titular killer robot, the characters become smarter, the villains become distinct, and the ending becomes far more effective. Behold my vision.

Nando v Movies
Tangent: What was everyone's favorite part of the new Infinity War trailer?
What I'd love is if Thor pinned down Ultron-Vision with his hammer, allowing Wonda to subdue his consciousness enough for Jarvis to take over. Then once Jarvis is in control of Vision, he lifts Thors hammer off his body and stands up with it. Not only does it show Ultron has been defeated, it also shows this new Jarvis-Vision can in fact be trusted.
Clarence Dass
" vision" Man, that would have been awesome. Getting chills just picturing it as you were explaining.
Brian Tyler
If Ultron started out as Vision then infinity war would come full circle with Thanos killing the villians from both Avengers films at the beginning and end.
I just realized that Tony Stark basically reverse-engineered two infinity stones for his personal use; Howard Stark's research on the space stone/Tessaract became the basis for Tony's Arc Reactor and the mind stone was used for Ultron's AI
How are you not hired as a script supervisor?!
Constant Chryses
The references to the Masters and "Behold my vision" are icing on the cake. You have a created a smart, thrilling and engaging exploration of how a villain's motivation carries a movie forward. As a plot-driven consumer of entertainment, I can only watch in awe at your brilliance and recreate your Age of Ultron in my head over and over again.
Princess Jello
Damn hawkeye getting sidelined again in this version haha
Fled Nanders
The sad part about these videos is that it drastically improves the films but they will probably never come to be
I just realized that this solves another plot-hole in Age Of Ultron. I always wondered why- during the Korea Chase- Ultron doesn’t plug in one of the little Ultrons into the cradle so he can upload into the vision while the big Ultron is distracting Cap. I mean they are all still Ultron right? Did he only design the big Ultron with the port necessary to connect to the Cradle? That doesn’t seem like the kind of flaw a super-intelligent Computer would make. In your version Ultron can’t connect to the cradle because he doesn’t have the Vibranium yet thus no plot hole. Nice work!
Dude, why are you not in a movie studio’s writing room? You are a genius.
lacrarte zorok
Perfect! Except that's exactly the plot of the Danger arc writen by Joss Wheedon in the Atonishing X-men comic, also known as the same guy who wrote and directed this movie.
Senko fan
The only thing on earth powerful enough to hold the infinity stone isn’t vibranium it’s *FLEX TAPE*
Sad Canadian Boy
How do u keep fixing entire movies with 1 fix in 10 minute videos lol
alexandru benza
Love the idea of personalizing the fight and the stakes by making the heroes the object of ultron's destruction. I never understood filmmakers' need to GO BIGGER BRO: last time a city was under attack, NOW IT'S GOT TO BE A COUNTRY last time the danger was a nuke, NOW IT'S GOT TO BE A METEOR etc etc. That sort of Michael Bay simplicity kinda drags away from focusing on what we've come to love about these movies: the characters and their relationships and struggles, not so much the spectacle.
Tamerlein Music
It's bad enough the Hawkeye gets mind-controlled, now he gets kidnapped? Kidnap Steve instead.
Quicksilver could be the first person Ultron kills.
Predicted _Avengers: Endgame_ ? 8:58
Big Trouble
I honestly feel like a movie made with nando will be freaking incredible... He knows how to make things work and create compelling stories as well... I much prefer his version of apocalypse to the actual movie... Hit me up if you want to make a great movie man... ☺☺
Nicholas Kling
Another cool moment that could come with your idea: After Vistron (Ultron in Vision) gets freewill, he kills one of the Masters to test if he can. That moment could cause the last remaining Masters to fight against him and turn the tide of the fight.
Ethan Bemis
I liked age of ultron but this would be a way better movie
Ultra Nerd
Love that subtle "we are the masters now" reference. It's actually super clever.
Geez man. I know there’s that corny saying “hindsight is 20/20” but I really don’t think that applies to you. I’ve watched a bunch of ur videos now and I’m speechless. You have amazing creativity and understanding of not just how movies work but more importantly how these comic book movies can successfully tie into the history of the comics themselves. You are really talented. Eventually Marvel or DC will have to call you if they haven’t already. Good luck and keep the vids coming!
TheReal FragZz
Ha..... His endgame 😂
This is some pure high quality content
Kelly Fulton
I’m so mad this isn’t the version of Ultron that we got
Depressed breakfast
I don’t think Hawkeye should be the one to be kidnapped because of the whole him being cucked in the first
Batman Da Na Na Da Na!
My only concern is how does Thor learn about the infinity stones, Thanos’ quest and foreshadow Ragnarok without going to South Africa and getting the vision from Wanda? Then Thor has no reason to wander space after this movie and thus he would either be there for Civil War or stop Loki from posing as Odin much earlier such that Odin probably doesn’t die and if he does at least Thor is far more prepared for it and Hella, meaning Ragnarok essentially doesn’t happen.
Ivan Jonathan Mathew
0:05 excellent character moments, That's right Your marvelous scene
Been marathoning your channel today, you're a frickin genius. How has Marvel not hired you
Bat Link
Why isn't this guy working for Hollywood?
Zachary Thorpe
Dodgy CGI? Never being able to unsee it? I had no idea what to look for when you said that, but perhaps you should have used the clip from when Captain swings around the truck of the semi fighting Ultron. Now THAT is dodgy CGI
Too long; didn't read
"Teaming up to fight what is now one of the most powerful beings in the universe" Damn, Infinity War doesn't seem to agree with that statement. 😂
Hulk should get exhiled from Earth. He has to get the Sakaar somehow and the current reason doesnt really work in this rework. This would need to rework a few fights in the MCU such as the Harlem, South Africa, and maybe New York to make Hulk more brutal and a bit more destructive to have a stronger reason for this action. General Ross could be the one influencing the government's choice to do this due to his government position in Civil War, using it to finally get at Hulk. I know this is a big step away from the comics but so is the one in the film. PS: Great videos as always :)
Damn "endgame" prediction even before infinity war came out.
I'm very conflicted when I watch your videos because, on one hand, I generally love your ideas and want to hear them, but, on the other hand, your videos make me wish that these changes had been done and it's really frustrating.
“Ultrons Endgame” dude you called it.
Unoriginal Name
Thank you for coming to my TEDTALK
cactus explosion
Love it! But one question- in this version: when and why do Wanda and Pietro change sides?
King Crozma
I just saw this video and, wow. How do you come up with this stuff? You just earned a subscriber
Josh Eastham
Ultron was fine as a character but what happened around him and to him failed
Henrique Erzinger
"I don't think the movie was bad, but I would change almost all of it" hahahahaha
Nathanael Inman
“Ultron’s Endgame” ENDGAME
Loved your version of Age of Ultron. I, like you really enjoyed Ultron but it was the weakest of the four Avengers movie. I think it all comes down to the nuances of the Ultron that gives the movie more gravitas, like with Thanos having your villain as a more central character it give you an understanding of why they are doing what it is that they are doing, while also allowing the audience to make the decision on whether they believe that the villain is actually the villain.
Marina Coelho
Isn't that idea the entire 4th season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? (Still awesome concept, though.)
The Dark Knight Forever
Dude you predicted Avengers 4
Loved the video dude.
john skin
8:58 nando predicted avengers 4 title. Amazing.
Jeric Sim
I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: Marvel, please hire this man 🙏🏼 Great video dude, keep up the great work!
Eccentrik Hat
I'm usually not a fan of these "what if" scenarios - but that version of the movie sounds really good
Asa Leininger
@8:57 Ultron's Endgame. Coincidence? I think not!
They need to remake AOU but with this plot
King Crozma
8:58 hee hee
Stein Håkon Hilstad
Nando: "Ultron's Endgame" *about 6 months later* Marvel: "The next Avengers tittle is Avengers: Endgame" (I know Tony said "That's the Endgame", but still. It's crazy, or dare I say Strange, how no one saw this coming.)
1 thing I dislike about this rewrite No more 2 robots standing in the forest, that scene was awesome
Tolg TheTenacious
This channel, your denial of letting individual predisposition cloud your judgement, and your ability to recognize as well as sincerely act upon the distinction between complaints and constructive criticisms; all of it is criminally underrated, and I wish you the best.
it's about time i tell you this. i think you would be an amazing script supervisor and re-writer. especially for things you have a passion for. i want to live in an alternate universe where you script supervised and re-written every film you've done and will do a video on. your talent to usually if not always find only ONE thing that completely makes movies better is astonishing. i'm a 32 year old man, you are probably younger then me, but i can still recognize peoples amazing skills over other older or "wiser" people. i'd put you in as a script supervisor or what ever role lets you do these changes in heart beat if i had the power.
Juan Ignacio Falcone
Ultron should not have a body, Ultron should have been a hive mind, where every robot speaks for Ultron
Jacob Gerard
Bruh, Marvel should hire you. Honestly.
Red Raptor Writes
I now hate this channel because I'm so upset that we didn't get your version of the movie. Great job ;)
Esteban Rosas
"I'm only changing one detail about ultron..." Proceeds to completely rewrite movie.
Caleb Gonzalez
Recently rewatched this movie, it's a lot better than its reputation!
Sara Rayhan
Watching this now "Ultron's Endgame" totally reminds me of Endgame
Evolved Turtle Productions
8:57 My my, how things really come full circle here at the MCU.
Aura Vaury
you forget a powerful force Whedon underestimated: producers
I still hope Ultron returns in the MCU since Vision is dead
ShrekDaddy445 V2
The masters of evil in an MCU movie?!? Unfathomable. That would’ve been sick
Critical Reviews
What a great concept! I truly enjoyed it. Ultron is still one of my favorite MCU villains, but this idea takes it a step further which I appreciate!
Arthur Dent
This would have made disconnecting vision from the mind stone in Infinity War much more of a risk. If it doesn't work he could die, or let Ultron take back control.
T Striker
Ultron: This is where you die, Mr Stark Tony: what Ultron: what
Gojirawars 03
9:08 “I must eliminate chaos. But, my programming is evidently flawed. I am not permitted to hurt you. I am attempting to correct that flaw.”
ethan voss
You need to be a consultant for marvel
Chris Morgan
Damn, NvM. You just did to Age of Ultron what Belated Media did to the Prequel Trilogy. Kudos. Koo. Dose.
Dead Pull
Justice league bad? Make a villain team. Ultron bad? Make a villain team..
JaQuais Taylor
This would have been a great movie! Oh well hindsight's 20/20 lol
Bill Kong
Ultron is programmed to protect life on earth. I’d like to see how that directive leads to his actions. It’s not interesting if he just ignores it. Also: any super intelligent AI programmed to optimize a utility function will not want to change that utility function because it would decrease future utility. We should have had ultron do something AI-ey like cryo-freeze all of humanity so as to preserve human life for al time. Follow his rules so well it backfires.
Dante Wilcox
This is definitely one of your best doctorings yet. Not only do you fix the problems of the immediate story with this proposition, but the problems of Vision on the whole. The way this changes his role in Civil War could not be overstated. Could you do a follow-up video with that in mind? I'd love to hear your theories on that.
Dominick Puleri
“ultrons endgame”
Joey Pethan
This would have been an AMAZING movie. However, Disney doesn't usually go that direction.
Daniel Harding
but then we wouldn't get the amazing scene where vision and Ultron talk about humanity and how its doomed
Ultron could’ve been creepy. They did him half creepy, but not full on
Dylan Hall
Could you do a video on how to improve the Defenders and/or Iron Fist?
Subcomandante Marcos
This analysis was superb. Immediately after the video I liked and instantly subscribed. Keep up the great work. Im a fan now.
This man predicted the title of Avengers 4 so long ago
Hackerbrine Lam
2019 Ultron's endgame Seriously?!
Koifish 79
The first 50 seconds and I knew this would be great. Genius level stuff man.
Roger Dräyer
In my opinion your second best video yet, just after the Bizarro (or BZRO) solution to BvS!
Harry Ortiz
This was phenomenal! I'm literally getting choked up. (I'm such a nerd)
vinay patil
Behold my Vision I see what you did there👊😉
Lang Zhi
Wow, that is amazingly well done. Best fan made script I've ever seen.
Great idea, but it would be extremely hard to put all of this into a 2 hour movie. Movies like spiderman have problems with just 3 villains. Having 6 villains would be a disaster.
Micheal Moore
Yet again, another great idea. But what would happen to the Masters after Ultron got his Vision?
You could also make the hydra base battle more devastating to sokovia if you still wanted to use that as a setup for something like Latveria. Maybe hydra has an emergency detonation to stop the avengers from discovering their research.
anmol bhutani
Actually iron legion wont work if 3 AI Law was implemented
Alexander Farmer
It is now apparent to me you and most in the comments section are not comic book fans. Just, wow.
New Infinity War trailer just dropped!!!!!!!!!!!!
NHL Montages King
“Ultrons Endgame” key word ENDGAME
Mauricio Fernández
Wow... I really like your version. The original seemed too boring to me.