2017 Mercedes Benz S550 - POV Test Drive (Binaural Audio)

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Jimmy Ng. Tr.
It looks like there is a security guy already in the car when you unlocked it. How amazing and secured is this car!
What happened on the Mercedes badge in the front?
The star up front is crooked and for some reason I can't get past that.
Dima K
Must be a quick and smooth ride. Very quiet car.
Denis `
Mercedes > all cars
Charles Ma
the mercedes logo in the front is messed up
That V8 is ear porn after being so accustomed to all the I4 and V6 engines these days.
It's so spooky that there are only two spokes on the steering wheel!
tommy snowy
This is like ASMR for cars... love your videos
Nguyen Duong
0:10 Let's take a moment to appreciate the perfection of German engineering by hearing the door thump sound.
Love that steering wheel..
William Heinsinger
Noah Suarez
Awkward silence in a car with a person you don't know (I don't think he knows him)
Jonsey Boy
How awkward would this be if someone farted
shah sh
the guy...😂
Mercedes W221
The Mercedes badge on the bonnet is kind of not straight 😁 are these run flat tyres? My S500 4matic soaks bumps and potholes better..
Mo Autos
It's so quiet, nice video keep up the good work :)
Is this a mechanically damaged S550? Drive time only 6 minutes!
The road noise was so pronounced it sounded like you were driving a 30 year old F-150.
Maroa J.
Don't I just love this machine 😇
Any Infiniti Q50 Red Sport POV coming? Would like to hear your review on it. More power to your channel!
Did you closed your passenger at 0:00?
Robert Rishel
I do like the videos with your narrative going on much better.😉
Kenneth Mukuka
I noticed the suspension was somewhat noisy on bumps, hard not to notice that when the ride is that smooth. Overall, I think it's a great car!
What’s wrong with your hood star emblem? 😂
YES!! More Mercedes please if you can
Rahama AHMED
The flight 0y, I have h the most of my favourite things that ps ,00 2 to be the best 1 X
Such a beautiful interior
Mercedes-Benz CLA250 Sport
I drive a 2016 Mercedes CLA250 In Red and it's so cool driving it at night!
Nice. Does that car have a quiet mode?
David James
can't talk with Granpa in the car?? 🙄
Phil w
A lot of road and wind noise for an expensive car
Musap Bicici
Ààappla9a9a9à9a9web orkun ışıtmak 9 see I orkun ' aqua orkun ışıtmak despasito Q
Merceds has so many troubles.
jonathon lawrence
an amazing car, but I will stick to my RARE 2014 Mercedes-Benz AMG B class, 1 of 50 cars made By Mercedes AMG with 4 wheel drive, 7 speed gearbox, 0 - 60 in 5.6 seconds , very quick , so comfy , very spacious, love the car, don't regret a thing, but my favourite car has to be the Saab 9-5 Aero 270 BHP that I owned previous about 8 years back , that was a quick estate , 6.3 seconds 0 - 60
Nayem 4you
It looks like Very smooth and bussiness class
Sleep 😑
3:56 Why so knocks car suspension?
eren susam
first you fix front mercedes amblem
Baharaldin Abaker
Could you next time drive to the shops and come back home PLEASE
Dash 1
Downshift around the curb sounded amazing
The hunger has returned. It never really left.
the best..
Nhân Nguyễn
Love the interior
Крухан Кофе
братан, это где у вас такие херовые дороги в америке то?? чето даже копченый друг твой справа аж дар речи потерял)))
Whiskey Bottle
jeez i didnt even notice the engine starting when he put it in gear and started driving i thought it was an EV :D
jan Hay
This is not a test drive, you are driving like a little girl.
woman at the wheel!
Look at the mercedes logo in the hood. xd
Man bites Life
clown steering wheel. if not for this,car is a monster
In s class even bump sound sounds like music
Kawa___ Ahmed
Ich liebe Mercedes Benz 😙
Öndeki yıldızın boynu bükülmüş
JJ Tlk
Tht awkward drive tho 🙏😥
Is it just me or is the star on the hood a bit off?
GMF62 V8
Nice car to drive
Emir B.A.745d
Does the bodyguard come standard or you have to pay extra?
Arthur Morgan
learn how to handle a steering wheel, kid
Gilbert Michaud
amazing car
I like the look of this S550 inside and out, but the ride seems too boring..
Adlane Freeman
Bad wheel holding
Antwun Barbary
steering wheel still looks like a creepy face
put some damn lotion on your hands, the steering wheel is so smooth it goes to shows how much your hands aren't.
How creepy ...wats up with the other dude ..the silence wud have been very akward especially with the passenger
Marius Voro
Have soft Close 0:10
da legend
if you have insomnia watch this
Amir Abushammala
لاتتتتالبالل ااةةوواتلنت
Matin M. Newrozi
Someone tried to f* himself by touching the badge on the hood!!
Stewie Griffin
I disliked because of the badge in front of...you drive an S Class not a Toyota...remember that
John Smith
Do NOT EVER stick your hand inside the steering wheel to turn it... where I am from, that is an instant FAIL on the driver's exam!
1111 1111
Bravo ma troppo lento
AR& Leyla
Carlo Williams
Where can I get one I will kill someone just to get this car.
Will costello
steering wheel looks like a laughing clown.
Duc Nguyen
Why interior are all black, the steering wheel, the dashborad... i see almost any sclass interior is mix black and brown. Maybe your car is special made ?
None Ya
Most boring 4 minutes ever
Andrew K
Karateist Karateist
Atikul Islam
I wish, I had a car like this
علوُش الحربــيّ .
شوارعهم ازفت من شوارعنا
Michał Wyszynski
ugly interior.
Amir Abushammala
Hoten Hitonokoe
Amir Abushammala
Nikhil Vanmali
Finally!!! I love ours. I personally think it's the best car in the world. It's crazy how quiet it is
Maaz Yasir
Andrew Grubb
Jon Honesty
I love Mercedes, but I feel like the inside looks so cheap. What happened to wood grain, and the beautiful authentic ways of a Mercedes